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JASD Articles

Sustainable renewable energy resources, their development and applications

March 2010

  People rely upon oil and this will continue for a few more decades. Other conventional sources may be more enduring, but are not without serious disadvantages. Power from natural resources has always had great appeal. Coal is plentiful, though there is concern about despoliation in winning it and pollution in burning it. Nuclear power has been developed with remarkable timeliness, but is not universally...

Author(s):       Abdeen Mustafa Omer

An assessment of the effect of acceptance and adoption on policy implementation: Case of Nigeria’s information technology policy

January 2010

  Realizing the need for improvement in Nigeria by 2020 requires the introduction of reforms in all sectors. This reform can be achieved with good and efficient policies as well as strengthening and enforcing the existing policies. The urge to evaluate the Information Technology (IT) Policy of Nigeria which is believed to be the ‘bedrock for national survival and development’ raises the question on:...

Author(s):       M. Hassan Omowunmi, T. O. Oyebisi and W. O. Siyanbola

An advocacy coalition approach to water policy change in Ghana: A look at belief systems and policy oriented learning

December 2009

  The Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) was developed by Sabatier and Jenkins Smith in 1993 to explain and predict policy change. Bloomquist and other scholars have referred to the ACF as one of the most promising theoretical frameworks for studying the policy process. The ACF has been applied widely to policy change in a plethora of substantive policy areas in the United States, as well as in Canada, the...

Author(s): Kweku Ainuson

Challenges of information and knowledge management in trade unions in Botswana within the context of millenium development goals

November 2009

  The attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is closely tied to the challenges of globalization in Africa. Under the globalization drive, issues that centre on privatization, trade liberalization and foreign direct investment now call for most non-state actors such as the labour organizations to advocate for human centred approaches that stipulate MDGs projections. Globalization has also meant...

Author(s): Trywell Kalusopa

Foreign aid and development in Africa: What the literature says and what the reality is

November 2009

  Evidence of ineffective foreign assistance is widespread in Africa. The debate on how aid can be effective and contribute to Africa’s development is, however, still ongoing without any clear way forward. This paper adopts a deductive approach to explaining aid and development in Africa. There is a high volume of literature on the impact of foreign aid on development in Africa, yet not many of them...

Author(s): Nathan Andrews

Matters arising: Polymorphous violence and state incapacitation in Nigeria’s fourth republic

January 2009

This paper critically examines the multifarious and multi-dimensional violence that have continuously threatened the Nigerian state, its democratization and the people’s well-being especially in the past ten years. The framework of analysis is eclectic in nature. It is a combination of Peter Ekeh's two publics, the different adaptations of Max Weber's patrimonialism, the World Bank's "state...

Author(s):   Dhikru Adewale Yagboyaju        

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