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Full Length Research Paper

Internal controls and financial accountability in a public health sector: An empirical investigation of a local government in Uganda

Gordon Otieno Ong’unya
  • Gordon Otieno Ong’unya
  • Department of Business, Faculty of Humanities, Business and Management, Busoga University, Uganda.
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Kalenzi Abbey
  • Kalenzi Abbey
  • Department of Economics and Management, Faculty of Management Sciences, Busitema University, Uganda.
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Peter Gatkuoth Ruazel Chan
  • Peter Gatkuoth Ruazel Chan
  • Central Processing Facility, Production Department, SUDD Petroleum Operating Company Limited, South Sudan.
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  •  Received: 25 June 2020
  •  Accepted: 21 April 2021
  •  Published: 31 July 2023


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