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IJLIS Articles

Analytical study on knowledge about open source software in technological institutional LIS professionals

December 2013

In this epoch of transition from information age to knowledge society, the libraries have much greater challenges to face. The whole insight of library has now changed from collection of books to a single window knowledge bank. This paper discusses the definition and features of open source libraries software, criteria of selection of best open source library management software and describes in opinion of library...

Author(s): Kumar K. and Reddy T. Raghunadha

Information seeking behaviour of business school students: A special study of universities and colleges located in Academic City, Dubai, UAE.

December 2013

The major purpose of the study was to examine the information seeking behaviour of Business School students in Academic City, Dubai, UAE. This study made effort to determine the sources consulted and the general pattern of information gathering system by the students. The study adopted a survey, and data were collected using a questionnaire administered to two thousand three students from eighteen universities and...

Author(s): Shakeel Ahmed G.T and P. Vinayagamoorthy

Work environments and job performance of librarians in the public universities in South –west Nigeria

December 2013

This study investigates the work environments and job performance of librarians working in public universities in South-West, Nigeria with  the aid of survey research approach. Questionnaire was used to elicit information from 189 Academic Librarians,  out of which 153 (81%) copies of the questionnaire were duly completed and returned. The data collected were analyzed using frequency count, percentage and...

Author(s): Oyintola Isiaka Amusa, Abiodun Olaide Iyoro and Ajani Florence Olabisi

Citation analysis of doctoral theses on psychology submitted to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

December 2013

The analyzed 4037 citations are cited in 12 doctoral theses of Psychology awarded to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra from the period 2008-2012. The bibliographic form wise distribution of citations shows that are 3416 (84.62%) journals, followed by 262 books (6.98%). There are two major forms of literature, which comprise 91.6% of total citations. Key words: Citation, metrics, collaboration, scientometrics,...

Author(s): Suresh K. Kagra

Empirical study of motivation, challenges and strategies in the use of electronic information resources by postgraduate library users in South- east Nigerian Federal Universities

December 2013

It is one thing to acquire electronic information resources (EIRs) and quite another thing to use them. This paper explores several factors that motivate postgraduate researchers to use the e-resources available in their university libraries. The study reveals challenges that constitute inhibiting factors to EIRs use and strategies that will encourage maximum utilization are recommended. The research design adopted in...

Author(s): Chimah Jonathan Ndubuisi and Nwokocha Udo

Application of information technology and its impact on modern Indian Library/Information Science –An overview

December 2013

Today, libraries have become multimedia due to adoption of technological advancements and changing nature of their services. Automation has helped libraries in improving library operations and accelerating their working. Information technology is being used in advanced countries to its fullest. “Information age” which was imagined in the recent past has become paperless offices already at threshold. The...

Author(s): Saurabh Manglik

Re-equipping the Nigerian public library system and services for the 21ist century

November 2013

The paper discussed the re-equipping of public library systems and services in Nigeria thus providing 21st services to clients.  21st century library and information services are characterized by advancement in the use of electronic means in the accessibility, retrieval and dissemination of information. This paper was introduced by a description of the nature and purpose of the public library. The meaning...

Author(s): Eze Jacintha U.

Channels of information acquisition and dissemination among rural dwellers

November 2013

The paper highlighted the channels of information acquisition and dissemination among the rural dwellers. The descriptive research was employed for the study. It discovered that: Town-criers, marketplaces, socio-political meetings, traditional festival, role play, songs and dance, demonstration, lecture and exhibition, GSM handsets, television, radio, and newspapers are channels of information that are used to acquire...

Author(s): Ifukor, Mary Omogor

Open source software: An institutional digital repository system with special reference to DSPACE software in digital libraries - an introduction

November 2013

The institutional repositories are powerful systems that allow institutions to store and maintain their digital documents and permit interaction and collaboration among users in the organizations. There is a number of digital library software available as “Open Source” as well as in “Proprietary format”. Open source software helps libraries mainly in lowering initial and on-going costs,...

Author(s): Velmurugan C.

Usage of electronic resources by undergraduates at the Redeemer’s University, Nigeria

November 2013

This study is conducted to examine the usage of electronic resources by undergraduates at the Redeemer’s University library, Mowe, Nigeria. 256 students in 200 level and above who used the library during the period of the study formed the population for the study. The survey research method was adopted for the study. A questionnaire was used as a data collection instrument. Frequency counts and simple percentages...

Author(s): Pauline Adeniran

User study of services of Kalasalingam University library

November 2013

To conduct a user study requires a significant amount of time and effort. The understanding of user behavior that can be gained through a particular user study must be valuable enough, in terms of improving the practice of library professionals. A rationale for evidence-based librarianship, based on studies of user behaviors and the information needs that motivate those behaviors, will be presented. This paper...

Author(s): D. Chinnadurai and D. Balamurugan

User study of library services of MM Engineering College Library: A case study

November 2013

Information is a basic necessity of everybody life. Information is required for anything and everything and can be retrieved from a variety of sources. Libraries are hub for provide the right information to the right people at all times. User studies are an important part of the Libraries. Library and information centers need to be aware of user’s information requirements so that they might be able to provide...

Author(s): Kaushal Chauhan

Students’ attitude towards the use of reference and information services (RIS) in academic Libraries in Nigeria

November 2013

The research is on students’ attitude towards the use of reference and information services (RIS) in academic libraries Nigeria. Specific purposes include determining the electronic reference available for reference librarians to render effective and efficient services to users, types of reference materials in use in academic libraries in Nigeria and find out problems that hinder effective reference and...

Author(s): Ifeka E. Okeke, Lucky U.  Oghenetga and Ezemba C. Nwabu

User’s perception and opinion towards CAS and SDI services in agricultural science university libraries in India, with special reference to South India: An evaluative study

November 2013

The study highlights the issues relating to the CAS and SDI services in agricultural science university libraries in India, with special reference to South India. The required data were collected through a structured questionnaire, and the same is tabulated in the form of tables. Necessary statistical tests have been applied to draw the inferences. The study found that 48.42% of PG students, 52% of research scholars and...

Author(s): B. U. Kannappanavar and H. M. Chidananda Swamy

The role of academic libraries and librarians in knowledge management and the realization of vision 20:20:20 in Nigeria

November 2013

Nigeria has envisioned that by the year 2020 the country will become one of the 20 top economies of the world. This goal was buttressed in a government policy termed vision 20-20-20 . These researchers examined the complimentary role libraries and librarians in Nigerian universities could play in the realization of that vision. They sampled the opinions of librarians in universities in Enugu State to synthesize their...

Author(s): Chigbu E.D. and Idoko, Nkechi Anthonia

Usage of ICT products and services by faculty members and research scholars of Shobhit University, Meerut, India

November 2013

Information and communication technology (ICT) has transformed library and information services radically globally. The internet has provided universal access to information. This study describes the use of   information and communication technologies (ICTs), mainly internet services by the faculty members and research scholars of Shobhit University, Modipuram, Meerut. A well structured 110 questionnaires were...

Author(s): Jamal Siddiqui

Assessment of man power problem and computer literacy competence among degree college libraries in Shimoga City: A case study

November 2013

The study explores the result of a survey conducted in 13 degree colleges of Shimoga City to identify the man power problems and level of computer literacy among library staff. The study also examines the use of internet, search engines and also identifies automated libraries, problems of implementing the library automation and factors of dissatisfaction among library staff. A questionnaire was distributed among the...

Author(s): S. Padmamma

Marketing of web-based academic library services in Bangladesh

November 2013

The purpose of the study is to analyze and describe the current status of academic library websites. It targets public and private university libraries of Bangladesh. A total of 16 library websites were scrutinized based on pre-determined criteria developed from the previous studies. Most of the websites were visited at least two times during the assessment which started by checking the availability of direct and...

Author(s): Md. Abul Kalam Siddike, M Nasiruddin Munshi and Rokon Mahamud

A study of web-based library classification schemes

November 2013

The study deals with web-based library classification schemes. In the emerging digital paradigm, the library classification schemes sparked dynamically print into web in the beginning of 21st century. Web-based library classification schemes are completely different from traditional classification schemes. The study discusses three web-based schemes viz WebDewey 2.0, UDC (universal decimal classification)...

Author(s): Pranali B. Gedam and Ashwini Paradkar  

Development of cloud computing in integrated library management and retrieval system

November 2013

Cloud computing comes in several different forms and this research paper discusses how service, platform and infrastructure forms of cloud computing have been used to serve library needs. Following an overview of these uses the experience of one library in migrating IT infrastructure to a cloud environment and concludes with a model for assessing cloud computing. Development of cloud computing for integrated library...

Author(s): DAS Amit Kumar and Sukumar Mandal

Publishing trends of Indian horticulture scientists: A case study of the doctoral dissertations during 1991-2010

November 2013

This paper describes the results of a citation study of cited horticulture literature appended in eighty doctoral dissertations submitted to the Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (BCKV) and Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya (UBKV), West Bengal, India from 1991 to 2010. The main objective of this study is to examine the contribution of scientists to journals and books, the most prolific authors and self-citations of...

Author(s): Santosh Kumar Tunga

Information common and emerging cloud library technologies

November 2013

Information common refers to the shared knowledge-base and the processes that facilitate its use. It also refers to a physical space, usually in an academic library, where any and all can participate in the processes of information research, gathering and production. In order to minimize the cost and avoid duplication of resources, infrastructure, software, hardware, manpower use of emerging technologies like server...

Author(s): Sangeeta Dhamdhere and Ramdas Lihitkar

Audio-visual resources availability and use for library services among colleges of education in Lagos State Nigeria

November 2013

The introduction of audio-visual resources (AVR) in teaching and learning has far reaching effect on the management and infrastructure facilities in libraries. The integration of both books and non-book materials into the library system will go a long way in providing necessary information to clientele. This study surveyed the audio-visual resources availability and use for library services among colleges of education...

Author(s): Aina, J. Adebowale and Adekanye, E. Ademola

Assessment of academic libraries in knowledge management for human capital development in tertiary institution in Delta State, Nigeria

November 2013

This paper investigated the place of academic libraries in knowledge management for human capital development in Delta State, Nigeria.  Human capital development is an important agenda of any society.  Consequently, the Delta State Government and various institutions have been paying priority attention to it. Samples of 6 academic libraries from the various senatorial districts of Delta State, Nigeria were...

Author(s): Emojorho, Daniel

The place of academic libraries in Nigerian University Education: contributing to the ‘Education for All’ initiative.

November 2013

Considering the crucial role of academic libraries in the educational system of any institution, this research paper looked into the place of academic libraries in university education in Nigeria with regards to their strategic contribution to the Nigeria’s ‘Education for All’ initiative. The objectives of the study were to find out the different services offered by the university library in support of...

Author(s): Eze  Jacintha U. and Uzoigwe  C.U.

Information and communication technology as a vehicle for improving the collection development of school libraries resources in Nigeria

October 2013

  The motive of any library is to collect, organize, preserve and disseminate information to their particular users. The information that is made available to users especially in school libraries is usually presented in form of printed text, graphics, sound, animation or still pictures etc.  This presentation can be enhanced by the use of appropriate Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It has...

Author(s): Fabunmi Francis Adesoji, Richard Olumakinde Jegede, and Michael Otedola

The Delphi technique for library research

October 2013

  The Delphi technique has been useful in educational settings in forming guidelines, standards, and in predicting trends.  Scholars recommend many uses for the Delphi Technique in higher education. The Delphi Technique has not traditionally been applied in library settings. However, this technique could have the same uses and benefits in library settings as have been reported in other settings. The...

Author(s): Ravonne Green

Online video tutorials in Italian academic libraries

October 2013

  This article analyses the results of a survey carried out on 69 online video tutorials for users’ education in Italian university library systems' websites between February and March 2012. Various aspects were examined: the technical characteristics (type of video, duration, audio, subtitles, "pause" function, language), content, objectives and interactive elements (division into modules,...

Author(s): MAZZOCCHI Juliana

Library resources and service utilization by postgraduate students in a Nigerian private university

October 2013

  The study examined the use of library resources and services among postgraduate students in Babcock University Library. Questionnaire was used as the main research instrument. 100 copies of the questionnaire were distributed to the students; the return rate was 76%. The major findings were; majority of the postgraduate students do not use the library regularly.  Their main purpose of visiting the library...

Author(s): Fehintola Nike Onifade, Susan Udoaku Ogbuiyi and Saturday U. Omeluzor

Spectral sensitivity coefficients (SSCs) of the based materials for photonic devices under optical wavelength and temperature sensing variations in modern optical access networks

September 2013

  In the present paper, the study of mathematical model of the spectral sensitivity coefficients of the based materials for photonic devices such as conventional and a thermal arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) against spectral optical signal wavelength and ambient temperature sensing variations within through three different fabrication materials based waveguides employed in conventional and a thermal (AWG) in...

Author(s): Abd El–Naser A. Mohammed, Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed and Abd El–Fattah A. Saad

Local, regional and global collaborative efforts amidst the global financial crisis: Consortia

September 2013

  The main objective of this paper is to analyze the result of the change in the information seeking behavior of the users which has led to the exponential growth of literature which has been contributed by the libraries themselves by providing maximum e-resources. Further how librarians are providing these resources and advanced information to users by using various resources. As the needs of readers have been...

Author(s): Har Kaur

The roles of libraries in the use of games as strategy for pedagogy of primary science in schools

September 2013

  This study investigates the effectiveness of games as technique for teaching and learning of primary science in schools and the role played by library services. Games, when carefully employed and executed serve as an integral part of teaching method and measure of effectiveness of instruction. Research has shown that educational games can have positive impacts on student learning and motivation. The success...

Author(s): Aina, Adebowal  J.

Scholarly use of information for research by postgraduate students: The role of Kenneth Dike Library (KDL)

September 2013

  Research process is being focused upon by universities and colleges. An important element in the research process is the accessibility of information resources and services provided by libraries. Postgraduate students are one group of stakeholders in the universities. It is thus appropriate for academic libraries to re-examine how they can play a more relevant role in facilitating research. This...

Author(s): Adeyemi, Bola M. and Oluwabiyi, Modupe

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) digital library consortium: A case study

September 2013

  This paper aims to give an understanding of the e-resources available in the MUHS digital library consortium. Survey method based on observation was used for the study. Data were collected from MUHS digital library consortium website through search engine. The author evaluated different types of e-resources available based on faculty and subject in MUHS digital library consortium. There is increasing demand...

Author(s): YADAV Mangal Arvind

Gender differences in the use of academic resources: the case of FUTA library

September 2013

  The research was carried out to investigate gender differences in the use of academic resources in FUTA University library. A structured interview schedule was used in eliciting information from 600 respondents randomly selected over the period of six months in 2012.  Results showed gender differences in age, marital status, internet access, and use of advisory services in the library. Men within the age...

Author(s): Daramola Cecilia Funmilayo

Effective communication in academic libraries: An imperative for knowledge delivery

August 2013

  This paper highlights briefly the position of effective communication in academic libraries vis-à-vis prompt knowledge delivery. Definitions of the concepts of effective communication, academic libraries, and knowledge delivery are also given. The importance of effective communication in academic libraries is discussed. These include decision-making and knowledge delivery enhancement. The paper...

Author(s): Elizabeth I. Ifidon and Richard N. C. Ugwuanyi

Gender differences in information retrieval skills and use of electronic resources among information professionals in South–western Nigeria

August 2013

  The study investigated the gender differences in information retrieval skills and use of electronic resources based on a sample of 175 information professionals surveyed in academic libraries in South - western Nigeria.  The sample was selected from a population of 250 information professionals using a simple random sampling technique. Data for the study were collected by using structured questionnaire....

Author(s): Akande Samson Oyeniyi

Research productivity of Indian Institute of Technology

August 2013

This paper made an attempt to gauge the research output of IIT Delhi, one of prime intuitions of engineering and technology India. The research output for the period of 1964-2010 as indexed by “Scopus” was collected and analyzed for set objectives. It was found that a total of 15476 research papers from the institute were published in journals and conference proceedings for the study period. The average...

Author(s): Zahid Ashraf Wani, Mohd Tahir Pandit and Nighat Majeed

Information seeking behavior of newspaper journalists

August 2013

Sufficient knowledge about the information needs and seeking behavior of users is very important in order to develop good library collection and to provide effective and efficient services to the users. This article reports the results of a study conducted to determine the information seeking behavior of newspaper journalists working in Delhi, India. It was found that different categories of journalists used various...

Author(s): Gurdev Singh and Monika Sharma

Use and user’s satisfaction in library resources and services: A study in Tezpur University (India)

July 2013

  This study is an investigation of use of library resources, user’s satisfaction in library resources and services and information seeking behaviors of the students and research scholars of Tezpur University. 200 questionnaires were distributed among students and research scholars of Tezpur University to collect relevant data. 79.5%(159) library users responded where 32.07%(51) respondents visited...

Author(s): Mukesh Saikia and Anjan Gohain

MBA college librarians’ perception of ICT in Andhra Pradesh

July 2013

  The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the way library professionals interact, communicate, share and acquire knowledge. However, when the computer was created it did not have features and facilities for users to interact.  With the evaluation of Internet and Communication Technology, manual library has evolved into a dynamic, interactive and collaborative platform that...

Author(s): K. Kumar

User satisfaction with library services of Textile Engineering Institutes of Haryana: An assessment

July 2013

  This study focuses on users’ satisfaction with library facilities and services in Textile Institution of Haryana. The purpose of this study is to assess the library resources, facilities and services concerning the fulfillment of users.The library is the centre of physical objects and abstractive services and today information age the user’s wants quality of information in...

Author(s): Rajender Kumar

The relevance of a library in the 21st century: Students’ perception

July 2013

There have been several arguments on the relevance of the library in the 21st century. In fact, some scholars have argued that the Internet has taken over the library information services. This paper therefore highlights general comments on the relevance of a library in the 21st Century from secondary literature and the perceptions of 60 Accounting 200 level students of Bachelor of Science/Institute of Chartered...

Author(s): Saturday U. Omeluzor, Itunu A. Bamidele, Chinemerem C. Ukangwa and Hannah U. Amadi

Citation analysis of doctoral theses in Zoology submitted to Kuvempu University, India: A case study

July 2013

  The purpose of this paper is to determine the materials cited in Doctoral theses of the Zoology, submitted to the Kuvempu University, India during the year 2002 to 2006 with the aim of improving the existing collection development of the library. Data were extracted from title page and references given at the end of each chapter. The cited documents are recorded on 5”x3” slips and the same is...

Author(s): Koteppa Banateppanvar, B. S. Biradar, B. U. Kannappanavar, P. DharaniKumar and K. T. Santhosh Kumar

Management problems of electronic information resources: A case study of UNN Library

June 2013

  This study examined the problems encountered in managing electronic information resources (EIRs) in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) Library System. Case study design was employed to achieve the research objectives. The population of the study consisted of 151 staff of the University library. Questionnaire was the main instrument used for data collection. Out of the 151 copies of the questionnaire...

Author(s): Cyprian I. Ugwu and D. C. Onyegiri

A critical study of the library facilities provided by the private engineering colleges in Kolkata

June 2013

  Research study encompasses the library facilities provided by the engineering colleges to its stakeholders. To pursue this study, combination of methods was adopted step by step. The survey method was employed to collect the required data. A structured questionnaire was prepared and a sample study has been done for this purpose.Besides these, relevant data are collected from observation of...

Author(s): Sambhu Nath Halder and Suvra Chandra

Provision of consumer health information: A case of Kenya Medical Training College and Provincial General Hospital, Nakuru County, Kenya

June 2013

  Debates on health information provision challenges resulting from rapid changes in information service access and use have moved from the global sphere to the local scene. This has negatively affected the ways in which librarians provide information to the public. Librarians are exposed to use of unauthoritative and inaccurate information, leading to serious health problems. Because of Librarians’...

Author(s): Jotham Milimo Wasike and Anne Tenya

Library software products in Nigeria: A survey of uses and assessment

June 2013

  There is an eagerness on the part of librarians and libraries in Nigeria to shift from traditional methods of information representation to modern information technologies. This has led to the influx of various library software into the ICT market to drive automation needs of libraries. There is the need, however, for quality and reliable software that can effectively run on the operating systems of computers...

Author(s): Ayodele Smart Obajemu, Joseph N. Osagie, Helen Olubunmi Jaiyeola Akinade and Felix C. Ekere

Effects of career progression, work motivation and leadership styles on job satisfaction of library personnel in the Federal Civil Service of Nigeria

June 2013

  The study examines effects of career progression, work motivation and leadership styles on job satisfaction of library personnel in the Federal Civil Service of Nigeria. Total enumeration technique together with questionnaire was used to collect data from 450 library personnel in the Federal Civil Service in Nigeria, out of which 426 responded.  The copies of the questionnaire were found usable for...

Author(s): Adebayo Olufemi Fanimehin and S.O. Popoola

E-library approach for resource sharing in an information communication technology era: Issues, prospects and challenges

May 2013

  This paper examines the impacts of electronic library in the context of globalization for resource sharing with the recent trend of information communication technology (ICT) for library services. It also discusses the role of system librarian, acquisition of e-resources, approach, and challenges faced. It is hoped that when libraries in Nigerian are e–compliant, they will increase access, improve...

Author(s): Aina, Adebowale J.

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