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Pattern of diseases& associated factors among neonates admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Jimma University Medical Center, Jimma, Southwest Ethiopia, 2018

Background:Neonatal period is a susceptible time in which the newborn has to adapt to a totally new environment and is vulnerable to many problems, which may even be life threatening. Neonataldisease pattern changes from time to time and place to place. Analyzing the neonatal disease pattern helps health care givers and policy makers to design better strategies. Objective: This study aimed to assess the pattern of diseases...


Article in Press

Descriptive study to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding menopause among urban and rural married women in selected area of Kurali.

With increasing age, emerging physical health problems can cause significant changes in the woman’s lifestyle, leading to social withdrawal, avoidance and curtailment of physical activity. Menopause is the stoppage of menstruation for at least 6 months after the age of 40 years. Menopause normally occur between the 45-50 years. Menopause before 40 years of age is known as premature Menopause and after 50 years as delayed...

Author(s): Key words:- Menopause, women, knowledge, attitude, rural area, urban area

Article in Press

Prevalence of male attendance and associated factors at their partners’ antenatal visits among antenatal care attendees in Bale Zone, South East Ethiopia.

Background: Male involvement in antenatal care is an important strategy for safe delivery, especially in developing countries where the magnitude and factors affecting it remains unclear. The problem has been insufficiently studied in Ethiopia. Therefore, this study assessed male attendance and associated factors at their partners’ antenatal visits among antenatal care attendees in Bale Zone. Materials and Methods:...

Author(s):Chanyalew Worku, Fetene Kassahun, Abebaw Nigussie, Gemechu Ganfurie

Article in Press


Globally, postpartum care is a neglected part of maternal health, even though 50% of maternal deaths occur in the first weeks after childbirth. Literature is sparse on the quality and content of postnatal care provided in Nigeria. An exploratory cross-sectional design was employed among 57 purposively selected mothers in postnatal clinic and wards. Data were collected in two phases using three checklists to examine...

Author(s):Rose Ekama Ilesanmi and Janet Atinuke Akinmeye

Article in Press

Success of Labour Induction; Institution Based Correctional Study; Wolaita Sodo, South Ethiopia

Background: There are a number of pregnancy complications that confer significant risk to the mother or fetus. Induction of labour is as an artificial termination of pregnancy utilized to decrease both maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. The process is not always successful and sometimes fails to achieve a safe vaginal delivery. Therefore the aim of the study was to assess the success of labour induction among...

Author(s):Eyasu Tamru Bekru, Bezalem Eshetu Yirdaw and Yohannes Mehretie Adinew

Article in Press

Utilization of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods and Associated Factors among Married Women of Reproductive Age Group, In Bale Zone District Towns, South East Ethiopia

In Sub-Saharan Africa, including Ethiopia continued high fertility level along with declining mortality rates have resulted in a wide gap between birth and death rates and subsequently result in high annual population growth rate. Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Methods are Family Planning methods providing pregnancy protection for more than three years .Wider access and use of long acting contraceptives are the most...

Author(s):Abdurehman Kalu

Article in Press

Perceived socio economic barriers to maternal health seeking behavior among rural women: the case of raya-alamata district, southern tigray, Ethiopia

Maternal health care service utilization is one of the components of the reproductive and child health interventions package with the aim of improving both maternal and child health. It is the health of the women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. Thus, the overall objective of this study is to investigate the perceived socio economic barriers to maternal health seeking behavior of rural women in Raya...


Article in Press

Tele-counselling in postpartum mother with multiple sclerosis: A case report

This study was performed for determining the effect of tele-counselling on postpartum mother with multiple sclerosis (MS) both physiological and psychological. The study was carried out as a case report. The patient was evaluated per the Functional Health Patterns model of Marjorie Gordon. Nursing care was provided per the individualized nursing diagnoses of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) in...

Author(s):Ruveyde Aydın and Hatice BalcıYangın

Article in Press

Knowledge of partograph utilization and its associated factors: A cross-sectional survey in Wolaita Zone southern Ethiopia

Obstructed and prolonged labours are major causes of maternal death. To alleviate this problem, obstetrics care providers’ knowledge on the basic obstetrics case management is crucial which include partograph use. Partograph is a cost-effective single sheet of paper used to follow fetal, maternal condition and progress of labour. The objective of this study is to assess knowledge of obstetrics care providers on partograph...

Author(s):Kidest Getu Melese

Article in Press

Level of Apgar score and associated factors among neonates after cesarean section in Arba Minch General Hospital, Southern Ethiopia

Cesarean section has been increased in most countries in recent years, but put the neonates to short and long term risks. The Apgar score is the most commonly used measure of newborn infant well-being. However level of low APGAR score and associated factors have not been established in many sub-Saharan countries including Ethiopia. This study aimed to determine the level of Apgar score and associated factors among neonates...

Author(s):Tewoderos Shitemaw, Aman Yesuf , Meseret Girma and Negussie Boti

Article in Press

Prevalence of unplanned pregnancy and associated factors among pregnant women attending antenatal care unit at Jimma University Medical Center

Unplanned pregnancy is an important public health problem in both developing and developed countries, because of its association with adverse social and health outcome for mothers, babies and family as a whole. Unplanned pregnancies impose serious health problem to mothers and their infants by causing unnecessary high risk of pregnancy related complications and self-induced abortions. Hence, this study aimed to determine...

Author(s):Tinsae Amsalu, Niguse Hamba and Mengistu Ayele

Article in Press

Determinants of satisfactory facility-based care for women during childbirth in Kumasi, Ghana

The majority of deaths of women and infants during pregnancy and childbirth occur in Africa. Although many pregnant women seek antenatal care, in Ghana they do not all continue to seek facility-based care for childbirth. Complications that lead to mortality often occur around childbirth and these are not always possible to predict during antenatal care. This makes facility-based childbirth imperative for reduction in...

Author(s):Veronica Millicent Dzomeku, Brian van Wyk, Lucia Knight and Jody Rae Lori

Article in Press

Pregnancy outcome and early postnatal weights in diabetic and non-diabetic pregnant rats administered ethanolic extract of Ocimum gratissimum leaves during pregnancy

Extract of Ocimum gratissimum (OG), also known as scent leaf, is popularly used to treat diabetes mellitus and its hypoglycaemic activity has been confirmed by in vivo studies. The aim was to investigate the effect of this extract on placenta development and birth outcome in diabetic pregnancy. Forty two pregnant rats weighing 150-200 g were used. They were divided into control and extract treated diabetic and non-diabetic...

Author(s):Cordilia Omuekpen Iyare

Article in Press

The prevalence, risk factors and coping measures of back pain among nurses in Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

Back pain is one of the leading skeletal health problem worldwide and a common complaint among nurses. This study assessed the prevalence, risk factors and coping measures of back pain among nurses in Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, Ogun state. A descriptive cross-sectional studies in which self-structured questionnaire were used to obtain information from 228 respondents conveniently selected from all units of nursing...

Author(s):Elizabeth Urenna Ike and Janet Oluwatoyin Olawumi

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