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Table of Content: 10 July 2012; 7(26)

July 2012

Development strategies of small scale conservation farming practices on two wheeled tractor in Bangladesh

  Conservation farming (CF) is an important profitable and competitive agriculture. It is essential for smallholder farming in South Asia. Small farmers use two wheeled tractor small seeders due to the fact that they are more cost effective. This review paper aims to assess the practices of small scale CF farm machinery for two-wheeled tractor and to develop strategies for small scale CF in Bangladesh. Research...

Author(s):   Khokan Kumer Sarker , Wang Xiaoyan, Li Hongwen, Xu Chunlin, Li wenying, He Jin, Esdaile R. Jeff, Rabi G. Rasaily,  and Qiao Xiaodong  

July 2012

Research of consumption and competitiveness of homemade products for manufacturing improvement: A case study from Montenegro

  The aim of this study is to determine the level of consumption and competitiveness of homemade (agricultural) products from the area of Montenegro and establish thereby an adequate information base for making business and managerial decisions, related to the improvement of production and placement of traditional homemade products from Montenegro. Based on the analysis, the following "key...

Author(s):   Boban Melović, Slavica Mitrović, Stevan Milisavljević, Radovan Pejanović and ĐorÄ‘e Ćelić

July 2012

Effects of different stocking densities on tiger grouper juvenile (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) growth and a comparative study of the flow-through and recirculating aquaculture systems

Two experiments at different water-flow conditions and stock densities in the critical 6-week nursery phase determined growth, survival and feed conversion of brown-marble grouper juveniles at 35 Day After Hatching (DAH) with initial mean body weight of 0.045±0.02 g and total mean length of 15.08±0.4 mm. In the first experiment, juveniles of 35 DAH were kept in an 80 L fiberglass tank with the flow-through...

Author(s): Reza Salari, Che Roos Saad, Mohd Salleh Kamarudin and Hadi Zokaeifar

July 2012

Isolation and determination of major anthocyanin pigments in the pericarp of P. communis L. cv. ‘Red Du Comices’ and their association with antioxidant activity

  The anthocyanins in the fruit skin of Pyrus communis cv. ‘Red Du Comice’ were isolated, identified and quantified using high-performance liquid chromatography/diode array detection (HPLC/DAD) and HPLC/electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry (HPLC/ESI/MS). The individual anthocyanins were identified by comparing their mass spectral data and retention times with those of standards and...

Author(s): Wen-jiang Huang, Shao-ling Zhang, Gai-hua Qin, Le Wenquan and Jun Wu

July 2012

Interrelationship between yield and yield components in cucumber (Cucumis sativus) in Enugu, South-eastern, Nigeria

  The research to determine the interrelationship between yield and different yield components in cucumber (Cucumis sativus) using organic and inorganic fertilizers was conducted at the Department of Agronomy and Ecological Management Research farm in Enugu, South-eastern Nigeria. The treatment comprises of zero application of the soil amendment (control), poultry manure, NPK and Urea. They were laid out in a...

Author(s): V. N. Onyia, T. S. Emavwodia, C. O. Mbuka and G. C. Onyishi

July 2012

Post-harvest fruit decay-inducing pathogen in medicinally important Cucumis species indigenous to South Africa

  Crude extracts of wild watermelon (Cucumis africanus) and wild cucumber (Cucumis myriocarpus) fruits have been used extensively in animal, human and plant health in marginal communities of South Africa. However, collected fresh fruits of Cucumis species have high rate of post-harvest decay, without information on disease-inducing causal agents. A study was carried out to isolate, identify,...

Author(s): R. R. Mphahlele, P. W. Mashela and K. M. Pofu

July 2012

Interactive effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc on growth and yield of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

  An experiment "interactive effects of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and zinc (Zn) on growth and yield of tomato" was carried out at North Mingora Agriculture Research Station, Pakistan. The experiment was laid out by three factors factorial in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) and all treatments were replicated three times. Four levels of nitrogen (0, 100, 150 and 200 kg/ha), four levels of...

Author(s): Haq Nawaz, Muhammad Zubair and Hafiz Derawadan

July 2012

The impact of different tillage systems and nutrient levels on the biomass and Brix values of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench)

  The biomass and Brix content of sweet sorghum was investigated in 2009 and 2010 to determine the most suitable tillage and fertilization treatments. The experiment was carried out at the Biomass Utilization and Crop Production Demonstration Centre of Szent István University. Both humus content and nitrogen (N) supply of the topsoil was insufficient. In 2009, which was a typical drought year, the yields...

Author(s): GergÅ‘ Péter KOVÁCS and Csaba GYURICZA

July 2012

Elongation of the uppermost internode for Shuangdi Pei eS, TGMS rice with eui gene

  Shuangdi Pei eS, a thermo-sensitive genic male sterile (TGMS) rice line with eui gene is derived from TGMS rice line Shuangdi S by irradiation with 350 Gy60Co γ-ray. To elucidate the uppermost internode elongation of TGMS line with eui gene, Shuangdi Pei eS and its original TGMS line Shuangdi S were used to study the effects of temperature on panicle exsertion. At 25°C, the...

Author(s):    Huihai Xiao, Youwei Yang, Chunxia Chen and Jingzhen Cui   

July 2012

The combined effects of cadmium and salinity on some pigments and total phenolic compounds of Myriophyllum heterophyllum Michx. and Potamogeton crispus L.

  In this study, the combined effects of different salinity and cadmium concentrations (0, 0.05‰ NaCl + 4  mg L-1  Cd, 0.05‰ NaCl + 64 mg L-1  Cd, 5‰ NaCl + 4 mg L-1 Cd, 5‰ NaCl + 64 mg L-1 Cd) on some  pigments (chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotenoids and anthocyanins) and total phenolic compounds  were investigated in two...

Author(s):   Aysel SIVACI and Emire ELMAS  

July 2012

Increase in rice yield through the use of quality seeds in Bangladesh

  A farmer participatory research was conducted to determine the yield advantage of cleaned seeds over farmer-saved seeds in seven sites in Bangladesh in five cropping (three Boro and two transplant Aman) seasons. In each site, 30 participating farmers transplanted seedlings from cleaned seeds and their saved seeds of the same variety in adjacent plots in their fields. The results show a significantly higher...

Author(s): A. H. M. M. Haque, F. A. Elazegui,  M. A. Taher Mia, M. M. Kamal and M. Manjurul Haque

July 2012

Crop monitoring using a Multiple Cropping Index based on multi-temporal MODIS data

  Food shortage and security attracts global attention and at this moment in time, intensive farming has a large impact on agricultural resources. In this respect, multiple cropping is an effective agricultural practiceincreasing the combined yield of crops and agricultural output. Over-cropping however, is a...

Author(s): Dailiang Peng, Cunjun Li, Jingfeng Huang and Bin Zhou

July 2012

Effect of conservation agriculture management practices on maize productivity and selected soil quality indices under South Africa dryland conditions

  Conservation agriculture experiment was conducted under irrigated and dryland conditions during 2007/2008-summer cropping season to determine a suitable soil-crop management practice for increase maize yield. The study consisted of tillage practices (conventional, minimum and zero), cropping systems (sole and intercrop plots) and fertilizer regimes (unfertilized control, low, adjusted low and optimum) as...

Author(s): Kutu, FR

July 2012

Incidence and severity of coffee leaf rust and other coffee pests and diseases in Rwanda

  Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) caused by Hemileia vastatrix Berk. and Br. has a worldwide distribution and causes enormous yield losses. A survey was conducted in Rwanda to evaluate incidence and severity of CLR and other coffee pests and diseases and to determine how the crop management contributes to CLR severity. A stratified random sample of 307 coffee farms was visited and the prevalence, incidence and...

Author(s): Joseph Bigirimana, Kiarie Njoroge, Daphrose Gahakwa and Noah A. Phiri

July 2012

Management of cattle and goat manure in Wedza smallholder farming area, Zimbabwe

  Cattle and goat manure are widely used as soil fertility amendments in the smallholder farming sector of Zimbabwe but their fertilizer value is often reduced due to poor handling and management. Management of goat and cattle manure in Wedza smallholder farming area in Zimbabwe was studied from 1996 to 1998. The survey showed that farmers removed manure from kraals between May and August and heaped or...

Author(s): M. Wuta and P. Nyamugafata

July 2012

Challenges and opportunities of milk production under different urban dairy farm sizes in Hawassa City, Southern Ethiopia

  The objectives of this study were to understand the production potential, challenges and opportunities in Hawassa. A total of 132 randomly selected milk producing households (HH’s) were interviewed. Dairy cattle in Hawassa city were mainly reared for commercial milk production. 87.5, 79.8 and 60% of large, medium and small size dairy farms, respectively, produced cow milk for sale. The main feed...

Author(s): Haile Welearegay, Zelalem Yilma and Yosef Tekle-Giorgis

July 2012

Effects of climate change on dairy cattle, South Africa

  The aim of this study was to assess the impact of heat stress on dairy cattle productivity and reproductive performance under projected future climate conditions. Temperature-Heat Index (THI) was used as an indicator of the degree of heat stress likely to be experienced by dairy cattle. Daily climate stations across South Africa were selected to be spatial representative of the country’s climate which...

Author(s): E. Nesamvuni, R. Lekalakala, D. Norris and J. W. Ngambi

July 2012

Study of adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) in spermatozoa of boars

  The data obtained suggest that the dialysis method of diluting the sperm of boars contributes to more effective protection of sperm during their cryopreservation than the traditional dilution of ejaculate. In this case, the preservation of adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP) and mobility was higher by 12 and 1 to 13.5% compared with...

Author(s):   Musabekov A. T., Rustenov A. R., Eleugaliyeva N. J., Lahanova K. M. and Bitemirova A. E.