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Table of Content: August 2008; 3(8)

August 2008

Tailoring tertiary agricultural education for sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities and challenges

                       Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic growth hinges on the development and promotion of a vibrant and sustainable agricultural production base. The prime movers for sustainable agricultural production include: availability of improved technologies, human capital, sustainable growth of...

Author(s): S. Chakeredza, A. B. Temu, J. D. K. Saka, D.C. Munthali, K. Muir-Leresche, F. K. Akinnifesi, O. C. Ajayi and G. Sileshi

August 2008

Combined forced and free convection heat transfer in a semiporous open cavity

 An analysis of heat transfer inside a semi porous two-dimensional rectangular open cavity was numerically examined. The open cavity consists of two vertical walls closed to the bottom by a uniform heat flux. One vertical wall is a porous wall and fluid inflows normal to it. The other wall transfers the same uniform heat flux to the cavity. The study shows how natural convection effects may improve the forced...

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Chaves, José Rui Camargo and Valesca Alves Correa

August 2008

Detection of a rapidly accumulating 50 kDa polypeptide and increased rubber accumulation in guayule under low temperatures

  Effects of low temperature on rubber particle proteins and rubber transferase activity were investigated in stem bark tissue of guayule (Parthenium argentatum, cv. 11591), a desert shrub of commercial interest as an additional source of natural rubber. Three-year-old guayule plants were subjected to 60 cycles of 15/10°C day/night temperature regime with a 12-h photoperiod in a controlled environment...

Author(s): D. Sundar and Attipalli R. Reddy

August 2008

Novel buccoadhesive delivery system of hydrochlorothiazide formulated with ethyl cellulose-hydroxypropyl methylcellulose interpolymer complex

The buccoadhesive and in vitro release properties of patches formulated with ethylcellulose (EC) and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) interpolymer complexes of different ratios were studied. The patches containing hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) were prepared by casting and thereafter, evaluated using the following parameters: diameter, thickness, swelling behaviour, buccoadhesive strength, drug content analysis and in...

Author(s): A. A. Attama, P. A. Akpa, L. E. Onugwu and G. Igwilo

August 2008

Synthesis, physical properties, antimicrobial potentials of some mixed antibiotics complexed with transition metals and their effects on alkaline phosphatase activities of selected rat tissues

  Mixed ligand metal complexes of chloramphenicol and oxytetracycline were prepared by using Ni(II), Co(II) and Fe(III) metal chloride hexahydrate. They were characterized based on some physical technique and spectroscopic analysis such as AAS, UV, and IR spectroscopy. Based on the analytical and spectroscopic data, the complexes were proposed to have the formulae [ML1L2](Cl)n (where M = Ni(II), Co(II),...

Author(s): Ogunniran K. O., Ajanaku K. O., James O. O., Ajani O. O., Nwinyi, C. O.,  Omonhimin C. A. and Allensela M. A.

August 2008

Isolation and characterization of dipeptide derivative and phytosterol from Capparis tomentosa Lam

  In this study, chemical investigation of the constituents of the roots of Capparis tomentosa was carried out. C. tomentosa is a medicinal plant used extensively for the treatment of various diseases. It is also known to be poisonous. The crude petroleum ether extract of the roots of this plant was subjected to column chromatography for separation. Progress of separation was monitored...

Author(s): O. Akoto, I. V. Oppong, I. Addae-Mensah, Reiner Waibel and Hans Achenbach

August 2008

Effect of small-scale farmers’ tree nursery growing medium on agroforestry tree seedlings’ quality in Mt. Kenya region

  Low survival and slow growth rate of multipurpose trees and shrubs as a result of poor quality tree seedlings hamper efforts by small-scale farmers in development of effective agroforestry systems. These may be attributed to the chemical and physical properties of the soil growing media used. With the current high and growing demand for quality agroforestry trees and shrubs, farmers are increasingly raising...

Author(s): B. James Kung’u, J. Kihara, D. N. Mugendi and Hannar Jaenicke

August 2008

Evaluation of locally produced Saccharomyces cerevisiae pectinase enzyme for industrial extraction of starch from cassava in Ghana

  Enzymes are widely used in industries to improve upon process parameters such as product yield and rate of product formation. Such biotechnological applications are not currently exploited by industries in Ghana. The objective of the study was to evaluate the suitability of a crude pectin enzyme for the industrial extraction of cassava starch. Pectin enzymes produced by culturing Saccharomyces...

Author(s): Dzogbefia, V. P., Ofosu, G. A. and Oldham, J. H.

August 2008

Effects of Phyllanthus amarus on litter traits in albino rats

  The results revealed that ethanol extract of the whole plant of Phyllanthus amarusreduced the litter size and weight of albino rats at birth, especially at high doses. Doses administered intraperitoneally were 100, 150 and 200 mg/kg bw. Treatments significantly (P< 0.05) affected the litter size and litter weight at birth.   Key words: Phyllanthus amarus, litter size, litter weight,...

Author(s): Hannah Etta

August 2008

Blood glucose levels of pregnant women at different gestation periods in Aba area of Abia State of Nigeria

  Blood glucose levels of pregnant and non-pregnant women were assayed at different gestation periods. The volunteers were divided into four groups based on certain criteria: Group A served as control and consisted of 150 women who were not pregnant; Group B consisted of 120 women who were at the first trimester of pregnancy; Group C consisting of 120 pregnant women at their second trimester of pregnancy; and...

Author(s): R. N. Nwaoguikpe and A. A. Uwakwe