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IJNM Articles

June 2011

Experiences of expert midwives in a training program aimed at decreasing perineal tears

  This descriptive study explored the roles and responsibilities of expert midwives involved in teaching staff from midwifery students to senior consultants/physicians. We have earlier conducted an intervention project, aimed at decreasing the number of anal sphincter tears. During this intervention a local core team of expert midwives was established. These experts continued the training of...

Author(s): Tiina Pirhonen RN, Mika Gissler, Tom Hartgill and Jouko Pirhonen

  • Article Number: FE7F346907

May 2011

A randomized controlled trial comparing the physiological and directed pushing on the duration of the second stage of labor, the mode of delivery and Apgar score

  In recent year, there has been an increased trend to the physiological approach to labor. Physiological (spontaneous) pushing in upright position is one of the practices that promote the normal physiological process. Effect of physiological pushing versus directed pushing on the duration of the second stage of labor, mode of birth and Apgar. A randomized controlled trial was completed on 191 women who gave...

Author(s): Freshteh Jahdi, Maryam Shahnazari, Maryam Kashanian, Mansoureh Ashghali Farahani and Hamid Haghani

  • Article Number: 88EF2A0841

May 2011

The attitudes of women toward mode delivery after childbirth

  The aim of this study was to determine the attitudes of the women toward mode of delivery during postpartum period. The descriptive study was conducted in 600 puerpera women at a private hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. We collected data with “attitudes toward mode of delivery” (ATMOD) form during face to face interview. The researchers prepared the ATMOD form according to the...

Author(s): Asli Karakuş and Nevin Hotun Sahin

  • Article Number: 5E76F14850

April 2011

Effect of treatment for labor pain: Verbal reports versus visual analogue scale scores - A prospective randomized study

  Assessing pain in relation to childbirth is one of the midwife’s more important tasks. However, pain research shows that health care professionals often assess patients’ pain inaccurately. The Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) is one of the most used instruments for assessing pain and pain relief both in research and clinical practice. On the other hand, a patient’s verbal report is considered to...

Author(s): Lena Mårtensson and Ingrid Bergh

  • Article Number: 8856E2A823

April 2011

The psychometric assessment of the Nottingham health profile for menopausal women in Turkish society

  The Nottingham health profile (NHP) is a measurement of 38 items that was designed for measuring quality of life. The present study was conducted in order to determine evaluation of validity and reliability of the NHP for menopausal women. Ninety one (91) women who were menopausal were included in the sample of the study. The comparison of total scores of NHP and the (Medical Outcomes Study) MOS 36...

Author(s): Mürüvvet Başer, Lale Taşkın and Bahar Güçiz Doğan

  • Article Number: F45D67F828

March 2011

Maternal satisfaction with care during labour: A case study of the Mampong-Ashanti district hospital maternity unit in Ghana

  This study was conducted to assess the care and satisfaction of expectant mothers during labour, birth and lying-in period in Ghana. Purposive sampling was employed to recruit participants, based on the needs of the study and on predetermined variables. Participants were second or third time mothers, who were admitted in the first stage of labour with a cervical dilatation of not more than 5 cm. They were...

Author(s): Dzomeku, M. V.

  • Article Number: 154DAFD809

March 2011

Cultural competence outcomes assessment: A strategy and model

  The nursing profession has acknowledged its responsibility to prepare all practitioners to provide culturally respectful care to diverse patient populations. A culturally competent academic and clinical teaching milieu is a strategy for shaping clinical nursing expertise. It is a vital link between theory and practice. This article presents a replicable model of the process in which one U.S. University School...

Author(s): Lori A. Escallier, Judith T. Fullerton and Barbara Ann M. Messina

  • Article Number: 2F4D652815

February 2011

Irish staff nurses perceptions of clinical incident reporting

  Clinical incident reporting identifies actual and potential risks to patient safety and then eliminates those risks through a system of procedural changes, policy enactment or changes in staff education. This constitutes the first study to explore perceptions of registered nursing staff towards efficacy of clinical incident reporting in Ireland since the launch of the national “STARSweb”...

Author(s): Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Desmond Cawley and Neil J. Rowan

  • Article Number: 5DBCFD4870

February 2011

First time stroke survivors' perceptions of their health status and their goals for recovery

  Stroke is an intensely individual, complex and life changing experience. Stroke recovery has many dimensions, and perceptions of health status are thought to affect recovery. The purpose of this qualitative study was to describe patients' perceptions of their health status and their goals for recovery from early post stroke. Following ethical approval, semi structured interviews were conducted with...

Author(s):   Irene Hartigan, Elizabeth O’Connell Geraldine McCarthy and Denis O&#;Mahony

  • Article Number: 6CC9C59887

January 2011

Assessing the effects of industrial unrest on Ghana health service: A case study of nurses at Korle-Bu teaching hospital

  This paper assessed the effects of industrial unrest from the perspectives of a cross-section of fifty nurses and patients at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra, Ghana in West Africa, spanning the period of 2004 to 2008. The deductive study was based on descriptive analyses of statistical data gathered from the data subjects, who were randomly selected. The study revealed that strikes by the nurses...

Author(s): Gerald Dapaah Gyamfi

  • Article Number: AFF8EBE772

January 2011

Helpless patients’ satisfaction with quality of nursing care in Federal tertiary hospitals, Enugu, Southeast, Nigeria

  The satisfaction of patients with the care they receive from healthcare providers has become one of the most important approaches to the measurement of the quality of care in recent times as against the predominantly clinical and administrative approaches. This is because patients’ satisfaction could serve as index for compliance and non-compliance with care regimen. The study was to determine helpless...

Author(s): Ehiemere Ijeoma O., Nwaneri Ada, Iheanacho Peace and Akpati V.

  • Article Number: 1F7D75F782

October 2010

Beliefs of patients about the causes of Tuberculosis in rural Andhra Pradesh

  This paper explores the beliefs concerning cause of tuberculosis (TB) in Nalgonda district, Andhra Pradesh (A.P.). Health care professionals primarily attribute TB causation to germs such as bacteria. However, patients with TB described the causation of their disease in multiple ways that differ significantly from that of health professionals. Results indicate that causation beliefs held by TB patients can be...

Author(s): Bojja Venkatraju and Sheela Prasad

  • Article Number: C7E6F6E780

October 2010

The effects of pre-pregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain on neonatal birth weight in Taiwan

  The aim of this retrospective study was to explore the effects of pre-pregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain on neonatal birth weight in Taiwan.Study subjects included two hundred and sixty three women who delivered their babies at two local hospitals in southern Taiwan. Initial data included maternity records on age, parity, socio-economic status, body mass index (BMI), pregnancy weight...

Author(s): Mei-Yueh Chang, Chun-Hua Kuo and Kuei-Feng Chiang, MPH, RN

  • Article Number: 6930373786

June 2010

Influence of nurses' characteristics and education on their attitudes towards death and dying: A review of literature

  Nurses working in cancer centers deal frequently with the phenomenon of death and dying during the daily care of patients. Their demographic and experiential characteristics and previous educational background can shape their attitudes toward care for dying patients. To review relevant literature related to nursing care at the end of life and nurses’ attitudes towards death and dying, a literature...

Author(s): Khaled Abdallah Khader, Samiha Suhail Jarrah and Jafar Alasad

  • Article Number: D85894C767

June 2010

A comparison of low-risk women’s birth outcomes and experiences in different sized midwifery practices in The Netherlands

  To examine maternal birth outcomes and birth experiences of low-risk women in the Netherlands in different sized midwifery practices. Descriptive study was using postal questionnaires six weeks after the estimated due date. Women were recruited from urban, semi-rural and rural areas from small-sized practices (1-2 midwives), medium-sized practices (3-4 midwives) or large-sized practices (5 or more). 718 Dutch...

Author(s): Yvonne Fontein

  • Article Number: 0E5B0F5769

November 2009

Adult sickle cell diseased patients’ knowledge and attitude toward the preventive measures of sickle cell disease crisis

  Sickle cell crisis is preventable most of the times. However, in Bahrain sickling crisis is the most complained and cause of hospital admission. No data is available regarding the extent of knowledge and attitudes towards the sickling crisis’s preventive measures the adult Bahraini sickle cell patients have. The purpose of this paper is to explore the extent of knowledge and attitude of Bahraini adult...

Author(s):   Dihya Ebrahim Jaffer, Fatima Khairallh Amrallah, Khadija Mohammed Ali, Nafeesa Abdulla Mohammed, Ridha Abdulla Hasan and Zainab Mahdi Humood  

  • Article Number: D8164DD759

November 2009

Relationship between levels of burnout of midwives who work in Sivas, Turkey province center and identified socio-demographic characteristics

  This study was conducted for the purpose of investigating the relationship between some burnout-related socio-demographic and professional variables and level of burnout of midwives working as health care workers. Burnout is a prolonged response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job and is defined by the three dimensions of exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy. It a special...

Author(s): Ozgur Alparslan⊃ and Gulbahtiyar Doganer

  • Article Number: 7CCA699760

July 2009

Exciting times in nursing practice

Author(s):   Alleene Ferguson Pingenot, RN, PhD       

  • Article Number: 03C5733749

July 2009

Perceived positive effects of illness following acute myocardial infarction

  Myocardial infarction (MI) is a traumatic health event in most patients' lives and their families. Posttraumatic responses to life-threatening events are not necessarily negative rather they may result in positive changes. The negative psychological reactions following myocardial infarction are well documented; however, little attention was paid to the positive effects of the illness. The aim of this...

Author(s): Parkhideh Hassani, Ardeshir Afrasiabifar, Masoude Fallahi Khoshknab and Farideh Yaqhmaei

  • Article Number: 28EA792750

July 2009

750 cases of home delivery and its outcomes in Koohdasht-Iran

  In 1986, World Health Organization (WHO) suggested the home as a suitable place for delivery process of pregnant women. Home delivery (HD) has been considered less or not at all in developing countries. Based on official reports the rate of HD in Iran 2000 was 5.2% for urban areas. This study reports the reasons and outcomes of HD in 750 pregnant women of Koohdasht-Iran. All the women who resided in Koohdasht...

Author(s): Abbasi Marani Fatemeh, Safari Saeed,  and Forogirad Parveen

  • Article Number: CF08F62753

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