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The travails of insurgency on heritage sites and relics in Sub-Saharan Africa

November 2020

The whole of sub-Saharan Africa over the years have witnessed several instances of insurgency which resulted in killing, maiming, displacement and migration of the affected populace to areas where they will have solace. These displaced populations are today internationally recognized with the acronym IDPs (internally displaced persons). This paper in essence will attempt to examine on a wholistic scale the travails of...

Author(s): A. Garba, A. H. Girei & A. B. Hamid

  • Article Number: D61263367297

Meaning and Origin of Al-Mahram

November 2020

Paper article adopted the name of an international published by the Centre for Research and Documentation in Trans-Saharan Studies of, in Nigeria. From the previous publications of this journal, it appears no article has been presented to explain the meaning and genesis of the term Al-Mahram. This article is an effort to trace the origin and meaning of Al-Mahram and also describe its intellectual position worthy for...

Author(s): Maimudu Barma Mutai & Adam Muhd Ajiri

  • Article Number: 0E1156167299

Islam, the religion of peace and unity

November 2020

Peaceful co-existence among people of different faiths is a thing that is admitted to be the yardstick of unity, hence encouraged by Islam. As ambassador of peace and unity, Islam spells out to its adherents how they could associate themselves with the non-Muslims in order to ensure peace, unity, stability and progress. It is in this content that this paper sought to discuss with prove from Qur’an, which...

Author(s): Abba Buba

  • Article Number: F34A86667301

Effects of various plant extracts on the abundance of Euproctis spp. on white maize crop in Dalwa village, commercial farm

November 2020

The work on Euproctis producta infestation on maize crop was carried out in Dalwa village, Maiduguri commercial farm, where white maize and yellow maize were planted on alternate ridges one meter apart. This investigation was carried out on the two varieties of maize to compare their susceptibility level to this pest which devastate the maize crop during the cropping seasons. Effects of four botanical extracts (Neem...

Author(s): Sharah, H.A.

  • Article Number: 9FF3EF167303

Explanation: A core value in archaeological research

November 2020

Inferring proper meaning from the bulk of material evidence archaeologists come across on the field has been a major challenge over the years in most archaeological research. Bearing in mind that these evidence cannot speak for themselves, archaeologists have to speak for them. This paper presents the need to adopt various ways of knowing for proper explanation of past phases by the archaeologist.

Author(s): Oyinloye Yinka Olanrewaju

  • Article Number: E3BA1A467305

A preliminary archaeological report on the early history of Ngamo people of Ndokto Fara, Fika Local Government Area of Yobe State, Nigeria

November 2020

This paper examines the early history of the Ngamo people in Ndokto Fara, Fika Local Government Area of Yobe State, Nigeria. The objective of this paper centres on their history and some traditional ways of life before the coming of Islam. Archaeological methods adopted in the research include; collection of oral information from the people of the area and archaeological survey. There are twoversions of migration among...

Author(s): Hassan Disa Hussaini

  • Article Number: F3CB50B67306

Heritage management in the Sokoto Rima Basin: A Case Study of Alkalawa in Sabon Birni Local Government Area of Sokoto State

November 2020

 Alkalawa is an abandoned settlement site, located ten kilometers away from SabonBirni Local Government Area Sokoto State Nigeria. It has got some archaeological features like; grave yard, dye pits, ruins of defensive wall, historical manuscript which speak a lot about the heritage of Gobir people who settled in this site. The site is currently enlisted as one of the tourist site in Sokoto State because of its...

Author(s): Isa Muhammad

  • Article Number: 670EEE767309

A history of colonial taxation in Wudil District, Kano Province 1907-1960

November 2020

Taxation was an important component of the economy of Wudil Distict area even before the occupation of the area by British colonial authority. Since the area was part of Kano Kingdom it was introduced to the taxation system during the reign of Sarki Muhammad Sharefa (1703-31) who was believed to have introduced the policy of tax collection in Kasar Kano. Similarly, during the emirate administration,...

Author(s): Nura Isah Zubairu

  • Article Number: 27865DF67314

Archaeological investigation of old Rimaye: A preliminary report

November 2020

The Archaeology of Hausa land has often received less attention compared with the rest of the regions of Nigeria. Most of the groundbreaking researches and spectacular discoveries overtime have come from early works of colonial and post-independence anthropologists/archaeologists. This paper thus, is a modest contribution to the vast archaeology of the geographical and cultural space known as Hausa land. This...

Author(s): Abubakar Abdulqadir Muhammad

  • Article Number: 16CE03E67317

Geospatial assessment of changes in fishing grounds of the Nigerian portion of the Lake Chad

November 2020

Author(s): Usman Hyeladi Mshelizah, Joel Mari Bwala, Zarma Umar Maryah, M.B. Mshelia & Saraya Ibrahim  

  • Article Number: 6A102AF67320

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