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IJPS Articles

Preliminary structural evaluation of an X-Field Onshore Niger Delta using 3D seismic data

June 2016

A structural evaluation of a post stack time migrated (PSTM) 3D seismic data over an X–Field in the eastern Niger Delta has been attempted. The objective of the study is to structurally evaluate the field with a view to identifying structural features such as faults, map geologic horizons and analyze reflection characteristics that might be a good lead to probable hydrocarbon accumulations. Results revealed that...

Author(s): C. N. Ehirim and M. A. E. Abbey

Geometric phases for two-mode squeezed vacuum state

June 2016

Although the geometric phase for one-mode squeezed state had been studied in detail, the counterpart for two-mode squeezed state is vacant. In this paper, we aim at the special case, namely, two-mode squeezed vacuum state. Furthermore, the total phase factor is to be written in an elegant form, which is just identical to one term of product of two squeezed operators. In addition, when this system undergoes cyclic...

Author(s): Da-Bao Yang and Ji-Xuan Hou

Determination of the characteristic parameters for the modified Bessel-Gauss beams

June 2016

Some characteristic parameters of the Bessel- Gaussian beam were determined theoretically by direct analytical calculations. Variation of the final beam radius (ω) with the starting beam radius (ωo) was studied. The Rayleigh range of a Bessel-Gauss beam was calculated for each value of the minimum starting beam radius. The beam wavefront radius of curvature (R) was calculated as a function of  starting...

Author(s): M. A. Alzamil

Matter-antimatter models in cosmic and biologic systems

June 2016

The leading theories suggest that in the first fractions of the second following the Big Bang, equal amounts of matter and antimatter were formed, and annihilated. Therefore, the asymmetry of matter and antimatter, and formation of the visible universe is one of the major unsolved problems in physics. Surprisingly, when the major characteristics of the cosmic matter- antimatter interactions, were compared to...

Author(s): Raphael Kleinmann

Direct method for solving nonlinear strain wave equation in microstructure solids

May 2016

The modeling of wave propagation in microstructure materials should be able to account for the various scales of microstructure. In this paper, the extended trial equation method was modified to construct the traveling wave solutions of the strain wave equation in microstructure solid. Some new different kinds of traveling wave solutions was gotten as, hyperbolic functions, trigonometric functions, Jacobi ...

Author(s): Khaled A. Gepreel, Taher A. Nofal, and Nehal S. Al-Sayali

Solar flare effects (SFE) on geomagnetic fields across latitudes

May 2016

A comprehensive study of Solar Flare Effects (SFE) across latitudes has been carried out using an extensive data set of two geomagnetic elements H and Z selected from 1997 to 2005. The X (intense) and M (medium) solar flares were examined under quiet conditions. Nine stations extending from equatorial to high latitudes were used in the study. Data employed in this work include minute data of geomagnetic field, solar...

Author(s): Obiageli Josephine Ugonabo, Francisca Nneka Okeke and Benjamin Ikechukwu Ugwu

Purity-performance relationship of anthocyanidins as sensitizer in dye-sensitized solar cells

April 2016

A comparative analysis between crude and purified extracts obtained from withered leaves of Terminalia catappa (T. catappa) and pure compounds of anthocyanidins as organic sensitizers in solar cells. The chemical and electronic properties of the extracts and the pure anthocyanidins were examined using spectroscopic studies: ultraviolet (UV), Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) and gas chromatography coupled with flame...

Author(s): Ibrahim Olasegun A., Bello Isah A., Semire Banjo, Bolarinwa Hakeem S. and Boyo Adenike

Slip flow of a second grade fluid past a lubricated rotating disc

April 2016

Slip flow of a second-grade fluid past a lubricated rotating disc is studied. The disc is lubricated with a power-law fluid. The interfacial conditions between fluid and lubricant are imposed on the surface of disc by assuming a thin lubrication layer. The numerical solutions are obtained using Keller-Box method. The effects of slip parameter and Weissenberg number on the three components of fluid velocity and pressure...

Author(s): K. Mahmood, M. Sajid, N. Ali and T. Javed

Analysis of elastic scattering data below, atop and above the delta resonance using inverse scattering theory

April 2016

The simple local optical potential adopted in analyzing successfully elastic scattering data in the delta resonance region has been emphasized here. This is based on obtaining the same nature for the potential by extracting potential points from available  phase shifts at 114, 163, 240 and 340 MeV using inverse scattering theory within the framework of Klein-Gordon equation.  Luckily, and as expected, the...

Author(s): Reham M. El-Shawaf and Zuhair F. Shehadeh

A new solitary wave solution of the perturbed nonlinear Schrodinger equation using a Riccati-Bernoulli Sub-ODE method

March 2016

The Riccati-Bernoulli Sub-ODE method is used for the first time to investigate exact wave solution of the perturbed nonlinear Schrodinger equation with Kerr law non linearity which describes the propagation of optical solitons in nonlinear optical fibers that exhibits a Kerr law non linearity. An infinite sequence of exact solutions can be obtained according to Backlund transformation. The proposed method also can be...

Author(s): Maha S. M. Shehata

Dielectric study of calcium doped barium titanate Ba1-xCaxTiO3 ceramics

March 2016

Calcium doping effect on the ferroelectric properties of Ba1-xCaxTiO3: BCTx (x = 0.01, 0.05, 0.1) ceramic material prepared via the sol-gel process was studied. X-ray diffraction (XRD) showed that the powders of calcined BCTx at 900°C crystallize in a pure phase of perovskite type without secondary phases. Microstructural morphology was analyzed by Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM). Dielectric measurements were...

Author(s): Lhoussain Kadira, Abdelilah Elmesbahi and Salaheddine Sayouri

Investigating H and Z geomagnetic component disturbance field in the mid-latitude

March 2016

The relationship in the variations of geomagnetic horizontal component (H) and vertical component (Z) in Boulder station (40.1°N, 254.8°) has been investigated. In the analysis, series of significant changes in amplitude and period are observed in H as well as in Z during the day-time. The changes in H and Z for the average yearly diurnal variations and for the monthly variations do not exhibit consistent...

Author(s): Okeke F. N., Okoro E. C. and Ugwu E. B. I.

Space charge kinetic treatment in Langmuir probes with cylindrical geometry

March 2016

In this paper, an analysis of the space charge build up in the interelectrodic region of a velocity analyzer with cylindrical symmetry is performed using kinetic theory. Thus the present treatment includes temperature effects. Azimuth symmetry is also assumed. A detailed and comparative analysis, between planar and cylindrical electrodes, is carried out, showing the advantages of each kind of...

Author(s): E. Valdeblánquez, and P. Martín

Biodegradation with heterogeneous catalyst in the production of biogas from wheat wastes, rice husk and spent grains

February 2016

Biodegradation with heterogeneous catalysts were successfully carried out in the production of biogas from wheat wastes, rice husk and spent grains. Five digesters were charged with spent grains/clay soil, spent grains/lime stone, rice husk/clay soil, rice husk/lime stone and wheat wastes/potash, respectively. Clay soil, limestone and potash were used as catalysts for optimizing and to speed up the chemical reactions in...

Author(s): Ezekoye Veronica, Ezekoye Benjamin, Ofomatah Anthony, Onah Daniel and Peter Offor

Analytical model of heavy-particle pollutant transport in estuary

February 2016

The aspects of heavy-particle diffusion in the tropical estuary is investigated. The two dimensional advection-diffusion equations with tidal and settling velocity were solved with steady state approximation. An analytic solution was obtained in term of Cosines Integral function. The results showed that the profile of concentration follow a tidal cycle with the concentration decrease when the tidal speed is low and...

Author(s): M. Mubarak and A. Sulaiman

Empirical model for estimation of global radiation from sunshine duration of Ijebu-Ode

February 2016

Empirical models to estimate global solar radiation require the development of a set of equations that relate it to other meteorological parameters and from the monthly average daily value of clearness index and relative sunshine spanning of a period of 5 years, the Angstrom- Prescott model was developed for the estimation of global solar radiation of Ijebu-Ode (Lat. 6.81⁰N. Long. 3.92⁰E), a tropical region of...

Author(s): F. O. Ogunsanwo, J. O. Adepitan, V. C. Ozebo and J. D. Ayanda

Extraction and characterization of biodiesel from Borassus aethiopum and Cassia sieberiana

January 2016

Biodiesel was successfully produced from Borassus aethiopum and Cassia sieberiana seeds using the trans-esterification method. The biodiesels produced were characterized by physico-chemical properties of acid value, iodine value, specific gravity, refractive index, viscosity, density, flash point, cloud point and pour point. Results showed that the biodiesels produced have values which compared well with the European...

Author(s): Veronica A. Ezekoye and Benjamin Ezekoye

Spectroscopic determination of the electrical parameters of a micro-wave discharge in helium plasma

January 2016

This paper is based on the study of the emitted radiation by electrical discharge plasma, caused in the helium a pressure of 4.8 Torr, a power MW of 108W. The study numerical model allows the identification of several spectral lines. With the Boltzmann method the study have calculated the electronic temperature (Te=3.23eV), it corresponds to the classification scale of plasmas. The application of the Saha law gives the...

Author(s): L. Benmebrouk, F. Khelfaoui and L. Mohammedi

Theoretical calculation of half-metallic ferromagnetism in Al1-xVxN compound

January 2016

Using the first-principles in the framework of density functional theory, the structural properties, electronic structure, and magnetism of V-doped aluminum nitride (AlN) were investigated. The calculations were carried out using the method based on pseudopotential, employed exactly as implemented in Quantum ESPRESSO code. For (x = 6.25%) Al0.9375V0.0625N and (x = 12.5%) Al0.875V0.125N concentrations, a half-metallic...

Author(s): Miguel J. R. Espitia, Jonh H. F. Díaz and Luís Eduardo Castillo

Similarities between basic mechanisms of cosmic and biologic systems

January 2016

Similarities in the birth and development of cosmic and biologic systems provide unexpected proof for the major theories of formation of the universe - the Big Bang and the String theories. They include similarities in the theory of their formation, one unit origin, preexisting states, conception, fertilization, gestation, information, basic units, flatness, fluctuations, smoothness, lumpiness, reproductive and...

Author(s): Raphael Kleinmann 

Analytical and numerical study of a pulsatile flow in presence of a magnetic field

December 2015

This paper deals with the effects of magnetic field on heat transfer in a pulsatile flow. A mathematical model is developed to investigate the impact of magnetic field on the velocity and the temperature distributions between two concentric ducts. Finite differences method is used in order to solve the dimensionless governing equations, and implicit schemes for velocity and temperature are obtained. The effects of...

Author(s): Mohamed DEGHMOUM, Abderrahmane GHEZAL and Said ABBOUDI

Gravitational effect on surface waves in a homogeneous fibre-reinforced anisotropic general viscoelastic media of higher and fractional order with voids

December 2015

In this paper, gravitational effects on propagation of surface waves in a homogeneous fibre-reinforced anisotropic general viscoelastic media of higher order with voids is investigated. The general surface wave speed is derived to study the effects of gravity on surface waves. Particular cases for Stoneley and Rayleigh waves are discussed. The results obtained in this investigation are more general in the sense that...

Author(s): A. Khan, S. M. Abo-Dahab, and A. M. Abd-Alla,

Influence of etching on the optical properties of a-plane-oriented ZnO epilayers grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy

December 2015

A-plane-oriented ZnO epilayers grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy were studied with respect to their optical properties. 10K-photoluminescence (PL) and reflectivity were used to analyze various 2 µm-thick ZnO films etched at different etching profile. The PL spectra show the band emission of the structures become narrower when the etching profile increase. At 0.75 µm etching profile, two...

Author(s): Bassirou, L. O.

Dark energy and gravity: Reconsidering Newton’s law of universal gravitation

November 2015

In many theories of gravity, the cause of gravity is neither mentioned nor clarified yet. Dark energy, which makes the universe accelerate and push all matters in the universe apart, has repulsive power. Every matter in space is equally pressured by this repulsive force from all directions. It is assumed that this force comes from infinity in space. However, if matters exist nearby, the matters shield each other from...

Author(s): Choong-gun Sim

On solar wind speed distribution and geomagnetic activity during solar cycle 23 and the early ascending phase of solar cycle 24

November 2015

This paper investigates solar wind repartition through four classes of solar events: (1) one class of quiet days (QD) caused by slow solar wind (V< 450 km/s), and three disturbed activities, where V ≥ 450 km/s, (2) recurrent wind (RW), (3) shock wind (SW), (4) fluctuating wind (FW). RW class is characterized by recurrent high solar wind extended on several solar rotations. SW class is caused by CMEs events. FW...

Author(s): Jean Louis Zerbo,, Frédéric Ouattara and Emmanuel Nanéma,

Polylactic acid (PLA) viscoelastic properties and their degradation compared with those of polyethylene

November 2015

Polyethylene (PE) films are widely used in packaging. PE is a thermoplastic manufactured from nonrenewable petroleum resources. Due to its non–biodegradability, its films have posed serious pollution problems e.g. visual pollution, blockage of gutters and drains, choking of animals etc. Suitable replacements for PE films especially for single use only, are the starch based thermoplastics such as Polylactic acid...

Author(s): Muthui Z. W., Kamweru P. K., Nderitu F. G, Hussein S. A. Golicha, Ngumbu R. and Njoroge G. N.

A statistical analysis of Lorentz invariance in entropy

October 2015

After relativity was introduced by Einstein in 1905, several attempts were made to reformulate the other fields of physics to make them consistent with the postulates of Relativity. However, relativistic reformulation remains a bone of contention even today after over a hundred years since Einstein's epoch making papers. This is mainly due to seemingly conflicting yet consistent ways of defining the macroscopic...

Author(s): Aditya Guha

A study of structural, optical and dielectric properties of Eu2O3 doped borate glass

October 2015

Recent technological applications have generated more interest in the studies of different types of glasses. The wide applications of glasses take place due to their interesting properties such as low thermal expansion, high softening temperature, high resistance to chemical attack, high refractive index with low dispersion and mechanical strength. Eu2O3 doped borate glasses were successfully synthesized by melt...

Author(s): Priya Murugasen, Deepa Shajan and Suresh Sagadevan

Crystal size effect on the photoluminescence of calcium aluminate doped Mn2+ nanocrystals

October 2015

Research into finding environmentally friendly, efficient and economic viable nanophosphors is still ongoing as the incorporation of radioactive substances into phosphors to improve their short time luminescence poses serious environmental concern. The present paper investigates the effect of particle size on the, morphology and photoluminescence of environmentally friendly CaAl2O4: Mn2+ nanocrystals. The phosphor was...

Author(s): Jubu P. Rex, Abutu A. Nathan and Mbah Vitalis

Hydrothermal synthesis and structural characterization of an organically-templated open-framework trimolybdates

October 2015

A new one-dimensional coordination polymer formulated as [C2H10N2] [Mo3O10], 1, has been synthesized under hydrothermal conditions in the presence of ethylenediamine. The surface morphology of the as-synthesized product reveals colorless rod-like single crystals of 1. The compound crystallizes in monoclinic space group P21/n with a = 8.08 Å, b =14.39 Å, c = 8.89 Å; β = 97.76°, V = 1033.65(12)...

Author(s): Chinyere A. Anyama, Grace E. Iniama, Joseph O. Ogar and Ayi A. Ayi

Design of an explosive detection system to investigate the luggage of aircraft passenger based on neutron-gamma technique

September 2015

In this study an explosive detection system to investigate luggage of air travelers by the Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport code (MCNP5) has been designed. Concrete as a commonly shielding material was the main part in the designed system. Pulsed neutron generator with 14.1 MeV neutrons was used as a neutron source. Two time gates were used in gamma detection process. The lead was used as a secondary gamma rays...

Author(s): A. M. Reda

Ab-initio calculations of magnetic behavior in wurtzite AlxV1-xN compound

September 2015

The density functional theory was employed in order to study the structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of the AlxV1-xN (x=0.25, 0.50, and 0.75) compound in the wurtzite-type structure. The calculations were executed using the method based on pseudopotential, employed exactly as implemented in Quantum ESPRESSO code. For the description of the electron-electron interaction, generalized gradient approximation...

Author(s): Miguel J. R. Espitia, John H. F. Díaz and César O. López

A case study of aeromagnetic data interpretation of Nsukka area, Enugu State, Nigeria, for hydrocarbon exploration

September 2015

The aeromagnetic data of Nsukka area was interpreted qualitatively and quantitatively. Standard Euler deconvolution, Source Parameter Imaging (SPI), Forward and Inverse modeling techniques were employed in quantitative interpretation with the aim of determining depth/thickness of the sedimentary Basin, magnetic susceptibilities and type of mineralization prevalent in the area. Oasis montaj 6.4.2 software and potent...

Author(s): Daniel N. Obiora, Mirianrita N. Ossai and Emmanuel Okwoli

Existence of solution for a third order three point boundary value problem at resonance

August 2015

Using coincidence degree arguments we prove some existence results, for a third order three point boundary value problem at resonance.   Key words: Resonance, coincidence degree, third order, three point boundary value problem.

Author(s): S. A. Iyase and M. C. Agarana

Effect of tempering on the microstructure and mechanical properties of austenitic dual phase steel

August 2015

This research is focused on the effect of tempering on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 0.23%C austenitic dual phase steel locally manufactured in Nigeria. The as-received steel was normalized in order to annul the thermo-mechanical history of the steel. Thereafter, some of the normalized samples were austenetized at 850°C for 30 min and then slowly cooled in the furnace to the (α+ϒ)...

Author(s): Sunday Chukwuyem IKPESENI, , Obimma Basil ONYEKPE and Monday Itopa MOMOH

Geophysical assessment of potential hydrological units in hydrologically challenged geomaterials of Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

August 2015

A geo-electric survey employing the Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) was carried out in order to access the distributions of electrical and hydraulic parameters of hydro-geologic units in some locations of Makurdi where groundwater resources are difficult to tap. A total of fifteen geo-electric soundings were acquired. The contour maps were generated using the results. From the bulk aquifer resistivity and water...

Author(s): Daniel N. Obiora, Johnson C. Ibuot and Nyakno J. George

Performance enhancement of incoherent spectral amplitude encoding-optical code division multiple access (SAE-OCDMA) by using dispersion compensation fiber Bragg grating (FBG)

August 2015

Incoherent spectral amplitude encoding optical code division multiple access (SAE-OCDMA) based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) is one promising technique aim to improve local area networks to have longer span telecommunication network type. In this study, the performance enhancement incoherent SAE-OCDMA is achieved when a dispersion compensation fiber Bragg grating (DCFBG) and erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) are used...

Author(s): Ibrahim Luay Abdul Jabbar and Tahreer Safa Mansour

Hydrogeophysical study of aquifer characteristics in some parts of Nsukka and Igbo Eze south local government areas of Enugu State, Nigeria

August 2015

Resistivity survey was carried out in some parts of Nsukka and Igbo Eze south local government areas of Enugu State, in order to evaluate the groundwater conditions of the area. The area is devoid of surface water and lack of proper knowledge of the aquifer has affected the extraction and development of groundwater in the area since it is the major source of water. Resistivity, thickness, depth, curve frequencies and...

Author(s): Maximus C. Ugwuanyi, Johnson C. Ibuot and Daniel N. Obiora

Electrical conductivity and uniaxial shear tests on soil samples

August 2015

Soil properties should be well known for the earthquake-resistant structural design studies and other engineering researches. It is aimed to understand the region's soil-structure properties as a result of the practices carried out to determine the mechanical properties and elastic-dynamic character of the units under load. Accordingly, considering the factors that affect the physical and mechanical properties such...

Author(s): Tekin Yeken

General Relativity support from the double pulsar

August 2015

After the final publication of the Theory of General Relativity by Albert Einstein in 1916, experimental confirmation rested on three astronomical tests. These were the amount of bending of starlight at the edge of the Sun, the change in frequency of light emanating from the gravitational field of the Sun and an explanation in terms of the theory of a remnant quantity in the perihelion advance of Mercury which had been...

Author(s): Keith John Treschman

Synthesis and magnetic characterization of ZnMnO3 nanoparticles

July 2015

ZɳMɳO3 nanoparticles system was prepared by the sol-gel auto-combustion method, in order to analyze the structure and magnetic behavior presented in such compound prepared by a new alternative route of synthesis. Structural characterization, bonds, morphology and size were performed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared spectroscopy (IR) and electron microscopy (TEM) and additionally an optical characterization...

Author(s): Enzo Hernández and Vicente Sagredo

Atom-field interaction, hydrogen atom and nature of detuning

July 2015

The nature of detuning in transition probabilities in atom field interaction has been investigated in the light of hydrogen atom problem. It has been shown that the detuning bears a striking similarity with the principal quantum number n in hydrogen atom.   Key words: Induced resonant transition, detuning, hydrogen atom.

Author(s): R. Bora Bordoloi, R. Bordoloi and G. D.Baruah

Consistency of electrical analogy approach in the prediction of through thickness thermal conductivity of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composites with orientation of the square unit cell

July 2015

From the literature, it is found that two different criteria were followed for the prediction of transverse thermal conductivity (K2) of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composites. In the first criterion, the internal anisotropy of the lamina is assumed negligible and K2 is estimated using simple Fourier’s law of 1-D heat conduction applied to representative volume element (RVE). Whereas in the second approach, an...

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao T., Sambasiva Rao G. and Uma Maheswar Gowd B.

Optical and structural properties of lead sulphide (PbS) thin films synthesized by chemical method

July 2015

The influence of dip times on the lead sulphide (PbS) thin films deposited on glass slide substrates via chemical bath deposition (CBD) technique using chemical precursors, nitrate, and thiourea, ) in alkaline medium at 300 K was investigated. The optical, structural and morphological studies were performed by UV-vis spectophotometry, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) respectively. The XRD...

Author(s): B. A. Ezekoye, T. M. Emeakaroha, V. A. Ezekoye, K. O. Ighodalo and P. O. Offor

Nanocrystalline Cadmium sulfide (CdS) thin film synthesized at different dip times by chemical bath deposition technique

July 2015

Nanocrystalline Cadmium sulfide (CdS) thin films were prepared by chemical bath deposition technique on a glass substrates at  a temperature of 80°C  and at different deposition times with composition of cadmium chloride (CdCl2), thiourea (CS (NH2)2), ammonia solution (NH4OH) and triethanolamine (TEA) solution. The characterization of thin films was carried out for the structural, morphological and optical...

Author(s): B. A. Ezekoye, K. O. Ighodalo, V. A. Ezekoye, T. M. Emeakaroha, J. I. Ezema and P. O. Offor

The generalized projective Riccati equations method and its applications for solving two nonlinear PDEs describing microtubules

July 2015

Microtubules (MTs) are major cytoskeletal proteins. They are hollow cylinders formed by protofilaments (PFs) representing series of proteins known as tubulin dimers. Each dimer is an electric dipole. These diamers are in a straight position within PFs or in radially displaced positions pointing out of cylindrical surface. In this paper, the authors demonstrate how the generalized projective Riccati equations method can...

Author(s): Elsayed M. E. Zayed and Khaled A. E. Alurrfi

Analysis of Hermite’s equation governing the motion of damped pendulum with small displacement

June 2015

This paper investigates simple pendulum dynamics, putting damping into consideration. The investigation begins with Newton’s second law of motion. The second order differential equation governing the motion of a damped simple pendulum is written in form of Hermite’s differential equation and general solution obtained by means of power series. The results obtained are in agreement with the existing ones, and...

Author(s): Agarana M. C. and Iyase S. A.

Particle production in proton-proton collisions

June 2015

Proton-proton collision is a simple system to investigate nuclear matter and it is considered to be a guide for more sophisticated processes in the proton-nucleus and the nucleus-nucleus collisions. In this article, the authors present a phenomological study of how the mechanism of particle production in pp interaction changes over a wide range of interaction energy. This study is done on data of charged particle...

Author(s): M. T. Ghoneim, F. H. Sawy and M. T. Hussein

Microwave propagation attenuation due to earth’s atmosphere at very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) bands in Nsukka under a clear –air condition

June 2015

The microwave propagation attenuation due to earth’s atmosphere under a clear-air condition for fade depth of 10 dB was investigated using refractivity data calculated from weather vagaries measurement carried out between January and December 2008. The International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) model for multipath fading for small percentage of time with link distance of 100 km was...

Author(s): Ernest Benjamin Ikechukwu Ugwu, Maureen Chioma Umeh and Obiageli Josephine Ugonabo

Variational homotopy perturbation method for solving the generalized time-space fractional Schrödinger equation

June 2015

We suggest and analyze a technique by combining the variational iteration method and the homotopy perturbation method. This method is called the variational homotopy perturbation method. We use this method for solving Generalized Time-space Fractional Schrödinger equation. The fractional derivative is described in Caputo sense. The proposed scheme finds the solution without any discritization, transformation or...

Author(s): A. M. S. Mahdy, A. S. Mohamed and A. A. H. Mtawa

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