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Table of Content: 21 November; 8(45)

November 2013

Determination of genetic diversity in onion (Allium cepa L.) by multivariate analysis under long day conditions

The present investigation was conducted on thirty eight accessions of onion at the experimental farm of Central Institute of temperate Horticulture to study the variability and their interrelationship and divergence pattern based on quantitative and qualitative traits during 2009 to 2011. Multivariate analysis was used to classify 38 long day onion accessions. All accessions were grouped into six different clusters. The...

Author(s): S. R. Singh, N. Ahmed, S. Lal, S. A. Ganie, Mudasir Amin, Nusrat Jan and Asima Amin

November 2013

Performance of an Otto cycle engine using biogas as fuel

Due to the rising price of petroleum, researches looking for alternative fuels are intensifying more and more. Brazil has a great availability of biogas from anaerobic digestion of waste in rural areas, of urban waste in landfills and of sewage treatment systems on urban centers. In this paper, an Otto cycle engine was evaluated on a dynamometer, fed with biogas, generating the characteristic curves of the engine for...

Author(s): Cassiano Rossetto, Samuel Nelson Melegari de Souza, Reginaldo Ferreira Santo, Juliano de Souza and Otávia Lidia Klaus

November 2013

Analysis of frictional properties of cereal seeds

The thickness, width, length and weight of cereal seeds (wheat, rye, barley, oats and triticale) and their external friction angles on three types of surfaces – steel, methyl polyacrylate and rubber – were determined. The experiment was performed with the use of a new device that measures the angle of external friction and the time taken by seeds to travel a given distance, which supports the determination...

Author(s): Zdzisław Kaliniewicz

November 2013

Quantitative and qualitative response of dairy production of cattle herds to husbandry practices

Investigations on dairy performances and feeding controls of Holstein breed dairy cattle located in Constantine were carried out for a period of 12 months to find the quantitative and qualitative response of milk production to the livestock practices. Thus, samples of cow milk were made monthly, analyzes of physical, chemical and bacteriological composition were made. In total, 144 samples were used to build a typology...

Author(s): Aissam Bousbia, Faissal Ghozlane, Mohamed Benidir and Boussad Belkheir

November 2013

In vitro interaction between fungicides and beneficial plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria

Laboratory experiments were conducted to study the effects of five fungicides on the growth of Bradirhizobium japonicum and Phosphate solublizing bacteria (PSB) at different concentrations that is, (0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5%). Fungicide effects on bacteria were determined on the basis of their growth in respective medium. The population of B. japonicum declined significantly while PSB population showed...

Author(s): Gaurav Mishra, Narendra Kumar, Krishna Giri and Shailesh Pandey

November 2013

Effect of cultural techniques: Rotation and fallow on the distribution of Oedaleus senegalensis (Krauss, 1877) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in Senegal

The Senegalese grasshopper, Oedaleus senegalensis Krauss is a major pest in Sahel of West Africa. The present work reports the insect distribution and cultural techniques influence within two Senegalese localities. Methodology used is based on sampling and density estimates for a comprehensive study of Senegalese grasshopper in natural environment. Adult density was evaluated by visual counting on 100 m paths and larva...

Author(s): Mamour TOURE, Mady NDIAYE and Aliou DIONGUE

November 2013

Study on economics of potato growing towards livelihood security

Potato plays a very significant role in the agricultural economy. It is economically significant not only for its contribution to the livelihood of thousands of farmers and for its dominance in the agricultural consumption basket of the households but also for its growing linkages to fast growing potato processing industry. The present study was conducted in purposively selected sub-divisions of Marh, R.S. Pura,...

Author(s): Quadri Javeed Ahmad Peer, Nafees Ahmad, Jasvinder Kaur, M. H. Chesti, Hakim Shabir Ahmad, Anil Bhat and B. A. Bhat

November 2013

Pastoralists and agro-pastoralists preferences for cattle breed and traits in Fentalle district of East Shoa zone of Oromia, Ethiopia

The study was carried out in Fentalle district of east Shoa zone of Oromia, southern part of the northern Rift Valley of Ethiopia, to evaluate pastoralists and agro-pastoralists preferences for cattle breed and traits. The study areas are characterized by low input-output, weak infrastructure and high environmental stress. The data was collected through questionnaire from 114 Kereyu cattle owners and analyzed using...

Author(s): Shiferaw Garoma, Workneh Ayalew and P. B. Hegde

November 2013

Stability of soybean yield and quality components

Varieties of testing are very important so we could evaluate which varieties are the best solution for the specific growing region. The aim of this research was to determine stability and correlations between yield, protein content and oil content in soybean cultivars. The research was carried out on ten NS soybean cultivars in 2009 and 2010. All of the analysed traits significantly varied depending on cultivar and...

Author(s): Vera Popovic, Jegor Miladinovic, Mladen Tatic, Vera Djekic, Gordana Dozet, Vojin Đukić and Nada Grahovac

November 2013

Metroglyph analysis of maize (Zea mays L.) inbreds for preliminary classification and group constellation

When a large number of accessions are available it is often useful to represent them on two dimensional graph and form preliminary groups which are subsequently subjected to more detailed stratification for specific breeding purposes. In the present investigation inbreds were grouped in to clusters using metroglyph analysis. Index scores were assigned to each glyph to arrive at conclusions about the agronomic potential...

Author(s): D. Datta, B. K. Mukherjee, N. S. Barua and S. P. Das

November 2013

Effects of vinasse irrigation on effluent ionic concentration in Brazilian Oxisols

The irrigation with vinasse can improve soil fertility. However, this use should take into account the characteristics of each soil because the vinasse has unbalanced amounts of mineral and organic elements which might lead to leach the ions, especially nitrate and potassium.  The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impacts of vinasse irrigation on effluent ionic concentrations in Brazilian Ferralsols from...

Author(s): Mellissa Ananias Soler da Silva, Huberto José Kliemann, Alfredo Borges De-Campos, Beáta Emöke Madari, Jácomo Divino Borges and Janine Mesquita Gonçalves

November 2013

Impact of microfinance on women empowerment: An economic analysis from Eastern India

The study was attempted to assess the empowerment of women through microfinance. It was conducted in Cooch Behar District of Eastern India. A total of 144 members from 48 groups of twelve blocks (four SHGs from each block) formed the sample size. To assess the impact paired t-test and Impact Index analysis were done. The study revealed that majority of the members was middle aged and belonged to Scheduled Caste farming...

Author(s): Mula G. and Sarker S. C.

November 2013

Assessment of causes that contribute to the occurrence of plantations forests fires in Niassa Province, North of Mozambique

Although, Niassa province has natural potential for exotic plantations introduction, forest fires have proved to be a very compromising factor in attracting investments for commercial forestation. Only in two years, fires have devastated approximately 2887.8 ha of Pinus sp. and Eucalyptus sp. of the Chikweti Forests Company. This research was conducted in order to assess the main causes that contribute to the fire...

Author(s): Aires Afonso Mbanze, Axel Misraim Romero, Antonio Carlos Batista, Marcos Ramos-Rodriguez, Laurina Guacha, Carolino Martinho and Teresa Nube

November 2013

Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on some soil properties and grain yield of maize (BH-140) at Chiro, Western Hararghe, Ethiopia

An experiment was conducted during the main rainy seasons of 2008 to 2010 at Haramaya University Chiro Campus to determine the response of BH-140 to N and P application and their interaction on some soil properties. Soil samples were taken from 0-30 cm depth before sowing and were analyzed for soil texture, pH, cation exchange capacity (CEC), total N, OC and available P. Five levels of each nutrient: 0, 25, 50, 75 and...

Author(s): Zelalem Bekeko

November 2013

Identification of Pratylenchus spp. in soybean in Central region of Brazil using the ITS-5.8S rDNA region

Root-lesion nematodes are a serious yield-reducing disease of many crops in many parts of the world. The aim of this study was identify populations of Pratylenchus spp. in different soybean fields in the Central region of Brazil based upon sequence analyze of ITS-5.8S rDNA region and comparison on GenBank by BLAST. The results showed that a total of 10 nematodes populations showed similarity with Pratylenchus brachyurus...

Author(s): Lilianne Martins Ribeiro, Hercules D. Campos, Dauri J. Tessmann, Cláudia R. Dias-Arieira, Danilo L. das Neves and Cleiltan Novais da Silva