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IJLIS Articles

An information system in Nigerian education: A study of data storage

August 2010

  This paper dealt with information systems which had existed since the beginning of mankind. Information systems tagged as computer based information is employed in educational settings in all countries of the world especially Nigeria as a developing nation. This has changed over the years and has given rise to information technologies and data storage devices for recording information. These are virtually...

Author(s): E. D. Nakpodia

  • Article Number: 320EFA91121

The role of digital library in law research

August 2010

  This paper discussed the role of digital libraries in law research. Works from similar studies were reviewed. The paper discussed the concept of digital library and its advantages and problems, the concept of legal research, important of information resources, information needs and seeking behavior of lawyers were also discussed, the results of observational method conducted in some universities in Nigeria...

Author(s): Akpoghome U. Theresa and idiegbeyan Ose Jerome

  • Article Number: 01472E71132

The use of collections and services at IIT Delhi library: A survey

August 2010

  This study examines the use of collections and services at IIT Delhi Library. A well structured 190 questionnaires were distributed among IIT Delhi users during the academic session 2008 - 09, to find out the user of information resources is being provided by IIT library. The questionnaires were checked and out of 178 filled questionnaires returned, 170 (95.51%) were found fit for analysis and out of which 8...

Author(s): Krishna Kumar, Akhtar Hussain, Nishat Fatima and Sunil Tyagi

  • Article Number: D570E9E1179

Extent of utilization and familiarity in accessing digital technologies among post-graduate and research scholars in Shiraz city

June 2010

  The present study is aimed at assessing the extent of utilization and familiarity in accessing digital technologies of information among post graduate (PG) students in Shiraz city. A total of 97 respondents (31 PG students and 66 research scholars) were randomly selected from the city of Shiraz. A questionnaire measuring the usage of various digital technologies and the accessing of digital resources was...

Author(s): Mohammad Bagher Negahban

  • Article Number: 3ADD5E21075

Challenges of HIV/AIDS to undergraduate students: The librarian’s reaction

June 2010

  Nigerian undergraduates are at high risk of AIDS. The study examined the challenges of HIV/AIDS to the undergraduate students of Babcock University in the 2006/2007 academic year. The objectives of the study were: To know the level of understanding of the students about HIV/AIDS; their attitudes towards AIDS victims; utilization of information and to highlight the pivotal roles of academic libraries in the...

Author(s): N. A. Ajayi and B. O. Omotayo

  • Article Number: DFD79271083

Characteristics and information-seeking behaviour of cybercafé users in some Nigerian cities

June 2010

  Nigerian undergraduates are at high risk of AIDS. The study examined the challenges of HIV/AIDS to the undergraduate students of Babcock University in the 2006/2007 academic year. The objectives of the study were: To know the level of understanding of the students about HIV/AIDS; their attitudes towards AIDS victims; utilization of information and to highlight the pivotal roles of academic libraries in the...

Author(s): M. Y. Abdulkareem

  • Article Number: D8986221094

Social networks enabling matrimonial information services in India

May 2010

  Marriage information is an integral part of the knowledge base in any civilized society. In India, several non-government agencies as well as de-institutionalized sources provide a great variety of marriage related information in different domains of the society. Despite various modes in transferring matrimonial information, increasing use of social networks offers new opportunities for newer matrimony...

Author(s):   Jiban K. Pal

  • Article Number: 30623701041

Microsite: A campus networked library resource search: A study of Manipal University Health Sciences Library, Manipal

May 2010

  User is the key person in any library. The success of any library depends considerably on how best the system design is based on a close and accurate understanding of the users. The user is not only the important aspect but is also paradoxically a dynamic component of the library. The internet is a highly complex network that interconnects millions of computers around the world. In a medical college hospital...

Author(s): Anantha K. R. Rao, Shivananda K. Bhat and Mahabaleshwara B. Rao

  • Article Number: 0AA813E1056

Effective use of e-resource materials among practicing lawyers of Madras high court

May 2010

  Adequate knowledge about the information seeking behaviour of users is vital for developing library collections, services and facilities to meet their information needs effectively. The purpose of this study is to identify the information channels used by the junior lawyers of Madras high court. A questionnaire was distributed to 1000 advocates of Madras high court and 710 filled in questionnaires were...

Author(s): S. Thanuskodi

  • Article Number: 22365481064

Relevance of library and information resource centre in pharmaceutical research development in context of new digital era

April 2010

  Future library profession has many challenges, and schools of library and information science need to build wide range of information related careers to library science graduate. In implementing an automated system in an advanced pharmaceutical library, it is essential to recruit the library staff and professionals having skills in computer operation. Professionals engaged in the information transfer process...

Author(s): Rita Singh and Rajesh Sharma

  • Article Number: 50567AF956

Health magazines and college girls

April 2010

  Health magazines are read by over 55% women in India although potentially these magazines represent a major source of health education and information for women, relatively little attention has been paid to assessing this role. Ability, Alive, Healthy Childcare, Lifestyle are good magazines for women. This study focuses on the coverage given by four of the most popular women's magazines to a major cause...

Author(s): Pamnani Sunita

  • Article Number: C9F58DB997

Use of internet and e-resources by the students of business management: A survey of P. G. students of business administration, Sambalpur University, India

April 2010

In recent years, Internet and electronic resources have become most popular sources of information for the researchers, scholars, teachers, professionals and students. The present study was designed to find out the necessity and usage of Internet and e-resources by the students undertaking the master’s course in Business Administration, in Sambalpur University, Orissa, India. A structured questionnaire was...

Author(s): Bulu Maharana, Bipin Bihari Sethi and Subedita Behera

  • Article Number: D80F7531011

Impact of online journals among management graduates at Dubai international academic city - A pragmatic study

March 2010

  In this information age, libraries are now coming to be known more as Knowledge resource centers or Digital information centers. Gone are the days where Library meant only rows and rows of books now it means an Information center with access to different media available. The hardcopy books are being complimented with e-Journals and e-Books which are now being implemented at most libraries in UAE and across...

Author(s): M. Veeramani and P. Vinayagamoorthy

  • Article Number: D444DF9914

Knowledge management and new generation of libraries information services: A concepts

March 2010

  The library will play a very crucial role in the extension and modification of knowledge. The growing need for knowledge management has influenced every component and operation of a library. Knowledge management requires more effective methods of information handling, speedy transfer of information and linking of information with individuals and their activities. It demands library patron centered development...

Author(s): Sharma Ajay Kumar

  • Article Number: DA9E0A7928

Quality awareness of online information resources: A study

March 2010

  Internet and online resources provide access to a variety of information ranging from primary to tertiary sources. However, the authenticity and value of the online information mainly remains questionable. Therefore, quality awareness among the users is necessary for the value-added information and research. Moreover, accessibility, format, style, and arrangement of the online information resources are...

Author(s): Parashuram S. Kattimani

  • Article Number: AAE3FFF938

An evaluative study on the open source digital library softwares for institutional repository: Special reference to Dspace and greenstone digital library

February 2010

  The Dspace and Greenstone Digital Library Software have helped spread the practical impact of digital library technology throughout the world, with particular emphasis on developing countries. As Dspace and Greenstone enters its second decade, this article takes a retrospective look at its development, the challenges that have been faced, and the lessons that have been learned in developing and deploying a...

Author(s): Goutam Biswas and Dibyendu Paul

  • Article Number: 5F6BBD9889

Role of technological innovations in improving library services

February 2010

  This paper elaborates on how technological innovations have led to the improved information management and library services. Information technology (IT) and Information Communication Technology (ICT) have changed the information seeking behavior of the users and services being provided by the librarians. Journey from print phase to the era of Electronics (E) has been discussed. How information needs have been...

Author(s): Har Kaur and Preeti Sharda

  • Article Number: 70A6E45898

Globalization, information revolution and Higher Education in Nigeria: The challenging roles of library professionals

November 2009

  The influence of globalization and information revolution on higher education in Nigeria was investigated through the authors’ structured questionnaire. The design of the study was descriptive survey. Fifty-three professional librarians from Nnamdi Azikiwe Library University of Nigeria Nsukka, lecturers from Department of Library and Information Science University of Nigeria, Nsukka and librarians in...

Author(s): R. I. Echezona, I. J. Ezema and B. E. Asogwa

  • Article Number: A624458854

Contemporary issues in information management: A fresh look for information professionals

November 2009

  To investigate contemporary issues in information management, explore the role of information professionals in adapting to the current information environment, and suggest possible solutions and recommendations. The investigation utilized recently published articles from the internet, conference papers and literature surveys. The paper investigates the contemporary issues or trends in information...

Author(s): Elisha Ondieki Makori

  • Article Number: 03E600A866

Library and information science professionals’ use of published research

October 2009

  The survey examines the research consultation indexes of LIS professionals in Nigeria. 200 of these professionals were sampled randomly during the 45th National Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Library Association, held in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State in 2007. Turner’s (2002) questionnaire instrument on: “Do Information Professionals Use Research Published in LIS journals?”...

Author(s): Chinwe V. Anunobi, Ifeyinwa B. Okoye and Ngozi Chima James

  • Article Number: 982A403811

A study of search engines for health sciences

October 2009

  The Internet is now the major worldwide Health information communication tool.  To avoid waste of time, improved search engines are needed, in terms of accuracy and efficiency. The medical community has been facing the problem of inflation of medical information. Due to information explosion, it is very difficult to find accurate information. The paper describes various search engines which are very much...

Author(s): Mayank Trivedi

  • Article Number: 5CE91F9824

Indian journal of physics: A scientometric analysis

September 2009

  Scientometric analysis of 829 articles published in the Indian Journal of physics during the year 2004-2008 are taken up to observe the distribution of contributions, authorship pattern, geographical distribution of contributions and the number of pages used in each volume. Results indicate that highest numbers of papers have been written by co- authors. The contributions in this journal from India are...

Author(s): S. Nattar

  • Article Number: 2A0C59C778

Information as an effective tool in rural development

August 2009

  This paper examined(s) the role of information in rural development. Literatures from similar studies were reviewed. The paper discussed the attributes of information for rural development, information use in rural development were also discussed, such as information for political participation, cultural development and preservation of cultural heritage. The paper as well discussed information for economic...


  • Article Number: 9A5900E747

A study on the effective use of online public access catalogue at the libraries of engineering colleges in Karnataka (India)

August 2009

  This paper aims to present the results of a survey conducted to determine the effective use of online public access catalogue (OPAC) at the libraries of engineering colleges in Karnataka. The paper examines the results from a questionnaire-based survey conducted at the libraries of engineering colleges in Karnataka. 1716 samples of the questionnaire was distributed randomly between the staff and students of...

Author(s): K. R. Mulla and M. Chandrashekara

  • Article Number: F79D6CB758

Investigation of electron density variation in some regions of the Ionosphere at Nsukka, Nigeria

July 2009

  The variations of electron density in some regions of the ionosphere at Nsukka (6.50° N and 7.2° E) in Nigeria were investigated. The dependence of these variations on the 11 year solar cycle, seasonal changes, diurnal and altitude effects were analysed. The results of the analyses reveal that the electron density concentration in the ionosphere is dependent on heights. Our results also...

Author(s): Okeke FN, Onwuneme SE and Hanson EA

  • Article Number: 060E6B6720

Information resources and services of national science library India, New Delhi: A user study

July 2009

  The study examines the use of services by the users of National Science Library (NSL), New Delhi, India. A well structured questionnaire was used to identify the impressions of NSL users towards the various aspects. 120 questionnaires were distributed among the NSL users and 108 filed were received back. The questionnaires were checked and 108 (90%) questionnaires were found fit for analysis and out of...

Author(s):   Devendra Kumar   and Rajkumar Singh  

  • Article Number: FC01398726

User education in libraries

June 2009

  In this User education in academic library topic we  are mainly giving the information about different kinds of users and non users and using materials and how to use it.  What is the nature of information and different kinds of information? Characteristics of the user and education and how to educate the user.  Different kinds of user education specification if user education nature of user...

Author(s): B. Ravi Kumar and M. Phil

  • Article Number: 27964349653

Open e-books: The changing paradigm

June 2009

  When the medieval scribes invented incunabula, less they imagined that a day would come when all that art of printing a book using movable types will soon be invisible and the impact of e-book on scholarship will prevail. The shift in the emergence of e-books to open e-books is magical. Thanks to the efforts of some of the tech leaders like Adobe and Microsoft in revolutionizing the e-book movement. The...

Author(s): K. Nikam and A. S. Rai

  • Article Number: 156248B9676

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