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IJNM Articles

December 2013

Demographic characteristics of women on the utilization of Maternal Health Services at Abakaliki Urban

The study investigated the effect of maternal age, maternal occupation, parity, number of living children and husbands’ educational level on the utilization of maternal health services in Abakaliki urban. A total of 1324 women were randomly selected from different parts of the area. Questionnaire and interview schedule were used for data collection. The results show that maternal age, parity and number of living...

Author(s): Ndie Elkenah Chubike and Idam Constance

December 2013

The partograph: A labour management tool or a midwifery record?

A partograph is a graphical presentation of a woman’s progress of labour. Once the woman has true signs of labour, the midwife initiates the use of the partograph to record her findings. The partograph was endorsed and modified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) between 1990 and 2000 to monitor the fetal and maternal wellbeing during the active stage of labour. Monitoring help the midwives and the mother in...

Author(s): Mathibe-Neke J. M., Lebeko F. L. and Motupa B.

November 2013

Roles of nurses in Sub-Saharan African region

The objective of this study was to create a model of nursing practice in Sub-Saharan Africa based on population needs, current practice and expectations of stakeholders. A three component study was done in eight sub-Saharan countries to ascertain (1) the health needs and the burden of disease in these countries, as well as evaluating the structure of their health systems; (2) the views on nursing functions held by...

Author(s): C. G. Ugochukwu, L. R. Uys, A. K. Karani, I. L. Okoronkwo and B. N. Diop

November 2013

Exclusive breastfeeding and related antecedent factors among lactating mothers in a rural community in Southwest Nigeria

This study explored the antecedent factors influencing the practice of exclusive breast feeding (EBF) among lactating mothers in Ayete, a rural community in Southwest Nigeria. A three-stage random sampling technique was used to select 410 mothers of newborns and infants less than six months from households. A pretested semi-structured questionnaire which included a 14-point knowledge scale was used for data collection....

Author(s): Olayinka Alade, Musibau Ayoade Titiloye, Frederick Olore Oshiname and Oyedunni Sola Arulogun

September 2013

Strategies for achieving the fourth and fifth millenium development goals in Nigeria: Nursing perspective

Nigeria as a signatory to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) declaration has been making concerted effort to actualize these human development goals. She has put some strategies in place to specifically address the issue of health-related MDGs, especially MDGs 4 and 5. This paper therefore, reviewed some of the strategies put in place in order to achieve the fourth and fifth MDGs in Nigeria.   Key...

Author(s): Akinwaare Margaret Omowaleola

September 2013

Symphysis-fundal height at term: A new birth weight predictive equation

There is clinical utility in having a simple and low-cost method of predicting birth weight. To identify abnormal fetal growth, in fact, can reduce the risk of adverse perinatal outcomes. A longitudinal observational cohort study, including 1034 low-risk singleton pregnancies at term, was performed at the Division of Prenatal Medicine, St. Orsola-Malpighi Hospital, University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy) to derive a...

Author(s): Alessandra Curti, Margherita Zanello, Silvia Battistini, Diana Cabassi, Gabriella Cangini, Natalia Dini, Cristina Giovannini, Vincenza Leccese, Stefania Piersimoni, Nadia Rimondi and Antonio Farina

August 2013

Nursing informatics: A key to improving nursing practice in Nigeria

  Nursing informatics is a new nursing specialty in Nigeria; even though it was approved by the American Nurses Association in 1992 as a recognized specialty and has since been growing. The building blocks of this specialty are nursing, information and computer sciences. These three combined provide the knowledge base of nursing informatics. Expanded roles and technology are being incorporated into the domain...

Author(s): Grace O. Daniel and Modupe O. Oyetunde

August 2013

Self care practices of menstrual hygiene among adolescents school going girls in Amassoma Community, Bayelsa State

  Self care practices as well as menstrual hygiene are basic requirements for promoting a satisfied life and personal esteem in a woman. It is therefore necessary to investigate the self care practice of menstrual hygiene among female school going adolescents who have attained menarche in Amassoma community, Bayelsa State. A survey was designed with systematic sampling which involves selection of girls...

Author(s): Adika, V. O., Ayinde M. O. and Jack-Ide I. O.

May 2013

HIV/AIDS care, coping strategies and work environmental stress among nurses in Botswana

  Since 2006 there has been universal acceptance in both developing and industrializedsocieties that HIV treatment and related services, including more effective programs, be available to all citizens. However, as a result of the worldwide recession and shifting health priorities, progress toward these goals has stalled. While the epidemic continues to grow (approximately 34 million globally, with 2.7 million...

Author(s): Thabo T. Fako, Debra R. Wilson, James G. Linn and Ntonghanwah Forcheh

May 2013

The role of beliefs and practices in health on patients’ compliance

  The degree of influence of traditional beliefs and practices of a person as part of his or her cultural background is indeed a creative molder of a person’s behavior such as attitudes, beliefs and practices regarding health promotion and prevention of illness. This study determined the correlation between health beliefs and practices and the compliance with discharge instructions, particularly on home...

Author(s): Palompon R. Daisy

May 2013

Experience of sexual harassment and coping strategies among students of the school of nursing of a tertiary hospital in Southwest Nigeria

  This descriptive cross-sectional study documented the experience of sexual harassment (SH) and coping strategies among 250 consenting students of University College Hospital, Ibadan school of nursing, using a pre-tested questionnaire.Descriptive statistics and Chi-square test were used to analyze the data at 5% level of significance. Mean age was 23.0 ± 4.1 years, 78.8% were females and 91.2%...

Author(s): Oyedunni Sola Arulogun, Isaac Kayode Omotosho, and Musibau Ayoade Titiloye

May 2013

Decision-making for use of complementary and alternative therapies by pregnant women and nurse midwives during pregnancy: An exploratory qualitative study

  Millions of people use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies. Such therapies are used across a wide spectrum of health conditions, but the use is particularly notable during pregnancy. Despite the widespread use, little is known about the perceptions of patients and clinicians in deciding about use of varied therapies. This study describes pregnant women and obstetrical provider (nurse...

Author(s): Marie Hastings-Tolsma and Deborah Vincent

April 2013

The prevalence, management and outcome of primary postpartum haemorrhage in selected health care facilities in Nigeria

One of the millennium development goals set by the United Nations is to reduce maternal mortality by three quarters by 2015. The achievement of this goal must focus on understanding the dynamics of the causes of maternal mortality and removing such causes. Postpartum haemorrhage ranks high among the causes of maternal mortality, especially in Nigeria. This study was designed to determine the prevalence, management and...

Author(s): A. E. Olowokere, O. A. Adekeye, A. Ogunfowokan, O. E. Olagunju and O. O. Irinoye

April 2013

Nursing education and workforce development: Implications for maternal health in Anambra State, Nigeria

The relationship between nursing and maternal health presents a legitimate policy discussion. In this qualitative descriptive study, the views of nurse experts on the current status of nursing and midwifery education, and workforce development issues as they relate to maternal health in Nigeria was explored. Focus was on experts as they constitute important players in policy decisions related to nursing workforce and...

Author(s): Mabel Chiemeka Ezeonwu

April 2013

Perceived relative factors influencing nurses’ practice of health promotion for women in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

Socio-cultural factors negate the health of women. Therefore, health promotion as a focus of nursing practice aimed at capitalizing on the inherent capacities of women to establish health priorities, goals and strategies to improve their health. A descriptive survey with the purpose of ascertaining the influence of culture, social and health policies on nurses’ practice of health promotion was undertaken. Three...

Author(s): P. E. Samson-Akpan, O. B. Edet, I. I. Akpabio and E. F. Asuquo

April 2013

Evaluation of the rationale for assessing student nurses on urine testing by nursing council examiners

This study aimed at evaluating the rationale for assessing student nurses on urine testing by the nursing council examiners, was carried out using questionnaire. The council examiners were located at nursing conferences and were randomly selected. The results show that most of the respondents exhibited poor knowledge of blood glucose levels and their rationale for examining the student on urine glucose were based on...

Author(s): Ndie Elkenah Chubike

March 2013

Nursing education in Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, and Ethiopia experiences

This paper studies the development of nursing education in Africa and it is limited to three countries namely, South Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia. Two cardinal periods are covered which are, colonial and post colonial. But Ethiopia is the only African country that has technically, never been colonised as it successfully repulsed Italy’s attempt at occupying it. The reason for this study is to assist modern...

Author(s): Bethabile Lovely Dolamo and Simeon Keyada Olubiyi

March 2013

The attitudes of student nurses toward clinical work

Clinical work in nursing education is an important component of the nursing curriculum aimed at actively engaging student nurses with the necessary skills needed for the nursing profession. The attitude of nursing students toward clinical work is becoming a topic of interest for nursing researchers. The objectives of the study were to determine the perspective of practicing nurses on students’ attitude toward...

Author(s): Dorothy Awuah-Peasah, Linda Akuamoah Sarfo and Florence Asamoah

January 2013

Just and sustainable global nurse-midwifery clinical education exchanges: Lessons learned

  The severe shortage of skilled maternity care providers in countries with low resources results in a staggering number of maternal and newborn deaths annually. University nursing and nurse-midwifery programs are especially well-equipped to participate in multi-lateral and bi-lateral education collaborations to address this shortage. This paper presents a perspective on how universities in well-resourced...

Author(s): Terri Patrice Clark

January 2013

Analyzing the brunt trouble of information and communication technologies in the delivery of reproductive health care service in health centers of Shirvan, North Khorasan, Iran

This study analyzed the potential impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the delivery of reproductive health care services. Twelve health establishments located in the districts under the coverage of the micro-Telco were selected. Of the twelve establishments, only ten were found open at the time of the visit. A total of 15 surveys were personally administered by the author. A questionnaire was...

Author(s): Kazemzadeh Mohammad Reza and Esmaeilzadeh Mahdi

December 2012

Reforms in higher nursing education in High Medical School of Bitola by Bologna declaration

Nursing education in Europe and North America was reviewed, together with European Commission directives and regulations and pertinent World Health Organization documents. The new practical models for education are preferred. The aim of our research is to analyze the effect of education of nurses with faculty degree using one actual health activity.  A total of 65 students in their third year of theoretical and...

Author(s): Elizabeta Popova-Ramova and Anastasika Poposka

  • Article Number: C4335BB1030

December 2012

Preterm twins cardio-respiratory, thermal and maternal breast temperature responses to shared kangaroo care

Kangaroo Care (KC) is practiced in Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) rather frequently but predominantly with mothers of single infant. Mothers of twins often expressed a desire to do KC with their twins. Simultaneously holding both twins is called Shared Kangaroo Care (SKC). Two previous case studies of SKC could be found and have encouraged the practice of SKC prior to sufficient evidence of acceptable...

Author(s): Amel M. Abouelfettoh and Susan M. Ludington-Hoe

  • Article Number: 522AE781059

November 2012

Global warming: Implications for nursing

The environment plays a significant part in human development, human health and diseases. Over the years, the environment has been progressively harsh, due to global warming (GW). The increase in the production of green house gases has resulted in enhanced greenhouse effect which has also resulted in changing epidemiological pattern of diseases. Nursing, being a responsive profession is not Immuned to the effects of...

Author(s): Ojewale, Lucia Yetunde and Oyetunde, Modupe Olusola

  • Article Number: 986BE8E986

November 2012

Maternal seafood consumption in highly educated women is reduced in pregnancy: A pilot study

Oily fish is a unique natural source to vitamin D and marine n-3 fatty acids. The aim of the present study was to investigate from where pregnant women get dietary advices and whether they eat seafood during pregnancy or not. A self-selected convenience sample (n = 43) of highly educated women responded to a self-administrated web based questionnaire. The women reduced their intake of both lean (p < 0.013) and oily...

Author(s): Marian K. Malde, Anita R. Alvheim, Linn Anne B. Brunborg and Ingvild E. Graff

  • Article Number: D3935201014

May 2012

Midwifery students’ willingness to provide manual vacuum aspiration in Ghana

Abortion remains one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in the developing world. Midwives are more likely to provide services to more than half of the world’s population residing in rural areas than other healthcare providers. When properly trained, midwives are able to safely provide manual vacuum aspiration (MVA). As part of a larger study, final-year midwifery students took part in a computer-based...

Author(s): Sarah Rominski, Emmanuel Nakua, Peter Ageyi-Baffour, Mawuli Gyakobo and Jody R. Lori

  • Article Number: 6827D6D895

May 2012

A comparative study of mental health services in two African countries: South Africa and Nigeria

Mental health services in South Africa and Nigeria were compared using the reports of World Health Organization Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems (WHO-AIMS) of both countries. WHO-AIMS assessment reveals the extent of implementation and provision of mental health care services. South Africa has made considerable progress with restructuring its mental health care system that provides mental health care at...

Author(s): Jack-Ide I. O., Uys L. R. and Middleton L. E.

  • Article Number: A96FB30902

April 2012

Quality assurance package for health care in Nigeria: The case of Akwa Ibom State

Persistent poor health care quality attributable to non-responsive alien models necessitated this study to develop quality assurance package (QAP) for health care in Nigeria with focus on Akwa Ibom State. Quality assurance index (QAI) was the instrument for data collection. A multi-stage random sample of 340 respondents was drawn from 840 health managers in primary health care settings in the state. The research and...

Author(s): Maria Michael Ikorok, Idongesit Ibanga Akapbio and Lucas O. Ogunjimi

  • Article Number: D0C5A53818

April 2012

Curbing maternal and child mortality: The Nigerian experience

The paper examined the unacceptable high maternal and child mortality in Africa using Nigeria as a case study. Place and duration of study were the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, University of Calabar, and Department of Public Health Nursing, College of Health Technology, Calabar, Nigeria, between February, 2010 and April, 2011. The opportunity created by the presence of over 300 Nurses at the 2010...

Author(s): Ogunjimi Lucas Olusegun, Ibe, Rosemary Thomas and Ikorok Maria Micheal

  • Article Number: 457586D844

April 2012

Low birth weight knowledge among postnatal mothers in a resource restricted urban setting in Zimbabwe

This study aimed to establish the knowledge of postnatal mothers about low birth weight (LBW) in a resource restricted urban setting. A non-experimental descriptive study was conducted using a systematic sampling method to select fifty mothers aged between 15 and 41 years with babies below five years born with LBW of below 2500 grams. The women were selected as they sought health care at Mabvuku Satellite Clinic in...

Author(s): Helen Vupenyu Gundani and Jesca Mutowo

  • Article Number: 32B2489865

March 2012

Impacts of virulence factors of Streptococcus mutans isolates on the pathogenesis of acute vaginitis

Streptococcus mutans, known to be an etiologic agent of dental caries, also causes infective endocarditis. Adherence of these bacteria results from the interaction of adhesions that form part of their structure with salivary components (or other body’s fluids), specifically those that compose the acquired pellicle. In the present study, acute vaginitis samples (vaginal swabs) were investigated from pregnant women...

Author(s): Mohammed Sh. Jebur

  • Article Number: CDA77B0790

March 2012

Awareness on HIV/AIDS and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS among stake holders and people living with HIV/AIDS in Dharan municipality, Sunsari, Nepal

PMTCT (prevention of mother to child transmission) is a commonly used term for an intervention programme designed to reduce the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV. In 2008, there were more than 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide out of which, 2.5 million were children under 15 years old. Mother to child transmission is the largest source of HIV infections in Nepal. Out of the estimated 900,000...

Author(s): Nirmala Pokharel, Mangala Shrestha and Sami Lama

  • Article Number: B902859802

January 2012

Breast self examination among female undergraduates in Enugu, Southeast, Nigeria.

This study was a cross sectional descriptive survey that assessed the knowledge, attitude and practice of breast self examination (BSE) among university female nursing undergraduates. It also identified the factors that affected their practice of BSE. The total population of the female students (200) was used. The instrument used for data collection was the questionnaire and descriptive statistics were used to summarize...

Author(s): Okolie, Uchenna Virginia

  • Article Number: C1AD6C5762

January 2012

Evaluation of the Mother-to-Infant relation and feeling scale: Interviews with first-time mothers’ for feelings and relation to their baby three days after birth

Mothers’ perception of their relationship with their baby might affect sensitive parenting. This study aimed to explore first time mothers’ feelings for and their relation to the baby associated with how they responded to the “mother to infant relation and feelings (MIRF) scale” as a step in the validation process of the scale. Interviews with ten first-time mothers, three days after birth, were...

Author(s): Thorstensson, Stina , Hertfelt Wahn, Elisabeth , Ekström, Anette , and Langius-Eklöf, Ann ,

  • Article Number: 5498A11776

November 2011

An appraisal of non-staff visitor involvement in bedside patient care in a specific hospital in the Midwest United States

  A descriptive study was conducted to understand the prevalence of non-staff visitor presence in acute inpatient care settings. This paper also summarizes recent studies on the issues related to promoting efficient and effective care transitions and the recent movement of embracing family and non-family visitor involvement in patient care. This descriptive study was conducted in three inpatient care units of a...

Author(s): Huey-Ming Tzeng and Chang-Yi Yin M. A.

  • Article Number: 80F31531081

November 2011

Evaluation of the fallopian tubes in infertile women by hysterosalpingography in Tikur Anbessa Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  Infertility is a common public health problem especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Hysterosalpingography (HSG) has for many years been employed in the evaluation of infertility for assessment of tubal patency and tubal or intrauterine lesions. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the structural abnormality of the fallopian tubes in infertile women with hysterosalpingography in Tikur Anbessa Hospital (TAH)....

Author(s): Daniel Admassie and Yewebdar Negatuy

  • Article Number: 94B1B651097

October 2011

The relationship between thrombophilia and intrauterine growth restriction

  Approximately 0.7 to 2% of the general population have thrombophilia, but it is estimated that intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is due to thrombophilia in 35% of cases. Although the role of thrombophilia in IUGR is not completely known but its destructive effect on placental vasculature is the pathophysiologic cause of defect in transfer of oxygen for fetal growth. The aim of the present study was to...

Author(s): Fakhrolmolouk Yassaee, Parisa Taherzadeh and Ali Reza Abadi

  • Article Number: 31F8FFA1036

October 2011

Pre-screening counseling in cervical cancer prevention: Implications for nursing

  Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide, with an estimated 529,409 new cases and 274,883 deaths in 2008, about 86% of the cases occur in developing countries, representing 13% of female cancers (IARC, GLOBOCAN, 2008). All sexually active women are at risk for the development of this disease and it is one of the leading causes of death for middle-aged women in the developing...

Author(s): Chizoma Millicent Ndikom and Bola Abosede Ofi

  • Article Number: E2A281C1042

October 2011

The effect of foot and hand massage on postoperative cardiac surgery pain

  This study was conducted to determine the effects of foot and hand massage on postoperative pain and sedative drug use in cardiac surgery patients. One of the most important problems and complaint that have been experienced by patients who are influenced by surgery is the pain. Physiological responses to pain create harmful effects on the body recovery after cardiac surgery, and they routinely...

Author(s): Marziyeh Asadizaker, Alizaman Fathizadeh, Amanollah Haidari, Shahin Goharpai and Sedighe Fayzi

  • Article Number: 5992CBF1057

September 2011

Task analysis: An evidence-based methodology for strengthening education and training of nurses and midwives in Liberia

  Liberia suffers from high maternal, infant and child mortality. In response, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare prioritized a basic package of health services in 2007. Ensuring health workers are competent to deliver these services is crucial for safe and effective health care. A task analysis survey of health workers was conducted to determine how often recently graduated health workers perform tasks...

Author(s): Annamma Udaya, Marion Subah, Mary Drake, Crystal Ng and Peter Johnson

  • Article Number: 4BBD60C981

September 2011

The perceptions of visitors at acute care units in two private hospitals in Gauteng, South Africa regarding the image of nurses and nursing

  The aim of this study was to determine and describe the perception that visitors to acute care units have, regarding the image of nurses and nursing and to make appropriate recommendations to raise the profile of nurses and to encourage more respect for the profession.  The public’s image of nurses is tarnished by newspaper reports on poor patient care. A questionnaire was used to collect data from...

Author(s): Alida van Tonder and Neltjie C. van Wyk

  • Article Number: EF75F80992

September 2011

The nuclear patient “risk or no risk” guidelines for haemodialysis

  Humans are all exposed to many different forms of radiation - radio waves, microwaves, ultraviolet, X-rays, etc. The form of radiation involved in Nuclear Medicine is called ionising radiation. This article will provide advice to haemodialysis staff that may have to carry out dialysis on patients who have received ionising radiation as part of a medical investigation. All patients who are referred to the...

Author(s): Frank Kelly, Aidan O’Connor, Michelle McQuaid, Michael Casey and Alan Watson

  • Article Number: FEE05561002

September 2011

Patients’ perceptions of quality nursing care in a Chinese hospital

  The purpose of this study is to explore patients’ perceptions of quality nursing care. Under the changing health care environment, more emphasis is placed on patient-cantered care. To meet patients’ needs and expectations, patients’ perceptions of quality nursing care must be given more concern 440 patients (purposive sample) in 18 inpatient nursing units in a China hospital were selected....

Author(s): Shi H. Zhao and Thitinut Akkadechanunt

  • Article Number: A9017AF1009

September 2011

Women living with obstetric fistula and nurses’ role in preventive measures

  Obstetric fistula is a devastating and preventable tragedy that primarily affects young, poor women who lack the means to access quality maternal care. Women living with fistula are constantly wet from the leaking of urine and often experience genital ulceration, infections and a humiliating odor. About 20% of women with fistula also develop unilateral or bilateral foot drop that limits their day-to-day...

Author(s): Devkumari Shrestha Rai

  • Article Number: 3974B881022

August 2011

An appraisal of non-staff visitor involvement in bedside patient care in a specific hospital in the Midwest United States

  LA descriptive study was conducted to understand the prevalence of non-staff visitor presence in acute inpatient care settings. This paper also summarizes recent studies on the issues related to promoting efficient and effective care transitions and the recent movement of embracing family and non-family visitor involvement in patient care. This descriptive study was conducted in three inpatient care units of...

Author(s): Huey-Ming Tzeng and Chang-Yi Yin

  • Article Number: BD01529954

August 2011

The effect of working conditions on the family, daily and social lives of the nurses employed at Çukurova University, Balcali Hospital

  This study is performed in order to specify the working conditions and the issues of the nurses working in Adana City of Turkey at Çukurova University Balcalı Hospital; and to examine the effects of these on their family, daily and social lives. This was a descriptive study applied by distributing the survey form on 15.02.2008 to 238 nurses, which was prepared by benefitting from the literature; and by...

Author(s): Şenay ÇETİNKAYA

  • Article Number: 8E5A0BE961

August 2011

Long term effects of professional breastfeeding support - An intervention

  Professional support is important for women during pregnancy, but more research is needed to provide a better understanding of how this support affects the mother's experience of support and breast-feeding behavior the first days after birth and its relation to the duration of breastfeeding.  This study aims to evaluate the effects of a professional support during pregnancy in relation to...

Author(s): Anette Ekström, Kristin Guttke, Marika Lenz and Elisabeth Hertfelt Wahn

  • Article Number: 38B9A57966

July 2011

Helping patients in cataract peri- and post-surgery: A simple intervention addressing anxiety

  The aim of this study is to propose patients a psycho educational intervention before, during and after a stay in a hospital to undergo a cataract surgery, in order to meet their doubts and fears. The objective is to find if by lowering the anxiety state, the suffering would be reduced and the quality in the rehabilitation process would be fostered (Hesbeen, 1996). The design chosen was a RCT (Randomised...

Author(s): Maria Luisa Ramos , Margarida Gaspar de Matos , Cátia Branquinho and Leonor Moniz Pereira

  • Article Number: D76D229920

July 2011

Mobility and quality of life in elderly and geriatric patients

  Quality of life in older people is significantly influenced by their mobilization. Using the statistical comparison of observed groups we found out that the mobilization of elderlyand geriatric patients improves their quality of life. We used nonparametric Mann -Whitney test as ...

Author(s): Anna Hudakova and Anna Hornakova

  • Article Number: 902246A924

July 2011

Relationship between backache and psychological and psychosocial job factors among the nurses

  Quality of life in older people is significantly influenced by their mobilization. Using the statistical comparison of observed groups we found out that the mobilization of elderlyand geriatric patients improves their quality of life. We used nonparametric Mann -Whitney test as ...

Author(s): Hamid Sharif Nia, Ali Akbar Haghdoost, Zahra Beheshti, Mohammad Ali Soleymani, Nasim Bahrami, Hamid Hojjati and Fatemeh Haji Hosseine

  • Article Number: 7A78010942

June 2011

Investigating an autonomous system in nursing

  The term E-nursing has been used to refer to the incorporation of ICT into nursing. Point-to-point connections using private networks are used by hospitals and clinics that deliver services directly or contract out specialty services to independent nursing service providers at ambulatory care sites. Radiology, mental health and even intensive care services are being provided under contract using Tele-nursing...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Nami and Jila Saneipour

  • Article Number: 2265799899

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