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Variability of maximum temperature and its decadal anomaly over Nigeria: Possible connection with Solar and geomagnetic activity

July 2017

This work investigates the variability of maximum temperature and its decadal anomaly in Nigeria and the possible role of Solar and geomagnetic activity. Descriptive, bivariate and spectral analyses, as well as Mann-Kendall trend test, were employed in analyzing the data used in this study. Temperature anomaly was computed using the base period, 1981 – 2010. Results revealed that seasonally, temperature varies...

Author(s): Moses Owoicho Audu, Francisca Nneka Okeke and Eucharia Chidinma Okoro

Estimation of depth to magnetic source bodies of Nsukka and Udi areas using spectral analysis approach

July 2017

The study was aimed at estimating the depth to magnetic source bodies in Nsukka and Udi areas which falls within the Anambra basin. Aeromagnetic data were used and Spectral Analysis approach was employed in the quantitative interpretation. The total magnetic intensity (TMI) contour map which ranges from -53.1 to 133.7 nanoTesla (nT) was separated into regional and residual contour maps to produce a residual aeromagnetic...

Author(s): Gladys Ujunwa Edeh, Johnson Uchenna Abangwu, Agatha Ngozi Okwesili, Mirianrita Ngozi Ossai and Daniel Nnaemeka Obiora

Omnidirectional High Reflectors using 1-D Photonic Crystals

June 2017

Much interest has been paid to omnidirectional dielectric mirrors based on the 1-D dielectric multilayers because these are better than metal mirrors owing to their low optical loss, high reflectivity and high mechanical robustness. In these applications, the required position and width of the reflection band can be obtained by adjusting the layer thickness and refractive indices of the constituent materials. Here, the...

Author(s): Pandey J. P.

A derivation of the Kerr metric by ellipsoid coordinate transformation

June 2017

Einstein's general relativistic field equation is a nonlinear partial differential equation that lacks an easy way to obtain exact solutions. The most famous of which are Schwarzschild and Kerr's black hole solutions. Kerr metric has astrophysical meaning because most cosmic celestial bodies rotate. Kerr metric is even harder than Schwarzschild metric to be derived directly due to off-diagonal term of metric...

Author(s): Yu-ching Chou M. D.

Energy levels and reduced transition probabilities of 18-20F isotopes using USDA and W Hamiltonians

May 2017

Energy levels for (18F, 19F and 20F) isotopes have been studied within the framework of shell model using OXBASH code. In this work, the calculations are based on the Universal Sd-shell Hamiltonian (USDA) and W Hamiltonians for proton and neutron particle orbits in SDPN model space. The calculated energy levels and reduced electric quadrupole transition probabilities B(E2;↓) are in reasonably agreement with...

Author(s): Ali K. Hasan and Fatema H. Obeed

Investigation of possible cause of gravity anomalies in parts of the Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

May 2017

Possible cause of gravity anomalies in parts of the Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria was investigated using three methods of gravity data interpretation; Euler-3D deconvolution, source parameter imaging (SPI) and forward and inverse modeling. The estimated depths from the interpretation techniques used show much similarity. Quantitatively, the results obtained from the SPI method showed a minimum to maximum depth of 1264.11...

Author(s): David Mbah, Daniel N. Obiora, Andrew I. Oha, Bem S. Terhemba, Cornelius O. Ossai and Emmanuel A. Igwe

Determinations of norfloxacin complexes with caffeine, and its optical transition probabilities using UV-Vis spectroscopy

April 2017

The optical transition probabilities and hetero-association of caffeine with norfloxacin were obtained using UV-Vis spectroscopy in aqueous solution at room temperature (295K). The heter-association constant of norfloxacin-caffeine complexes (6.67×103 M-1) was obtained using Benesi-Hildebrand approach by linear curve fitting to the experimental data. In order to characterize the binding system of the compounds,...

Author(s): Ataklti Abraha, Ashok Gholap and Abebe Belay

Doppler fading communication channel performance simulation

April 2017

Fading is commonly used to describe the properties of the communication channel. Large efforts have been made to describe characteristics of the channel in wireless communication system. The performance of wireless signal propagation in a conventional environment needs Doppler fading channel schemes by assuming a perfect knowledge about the channel frequency response at both the transmitter and the receiver sides. Two...

Author(s): Riyadh Khlf Ahmed

Application of data mining in telecommunication industry

March 2017

This paper applied a data mining model in sales and marketing department of Telecommunication Industry (TI) in Nigeria.  The motivation behind the paper is as a result of competitive challenges facing most TI sales and marketing departments globally such as inability in gaining precise view of targeted data, inability to translate and formulate business question correctly and Problem of addressing data quality. The...

Author(s): U. F. Eze, C. J. Onwuegbuchulam, C. H. Ugwuishiwu and S. Diala

Pressure and temperature effects on corona onset voltage in electrostatic precipitators

March 2017

Corona onset voltage is one of the most important factors that determine the charging toxic particle in an industrial application. Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) remove the suspended particle with a gas inlet. This paper developed Peek's formula to estimate the maximum electric field near the discharge wire in corona discharge models, the values of maximum electric field and corona onset voltage near the...

Author(s): Fadhil Khaddam Fuliful

Hydrogeochemical investigation and characterization of shallow groundwater within Ankpa Town, North Central Nigeria

March 2017

Physico-chemical analysis of groundwater samples from Ankpa, north central Nigeria was carried out to investigate the quality of the water for drinking and irrigation purposes. The results revealed water of average low pH, indicating slightly acidic conditions of the water. The water is soft, and it is characterized as Na++K - HCO3 type. It is good for drinking and other domestic uses. Four indices were evaluated from...

Author(s): Akpah F. A., Onwuka S. O. and Oha I. A.

Performance evaluation of law enforcement agency on crime information management using queuing network model

February 2017

One of the greatest challenges facing every society today is crime control and management. It could be as little as pick–pocketing, or human trafficking, or even as deadly as terrorism. As criminal’s perfect ways of avoiding being detected, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) must adopt innovative ways on crime prevention and control. This research applies Queuing Network (QN) model to evaluation the performance...

Author(s): Chikodili H. Ugwuishiwu, Mathew C. Okoronkwo and Caroline N. Asogwa

Effect of Co component in Co-Ag granular thin films on visible-light reflection applied by magnetic field

February 2017

The reflection of visible light (wavelength from 350 to 800 nm) on magnetic granular thin films Cox-Ag1-x with x from 0 to 35 at % was studied. Dependence of reflection (R) is strong on magnetic and percentage of Co in the thin films, R strongly increase in wavelengths 560 and 660 nm. In this paper, some arguments relating to the spin-plasmon phenomenon were used to explain the results. Key words: Granular magnetic...

Author(s): Giap Van Cuong, Tran Trung and Nguyen Anh Tuan

Partial and total mass attenuation coefficients, effective atomic number and effective electron number of different Maraging steel compositions

January 2017

The total and partial mass attenuation coefficients for different Maraging steel compositions have been determined by using the WinXCom and MCNP5 programs. The effective atomic number, Zeff, and effective electron number, Neff, for the studied steels have been determined via the total mass attenuation coefficients μ/ρ, the total atomic and electronic cross sections (σa and σe) of the investigated...

Author(s): A. M. Reda, and H. Halfa,

Multiples in Onshore Niger Delta from 3D prestack seismic data

January 2017

The presence of multiples has been investigated in Onshore Niger Delta using 3D seismic data. The aim of the study was to investigate the characteristics of reflection events beyond 3s two way time on seismic data behind the boundary faults associated with the shadow zone.  This involves detailed velocity analysis on semblance plot panel and accounting for moveouts due to reflections away and within the shadow...

Author(s): G. B. Azuoko, C. N. Ehirim, J. O. Ebeniro and D. N. Uraechu

Calibration and estimation of efficiency of Geiger Muller counter using a standard radioactive source

January 2017

The beta counting system uses a Geiger-Muller (GM) tube to detect the presence of beta contamination present in filter paper samples or in planchet samples.  The counting system is enabled with a provision to count the samples at various distances from the detector to the sample position.  The efficiency of the counting system is provided by the manufacturer at the time of procurement which is calibrated and...

Author(s): Vidhya Sivasailanathan, Prabhat Kumar and Suresh Sagadevan

Energy saving by applying the fuzzy cognitive map control in controlling the temperature and humidity of room

January 2017

This paper investigated the implementing of soft computing methodology of fuzzy cognitive map on controlling parameters of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems. In the past few years, many researches have been done on application of different controllers on heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system as a more energy consuming part of the building automation system. Unlike the conventional control...

Author(s): Farinaz Behrooz, Abdul Rahman Ramli, Khairulmizam Samsudin and Hossein Eliasi

Sandwich panels from cork and polyester in presence of epoxy resin as interfacial adhesive

December 2016

This work presents an experimental study to determine the mechanical properties in bending, tension, compression and shear of a new sandwich material based on natural materials (jute and cork). The sandwich material is made basically of natural materials whose soul is agglomerated cork white (located in Jijel, East of Algeria) and the skins are woven jute with ortho phthalic polyester resin. Agglomerated white cork...

Author(s): C. Belkacemi and B. Bezzazi

Numerical modeling and determination of parameters characteristic of a photovoltaic module LRAER (FST Nouakchott)

December 2016

The main objective of this work is to study, develop and establish an approach through the mathematical model of performance CENERG under the term (MC). This model is used to characterize the parameters of photovoltaic systems in the literature. For this, we have considered the required performance is normally measured in standard test conditions (STC), where an average solar spectrum AM 1.5 is used, sunshine is...

Author(s): M. M. Menou, A. Yahfdhou, A. K. Mahmoud, A. M. Yahya, and I. Youm,

Phasors from the linear algebra perspective applied to RLC circuits

December 2016

Phasors provide a simple way to analyze sinusoidally excited linear circuits. Solutions of those circuits would be undoable otherwise. Besides, measurement units in phasors are a technological resource that powers with precision the observation of the electric power system dynamic state. In the last technological research in electronics, through this units tension phasors and current phasors are obtained in a...

Author(s): Gerardo Muñoz-Quiñones and Orlando García Hurtado

Some fish species in offshore Fukushima, Japan have the ability to accumulate a specific nuclide (radioisotope)

November 2016

The Tokyo Electric Power Company's, Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima-Ken (Fukushima Prefecture), Japan, was destroyed in March 2011 by a massive magnitude 9 earthquake (centred offshore to the northeast of Honshu Island) and by the subsequent historic Tsunami of March 11, 2011. Because of the nuclear meltdown, hydrogen-explosion damage to the buildings that housed the reactors, and the...

Author(s): Katsura Hidemitsu

Troubled roads: Application of surface geophysics to highway failures of the sedimentary terrain (Iruekpen-Ifon Road) of Edo State, Nigeria

November 2016

As part of effort to examine the factors responsible for highway failure in the sedimentary terrain, geophysical survey involving Very Low Frequency Electromagnetic (VLF-EM), Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES), and dipole-dipole electrical resistivity techniques were carried out along Iruekpen-Ifon highway. This was aimed at using surface geophysics to characterize and identify the factors responsible the...

Author(s): Ozegin K. O., Adetoyinbo A. A., Jegede S. I. and Ogunseye T. T.

Thermo-economic study of hybrid cooling tower systems

November 2016

In this paper, the effects of ambient temperature and relative humidity on performance of wet, dry, and two combined cooling systems are studied for a typical 250 MW power plant in Hamedan, Iran. Although there have been many works in background of effects of different parameters on performance of cooling towers, there is no detail analysis about different alternatives of hybrid cooling systems due to the water...

Author(s): Sonia Parsa, Hossein Shokouhmand, Amirmohammad Sattari, Mohammad Nikian and Fatemeh Entezari Heravi

Investigation of self-association, optical transition probability and hetero-association with chlorogenic acid of nicotinamide using UV-Vis spectroscopy

November 2016

The self-association, optical transition probabilities, and hetero-association with chlorogenic acid of nicotinamide were obtained from UV-Vis spectroscopy in aqueous solution at room temperature (293K). The dimerization constant of nicotinamide ( ) was obtained using dimer model by nonlinear curve fitting technique. The hetero-association constant  in the system of molecules of nicotinamide with chlorogenic acid...

Author(s): Ataklti Abraha, Ashok Gholap and Abebe Belay

Baryte mineral exploration in parts of the lower Benue Trough, Nigeria

November 2016

The use of DC electrical method in baryte mineral exploration has been investigated in Buruku northeast of Markurdi, Nigeria. The objective of the study was to investigate the suitability and potential of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) combined with vertical electrical sounding (VES) surveys in baryte mineral exploration over known deposits. Results show that the interpreted layer resistivities correlate with...

Author(s): C. N. Ehirim, J. O. Ebeniro and C. O. Ofoegbu

First principles study of the relative stability and electronic properties of the VN/GaN/VN interlayer

October 2016

Using first principles total-energy calculations within the framework of density functional theory, the relative stability and the structural and electronic properties of a VN/GaN/VN interlayer in sodium chloride (NaCl), cesium chloride (CsCl), nickel arsenide (NiAs), zinc-blende, and wurtzite structures were studied. The calculations were carried out using a method based on pseudopotential, employed exactly as...

Author(s): Miguel Espitia J. R., Jonh Díaz F. and César Ortega L.

Particle model of single bubble sonoluminescence

October 2016

The single bubble sonoluminescence is a phenomenon where the vapour or gas bubble trapped in a liquid collapse by emitting light. Sonoluminescence is most often characterized by the formation of an imploding shock and the plasma. However, studies show that in some cases neither an imploding shock nor a plasma has been observed. This study concerns a physical explanation of the Single Bubble Sonoluminescence (SBSL),...

Author(s): M. Adama Maiga

Natural radioactivity level of clay, ceramic, and stone cooking dishes in Saudi Arabia

September 2016

Standards and guidelines are needed in the manufacture of household cooking dishes from clay, ceramic, and stone in Saudi Arabia. The radioactivity levels due to the presence of 40K, 232Th, and 226Ra in these materials were determined using gamma spectrometry equipped with high purity germanium (HPGe) detector. The activity concentrations of 226Ra ranged from 5.75 Bq kg−1 (Yemen stone sample) to 192.35 Bq...

Author(s): Alharbi W. R.

Electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient of Pd81Ge19

September 2016

We report on the simultaneous measurement of resistivity and Seebeck coefficients in samples of Pd81Ge19 ribbons prepared by the melt spinning technique method and having a typical dimension of 40.0 mm × 1.75 mm × 0.028 mm. The investigation was performed using a new completely automated device in a large temperature range (from room to 700°C). Structural changes, crystallization times and heat...

Author(s): A. Achouri, A. Boukraa and L. Mohammedi

Development of a real time blood pressure, temperature measurement and reporting system for inpatients

September 2016

In this work, a real time blood pressure, temperature measurement and reporting system for inpatients was developed. The function of this system is to constantly measure the blood pressure and temperature of a patient and send the measured values to the medical doctor or other relevant care givers through wireless link. The system is built around the STM32F103C8 Microcontroller programmed in C language which performs...

Author(s): J. O. Egwaile, O. I. Omoifo, O. O. Odia and O. Okosun

Characterisation of mortars from the Ottoman period in Algiers (Algeria) through their physical and chemical properties

September 2016

In traditional and historical Algerian architecture, one can find a series of mortars that were used for grouting and coating masonry. Although Algeria has a very rich heritage park, our interest mainly focuses on the mortars used in buildings from the Ottoman period, in Algiers and in particular, the mortars of the Citadel of Algiers, the Casbah and villa Mahieddine. This study allows us to determine the physical...

Author(s): Naima Abderrahim Mahindad and Messaoud Hamiane

Mineral determination and radiological risk caused by geological formations from Iron Ore in Wadi Sawawin, Duba, Saudi Arabia

August 2016

Fifteen iron ore samples collected from Wadi Sawawin, Duba, Saudi Arabia were analysed using X-ray diffraction in order to determine mineral composition. Atomic absorption analysis was used to determine concentrations of Al, Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Bi, Pb, Th and U. Natural radioactivity concentrations were determined using gamma-ray spectrometry based on a hyper pure germanium (HPGe) detector; concentrations ranged from...

Author(s): Alharbi W. R.

The thermal behaviour of gases under the influence of infrared-radiation

August 2016

In contrast to the usual spectroscopic methods, the temperature of a gas embedded in a tube was measured here and not the intensity loss of the radiation. In order to minimize the interference by the tube, light-weight building materials were used, preferably Styrofoam, transparent plastic foils and aluminium foils. Sunlight as well as infrared (IR)-bulbs was employed as radiation sources, whereby near-IR is predominant...

Author(s): Thomas Allmendinger

The third fundamental interaction of atoms

August 2016

It is shown that the existence of fundamental interactions cannot explain the chemical covalent bond. The existence of a new (hitherto unknown) fundamental interaction of atoms-internuclear attraction, which adequately interprets the chemical covalent bonding was proposed. Key words: Fundamental interaction, chemical covalent bonding, internuclear attraction.

Author(s): B. A. Mosienko

Measurement of natural radioactivity in selected samples of medical plants in Iraq

July 2016

In present study, natural levels of radiation in some selected medical plants existing in the Iraqi stores were estimated to determine any activity concentration, radium equivalent and internal hazard index due to radionuclide, of 238U, 232Th as well as 40K, which occurs naturally. This activity concentration was identified by gamma-ray spectroscopy (NaI(Tl)). The findings indicate that, the rate of activity...

Author(s): Abdulhussein Abdulameer Kareem, Heiyam Najy Hady and Ali Abid Abojassim

Development of an identity management system for a web proxy server in a tertiary institution using anonymity technology

July 2016

The inability of a region to access a webpage, because of the ban being placed on users from that region as a result of its location policy, has led to this study. This problem is often solved by anonymizing web traffic by using The Onion Router (TOR). These tools, however, suffer from the problem of exposure of identity and also lack the ability to monitor web users. This study describes in detail a web proxy server...

Author(s): Fashoto Stephen Gbenga, Adekoya Adekunle, Owolabi Olumide, Ogunleye opeyemi, Adediran Saseyi and Tomori Rasheed

Light source estimation using feature points from specular highlights and cast shadows

July 2016

A method for light sources estimation is proposed in this paper. The method utilizes feature points in cast shadows to estimate near light source positions from estimated source directions using specular highlights. There are several methods that can be used to estimate light sources from scene images, using either cast shadows or specular highlights. However, most of them are limited to directional light sources. The...

Author(s): Anusorn Bunteong and Nopporn Chotikakamthorn

Preliminary structural evaluation of an X-Field Onshore Niger Delta using 3D seismic data

June 2016

A structural evaluation of a post stack time migrated (PSTM) 3D seismic data over an X–Field in the eastern Niger Delta has been attempted. The objective of the study is to structurally evaluate the field with a view to identifying structural features such as faults, map geologic horizons and analyze reflection characteristics that might be a good lead to probable hydrocarbon accumulations. Results revealed that...

Author(s): C. N. Ehirim and M. A. E. Abbey

Geometric phases for two-mode squeezed vacuum state

June 2016

Although the geometric phase for one-mode squeezed state had been studied in detail, the counterpart for two-mode squeezed state is vacant. In this paper, we aim at the special case, namely, two-mode squeezed vacuum state. Furthermore, the total phase factor is to be written in an elegant form, which is just identical to one term of product of two squeezed operators. In addition, when this system undergoes cyclic...

Author(s): Da-Bao Yang and Ji-Xuan Hou

Determination of the characteristic parameters for the modified Bessel-Gauss beams

June 2016

Some characteristic parameters of the Bessel- Gaussian beam were determined theoretically by direct analytical calculations. Variation of the final beam radius (ω) with the starting beam radius (ωo) was studied. The Rayleigh range of a Bessel-Gauss beam was calculated for each value of the minimum starting beam radius. The beam wavefront radius of curvature (R) was calculated as a function of  starting...

Author(s): M. A. Alzamil

Matter-antimatter models in cosmic and biologic systems

June 2016

The leading theories suggest that in the first fractions of the second following the Big Bang, equal amounts of matter and antimatter were formed, and annihilated. Therefore, the asymmetry of matter and antimatter, and formation of the visible universe is one of the major unsolved problems in physics. Surprisingly, when the major characteristics of the cosmic matter- antimatter interactions, were compared to...

Author(s): Raphael Kleinmann

Direct method for solving nonlinear strain wave equation in microstructure solids

May 2016

The modeling of wave propagation in microstructure materials should be able to account for the various scales of microstructure. In this paper, the extended trial equation method was modified to construct the traveling wave solutions of the strain wave equation in microstructure solid. Some new different kinds of traveling wave solutions was gotten as, hyperbolic functions, trigonometric functions, Jacobi ...

Author(s): Khaled A. Gepreel, Taher A. Nofal, and Nehal S. Al-Sayali

Solar flare effects (SFE) on geomagnetic fields across latitudes

May 2016

A comprehensive study of Solar Flare Effects (SFE) across latitudes has been carried out using an extensive data set of two geomagnetic elements H and Z selected from 1997 to 2005. The X (intense) and M (medium) solar flares were examined under quiet conditions. Nine stations extending from equatorial to high latitudes were used in the study. Data employed in this work include minute data of geomagnetic field, solar...

Author(s): Obiageli Josephine Ugonabo, Francisca Nneka Okeke and Benjamin Ikechukwu Ugwu

Slip flow of a second grade fluid past a lubricated rotating disc

April 2016

Slip flow of a second-grade fluid past a lubricated rotating disc is studied. The disc is lubricated with a power-law fluid. The interfacial conditions between fluid and lubricant are imposed on the surface of disc by assuming a thin lubrication layer. The numerical solutions are obtained using Keller-Box method. The effects of slip parameter and Weissenberg number on the three components of fluid velocity and pressure...

Author(s): K. Mahmood, M. Sajid, N. Ali and T. Javed

Purity-performance relationship of anthocyanidins as sensitizer in dye-sensitized solar cells

April 2016

A comparative analysis between crude and purified extracts obtained from withered leaves of Terminalia catappa (T. catappa) and pure compounds of anthocyanidins as organic sensitizers in solar cells. The chemical and electronic properties of the extracts and the pure anthocyanidins were examined using spectroscopic studies: ultraviolet (UV), Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) and gas chromatography coupled with flame...

Author(s): Ibrahim Olasegun A., Bello Isah A., Semire Banjo, Bolarinwa Hakeem S. and Boyo Adenike

Analysis of elastic scattering data below, atop and above the delta resonance using inverse scattering theory

April 2016

The simple local optical potential adopted in analyzing successfully elastic scattering data in the delta resonance region has been emphasized here. This is based on obtaining the same nature for the potential by extracting potential points from available  phase shifts at 114, 163, 240 and 340 MeV using inverse scattering theory within the framework of Klein-Gordon equation.  Luckily, and as expected, the...

Author(s): Reham M. El-Shawaf and Zuhair F. Shehadeh

Dielectric study of calcium doped barium titanate Ba1-xCaxTiO3 ceramics

March 2016

Calcium doping effect on the ferroelectric properties of Ba1-xCaxTiO3: BCTx (x = 0.01, 0.05, 0.1) ceramic material prepared via the sol-gel process was studied. X-ray diffraction (XRD) showed that the powders of calcined BCTx at 900°C crystallize in a pure phase of perovskite type without secondary phases. Microstructural morphology was analyzed by Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM). Dielectric measurements were...

Author(s): Lhoussain Kadira, Abdelilah Elmesbahi and Salaheddine Sayouri

A new solitary wave solution of the perturbed nonlinear Schrodinger equation using a Riccati-Bernoulli Sub-ODE method

March 2016

The Riccati-Bernoulli Sub-ODE method is used for the first time to investigate exact wave solution of the perturbed nonlinear Schrodinger equation with Kerr law non linearity which describes the propagation of optical solitons in nonlinear optical fibers that exhibits a Kerr law non linearity. An infinite sequence of exact solutions can be obtained according to Backlund transformation. The proposed method also can be...

Author(s): Maha S. M. Shehata

Space charge kinetic treatment in Langmuir probes with cylindrical geometry

March 2016

In this paper, an analysis of the space charge build up in the interelectrodic region of a velocity analyzer with cylindrical symmetry is performed using kinetic theory. Thus the present treatment includes temperature effects. Azimuth symmetry is also assumed. A detailed and comparative analysis, between planar and cylindrical electrodes, is carried out, showing the advantages of each kind of...

Author(s): E. Valdeblánquez, and P. Martín

Investigating H and Z geomagnetic component disturbance field in the mid-latitude

March 2016

The relationship in the variations of geomagnetic horizontal component (H) and vertical component (Z) in Boulder station (40.1°N, 254.8°) has been investigated. In the analysis, series of significant changes in amplitude and period are observed in H as well as in Z during the day-time. The changes in H and Z for the average yearly diurnal variations and for the monthly variations do not exhibit consistent...

Author(s): Okeke F. N., Okoro E. C. and Ugwu E. B. I.

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