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Table of Content: 29 October, 2012; 7(41)

October 2012

New data on the fauna of Thysanoptera in Fars Province- Iran

  A survey for the thrips (Thysanoptera) fauna was conducted in Fars Province, Iran. A total of 13 species representing 8 genera belonging to 4 families were collected and identified. Of these, Haplothrips (Haplothrips)knechteli Priesner 1923 and Haplothrips (Haplothrips) cahirensis (Trybom 1911) are new records for the fauna of Iran. Distributional data for each species...

Author(s): Majid Fallahzadeh and Nazila Saghaei

October 2012

The effect of grafting of five different rootstocks on plant growth and yield of tomato plants cultivated outdoors and indoors under salinity stress

  The effect of grafting technique on plant growth of tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum L. cv. Despina) cultivated under salinity stress, either self-rooted (P7) or grafted on to themselves (P6) and five different rootstocks (P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5) was examined. Plants were grown both indoors (heated glasshouse) and outdoors, whereas salinity stress was simulated by applying three levels of salinity...

Author(s): Sotiria Voutsela, Garip Yarsi, Spyridon A. Petropoulos and Ebrahim M. Khan

October 2012

Effect of different methods of seedbed preparation on irrigated canola yield after corn in North West Iran

  One of the major problems that farmers in the Northwest of Iran contend with after the corn harvest for mechanized cultivation of canola is lack of time and soil moisture over prepared seedbed. Consequently, the effects of five different seedbed preparation methods were analyzed, namely; T1: moldboard plows (conventional tillage), T2: stalk shredder followed by chisel and disk, T3: stalk...

Author(s): J. Taghinazhad, Sh. Mohseni Niari and A. Javadi

October 2012

Responses of morphological traits of spring wheat to drought stress in Qinghai Province of China

  Spring wheat is a widely planted crop in Qinghai Province of Northwestern China, where drought acts as a major bottleneck for stable production. However, responses of wheat to moisture deficit remain unclear in this region. Experiments of 60 spring wheat cultivars in randomized complete bock design with three replications were carried out to determine effects of moisture deficit on 11 morphological traits...

Author(s): Hong-qin Li,, Huai-gang Zhang, Bao-long Liu, Deng-cai Liu, and Bo Zhang,

October 2012

Energy efficiency improvement in forage maize production using data envelopment analysis approach

  The objective of this study was to apply the non–parametric method of data envelopment analysis (DEA) to analyze the efficiency of farmers, discriminate efficient farmers from inefficient ones and to identify wasteful uses of energy for forage maize production in Zanjan province, Iran. This method was used based on eight energy inputs including human labour, machinery, diesel fuel, fertilizers, farmyard...

Author(s): Alireza Amanloo and Hassan Ghasemi Mobtaker

October 2012

Comparison of somatic cell count, California mastitis test, chloride test and rennet coagulation time with bacterial culture examination to detect subclinical mastitis in riverine buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

  The study investigates the etio-prevalence of bubaline subclinical mastitis (SCM) with reference to relationship between somatic cell counts (SCC), California mastitis test (CMT), rennet coagulation time (RCT) and chloride test with bacterial cultural examination. Each test was conducted by standardized protocol. The prevalence of subclinical mastitis (SCM), latent infected quarters and non-specific infected...

Author(s): Anirban Guha, Ruby Guha and Sandeep Gera

October 2012

Determinants of access patterns to goods and services from wetlands in Tanzania and the impact on sustainable wetland management

  Wetlands perform vital role in providing useful goods and services to mankind. Because of their importance, human beings interactions with the wetlands’ physical environment have caused some of them to be highly degraded. Due to characteristic nature of wetlands being a common pool resource (CPRs), most researchers claim their degradation to be a result of poor institutions governing the interactions....

Author(s): Felister Mombo, Stijn Speelman, John Kessy Joseph Hella and Guido van Huylenbroeck

October 2012

Assessing the potential of the cultivation area and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction of cassava-based fuel ethanol on marginal land in Southwest China

  Fuel ethanol from energy plants is expected to play an increasing role in the future energy system, with benefits in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and energy security. In China, cassava is believed to be the most promising energy plants for fuel ethanol production. This study focuses on assessment of the development potential and environmental performances of fuel ethanol produced from cassava in...

Author(s): Lei Liu,, Dafang Zhuang, Dong Jiang, and Yaohuan Huang

October 2012

Response of some promising cane varieties under natural infections of sugarcane smut Sporisorium scitamineum in Ivory Coast

  Sugarcane varieties namely, NCo376 and Co957 were the most cultivated up until 2008 on the sugar complexes of Ferké in Ivory Coast (15 and 30% of the cane fields). The cane yields under irrigated field were then lower than 80 t per ha; fault of having identified varieties more productive and resistant to the principal diseases like the sugarcane smut. In view of this, the resistance of 16 varieties...

Author(s): Didier Konan KOUAMÉ, Crépin Bi PÉNÉ and Michel ZOUZOU