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A multimodal model for assessing L2 pronunciation: Enhancing autonomy and self-regulation through student-selected materials

Article in Press

In this study, we introduce a multimodal model for assessing L2 pronunciation in an EFL context. This assessment model focuses particularly on the suprasegmental aspects of English and aims to promote active student participation and enhance their autonomy and self-regulation learning skills. This approach incorporates students' choice of materials, providing them with the flexibility to select meaningful content that...

Author(s):Pedro Luis Luchini and Debora Galante

The Dissolution of Binary Oppositions in Erewhon

Article in Press

Butler’s novel Erewhon has been controversial since its publication. The controversy mainly focuses on whether the novel is utopian or dystopian. Few scholars pay attention to his challenge of the dualistic thinking mode in traditional Western philosophy. Based on Derrida’s Deconstruction Theory, this paper analyzes Butler’s dissolution of the traditional dualistic concepts like rationality and absurdity, civilization and...

Author(s):Guihui Wu and Yue Cao

Marching to Heaven or Marching to Hell, Foreign Projects in Africa in Relation to the Environmental Crisis: A Case Study of Wizard of the Crow

Article in Press

Since its publication in 2006, the English translation of Ng?g? wa Thiong'o's Wizard of the Crow has captivated the interest of academics and critics alike. The novel has been debated and researched from various viewpoints, employing multiple theories and methodologies. Some scholars use approaches that focus on topics such as politics, authoritarian regimes, gender issues, economic inequality, corruption, and...

Author(s):Peter Pacho

African Dramatic Creativity in the Context of Yoruba Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Generational Conflicts

Article in Press

This paper’s focus is primarily on Yoruba indigenous knowledge systems with management and sustainability of generational conflicts as presented in Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman and The Lion and the Jewel. Although these two plays were published decades ago and they have attracted attention of scholars and critiques from different academic and theoretical backgrounds, this paper attempts a ‘new’ reading of...

Author(s):Kamal Adekunle ADEWUNMI, Adenike Mercy AJAYI and Elizabeth Tobiloba AJIBADE

A Psychoanalysis of Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero: Foregrounding Prostitution

Article in Press

This paper provided psychoanalysis of the representation of prostitution in Nawal El Saadawi’s novel Woman at Point Zero. The paper examines the psychological impact of Firdaus’ experiences of abuse, neglect, and prostitution, as well as the potential for healing and resistance through therapeutic intervention and empowerment. The paper argues that the novel foregrounds the intersections of gender, power, and sexuality,...

Author(s):Rebecca Ufuoma DAVIES

Stoner, The Only True Archetypal American Hero

Article in Press

An argument can be made for the semi-autobiographical nature of John Edward Williams’ 1965 novel Stoner. The titular character of which is cultivated with such quiet brilliance and authenticity that can only come of the placement of self and personal history. Williams, the archetypal man of America, hence crafts Stoner, the archetypal hero of American literature. Through Stoner, it seems that Williams is reflecting on his...

Author(s):Riya Singh

Colonial Discourse Reflection of Ecological Landscape Images in Burmese Days

Article in Press

George Orwell's first novel, Burmese Days, describes the ecological space under the sovereignty of British Empire in colonial Myanmar, the living conditions of rulers and indigenous people, and social contradictions. Diverse species of plants and animals with tropical and British characteristics frequently iterates in the works, which reflects the unequal colonial discourse in the process of colonial dialogue between the...

Author(s):Ting Wang


Article in Press

Modern Nigerian literatures have shifted emphasis from countering Western hegemony, negative assumptions of Africans during colonialism to that of resisting and combating forces at home that are plunging the people into unpalatable lifestyle. This study, therefore, investigates post-independence African foibles and throes in the hands of Africans. Two Nigerian texts – Tanure Ojaide’s The Activist and Wale Okediran’s...

Author(s):Ogheneruemu Akpore


Article in Press

This paper sheds light to Kosovo’s education weak points while assessing educational quality based on students' perceptions of the content, process, and learning environment. A questionnaire was devised to assess upper secondary school students' perceptions of educational quality. According to student feedback, the instrument used was quite comprehensive in measuring student perception. As a result, it's a good step toward...

Author(s):Enes Ismeti

Violence Worship: A Prominent Phenomenon in Heart of Darkness

Article in Press

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness holds a unique place in English literature, telling the story of Marlowe as a ferryboat captain who travels to "the darkest of Africa." In-depth reading reveals that there is an obvious element of worship of violence in the novel. This paper is intended to discuss the violence worship in the novel from three aspects: the local Africans’ worship of Kurtz’s violence; Kurtz’ own worship of...

Author(s):CAO Changli and ZHANG Shunsheng

A Recounting Journey of Topographical Consciousness and Sense of Belonging in Thinner Than Skin by Uzma Aslam Khan

Article in Press

The research devotes itself to the intriguing beauty of human relationships showing the irresistible traces of sense of association with the homeland. It is a work related with the disparate cultures and identities where the events take us towards the wilds of Northern Pakistan. The novel apparently exemplifies the love story between a Pakistani-German girl Farhana, an American expert in studying glaciers and a...

Author(s):Madeeha Azhar

The Monster and the Animal

Article in Press

In this paper I will examine the similarities between two characters, that are different yet so much alike. I will examine the resemblances and dissimilarities between Mary Shelley’s monster in Frankenstein and Indra Sinha’s Animal in Animal’s People and how these two main characters exhibit Lacan’s notion of lack, language, and desire. These two characters have suffered from different circumstances however are similar in...

Author(s):Al Sijari Lulwa

A Marxist and Sociological Reading of Harry Potter’s Film Franchise

Article in Press

As a child the world of the unknown is most intriguing, but when an adolescent boy discovers that he is a wizard it can be magically captivating to both, children and adults. However, do the films actually revolve around the unknown? Does the wizarding world of Harry Potter carry such an uncanny feature about it? Or does it sound fairly familiar and conveys a resemblance to our history and society? In this essay, I will...

Author(s):Al Sijari Lulwa

Representation of Suicide in Anna Karenina and Madame Bovary

Article in Press

Flaubert’s Emma Bovary and Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina are two tragic heroines who have affairs with different men and commit suicides towards the end of their stories. In this article, the main aim is to examine the reason behind their suicides and provide a critical analysis of the scenes with the aftermath of their deaths by identifying prominent themes. In Anna Karenina, the main focus will be on Anna and her relationships...

Author(s):Nidhi Narayan

The contribution of Freud’s structural model of the mind to the understanding of the personality of Ambrosio, the main character of the Gothic novel The Monk

Article in Press

Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical theories may be helpful to the analysis of literary works since the contribution of psychoanalysis to literature provides useful interpretive insights. Reading novels, poems and other compositions through the lens of psychoanalysis gives the opportunity to analyse and evaluate these works in their genesis and functioning. The Gothic novel provides many elements such as fear, duplicity,...

Author(s):Giuseppe Giordano

The Use of Social Media And English Language Learning in Yemen (Case Study)

Article in Press

The role of social media in learning English as a language has been the subject of a few discussions of numerous academic gatherings in various instructive foundations. This paper means distinguishing this job among Yemeni students especially students studying Bachelor of Education in English at Al-Mahweet College of Education, Sana'a University who are recognized as the members of this examination. This investigation...

Author(s):Akram M. A. Al-Quzahy

The Marginalization of Woman: A Critique of Manju Kapur's Difficult Daughters

Article in Press

This paper probes deep into the Marginalization of woman as meticulously portrayed by the acclaimed novelist Manju Kapur, entitled Difficult Daughters. Manju Kapur does express not only the male ordained society but also analyses the psychology of women through her characters. Difficult Daughters discusses the position of a woman within the family and their right to change. The concept of Marginalization is discussed in...

Author(s):S. Nivetha and K. Ravichandran

The Most Important Aspect of Power in the Story of Rostam and Sohrab, Ferdowsi's Poem

Article in Press

Existence of power in human’s life and destiny is undeniable. Different aspects of power have been defined; as some have considered its glorious domain in politics and some others have considered it in wealth and properties. In this article, power and its effect on the heroes’ destiny in Rostam and Sohrab Persian story, composed by Ferdowsi, has been investigated to answer these questions: “What is the most important power...

Author(s):Atiyeh Khorasani and Rahmani Shastan

Relevance of Gandhian thoughts on corruption

Article in Press

Corruption, in India, is a major problem. Nowadays we find corruption everywhere – in the field of bureaucracy, land, property, tendering processes, medicine, transport, income tax and even Judiciary. We can analyze that corruption can be seen in religious institutions too. Some of the religious institutes in India are making money on the name of some religious rituals like in Churches People are selling Baptism...


Familial relations and contextualism: A re-reading of Isi Akwụ Dara n’Ala

Article in Press

In societies, there exists different types of unit relationship. One of such relationships is the marriage union in a family unit. It accounts for how each member of the union has fared in the discharge of their respective roles for the sustenance or otherwise of such a familial framework. Since literature is an artistic documentation of societal values, then familial relations become exposed through the idiosyncrasies...

Author(s):Ikeokwu, Enyinnaya Samuel

Collaborative Writing Strategy and its Effectiveness in Developing Undergraduates Writing Skills

Article in Press

This paper reviews the importance of grammar, meaning, clear expression and organization of ideas in writing. It shows that these important components are interrelated that must be taken into consideration in other to ensure quality of undergraduates’ writing. The paper finally reveals that collaborative writing process improves students’ writing quality in grammar, meaning clear expression and organization of ideas....

Author(s):Muhammad Mukhtar Aliyu and Aminu Basiru

Migrating to the Hybrid Self in Meera Syal’s Anita and Me

Article in Press

In a world characterized by a state of constant flux and mobility, emerging South Asian migrant voices are offering a new and transcultural vision of identity that departs from the centre/margin dichotomy. In this context, this paper seeks to discuss the way second-generation South Asian women writers like Meera Syal manage to challenge the patriarchal structures of power, set their own routes and construct new cultural...


Literary Studies in the 21st Century: Practical Implication for Ethnic Conflict and Conflict Resolution Using Cyprian Ekwensi’s Iska

Article in Press

Ekwensi (1981) preoccupied himself with contemporary issues in the Nigerian Society more than any other Nigerian writer. His novel Iska, set in the North, captures vividly the ethnic conflict situation in Nigeria. He guides the reader through his characters to the root causes of ethnic conflict or violence in Nigeria and the likely solutions to the conflicts. This paper examined the causes of ethnic conflict or violence...


Appropriation of the English Language: The cases of Bole Butake in Lake God and Alobwede d’Epie in The Lady with a Beard

Article in Press

It is commonly held that language is the psyche of a people, a strong tool for transmitting knowledge and in the effective communication of feelings and the expounding of cultural realities. African dramatists and novelists in the likes of Bole Butake and Alobwede d’Epie have been able to use a non-African language, the English language, in their works to transmit African cultural realities to both African and non-Africa...

Author(s):Charles Esambe Alobwede

Blindness as a metaphor in Modernist Short Story

Article in Press

This paper is an enquiry into the treatment of ‘blindness’ in modernist short story. Blindness has been one of the most powerful metaphors in literature down the age of classicism. With the passage of time, when highly cerebral schools like Existentialism, Absurdism, Modernism and cultural studies began to make their presence felt in literature, the perspective of blindness and sight began to acquire more complex...

Author(s):Karunakaran B Shaji

Distortion of Nepalese Culture and Social Norms in Upadhyay’s Buddha’s Orphans

Article in Press

This research article is mainly focused on how Samrat Upadhyayha has distorted Nepalese Culture and social norms in the novel Buddha’s Orphans. Nepalese culture and society are represented in a biased way from the western perspective. By using oriental stereotypes, the author has represented Nepal and the religious belief of Nepalese people in a wrong way. The characters of this novel like Bokey Ba, Kaki, Raja, Jamuna...

Author(s):Ramesh Prasad Adhikary

The Significance of Epiphany in D. H. Lawrence’s Short Story “The Odour of Chrysanthemums”

Article in Press

The aim of this study is to point out to the significance of epiphany experienced by the character of Elizabeth in “Odour of Chrysanthemums” with an eye on the social realities of the time in which the story was written. With the analysis of the story, this study challenges the claims that D. H Lawrence is a sexist by feminist critics such as Kate Millet. In the line with these, after a brief information on D. H....

Author(s):Gökçek Aycan


Article in Press

Wole Soyinka’s style is writing as exploration: a search for the “thingly” character of the “thing”. That thing is political corruption. Soyinka makes the stench of corruption so bare and even transparent that it seems to beg for solutions. Soyinka, like Jean Paul Sartre, tries to expose the anomalies of the problems of society in order to wake up and solve them. While Sartre believes that the artists should be...


Postcolonial Perspective in Ice-Candy-Man

Article in Press

Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy-Man is a candid examination of the changing socio-political realities of the Indian sub-continent just before the partition. The central theme of the narrative is communal strife, individual identity, territorial carvings, and political savagery. It presents the Parsi Pakistani perspective of partition and the Parsi dilemma of retaining allegiance to political masters. Bapsi Sidhwa’s novel...

Author(s):Ms Bhavisha Shah

Fallout of 9/11 for Muslims in America: A reluctant fundamentalist

Article in Press

This paper titled, Fall out of 9/11 for Muslims in America- A study of Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist examines the fall out of the terrorist act of 9/11, which inflamed the American sentiments and consolidated stereotypes against Islam and Muslims in America and how they became targets of the negative media stereotype. The study also reveals that the American reaction towards Muslims after the attacks on...

Author(s):Bilquees Dar


Article in Press

Patriarchy objectifies and sexualizes female bodies and it has led to the victimization and subordination of women in various ways and as Chinua Achebe says “Since men have learned to shoot without missing, he (Eneke the bird) has learned to fly without perching” (6), women have developed various ways of achieving autonomy and escaping the pangs of patriarchy. Using liberal feministic eyes, this article explores...

Author(s):Godfrey Chakawera Munthali

A comparison of two newspaper accounts of the assassination of President Kennedy using experiential analysis and interpersonal analysis

Article in Press

Two contemporary British newspaper accounts of President Kennedy’s assassination were analysed using two different means of linguistic analysis. The Guardian and The Daily Mirror were chosen due to their contrasting journalistic styles and the lack of choice online. Experiential analysis and interpersonal analysis were chosen due to their differing focus. The experiential analysis revealed a higher proportion of...


Covert influence of politics on the lives of Jhumpa Lahiri’s characters in The Lowland

Article in Press

Many have categorized Jhumpa Lahiri’s oeuvre as the “immigrant genre”, in which the immigrants search for a location where they can feel at home in their new homeland. All her works explore this element of diaspora where there is a generational tension between immigrant parents and their children, clash of cultures, the conflicts of assimilation, and displacement in their new societies. The Lowland, to some part,...

Author(s):Dorji Rinchen

Style and Technique of John Masefield: An Overview

Article in Press

This paper is an attempt to discuss style and technique of John Masefield which is distinct from his contemporaries. He heavily relied on content than form. He has employed different types of rhyme schemes in his poetry. We must pay tribute to Masefield’s skill in finding new rhymes¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬–quite refreshing to the ear of the reader wearied by the monotonous singing of the changes on almost...

Author(s):Basharat Ul Haq

The Problem of Metaphysical Evil: Critiquing Steinbeck’s The Winter of our Discontent

Article in Press

The paper critically examines the problem of metaphysical evil which is perceptible in Steinbeck’s The Winter of our Discontent. Metaphysical evil conveys the eternal struggle between good and evil which intended to show that man cannot achieve true perfection due his limitation. The interaction with these belligerent forces kindled spark of materialistic ambition which ultimately establishes the concept of evil,...

Author(s):Khair Ul Bashar and Alam Zeb

J. D. Salinger’s the catcher in the rye: A representation of parent-child relationship and consequences

Article in Press

Parents’ roles, when neglected, jeopardize their children’s lives. However, children’s attitudes are most of the time criticized by putting the parental role in the margin. One consequence of this situation is artistically portrayed in one of the most controversial, yet classic, works in American literary history: J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. Informed by psychoanalytic literary critical theory, this...

Author(s):Komla M. Avono

Learners' problem with the intelligibility at segmental and supra-segmental level amongst Bengali speakers

Article in Press

Bengali language being very resourceful with forty-nine letters allows its speakers utmost flexibility to diphthongize and to form many types of consonant cluster in accordance with the demand of spelling and meaning. Remarkably enough, Bengali has more sounds than needed to facilitate any English sounds without making any distortions to them. But, in fact, there are very many pronunciation varieties people are used to...

Author(s):MD ANWAR

Editorial Cartoons as Mirror of the Nigerian Nation: The Example of New Telegraph

Article in Press

It is very obvious that newspapers do not just report news, make known governmental policies or educate people on the happenings in societies among other things (Ogazie 2012). It however, serves as a watch dog in society. As the press beams its search light on the activities of government through its reportage, the public is made to participate in the process of governance and at the same time, aligns the governed to come...

Author(s):ODETADE Ibitayo Odekunle

Women’s Predicament in Shashi Deshpande’s Roots and Shadows

Article in Press

Shashi Deshpande’s novels revolve around the circumference of real life experiences, evading the shadows of idealism. She travels in the terrain of human sensibility where all issues and obstacles are overcome gradually through self-introspection. Her protagonists find their way to discover their identity. Indu, the protagonist of the novel, Roots and Shadows, yearns for freedom and security. In an attempt to be...

Author(s):Muthusamy Kavitha and Padmini Bernard Fenn

The socio-feminist realism of Chimamanda Adichie’s half of a yellow sun and purple hibiscus

Article in Press

This research investigates the Socio-Feminist Realism of the novels of Chimamanda Adichie. The selected texts for analysis are Half of a Yellow Sun and Purple Hibiscus. She attempts an interrogation of Nigerian socio-cultural environment and issues in her fictional world especially in the analysis of domestic, national and gender problems. Most interestingly and the focus of this research is the cradle way Adichie handles...


“He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart”: Reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart: A Postcolonial Perspective

Article in Press

Being a postcolonial narrative, Things Fall Apart experiences a wide critical acclaim. From the pen of Chinua Achebe, the Igbo cultural complexity has come into being a theme that opens up an historical account of the clash of two cultures. Okonkwo, a very well-known public figure in his community falls under the threat of a new culture brought by the white missionaries preaching the gospels of the Christianity. After the...

Author(s):A.K.M. Aminur Rashid

Major problems in the assessment of speaking skills and their improvement at secondary level in Punjab

Article in Press

In this research, the researcher has investigated the practice of testing and evaluation of English speaking skills by highlighting issues involved in testing of speaking skills. It has been observed that there are many problems in the teaching and testing of speaking skills at secondary level in Punjab. The researcher planned to use both qualitative and quantitative mixed methods because both develop a complete research...

Author(s):Nazir Robina

Quest for renewed self and identity of the protagonist in R.K Narayan‟s „Vendor of Sweets‟

Article in Press

Great world writers have always been disposed to different forms of quest in their works as one of their main preoccupations is with the nature and the creation of the Self. Quests recover essential things to human life in encounters between cultures, with alien surroundings, people, animals, nature, or the Other; namely, the waking of individual in the knowledge of himself, knowledge about others, the world, and the...

Author(s):Venkataramana Balaga

Headedness and the syntactic structure of Basà compounds

Article in Press

Basà language is classified as belonging to Kainji family under the sub-phylum Western-Kainji (Croizier and Blench, 1992). It is spoken in North Central Nigeria, that is, all the Federal Councils, Niger, Nasarawa, Benue and Kogi states. This study investigates headedness and the structure of Basà compounds. Data gathering for this work involved interview, the native intuition of the researcher, careful observation of...

Author(s):Imoh Philip Manda

The possibilities of narrative: A theoretical review of how we can read and write our way through psychological trauma

Article in Press

This article details the possibility of overcoming psychological trauma through reading, writing and the process of bearing witness. The research covered describes the history and anatomy of trauma including an analysis on how trauma affects memory. The research provides insight into how narrative transforms implicit memory into explicit memory through creating a narrative of the traumatic experience. Finding that the...

Author(s):Samantha, L. H. Denney

A social constructivist theory of Trauma: 9/11 and the marginalized diasporic Iranian identity in Porochista Khakpour’s Sons and Other Flammable Objects

Article in Press

This study in an endeavor to argue that a post-9/11 narrative like Porochista Khakpour’s Sons and Other Flammable Objects assigns a new meaning to an event like 9/11, and tries to reconstitute the identity of Khakpour’s ethnic collectivity around this newly-defined event. In this study, we argue that Jeffrey C. Alexander’s theory of Cultural Trauma can provide us with a more meaningful framework for the study of post...

Author(s):Arash Rahmani and Amir Ali Nojoumian

The Forgotten Bibliography of Albanian Drama

Article in Press

The present lack of a unique bibliography which can reflect the totality of published national drama, and the need for combined bibliography for educational purposes, led to the composition of the Bibliography of Albanian Drama. Research, for the first drama, lasted until 2017 and was conducted in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Croatia, in other Balkan countries, in Europe, in archives, in literary...

Author(s):Erenestina Halili

Modernism: Cultural anarchy or new perspective

Article in Press

The decades between the end of the Nineteenth century and Twentieth century in the Western hemisphere have been years of conflict and ambiguities. The political frame has witnessed the rise and fall of a new social actor, the bourgeoisie; meanwhile the weaknesses of so called democratic systems have led to the madness of Totalitarianism. The very same confusion defines the cultural paradigm where old literary parameters...

Author(s):Castelli Alberto

Some Non-Standard English features in creative writing in English in Cameroon

Article in Press

This paper examines some Non-Standard English features (henceforth NSE features) in Creative Writing in English in Cameroon (henceforth CWEC). The data are three novels which are published by learned Anglophone users of English. These novels are selected for classroom teaching in English-medium schools in Cameroon. The narrow data consist of non-standard words, phrases, expressions and short passages which are extracted...


Exploration Light and Darkness in Conrad`s Heart of Darkness

Article in Press

This paper deals with two contrary aspects ( Light and Darkness ), and how Joseph Conrad deliberately used these aspects in his novella Heart of Darkness. He takes advantage of several important literary techniques during the story. One predominant method of his storytelling is his use of light and dark symbolism. Throughout the story, the narrator, Marlow, portrays Europeans and Europe in terms of light and white,...

Author(s):Alkhafaji Weam Majeed

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