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IJEL Articles

Exploring the effects of integrating a research-led activity in the English pronunciation class: An evaluative study with Argentinian pre-service teachers

May 2024

The present study aimed to examine the effect of implementing a Research-Led Activity (RLA) on the development of phonological awareness in students of a university-level English course in an English teaching program in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Seventeen students, aged between 19 and 26 years, with English language proficiency levels ranging from B2+ to C1, participated in the study. At the time of the research,...

Author(s): Pedro Luis Luchini and Debora Galante

An in-depth review of the two most common feedback forms in English undergraduate programs: The connection of their consequential academic damages to students’ perceptions of their teachers, and how video-recorded feedback can combat these effects

February 2024

This review, built upon the criticism receiver’s harmony theory and incorporating the voices of the majority of English undergraduate students and English department professors at California State University, Northridge, and North Central University as its primary foundation, explores the two most prominent types of personal feedback in undergraduate English courses. It delves into their individual psychosocial...

Author(s): Janice Hill

Research on MTI talent cultivation under language education planning-- A case study of MTI granting program at a private University in Shanghai

July 2023

In order to tell China’s stories well, promote the Chinese voice, and show a true and comprehensive China, to enhance our capacities of international communication, our country has elevated its understanding of the regularities of international communication work to a new level. The authors recognize the close connection between the industries and propose that graduate students majoring in translation in the new...

Author(s): Xin Liu and Qian Chen

Translation style: A systemic functional perspective

April 2023

Translation serves as an effective bridge connecting multiple cultures and provides convenience for people from different countries to understand foreign cultures. This article aims to analyze the essence of literal translation and free translation from the perspective of systemic functional linguistics. It argues that translation activities need to start from the characteristics of the source language and the...

Author(s): De-quan ZHAO and Qian CHEN

The importance of listening to minority groups especially street children

April 2023

The voices of minority groups have been ignored for too long! Who are they? Why and how should we listen to them? It is imperative to listen carefully and thoughtfully to the voices of everyone; especially those who belong to minority groups. This article summarized and analysed recent published literature on street children and thus it is not a new fieldwork. However published research unquestionably indicated that...

Author(s): Gabriel Julien

Children’s literature in the new millennium: A review of research

March 2023

Children’s literature is an indispensable educational tool that helps children develops essential competencies. It provides new knowledge about various life issues, enriches children’s vocabulary, offers emotional support, and enhances communication skills. Traditional children’s literature exposes children to circumstances they may face, such as stories of morality, education, ethics, and other...

Author(s): Huda Al-Matrafi

The Greek depiction of Muslims in Tamburlaine the Great: Orientalist study

March 2023

As one of the most famous works of Marlowe’s plays, Tamburlaine the Great implied the theme of distorting the orient images, particularly Muslims. The orientalist representation of Muslims in the Elizabethan stage was deliberately oriented against Islam. However, more than 50 literary works targeted Islam during the Elizabethan era. Tamburlaine the Great is considered an oriental play that targeted Islam horribly...

Author(s): Akram Nagi Hizam and Fangyun Guo

Behaviourism theory in teaching and learning English as a second language in primary schools

December 2022

The English Language is widely used in nearly all countries around the world, and Tanzania is not an exception. Learning theories such as humanism, cognitivism, constructivism, and behaviourism are applied as a way to achieve the expected aims of English learning and teaching in Tanzania. This study aims to understand the challenges of using behaviourism theory in English language learning and teaching. This will be...

Author(s): Kadau Ibrahimu 

Ian McEwan's Solar and Helon Habila's Oil on Water: A comparative ecocritical study

April 2022

This study juxtaposes Ian McEwan’s Solar and Helon Habila’s Oil on Water to illustrate their areas of convergence and divergence concerning their portrayal of ecological discourse. Attention is paid, to how McEwan and Habila deploy characterisation (particularly of the main characters and female     characters) to bring to the fore the overwhelming influence of socio-political and...

Author(s): Abiodun Oluwasola Fakemi

Playing cat and dreaming butterfly – Skepticism of Montaigne and Zhuangzi

April 2022

Many scholars refer to Montaigne and Zhuangzi as “skeptics” because of their opinions on ethics, religion and language. Therefore, a detailed study on their philosophical thinking is conducted in terms of the four branches of modern skepticism: ethical skepticism, linguistic skepticism, epistemological skepticism and sensory skepticism. Then, in order to determine whether Montaigne and Zhuangzi treat...

Author(s): YANG Chen 

No country for old men: Finding a place to be in New South Africa

March 2022

This paper examines the interconnectedness of masculinity and setting in African fiction by a close reading of Coetzee’s Disgrace. The negative effects of subscribing to a single masculinity have been discussed in scholarly works since masculinity studies were given mainstream attention over two decades ago. However, the importance of setting to the formation of and subscription to masculine archetypes has not...

Author(s): Duncan Emmanuel Godfred Kobina Essel 

The contribution of Freud’s structural model of the mind to the understanding of the personality of Ambrosio, the main character of the Gothic novel, The Monk

November 2021

Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical theories may be helpful to the analysis of literary works since the contribution of psychoanalysis to literature provides useful interpretative insights. Reading novels, poems and other compositions through the lens of psychoanalysis gives the opportunity to analyse and evaluate these works in their genesis and functioning. The Gothic novel provides many elements such as fear,...

Author(s): Giuseppe Giordano  

Exploring Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) teaching materials in Chinese universities: teachers’ and students’ perceptions and reflections

August 2021

This paper investigates the hindrances of textbooks identified in the process of implementing Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Chinese universities based on the 4Cs framework. Purposive sampling was employed to elicit data through a series of semi-structured interviews conducted in seven different Chinese universities. The axial coding was used to analyze the data collected. The findings reveal some...

Author(s): Yining Cao

The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy: A critical analysis of Mrs. Yeobright

August 2021

This paper offers a critical analysis of Thomas Hardy’s novel, The Return of the Native and focuses on one of his characters, namely Mrs. Yeobright. Hardy sets the novel in Victorian England, a time when the country was very prosperous. Moreover, the society was dominated by a rigid social hierarchy. Victorian women were treated as second-class citizens and were given identities that corresponded to their roles in...

Author(s): Pooja Kulkarni  

Metaphors stemming from nature in the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish

June 2021

This is a critical paper inspecting metaphors, the most artistic device, in Mahmoud Darwish's poetry. This research classified metaphors into three basic categories: metaphors of trees and plants such as wheat, metaphors of animals and birds such as butterfly, hoopoe, and dove, and metaphors of concrete and abstract natural elements. This study reports the fact that Darwish was brought up in a rural community. His...

Author(s): Nawal Al-Sheikh  

Anthropological investigations of love through a medieval lens: The perspectives by the Middle High German poet, Walther von der Vogelweide

April 2021

One of the fundamental problems of the modern university is the artificial creation of departments which cuts up organic research fields and creates unnecessary divisions when cooperation and mutual learning would be called for. There are certainly differences in methodologies and theoretical concepts between archaeological anthropology, for instance, and literary studies (Humanities); but anthropology, ultimately, is...

Author(s): Albrecht Classen  

Mimicry, rebellion and subversion of Western beliefs in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah

April 2021

Migration is a global issue that entails the movement of people from one place to another. Edward Said states that “our age, with its modern warfare, imperialism and the quasi, theological ambitions of totalitarian rulers is indeed the age of the refugee, the displaced person, mass migration” (2002: 138). The crossing of transnational borders and entry into the receiving country presents various challenges...

Author(s): Mark O. Ighile and Charity Oghogho Oseghale

Exploring EFL teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge, beliefs and practices on writing skills: The case of Wollo University

November 2020

The main objective of this study is to explore EFL teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge, believes and practices in writing skills. The qualitative approach was employed. The participants of the study were three English language teachers who were teaching basic writing skills. Two data collecting instruments were used to carry out this study. Namely, classroom observation and semi- structured interview....

Author(s): Birhan Adimasie Yelay

The role of applicative morphology in marking the telicity of applicative verbs in Ruruuli-Lunyala

August 2020

This study examines the role of the morphology of applicatives in marking the telicity of applicative verbs in Ruruuli-Lunyala. Applicative verbs in Bantu languages have largely been investigated as allowing a new object Noun Phrase (NP) within the subcategorization of their base verb; this leads to a change of valency with the new Noun Phrase (NP) often giving a certain thematic role. However, less attention has been...

Author(s): Atuhairwe Amos  

Thematic functions of oral literature in the speeches of legendary Oromo heroes in Bale Zone, Oromia

August 2020

The major purpose of the study was to analyze thematic functions of oral literature used in the speeches of Oromo heroes (Haaji Adam Saddo, General Husen Bune, Colonel Aliyyi Cirri, General Waqo Gutu, and Colonel Adam Jilo) from the three selected districts (woredas) (Madda Walabu, Gobba, and Sawwena) of Bale zone, Oromia region. Qualitative research design was employed. To this effect, relevant data was collected...

Author(s): Muktar Ahmed and Umer Ali

The influence of Pidgin English on educational outcomes among secondary school students in Nigeria

August 2020

This study was carried out in view of the influences of Pidgin English amongst the students in Nigeria using Port Harcourt Local Government Area in Rivers State as a case study. It was conducted on two hundred students and eight teachers from four selected schools, four government workers and eight staff from the media. This research was executed because of the high rate of communication in Pidgin English amongst...

Author(s): Prince Daniel Ozioma Onyejelem and Onyejelem Perpetual Onyedikachi  

Hesitancy as an innate flaw in Hamlet's character: Reading through a psychoanalytic lens

May 2020

This paper concentrated on hesitancy as a character's flaw from the Freudian psychoanalysis focal point. Hamlet's uncertainty is especially identified with his natural complex which frames his oblivious love for his mom and his lethal abhor for his dad. Freud's ideas of man's concealed want for annihilation and eradication may shape the reason for understanding Hamlet's craving for death and suicide...

Author(s): Abdul Mahmoud Idrees Ibrahim  

The contribution of Freud’s theories to the literary analysis of two Victorian novels: Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre

May 2020

Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytical theories can be used with reference to the analysis of literary works. Reading novels, poems and other compositions through the lens of psychoanalysis gives the opportunity to analyse and evaluate the works of literature in their genesis and presentation. Freudian doctrine can be considered as a reading tool that allows the investigation of the enigmatic areas of human experience...

Author(s): Giuseppe Giordano

Semantic roles in Ruluuli-Runyala

March 2020

In this paper, we provide a detailed analysis of the semantic roles of applicative arguments in Ruluuli-Runyala. We present the semantic roles of applicative objects in view of the participant roles as semantically defined under sense relations: There is a general assumption that arguments of a verb could be allocated only one of these roles. The analysis follows the theoretical framework which contextualises...

Author(s): Atuhairwe Amos

Deconstructing postcolonial scopic regimes: The subversion of power imaginaries in the novels of Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Sony Labou Tansi

January 2020

This paper examines the relationship between visuality, knowledge and power in the postcolonial African novel. With examples from selected texts of Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Sony Labou Tansi, it argues that visual culture, usually employed in the analysis of cultural images and material iconographies in media studies, can aptly be employed in textual analysis given that postcolonial novels are primarily engaged with...

Author(s): Gilbert Ndi Shang

“What a Lark! What a Plunge!” The influence of Sigmund Freud on Virginia Woolf

June 2019

To what extent did Sigmund Freud influence Virginia Woolf? Although they shared an advocacy for truth by means of stream of consciousness narration and free association, Woolf claimed to have had only superficial knowledge of Freud. Even if this was true, she could not help but be aware of his theories of psychoanalysis through the media of her day or by way of her publisher Hogarth Press, which published Freud. As...

Author(s): Heather Roetto  

Ambivalent identity and self repatriation in the plot characterisation of selected black auto/biographical novels

March 2019

Literature of the Black Diaspora locates within its multi-layered gamut, a kaleidoscope of artistic productions; self-narratives careered by the quest for identity and self-expatriation from a ruthless atmosphere of slavery and racial subjugation. Studies have fixated on thematic preoccupation, language form in works of Afro-American and Caribbean traditions. Not so much has been explored especially on identity and...

Author(s): Ndubuisi Martins Aniemeka  

Are these students strategic enough? The study of college students” application of self-regulation strategy into task oriented English learning

January 2019

Self-regulation is a popular theoretical application into discussing the second language (L2) learning efficacy. Students apply a variety of strategies to regulate their learning processes. In order to explore students’ self-regulatory learning strategies, this study assigned a 3-minute English introduction for the freshmen of the sport college students and observed their process of completing the task. Students...

Author(s): Angel Hsieh  

The Magnificence of Arabic: Orwa ibn Al-Ward an Epitome

December 2018

Orwa ibn Al-Ward is one of the greatest knights, heroes and poets who presented elegant pictures of Arabs before Islam by word and deed. In this literary article, the researcher attempts to probe the depth of the poetry of Orwa ibn Al-Ward as an instance of the greatness of Arabic poetic language as well as being a symbol of dignity, hospitality, generosity, manliness and sacrifice. Orwa ibn Al-Ward deserves a literary...

Author(s): Yahya Saleh Hasan Dahami  

Lyrical life: The prevailing mysticism of the evolution and inevitable putrefaction of the great human race

November 2018

“Souls come to light after a fierce fight / among lovely ‘xx or xy’ pairs at day or night” This hypothetical review is regarding the poem “Lyrical Life” which is a fourteen-line poem in a sonnet structure written by the author of this article. This article is intended to share the author’s philosophy of life with that of other scholars and philosophers including pre-Socratic...

Author(s): Faisal Ahmed  

An analysis of bullying in schools as presented by two Ugandan novels

November 2018

This paper analyzes the depictions of bullying in schools in two selected Ugandan novels: Goretti Kyomuhendo’s The First Daughter (1996) and Mary Karooro Okurut’s The invisible Weevil (1998). The study is about the vices that education transmits to the learners depending on the socio-cultural and political context. One of them that education transmits is the bullying of fellow students. Bullying is both...

Author(s): Mary Naula, Manuel Muranga, Cornelius Wambi Gulere and Joseph Jakisa Owor

The practice of process approach in writing classes: Grade eleven learners of Jimma preparatory and Jimma University community preparatory school in focus

October 2018

The purpose of this study is to explore the practices of process writing approach in grade eleven students at Jimma Preparatory School and Jimma University Community Preparatory school in Oromia Regional State. To accomplish this purpose, the study employed a descriptive study method, which was supplemented by both quantitative and qualitative research to enrich the data. The study was carried out in two school selected...

Author(s): Habtamu Shiferaw Adula

Learning the English Passive Voice: Difficulties, learning strategies of Igbo ESL learners and pedagogical implications

October 2018

From the author’s teaching experience, a greater number of Nigerian university students either stick monotonously to the active English sentences or use the expletive “It” structure. This paper investigated the difficulties Igbo bilinguals encounter when learning the English passive and the grammar learning strategies they adopt to overcome the difficulties. For the study, 30 Igbo speaking 100 level...

Author(s): Scholastica Chinyere Amadi  

Capitalism versus narcissism: Death of a salesman's psychoanalytic critique

September 2018

Arthur Miller's, Death of a Salesman seems to have lost some ground to its once established position as many critics of late downplayed the demise of its protagonist Willy Loman by inscribing the causes of his death on 'narcissism' and excessive self-importance other than delving into the deeper causes behind his tormented and isolated private life. However, the author argues that Willy's life gets...

Author(s): Nurul Anwar  

A study of the portrayal of virginity in Ugandan novels

September 2018

This paper examines the portrayal of virginity in Akiki K. Nyabongo’s, Africa Answers Back (1936), Mary Okurut’s Invisible Weevil (1998) and Jane Bakaluba’s Honeymoon for Three (1975). The study analyzes the place of virginity in African traditional marriage. The girls are trained by the elder mothers and aunts to remain a virgin until their wedding night. In Africa, virginity is highly valued that...

Author(s): Mary Naula, Joseph Jakisa Owor and Cornelius Wambi Gulere  

Investigating the negative impact of pragmatic transfer on the acquisition of English pragmatic as perceived by L2 Learners: A review

August 2018

Pragmatics is a basic and vital part of dialect capacity all together for L2 learners to comprehend and be comprehended in their communications with native speakers (NSs). This study aims to identify pragmatics and pragmatic transfer, and to make an overview about the relation between pragmatic transfer and language acquisition. One of the main results that are demonstrated from this study is that there are several...

Author(s): Althawab Meznah  

Sacrificing the bull: Conceptualisations of fanā (spiritual death) in Rumi’s Mathnavi

May 2018

This study examined conceptualisations of FANÄ€, the case of ‘the cave’ and ‘the bull’, in Masnavi (complete six books) using the theoretical and analytical frameworks of Cultural Linguistics. The study was motivated by an increasing number of Rumi readers all over the world, and specifically in Western contexts. Furthermore, the dearth of empirical research that addresses conceptual metaphors...

Author(s): Sepideh Hozhabrossadat

Sri Aurobindo’s discovery of the ‘Kingdom of Subtle Matter’ in Savitri and Albert Einstein’s discovery of the Four-Dimensional Plane of Existence

April 2018

Sri Aurobindo is a yogi of a very high plane of consciousness. His works like Savitri, The Life Divine, Letters on Poetry, Literature and Art etc. reveal that he is the Soul who has descended from the unknown eternal heights. It is from these eternal heights that he has discovered the existence of the plane of the Subtle Matter. In his epic Savitri which he has written from the plane of, to use his terminology,...

Author(s): Nikhil Kumar

Gender identities and the search for new spaces: Abdulrazak Gurnah’s Paradise

November 2017

There is growing ambivalence in the concept of gender in our societies today principally because its definition has moved from biological to social, implying that gender categories are not simply limited to male corresponding to man and female corresponding to woman, as it was traditionally, but man can now pass for woman and vice versa depending on the individual. These new constructions have contributed to reshaping...

Author(s): Eleanor Anneh Dasi

Assessment of the qualities of academic writing in senior essays of English graduates: The case of Dire Dawa University

October 2017

The main objective of this study was to assess the qualities of academic writing in senior essays of English graduates, the case of Dire Dawa University. In this study, qualitative method was employed to conduct the research. The participants of the study were all English Language instructors (advisors) who were involved in advising English graduates. The reason for taking merely advisors is that the researcher thought...

Author(s): Yelay Birhan

The politics of educational exclusion in the selected plays of Athol Fugard and August Wilson

September 2017

The South African regime during Apartheid spent more time educating white children than black children. As a result, millions of black South Africans did not go to school. Similarly, in the United States of America, during slavery, blacks were not allowed to read and write, although they did it secretly in underground prisons. The education they received in the 17th century was given to them by benevolent slave masters....

Author(s): Joseph Ngong Sam

Needs analysis of the writing skills of HND Business Studies students at Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi Edo State

August 2017

This study, using Business Studies Students in the Departments of Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Banking and Finance, Marketing at Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi in Edo State, as subjects was carried out to determine the writing skill needs of the Higher National Diploma (HND) students. The population of the study comprised 731 students. Using the University of Ibadan Modified Needs Analysis Questionnaire...

Author(s): Balogun Femi Unueshotse

Depiction of human society through epic literary genres: A comparative perspective of the function of two African heroic epics

June 2017

This study attempts to compare two main literary works. One is Niane’s Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali. Another is Kunene’s Emperor Shaka the Great, a Zulu Epic. The study aims at showing how Literature mirrors society through a comparison between the protagonists in the above mentioned epics basing on their heroic characteristics each. This is a qualitative study and is basically concerned with a particular...

Author(s): BAZIMAZIKI Gabriel

Semiotics in the Whatsapp conversations of undergraduate students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

June 2017

Semioticians study signs not in isolation but as part of semiotic ‘sign systems’ (such as a medium or genre). They study of how meanings are made: as such, being concerned not only with communication but also with the construction and maintenance of reality. Structuralists seek to describe the overall organization of sign systems as 'languages'. However, for this study, we want to consider the...

Author(s): Otemuyiwa Abosede Adebola

Combining transformative generative grammar and systemic functional grammar: Linguistic competence, syntax and second language acquisition

May 2017

Transformational generative grammar (TGG) and systemic functional grammar (SFG) are two of the most influential theoretical linguistic schools. Previous literature has mostly taken the two approaches as two contrastive perspectives to language. In the present study, the author focused on the non-contradictory side of the two approaches to see how they could be bound together to supplement each other in terms of...

Author(s): Rong Xiao

Silent pauses in the oral reading task: Pausing patterns and reasons for pauses

April 2017

This study investigated the occurrence of silent pauses, duration, frequency, distribution and the reasons for inappropriate pausing patterns in L2 reading tasks. The oral reading pauses of 44 Chinese learners of English as a Foreign Language were measured using two subtests of a proficiency speaking test, and the reasons for the measured pausing patterns were identified through a semistructured interview. In the oral...

Author(s): Chen I-Ju

Age variation in the use of Nigerian Pidgin (NP): A case of Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria

February 2017

Nigeria is a multilingual nation with over 450 indigenous languages, the English language and Nigerian English-based Pidgin competing over the linguistic space. Many of the indigenous languages have gone into extinction for lack of users of such languages; English is the second language, occupying official status and Pidgin is widely used especially in the South- South region of Nigeria as the language of their...

Author(s): Umera-Okeke Nneka and Mercy Okitikpi

Postmodernsim in O’Tam Pulto’s novel ‘Elan Filega/Ye’azo Collej’,

January 2017

This research was aimed at contributing to the effort of narrowing down the knowledge gap that exists in Ethiopia regarding postmodernism as an avant-garde style in literary studies. The core objective of the study was to identify the major stylistic features of postmodernism in the selected Amharic novel ኤላን ፍለጋ/የኣዞ ኮሌጅ (Elan Filega/Ye’azo Collej) which was used as a primary source of...

Author(s): Zewde Jagre

A Study of Wole Soyinka's play The Lion and the Jewel in the light of cultures in conflict

December 2016

The present study examines the conflict between cultures in Nigeria and western society as represented in Wole Soyinka’s play The Lion and the Jewel. The study shows the relationships between the different cultures. Soyinka is the first African who won the Nobel Prize in 1986 for his accomplishment in the field of literature for his country Nigeria. He likes traditional cultures so; he came out from all...

Author(s): Nadia Maher Ibrahim Moawad

The Imapct of muwshah and zajal on troubadours poetry

November 2016

The Spanish culture has been exposed to European and Arabic culture. The Arabs ruled Spain from the eighth to the fifteenth centuries. The Arab civilization has left a significant impact on Europe in general and in Spain in particular. This paper aims to examine the impact of the muwashah and zajal of Hispano-Arabic on the troubadours’ poetry in structure and themes, language and rhyme. In the field of poetry, the...

Author(s): Ziad Ali Alharthi and Abdulhafeth Ali Khrisat

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