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January 2008

An Investigation on the antimicrobial activity of some endemic plant species from Turkey

In this study performed on six endemic plant species, antimicrobial activity was observed in Campanula lyrata subsp.lyrata and Abies nordmanniana subsp. bornmuellerianaplants. The minimum inhibitory concentration of C. lyrata subsp. lyrata (leaf and flower) extract was found to be ≥ 29 mg/ml for Baccillus subtilis and ≥ 14.5 mg/ml forStaphylococcus aureus, and the minimum...

Author(s): Mehlika Benli Umit Bingol, Fatmagul Geven, Kerim Guney and Nazife Yigit

January 2008

Identification and preliminary phytochemical analysis of herbs that can arrest threatened miscarriage in Orba and Nsukka towns of Enugu State

Identification and preliminary phytochemical analysis of herbal plants that are used in arresting threatened miscarriage in Orba and Nsukka towns of Enugu State were investigated. The species identified include Corchorus olitorius, Chrysophyllum albidum synonym, Gambeya albida, Carica papaya, Newbouldia laevis, Sida acuta, Ceiba pentandra, Ricinodendron heudelotti and Heliotropium...

Author(s): Akaneme, Florence Ifeoma

January 2008

Extracts from Aloe ferox and Withania somnifera inhibit Candida albicans and Neisseria gonorrhoea

Herbal medicines play a vital role in the treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), especially in the remote areas of South Africa where clinics and hospitals are sparsely located. Aloe ferox and Withania somnifera are among the southern African plants commonly used for the treatment of (STIs). This paper reports on the in vitro antimicrobial activities of water and methanol extracts from the two plants on...

Author(s): L. Kambizi and A.J. Afolayan

January 2008

Specific detection of Aspergillus fumigatus in sputum sample of pulmonary tuberculosis patients by two-step PCR

The incidence of life-threatening systemic fungal infections has been increasing in recent years, and the increasing incidence has been correlated with increasing numbers of immunocompromised patients. We developed a two-step PCR assay that specifically amplifies a region of the 18S rRNA gene that is highly conserved in Aspergillus fumigatus. This assay allows direct and rapid detection of down to 10 fg...

Author(s): Sunita Bansod, Inderchand Gupta and Mahendra Rai

January 2008

Anti-diabetic properties of Securinega virosa (Euphorbiaceae) leaf extract

This study was undertaken to evaluate the hypoglycemic effect of methanol extract ofsecurinega virosa leaves on blood levels of streptozocin-induced diabetes rats. Three doses of the extract (100, 300 and 600 mg/kg) were administered intraperitoneally. After 2 h of extract administration there was no significant change in the blood glucose levels in all the three doses of the extract. Also after 4, 8 and 24 h...

Author(s): Y. Tanko, M. A. Okasha, G. M. Magaji    M. Yerima, A. H. Yaro, M. I. A.Saleh and A. Mohammed

January 2008

Antibacterial activity of Eucalpytus citriodora Hk. oil on few clinically important bacteria

The antibacterial activity of Eucalyptus citriodora oil was evaluated. The volatile oil was extracted by steam distillation method. The tested bacterial strains wereEscherichia coli ATCC 25922, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus mirabilisNCIM2241, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC27853, Proteus vulgaris NCTC8313, Salmonella typhimurium, Enterobacter aerogenes ATCC13048, Pseudomonas...

Author(s): R. Nair, Y. Vaghasiya and S. Chanda

January 2008

Effect of combined application of organic-P and inorganic-N fertilizers on yield of carrot

A study was undertaken to assess the effect of combined application of organic-P and inorganic-N fertilizers on yield and yield components of carrot (Daucus carota L.). The field experiment was conducted at Kombolcha ATVET College, South Wollo, Ethiopia.Seeds of carrot were sown on raised beds of a black clay soil. “Orga “and urea were used as sources of phosphorus and nitrogen, respectively, for...

Author(s): Sisay Hailu, Tilahun Seyoum and Nigussie Dechassa

January 2008

Physical and ionic characteristics in water soluble fraction (WSF) of Olomoro well-head crude oil before and after exposure to Azolla africana Desv.

The values of ionic and physical characteristics at 25, 50 and 100% water soluble fraction (WSF) of Olomoro well-head crude oil before and after exposure to Azolla africana were investigated. The WSF values before and after exposure to the plants showed that more ions were available after the introduction of the test plant. The increases in ionic and physical characteristics following introduction to A....

Author(s): Noyo, E. Edema, Okoloko, E. George and Agbogidi, O. Mary

January 2008

In vitro micropropagation of white dasheen (Colocassia esculenta)

Plant regeneration for efficient vegetative propagation in white dasheen has been developed. Meristem cultured on Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with 6-Benzyladenine (BA) and Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) gave the best explants establishment and development. This in vitro system provides for a uniform production system which is easily managed and yields high quality cornels for commercial...

Author(s): Chien-Ying Ko, Ji-Ping Kung and Rohan Mc Donald

January 2008

Study of genetic polymorphism of Artemisia herba-alba from Tunisia using ISSR markers

Artemisia herba-alba is an herbaceous aromatic and therapeutic plant widely distributed in semi-arid regions of Tunisia and is potentially usable to restore degraded ecosystems. A study of genetic variation among 216 accessions was conducted using ISSR (Inter Simple Sequence Repeat) markers to assess the polymorphism at the species level. A total of 60 polymorphic loci were scored using four primers revealing a...

Author(s): Haouari Mohsen and Ferchichi Ali

January 2007

High yield and high quality DNA from vegetative and sexual tissues of Mexican white pine (Pinus ayacahuite)

  Pines are considered to be difficult for DNA extraction. However, from one species tothe other there is variation in phenolic profiles and seed size that might affect final DNA yields and quality. Two DNA extraction protocols (CTAB and SDS based) were compared for their ability to produce DNA on leaves, gametophyte and embryo fromPinus ayacahuite, a pine species with a large seed (8 - 18 mm)....

Author(s): Verónica Palomera-Avalos, Patricia Castro-Félix and Alma R. Villalobos-Arámbula

January 2007

Bioremediation of engine-oil polluted soil by Pleurotus tuber-regium Singer, a Nigerian white-rot fungus

White-rot fungi have been used in various parts of the world for bioremediation of polluted sites. Pleurotus tuber-regium was noted to have the ability to increase nutrient contents in soils polluted with 1 - 40% engine-oil concentration after six months of incubation. P. tuber-regium increased organic matter, carbon and available potassium 5.19%, 2.99% and 0.97 meq/100 g respectively compared...

Author(s): Adenipekun, Clementina Oyinkansola

January 2007

Effects of disinfection, packaging and evaporatively cooled storage on sugar content of mango

The present investigation was undertaken to evaluate the effect of post-harvest disinfection, packaging, evaporative cooling storage and their combined effect on the changes in sugar content of mango (Mangifera indica L.). The experiment was laid out in a factorial combination of disinfection, packaging and storage in a randomized complete block design with three replications. The mangoes were periodically analyzed...

Author(s): A. Tefera, Tilahun Seyoum and K. Woldetsadik

January 2008

Effect of exogenous progesterone on oestrus response of West African Dwarf (WAD) goats

Twenty-four (24) healthy, parous West African dwarf (WAD) does aged 2 – 3 years were used to study the effects of varying doses of progesterone on oestrus synchronization and plasma progesterone levels. The does were randomly assigned to 4 treatment groups consisting of 12.5, 25.0 and 37.5 mg progesterone treatments and 1.0 ml physiological saline as the control. The animals were monitored for signs of oestrus...

Author(s): Abu, A. H., Iheukwumere, F. C. and Onyekwere, M. U.

January 2008

Cadmium and lead levels in some fish species from Azuabie creek in the Bonny Esturary, Nigeria

The concentrations of cadmium and lead were determined in seven fish species from the Azuabie creek in the upper Bonny estuary of the Niger Delta, which is associated with industrial and abattoir discharges. Cadmium concentrations ranged from 0.01 to 0.06 mg/kg and show no significant difference between species. The concentrations of lead (ranging from 0.104 to 0.310 mg/kg) were significantly higher in Chrysichthys...

Author(s):   Erema R. Daka, Calista A. Ekeh and Miebaka Moslen