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Table of Content: February 2009; 4(2)

February 2009

Oxidative stress and coxsackievirus infections as mediators of beta cell damage: A review

  Type I diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease resulting in gradual cell-mediated destruction of insulin producing beta cells in the pancreatic islets of Langerhans. The most plausible environmental triggers to launch and/or accelerate this process in a genetically predisposed organism including enterovirus infections and oxidative stress. Among other enteroviruses the group B of coxsackieviruses is...

Author(s): Vibha Sharma, Shahina Kalim, Manoj K. Srivastava, Surabhi Nanda and Sanjay Mishra,

February 2009

Genomic DNA isolation from aromatic and medicinal plants growing in Turkey

  Herbal and aromatic plants are attracting more attention among contemporary plant researchers because some human diseases resulting from bacterial antibiotic resistances have gained worldwide concern. A number of methods are available and are being developed for the isolation of nucleic acids from plants. Because plants contain high amounts of many different substances, it is unlikely that just one nucleic...

Author(s): Hasibe Cingilli Vural

February 2009

Seroprevalance of HIV infection among patients attending STD clinic at National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria

  The sero-prevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection in patients attending STD clinic at National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria was determined from two hundred sera collected from patients. The result showed that 31 (16.5%) were HIV positive as antibodies to HIV was found in their sera. The age distribution revealed that the highest prevalence of HIV antibodies was found in the age group of 21 - 30...

Author(s): Muhammad T., Ene A. C., Atanda G. O, Nwankwo E. A. and Baba M. M.

February 2009

High performance liquid chromatographic determination of patulin in apple juice: Investigation of its contamination levels in Saudi Arabia

  A simple method is used for the determination of patulin in apple juice. The samples were extracted with ethyl acetate and the extract was cleaned up by using sodium carbonate solution. Patulin was then determined reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) using a 25 cm Zobrax XDB C18column and a variable wavelength detector set at 276 nm. Water-Acetonitrile (4:96) was used as the mobile...

Author(s): Hana M. Gashlan

February 2009

Dormancy breaking in Cotinus coggygria Scop. seeds of three provenances

  With the objective of studying the effect of pretreatments involving sulfuric acid scarification, cold moist stratification, and scarification followed by stratification on germination of Cotinus coggygria Scop. seeds of different provenances, fruits were collected in three provenances from Artvin, Turkey. Sulfuric acid was not found an effective scarifying agent for breaking...

Author(s): S. Guner and F. Tilki

February 2009

An approximation to the stress distribution analysis for anisotropic clayey soil

  Although estimation of a stress distribution in a soil mass assumed as an anisotropic medium gives more realistic results but it is impractical since many elastic parameters are required to be measured. Possibility of more practical way of estimation of a stress distribution, including cross-anisotropy in a different and simpler manner is investigated in this research. In this study a new anisotropic...

Author(s): M. A. Tekinsoy, T. TaÅŸkıran, C. Kayadelen and T. Baran

February 2009

Physico-chemical grain properties of new common bean cv. ‘Elkoca-05’

  The several physical properties of a new registered common bean cultivar ‘Elkoca-05’ were determined according to three selected moisture content namely, 7.50, 15.28, and 19.85% d.b. In addition, some chemical and color parameter of the grain were studied. The average length, width, and thickness of grain were 14.38, 6.83, and 5.86 mm at 7.50% d.b moisture content. The values of bulk density of...

Author(s): Ozturk, I.,   Kara, M.,  Elkoca, E. and Ercisli, S.

February 2009

Establishment of hairy root culture of Rubia akane Nakai for alizarin and purpurin production

  Alizarin and purpurin from Rubia akane have been used since ancient times as a natural dye in Asia. This study established a hairy root culture of Rubia akaneNakai by infecting leaf explants with Agrobacterium rhizogenes R1000 to investigate the growth and anthraquinones (alizarin and purpurin) content. Hairy roots were cultured in MS liquid medium. With increasing time, the...

Author(s): Sang Un Park, Yong Kyoung Kim and Sook Young Lee

February 2009

Resistance to sodium sulfate attack of plain and blended cement containing corncob ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag

  In this study blended cements containing corncob ash (CA) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) were investigated. The blended cements were prepared using a clinker, 5% gypsum by weight CA and GGBFS. Different amounts of additives (20 and 40%) were incorporated into these blends in equal amounts. Control cement, that is, plain Portland cement, without any additions, was also prepared and studied in...

Author(s):   Hanifi Binici, Huseyin Zengin, Gulay Zengin, Hasan Kaplan and Faruk Yucegok          

February 2009

Effect of solvents on the electronic absorption spectra of 9,14 dibenzo (a,c) phenazine and tribenzo (a, c, i) phenazine

  9,14-dibenzo (a, c) phenazine and tribenzo (a, c, i,) phenazine, were synthesized and solvent effect on the electronic absorption spectra of the compounds were studied. In some aspects of the spectra, the features of anthracene were carried into the spectrum of these synthesized phenazine derivatives with a change in symmetry. The absorption spectra of the two compounds were red–shifted compared with...

Author(s): M. D. Adeoye, A. I. Adeogun, S. Adewuyi, S. A. Ahmed, N. W. Odozi and N. O. Obi-Egbeedi