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Table of Content: 18 January, 2012; 6(2)

January 2012

A general review of entrepreneurship research (1998 to 2010): Theoretical implications, management applications and future research directions

This article reviews entrepreneurship literature published in leading entrepreneurship journals from 1998 to 2010 and classifies 359 articles into time-sequential categories according to research design specifications: research theme, methodology, and level of analysis. This review evaluates recent trends and new developments in research content, methodology, and level of analysis under key themes. A range of theories...

Author(s): Li Cai, Qing Liu, Shengliang Deng and Ilan Alon

January 2012

A case study on entrepreneurship for sustained innovation

Organizations are facing challenges of continuous innovation to stay competitive in the business landscape. The present paper investigates the inter-relationship among entrepreneurship, dynamic capabilities and innovation. Entrepreneur’s foresights and insights of ICT tend to affect their choices of resources and development of dynamic capabilities, leading to different results of innovation. Based on the...

Author(s): Shu-Fang Lin, Qiang Miao and Kun Nie

January 2012

Comparative analysis of stocks returns' predictable factors in Tehran Stocks Exchange and New York Stocks Exchange using artificial neural network and linear regression

Stocks return prediction is one of the most important discussions of financial analysts in recent decades. The majority of researchers including Balvers et al. (1990), Breen et al. (1990), Campbell (1987), Fama (1977), Ferson (1989), Keim and Stambaugh (1986) and Schwert (1990) showed evidences that stocks return can be predicted by means of historical information such as periodic data of financial and economic...

Author(s): Mahmood Yahyazadehfar, Shahabeddin Shams and Alireza Garshasebi

January 2012

Validity of efficient market hypothesis: Evidence from UK mutual funds

This research is geared towards analysing performance of the fund managers and their market timing abilities. For the purpose of this study, sample of 50 U.K. mutual funds were selected in random. Their returns from the beginning of 1990 to the end of 2008 were used for hypotheses testing. Financial Times All Share Index was taken as a benchmark. Two widely accepted performance measurement techniques...

Author(s): M. Jibran Sheikh and Umara Noreen

January 2012

Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) and balanced scorecard approach for evaluating performance of Third-Party Logistics (TPL) enterprises in Chinese context

Enterprise performance evaluation is a good way to effectively and continuously improve and enhance the efficiency of logistics enterprises. To meet the mounting requirements of reliable, speedy, and flexible delivery to global customers, China’s Third-Party Logistics (TPL) providers have to establish a reasonable performance evaluation system. The objective of this study is to construct an approach based on the...

Author(s): Lin Wang, Hao Zhang and Yu-Rong Zeng

January 2012

Financial performance of township governments and its four budget cycles

This study incorporates public finance indicators within each public budget cycle stage, including formulation, submission, execution, and auditing, to measure the financial management performance of local government, by adopting the data envelope analysis (DEA) framework. Empirical results show that the average overall efficiency of the four stages is 0.755, indicating a 24.5% output inefficiency mostly resulting from...

Author(s): Tser-Yieth Chen, Tsai-Lien Yeh and Mao-ming Chung

January 2012

Analysis of Price Trends of Crude Oil, Agricultural Commodities and Policy Choices of Biofuels in Developing Countries

In recent years, the prices of agricultural commodities in international market have been changing dramatically. This is a very critical issue which is related to a nation’s food security, energy security and sustainable development of its economy. The prices of crude oil and agricultural commodities are not issues isolated from each other; actually, the relationship between them becomes closer due to biofuels....

Author(s): Guo Hongpeng, Li Fan, Yang Weiguang and Yang Yinsheng

January 2012

Exploration of the differences in Taiwanese women’s purchasing decisions towards luxury goods and general products

This study explores the differences in Taiwanese women’s purchasing decisions towards two different categories: luxury goods and general products. The application and analysis of demographic variables such as population, purchasing motives, sources of information, product categories, and alternatives, forms the main content of this survey. Stratified random sampling is used and then ANOVA analysis, t-test and...

Author(s): Ching-Yaw Chen, Chia-Hui Chao, Yu-Je Lee and TSAI, Pei-chuan

January 2012

Using the healthcare information adoption model to predict the adoption of telecare

This study explores the prediction of the healthcare information adoption model (HIAM) which was created first time by Huang (2010) with regard to telecare. This study collects 390 samples in Taiwan and uses structure equation modeling (SEM) to test research model. The results reveal that the model can be considered good-fit models. It can possibly be used as an alternative approach to deliberate on the suitable...

Author(s): Jui-Chen Huang

January 2012

Are mobile phones the 21st century addiction?

The mobile or cell phone has become the 21st century icon. It is ubiquitous in the modern world, as an on-the-go talking device, an internet portal, a social networking platform, a personal organizer, and even a mobile bank. In the information age, it has become an important social accessory. Since it is relatively easy to use, portable and affordable, its diffusion continues to surpass that of other ICTs. Research...

Author(s): Richard Shambare, Robert Rugimbana and Takesure Zhowa

January 2012

Social networking habits among students

The Internet and, in particular, social network sites (SNS) have revolutionised communication patterns in the 21st century. Globally, adoption of these technologies is most common among young consumers, who increasingly integrate social networking into their daily lives. This study examines SNS usage habits of students. Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire from a sample of 256 South African...

Author(s): Richard Shambare, Robert Rugimbana and Nkosinathi Sithole

January 2012

Study and comparison of corporation’s governance with emphasis on conservatism in financial reporting

This research examines the relationship between corporations governance with conservatism in financial reporting. In this paper, conservatism has been measured by Khan and Watts model (2007) and ownership of institutional stockholders, ownership concentration, board independence and auditor’s type has been considered as corporate governance mechanisms. The statistic population of this research is corporations...

Author(s): Younes Badavar Nahandi, Rasoul Baradaran Hasanzadeh, Saeed Mahmoudzadeh Baghbani and Mohamadreza Abbasi Astmal

January 2012

Job satisfaction level among human resource employees: Malaysia’s perspective

Determining the job satisfaction level of employees is essential as job satisfaction is an important element that can affect the total operation or production of an organization. This study investigates four predictors (demographic, employee relationship with management, compensation and benefits, and working environment) as independent variables to job satisfaction among 150 human resource (HR) employees who work in...

Author(s): Wendy Ming-Yen TEOH, Kit-Wei TAN, Siong-Choy CHONG and Lew-Sian WOOI

January 2012

Financial market integration in Pakistan

This research evaluates the issue of financial integration with reference to financial market of Pakistan; subsequent to liberalization (1991) capital flows rapidly growing due to openness reforms. This openness reforms specifically increased capital flow in short run in domestic market. It is imperative to explore causes pertaining to this issue to obtain positive impact with growing sustainable financial markets. For...

Author(s): Sulaiman D. Muhammed, Syed Iqbal Hussain Naqvi, Saba Zehra, and Adnan Hussain

January 2012

The US volatility term structure: A principal component analysis

This paper analyses the US volatility term structure and identified the common factors. This research also examines different estimates depending on the selected dataset with a specific model used to estimate the term structure of interest rates. Our analysis finds that three principal components approximately explained 96% of the changes in volatility term structure. These components are related to the level, slope and...

Author(s): Francisco Jareño and Marta Tolentino

January 2012

Using DEMATEL – Analytic network process (ANP) hybrid algorithm approach for selecting improvement projects of Iranian excellence model in healthcare sector

Quality is the most vital factor for growth and survival of organizations and healthcare organizations, are not exceptional from this rule. There have been several models presented for deployment and assessment of quality management which much more attention is paid to organization excellence models due to their being total and complete. The European foundation for quality management (EFQM) excellence model can be...

Author(s): Ali Taghizadeh Herat, Rassol Noorossana, Sahar parsa and Elahe Shariatmadari Serkani

January 2012

Self efficacy as a predictor of compassion satisfaction, burnout, compassion fatigue: A study on psychological counselors

The aim of this study is to reveal the relationship between psychological counselors’ levels of compassion satisfaction, burnout and compassion fatigue and their perception of self-efficacy with regard to multidirectional roles and skills (MRS). The sample of the study is composed of 142 school psychological counselors. In order to collect the research data, the study used personal information form, life quality...

Author(s): Hasan Bozgeyikli

January 2012

A study of the factors that affect the impulsive cosmetics buying of female consumers in Kaohsiung

When marketing products, vendors tend to incite consumers’ intention to buy impulsively through various methods of stimulation. This fact has led to the increasing complexity of the factors which determine impulsive buying. This research analyzed the factors which determine impulsive buying, and used questionnaires and a focus group survey in order to study the factors that determine female consumers’...

Author(s): Feng Xuanxiaoqing, Dong-Jenn Yang and Kuang Chuan Huang

January 2012

Measuring service quality and satisfaction of students: A case study of students’ perception of service quality in high-ranking business schools in Iran

This paper aims to measure master students’ perception of service quality in business schools in Iran. In this research, an enhanced approach in use of modified SERVPERF for measuring students’ satisfaction in higher education is represented. The modified scale including 42 attributes was tested at 5 first-class business schools in Iran. Both confirmatory and exploratory factors analyses were undertaken on...

Author(s): Masoud Karami and Omid Olfati

January 2012

Classical model based analysis of cost of poor quality in a manufacturing organization

In today’s world of manufacturing competitiveness, quality is a prerequisite and it is no longer a differentiator. Although people in developing countries have started understanding the importance of quality in any sector but this fact is still not very much clear to decision makers that a substantial amount is lost in terms of cost of poor quality (COPQ). This is a case study focusing on COPQ in a heavy...

Author(s): Hassan Ali, Wajiha Arif, Danial Saeed Pirzada Ahsan Amir Khan and Jibran Hussain

January 2012

Decision making process in the commercialization of University patent in Malaysia

Commercialization of university patent has become a major issue around the world, where many universities are moving into technology and entrepreneurial based universities. Even though the university possessed a number of patents, still a big portion of them are yet to be commercialized. This may be as a result of the complexity of the process involved and also the commitment of the parties involved in the decision...

Author(s): Ismail Kamariah, Aslan Amat Senin, Soong Wai Mun, Wong Seow Chen and Ajagbe Akintunde Musibau

January 2012

Personality for buyer and seller agents in electronic marketplace based on reputation and reinforcement learning

In this paper, we propose a marketplace model which is based on personality, reputation and reinforcement learning algorithms for buying and selling agents. We use two personality traits for seller agents: stingy and conscientiousness. In this marketplace, sellers with low score of stingy earn more benefits in comparison with high stingy sellers. Also, conscientious seller agents gain more reputation relative to...

Author(s): Adel Jahanbani

January 2012

Online gamer personality and weekday gaming tendency

Online gaming emerged as a burgeoning Internet service that has many enthusiastic customers that enjoy this entertainment form. In addition to generating significant revenues for online game service providers, its increasing popularity provides more fun for other players. However, the correlates for individual tendency to play online games in weekdays (weekday gaming tendency) have seldom been investigated. Therefore,...

Author(s): Ching-I Teng, Shao-Kang Lo and Yu-Ling Lin

January 2012

The effects of manufacturer brand performance, brand strength and role performance on retailer satisfaction

This study examines how brand performance, brand strength and role performance affect retailer satisfaction, specifically economic and non-economic satisfaction. The research model was proposed and empirically tested using data collected from retailers that their in-store area is bigger than 100 m2 in Turkey. Results reveal that brand performance and meeting consumer needs as a dimension of brand strength...

Author(s): Ebru Tumer Kabadayi and Mustafa Ermurat