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Table of Content: 28 October 2011; 5(26)

October 2011

Causes and effects of economic crisis in history

  The economic crisis which started in the U.S. (one of the biggest economies of the world) has spread all over the world. Wavelength made it global by affecting financial market. We analyzed crisis under three main titles in this study: Firstly, we studied economic crisis in history; secondly, we analyzed causes of recent global crisis; and thirdly, we analyzed the effects of financial crisis on developed and...

Author(s): Ahmet DINC and Fatih CURA

October 2011

Intra-organizational communication and leadership: An interactive approach

  Since both communication within the organization and leadership are two key elements in attaining organizational goals, they are key determinants and are of vital importance in terms of the organization’s current achievement and efficiency, and its future position. The present study, which inquires the relationship between intra-organizational communication and leadership through an interactive...

Author(s): Ümit Arklan

October 2011

Word of mouth communication and some consumption habits among Iranian consumers

  Word of mouth (WOM) is becoming increasingly recognized as an important form of promotion. The present paper seeks to explore the factors that are likely to enhance chances that receivers of positive word of mouth might be influenced by such information or situations. Infact, the purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between word of mouth communication and some consumption habit among...

Author(s): Bahram Ranjbarian, Mojtaba Barari and Monireh Salehnia

October 2011

Analysing the consumer market microstructure in South Africa by means of a consumer financial vulnerability survey: Uncovering the predictors of financial vulnerability

  As with many developing countries, the consumer macrostructure of South Africa is beset with a number of serious problems including high levels of poverty, a very unequal income distribution, negative personal saving rates and high personal gearing ratios. A consumer financial vulnerability study conducted in 2009 showed that South Africans are generally financially vulnerable, thus confirming these problems...

Author(s): Bernadene De Clercq, C. J. Van Aardt and J. M. P. Venter

October 2011

Observing the dependence between dynamic indicators of investment profitability - Relative net present value and internal rate of return

  This paper presents part of the results of a research in the field of investment planning processes in the economy of the Autonomous Province (AP) of Vojvodina, between 2003 and 2008. The relationship between two dynamic indicators of project profitability: Net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) is observed and its existence is determined using valid statistical methods.   Key...

Author(s): Branislav Marić, Bato Kamberović, Vladan Radlovački, Milan Delić and Violeta Zubanov

October 2011

The impact of collaboration or collaborative behaviour on the level of internal integration: Case study of Slovenian retailers and motor vehicle repair companies

  Collaboration or collaborative behaviour presents an important aspect of company success that may also be visible in the way the level of internal integration is percepted. Due to the fact that successfully implemented internal integration is linked to the success of the company, influencing factors need to be further explored. As such, collaboration is a known factor that influences the level of internal...

Author(s): Darja Topolšek

October 2011

A social capital perspective of knowledge management: A philosophical and scientific outlook

  Nowadays, knowledge management (KM) is viewed as the "Third Millennium's Paradigm." Social, along with scientific and economic realms, are most affected by knowledge-related developments. Knowledge management is in many ways the catalyst to man's entry into the post-industrial society. The present article sheds light on knowledge management from a social capital perspective. A number of...

Author(s): Gholamreza Zomorodian, Ali Rostami and Nader Ghaeibnavaz

October 2011

The influence of product contagion effect on consumer evaluation: The moderating role of cognitive style

  Contagion theory stated that consumer product perceptions can be affected by a transfer of properties from one object to another. This study was performed using candy and bitter gourd as the experimental sources. Moreover, we employed 233 students to participate in two experiments and used a 2 × 2 × 2 + 1 between-subjects design to measure the contagion effect. This research focused on how...

Author(s): Chien-Huang Lin, Li-Chin Shih and Ying-Ting Chen

October 2011

Identification of key positioning factors in the retail sector: A conjoint analysis approach

  In the highly competitive retail environment, the success of retail companies deeply depends on their achieved levels of customer satisfaction. In order to create superior value and competitive advantages in the marketplace, retailers must understand the customers’ desires, needs and behavior, and at the same time satisfy them more efficiently than the competition. Therefore, measuring consumer...

Author(s): Marija Kuzmanovic, Biljana Panic and Milan Martic

October 2011

Need to implement the environmental ethics to protect the society: A study on global perspectives for sustainable development

  Environmental ethics is one of the most important modern environmental conservation and sustainable development tools and involves in the early history of human civilizations. It has already been a global issue due to its implications in the development discoursed. But most of the people in the underdeveloped and developed countries people are not aware about its importance. Considering the environmental...

Author(s): Noor Mohammad

October 2011

Operating cost control strategies for airlines

  The purpose of this study is to explore the ranking of international airlines operating cost control strategies based on empirical studies of an international full-service airlines operation in Taiwan. Cost control has become more and more important for airlines in recent years, especially after the dramatic increases in crude oil prices that began in 2008, as well as the on-going global financial crisis that...

Author(s): Yu-Hern Chang and Pei-Chi Shao

October 2011

Management skills and entrepreneurial success of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the services sector

  This study attempts to analyze the contribution of entrepreneurs in terms of their management skills towards the success of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the services sector in Malaysia. The methods used are descriptive analysis, Pearson correlation, stepwise regression procedures and t-test. The data for the study were collected through mail questionnaires sent out to selected entrepreneurs of...

Author(s): Ahmad Zahiruddin Yahya, Choong Kwai Fatt Abdullah Sanusi Othman, Ishak Abdul Rahman, and Jumaat Moen  

October 2011

Survey of the relation between organizational structure and informational overload in commercial units: A case study of Iran tractor manufacturing company

  Increasing mass information is one of uppermost puzzles for managers who forced to confront with them. On one hand there is also deficient correct information. They may find it difficult to determine which information constitutes corporations’ strategic sources and lead to assets. But that is the question, what a proper solution is. Partly related to design and performance of management information...

Author(s): Farhad Nejadirani and Armin Rajabzadeh

October 2011

The dark side of employee behavior: An explanation of factors instigating organizational politics

  Organizational politics is becoming a nightmare for the employers, especially in developing countries because of its devastating effects on the achievement of organizational objectives. The culture specific reasons of the development of organizational politics posed a great challenge to behavioral sciences experts and made it necessary to study the reasons why employees engage in organizational politics. This...

Author(s): Sami Ullah, Abu Rashid Jafri, Muhammad Ali Gondal and Muhammad Khyzer Bin Dost

October 2011

The effects of interpartner resource alignment and absorptive capacity on knowledge transfer performance

  Against a background of increasing international competition and rapid technological change, universities and industry have often engaged in collaboration as a means of improving cross-unit transfers of their resources, capabilities, and knowledge. Following this frontier, this study examines the effects of university and firm interpartner resource alignment and absorptive capacity on knowledge transfer...

Author(s): Yao Chuan Tsai and Ching Shou Wu

October 2011

Key role of strategic human resource management (SHRM) in advancing the degree of team learning

  Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is the main concern of the managers who are expanding their business at global level. It provides new avenues for the promotion of team learning in the organization. The significance of SHRM in advancement of team learning behaviour is still to be emphasized by scholars and academicians. Less emphasis is laid on the analysis of key role of SHRM in advancing degree of...

Author(s):   Alharthey, Bandar Khalaf and Amran Rasli  

October 2011

Factors affecting ethical perceptions and attitudes of managers

  Ethics as a regulator of human relations always has a significant importance. In order to achieve ethical behavior criteria, and dominant of ethical principles in employees’ behaviors, effective factors on employees’ ethical behaviors, specifically managers in organizations, should be identified. In this study, impact of demographic variables (such as age, gender, and education) and presence of...

Author(s):   Ali Akbar Ahmadi and Azita Ashrafjahani      

October 2011

Big five personality factors and other elements in understanding work stress of Turkish health care professionals

Work stress has been a vital issue for the past decades in healthcare setting as well as the role of personality in stress. The purpose of this study is to improve the understanding of the effect of personality and other related elements (individual characteristics and work environment) on work stress based on a cybernetic framework. In order to define work stress, the framework points out individual characteristics,...

Author(s):   Hatice Ozutku and Selma Altindis    

October 2011

A framework for project portfolio selection with risk reduction approach

  The ever-increasing penetration of projects necessitates effective management of multiple projects. Project portfolio management (PPM) is one of the modern project management tools that is utilized for strategy implementation in project-based organizations. This technique includes the following processes: Identification, categorization, evaluation, selection, prioritization, portfolio balancing, and...

Author(s):   Reza Zeynalzadeh and Alireza Ghajari  

October 2011

The dynamics of financial literacy within the framework of personal finance: An analyses among Turkish University Students

  Poor financial choices could have a number of negative consequences for young people. Financially illiterate graduates might be subject to various financial or judicial enforcements, such as bankruptcy, mortgage crises or financial frauds. In order to protect young adults from the costly consequences of financial illiteracy, the evaluation of financial literacy must be analyzed for transforming them into...

Author(s):   Kadir Murat Altintas    

October 2011

The strategy of Busan Port for Northeast Asia hub port

  With the center of the world economy moving to Northeast Asia, areas including China, Northeast Asia areas are witnessing dynamic economic activities taking place together with the revitalization of exchanges. Accordingly, the logistics network and infrastructure are being expanded with the increase in demand for international logistics, and each country is going all out for developing their country into a...

Author(s):   Lee, Sang Ok, Lee, Ki Woong, Kang, Heung Jung and Lee, Myoung Bae

October 2011

The determinants of blog site selection by student-bloggers in Taiwan

  What factors influence bloggers to choose a particular blog site, and what reasons do they cite when making their choice, in order of priority? This study develops a multiple-criteria- decision-making (MCDM) model and applies analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to advance our understanding of the processes involved in blog site selection from the perspectives of student-blogger. The results provide insight for...

Author(s):   Yi-Hui Chiang

October 2011

Assessing Taiwan financial holding companies’ performance using window analysis and Malmquist productivity index

  Performance evaluation is the important approach for enterprises to give incentive and restraint to their operators and it is also an important channel for enterprise stakeholders to get the performance information. The purpose of this study is to analyze current evaluation system for Taiwan Financial Holding Companies. This research tries to measure the performance on thirteen financial holding companies in...

Author(s):   Chia-Chi Sun

October 2011

Study of organizational socialization and its relationship on employees’ performance

  Today, managers consider several strategies for improving their employee performance. One strategy is to implement socialization for newcomers. The aim of socialization is to teach the organization’s values, norms, and special behavior patterns to newcomers. It is important for individuals to learn and demonstrate the behavior that is desirable for the organization. Despite necessary performance...

Author(s):   Malikeh Beheshtifar, Mehdi Rashidi and Mahmood Nekoie-Moghadam        

October 2011

Do the results of information transparency reflect firms’ accounting quality?

  This work mainly uses the information in financial statements from Taiwanese listed firms from the start of 2006 to the end of 2009 to build a proxy of accounting quality. Discriminant and correlation analyses are used to discuss whether the information transparency results announced by the Information Transparency and Disclosure Rankings System maintained by the Securities and Futures Institute properly...

Author(s):   Tzung-Yuan Hsieh  

October 2011

Stock returns and inflation: An autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) econometric investigation on Ghana

  This study examines whether generalized Fisher hypothesis, which says that there is a positive relationship between stock market returns and inflation rate holds for Ghana, over the period of the first quarter of 1998 to the fourth quarter of 2007 (1998 q1 to 2007 q4). The empirical methodology uses autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) cointegration technique to detect possible long- and short-run...

Author(s):   Tandoh Francis and D. D. Tewari  

October 2011

South African students’ perceptions of Facebook: Some implications for instructors

  The Facebook phenomenon has revolutionised communication patterns especially among students and youths. Young adults increasingly integrate Facebook into their daily lives. The commonly used features include chatting, uploading personal profiles, exchanging notes and study material. Several factors (for example, real-time interactive messaging, 3G mobile telephony, faster and cheaper Internet access)...

Author(s):   Richard Shambare and Althea Mvula

October 2011

Developing a business failure prediction model for cooperatives: Results of an empirical study in Spain

  The use of statistical models to predict business failures has received considerable attention in recent decades. However, very few studies have been devoted to predicting failures of cooperative societies, which play an important social and economic role in many sectors and possess certain characteristics that distinguish them from investor-owner companies. This paper develops a statistical business failure...

Author(s):   Alicia Mateos-Ronco and Ángela López Mas

October 2011

Analysis of the factors affecting customers’ purchase intention: The mediating role of perceived value

  Present economic situation has escorted the companies to the worst competitive era, so in this scenario, the focus of the consumer goods manufacturing companies is on customer purchase intention for capturing the major chunk of consumer market. The aim of this study is to explore the factors affecting the customer purchase intention. The main focus of this study is to measure the mediating effect of customer...

Author(s):   Rashid Shafiq, Irfan Raza and Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman      

October 2011

Robust models for the utilization of public bus transport services in Malaysia

  Unless public transportation is efficient, affordable, clean, comfortable and convenient, people would otherwise resort to drive to their destinations. The increased in the number of private vehicles on the road in Malaysia testifies to the preference of driving to work or places of leisure for many reasons. It could also quite easily point to the ailing public transport industry save for a few developed...

Author(s): Jayaraman K., Jacylin Choong Shiau Suan and Soh Keng Lin  

October 2011

The effects of environmental regulations on green supply chains

  This study examined the impact of the environmental regulations on green supply chain management. Specifically, what firms must address to comply with regulations and how firms deal with requests or requirements from their customers, as well as the impositions they place on their suppliers. The study conducted a case study that includes six manufacturing companies from the computer industry in Taiwan and...

Author(s):   Chen-Lung Yang and Chwen Sheu

October 2011

Factors influencing international students’ choice towards universities in Malaysia

  This paper is aimed to determine factors influencing international postgraduate students in choosing university in Malaysia. Factors such as programs offered, fees, promotion, facilities, prominence, environment, convenience, and scholarship were utilized. A total of 135 international postgraduate students were involved in this study through a direct survey. The percentage technique to extract the information...

Author(s):   Zainurin Dahari and Muhamad Abduh    

October 2011

The perceptions of employees towards working with HIV/AIDS infected and affected co-workers: A case of food services industry in Eastern Cape, South Africa

  Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), remains a major blow to the prosperity of many companies. Studies have shown that employees suffering from the disease are prone to stigma and discrimination. It is however imperative for the management to come up with intervention measures that can accommodate infected employees, so that they can feel part of the...

Author(s):   Herbert Kanengoni, Tasara Mazorodze and Martha Harunavamwe

October 2011

What lurks beneath leadership ineffectiveness? A theoretical overview

  The impact of effective leadership practices on various aspects of organisational success is a well-researched area in the domain of leadership and management. There is, however, only a small amount of research available that focuses on those aspects that constitute ineffective leadership, which, in turn, contributes to organisational failure. Research suggests that there is a tendency in the literature,...

Author(s):   Jacobus W. Pienaar

October 2011

Marketing mix (7P) and performance assessment of Western fast food industry in Taiwan: An application by associating DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) and ANP (Analytic Network Process)

  To cope with consumer’s behavioral change, the number of fast food has increased year by years, from 260 stores in 1995 to more than 700 stores today, the growth is more than three times. There are even four or five fast food stores in one kilometer, which shows its severe competition state. In such severe competition environment, some fast food stores might stand out but some fast food stores have to...

Author(s):   Su-Mei Lin

October 2011

Extrapolation of long-term risk-free interest rates: A case study for the Taiwan insurance market

  This study constructed a risk free term structure based on the Taiwan government bond market, with maturities of up to 120 years. In Taiwan, only government bonds with maturities of up to 30 years could be observed. Additionally, the short-term interest rate also has had spurious volatility and caused the GARCH volatility models to be difficult to converge in the estimation of long-term volatility levels....

Author(s):   Chih-Kai Chang and Jiun-Tze Li  

October 2011

Quality improvement: Reducing real-time inventory errors through quality control circles

  In recent years, with improving living standards in China and people’s enhanced awareness of self-protection, the requirements of medical services have been raised which has seen medical complications such as medication errors rise. To prevent medication errors, hospital pharmacies must improve their technical standards, the service process and the quality of their drug dispensing. Therefore, reducing...

Author(s):   Ting-Chen Hu

October 2011

An exploratory case study of governance practices for information technology (IT) projects in a government-linked company

  This paper analyses and presents a case study on information technology governance (ITG) practices in a government-linked company (GLC) by looking at the ITG process, accountability and the desirable behaviours of information technology (IT) at the project level of the organization. The study reveals a number of important findings in the context of ITG implementation at the project level. As far as ITG...

Author(s):   Noor Ismawati Jaafar and Ernest Jordan  

October 2011

Impact of some contextual factors on entrepreneurial intention of university students

Entrepreneurship has captured the attention of both scholars and policy makers during the last decades. The main reason of this concern is the growing needs for entrepreneurs who accelerate economic development through generating new ideas and converting them into profitable ventures. Entrepreneurial activities are not only the incubators of technological innovation but also provide employment opportunity and increase...

Author(s):   Parvaneh Gelard and Korosh Emami Saleh    

October 2011

The influence of compensation system design on employee satisfaction

  For years, small and medium enterprises have been the bases of economic development in Taiwan. However, with restricted domestic economic development, increasing manpower cost and severe pressure from the international operational environment, small and medium enterprises are now facing many obstacles due to inferior capacities. Many owners of small and medium enterprises have expressed the opinion that...

Author(s):   Hsin-Hsi Lai 

October 2011

International entrepreneurial strategies in Asia: Taiwanese digital content companies in China

  This paper investigated Taiwan-based digital content companies’ operation in China and examined their international entrepreneurial strategies. Based on the classification of Schuler and Jackson’s (1987) business strategies and the theory of the ‘life cycle model’, this study selected two Taiwan-based digital content companies (Wang...

Author(s):   Vicki Chihsuan Chiu  

October 2011

Extracting key performance indicators (KPIs) new product development using mind map and Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) methods

  In an era focusing on performance management, finding the right key performance indicators (KPIs) can aid the implementation of company goals. By monitoring and managing these indicators, the effects of prevention, continual improvements, and innovations are achieved to shape the core competitiveness. This study used the Delphi method to interview 18 field experts. Through their rich experiences and ideas,...

Author(s):   Yu-Tien Cheng, Han-Hsin Chou and Ching-Hsue Cheng

October 2011

Investors’ power and the dividend cost minimization model: Which one better explains the dividend policy in Pakistan?

  This paper posits that the relevance and indeed the assumptions of the dividends cost minimization model are restricted to those countries where shareholders rights are well protected. Alternatively, we propose an “investor power” hypothesis, which is closely akin to the La Porta et al. (2000) “outcome hypothesis”. Our hypothesis states that the determining factor of dividends payout...

Author(s):   Fahad Abdullah, Attaullah Shah, Abdullah M. Iqbal and Raheel Gohar

October 2011

An investigation of the factors effective on the compliance behavior of the tax payers in the VAT system: A case study of Qazvin tax affairs general department

  In all current nations, individuals reject new taxes and any increase in the dimensions of existent taxes and resist against them. Meanwhile, attention could be devoted to the examination of tax payers’ behavior as a very important ramification of the research on the issues of tax and tax collection. The present article aims at investigating the compliance behavior of the tax payers in the VAT (value...

Author(s):   Shaer Biabani and Adeleh Ramezani  

October 2011

The differences in approaching management by managers of different gender: An example from Serbia

  The new role of man in the working process is oriented towards employee development, creating motivational climate, individual motivation, flexibility and changes. All these factors in great manner contribute towards maintaining good conditions for creating a new style of leadership where a woman has a completely different position. The aim of this paper is to examine the attitudes of managers of both genders...

Author(s):   Daniela Hristic, Leposava Grubic Nesic and Ljubica Dudjak

October 2011

Learning and development premise in entrepreneurial orientation for employees in an Indian context

  World over post recession organisations are continuing to explore and focus on newer methods and approaches to harness the potential of employees within the organisation and ultimately towards organisational growth per se by the dictum of intrapreneurship. Entrepreneurial orientation (EO) has emerged as an important facet towards strategic management and of entrepreneurship literature for the past two...

Author(s):   S. Krishnakumar and K. Surya Prakasa Rao  

October 2011

Dimensions and antecedents of long-term orientation in firm-supplier relationships

  This paper studies dimensionality and antecedents of long-term orientation in firm-supplier relationships. Drawing from a sample of 106 firm-supplier relationships in the field of logistics, long-term orientation is found to be a bi-dimensional construct. This study identifies one dimension linked to the desire to maintain a relationship that is expected profitable and another associated with...

Author(s):   Miguel A. López-Navarro, Miguel Á. Moliner and Rosa M. Rodríguez  

October 2011

Using simplified drum-buffer-rope for re-entrant flow shop scheduling in a random environment

  The traditional simplified drum buffer rope (SDBR) does not consider the application of re-entrant flow shop (RFS) in a random environment which might involve variable processing times and machine breakdowns. This paper proposed a weighted layer production buffer and weighted production buffer to monitor the status of the buffer deviation when applying SDBR in a RFS with non-deterministic parameters. The...

Author(s):   Yung-Chia Chang and Wen-Tso Huang

October 2011

The perception of travel agents in Taiwan regarding travel website and training needs for adopting E-commerce

  Due to the popularity of the Internet and World Wide Web, many business sectors including the travel industry have benefited from the new virtual trade platform called E-commerce. The purpose of this study was to analyze the perceptions of travel agents in Taiwan regarding the important elements of constructing a travel website for E-commerce, and to assess the training history and needs of Taiwanese travel...

Author(s):   Hsu-Kuan Jonathan Liu and Liwen Chen

October 2011

A model to create high-tech start-ups from the academic environment: The case of Peking University (PKU) and Tsinghua University (THU)

  The aim of this paper is to propose a feasible high-technology start-up model for Chinese universities through “university-industry linkages” by conducting analysis of Peking University (PKU) and Tsinghua University (THU). PKU and THU have created numerous high-tech start-ups based on knowledge transfer and intellectual patents’ application, thereby researching viable ways to drive the links...

Author(s):   De-Jin Su, Murad Ali and Dong-Won Sohn

October 2011

Investigating the predictability of sales and costs using financial statement items of companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

  The main purpose of business entities is earning income and the most important factor in survival of business entities is sales revenue. Thus, the forecasting of sales and costs ofbusiness entities become an important issue. The aim of this study is to investigate the ability of financial statement items in forecasting sales and costs of companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange...

Author(s):   Azam Jari and Arezoo Aghaie Chadegani

October 2011

The future challenges of local authorities in Malaysia: A case study in Seberang Perai, Penang

  Local authorities nowadays are faced with many challenges in running their business with rapid development in social, economic and politics as well. The ability to overcome current issues and the readiness to face future challenges are estimated differently between one local authority and another. Local authorities whom are equipped with strong finance, visionary leadership, systematic strategic and action...

Author(s):   Kamarudin Ngah, Zaherawati Zakaria, Mahazril ‘Aini Yaacob Nazni Noordin, Jamaludin Mustaffa and Mohd Zool Hilmie Mohamed Sawal  

October 2011

Re-investigating the effect of individual determinant, external factor and firm characteristics on small firm performance during economic downturn

  There have been inconsistent with regard to the different entrepreneurial factors that influence firm performance particularly in the normal time. However, during economic downturn or turbulent, it is believed and expected that the three major characters (entrepreneur, environment and firm) in the economic that are actively involved in entrepreneurial activities would be badly and negatively affected. Despite...

Author(s):   Esuh Ossai-Igwe Lucky and Mohd Sobri Minai  

October 2011

Employment issues among Malaysian Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) graduates: A case study

  In the 21st century, there has been a growing concern about the role of higher education institutions and how well they are satisfying the employers’ needs. Malaysian Prime Minister mentioned that only 23% of the workforce was highly skilled in year 2010. This percentage is much lower, compared with other developed countries. It was stressed that, there is a need to improve the composition of...

Author(s):   Kalaimagal Ramakrishnan and Norizan Mohd Yasin  

October 2011

Effectiveness of information security awareness methods based on psychological theories

  Effective user security awareness campaign can greatly enhance the information assurance posture of an organization. Information security includes organizational aspects, legal aspects, institutionalization and applications of best practices in addition to security technologies. User awareness represents a significant challenge in the security domain, with the human factor ultimately being the element that is...

Author(s):   Bilal Khan, Khaled S. Alghathbar, , Syed Irfan Nabi, and Muhammad Khurram Khan  

October 2011

A study of the relationship among experience value, destination image and place attachment

  Holbrook and Hirschman (1982) suggest that consuming experiences are derived from consumers’ perceived value. This type of consumers depends on sensations, emotions and enjoyments to form their experiences. Hence, consumers’ destination image and place attachment determine their destination choice. The aim of this study is to understand the relationships between experience values, destination...

Author(s): Lan-Hsun Wang, Ting-Saw Weng and Shih-Shuo Yeh        

October 2011

Competitive abilities and students’ entrepreneurial behaviour:The research results from Serbia

  Stimulating enterprising behaviour of the young is especially important in transitional countries faced with recession. The ambience where young people can be stimulated to start their own business is not developed enough in Serbia. Possible solutions can be education and encouragement of the young to start and perform their own business. In this study, analyses on the necessity of implementing a modern...

Author(s):   Dejan Djordjevic, Dragan Cockalo, Zvonko Sajfert, Srdjan Bogetic and Milivoj Klarin  

October 2011

Impact assessment of ISO 9000 series on the organizational performance: Empirical evidence from small and medium enterprise (SME) sector of Pakistan

  The importance of quality management in SME Sector of Pakistan as being catalyst for economic development is undeniable. Nevertheless it is unfortunate that despite this implication, little research is undertaken to comprehend the complex nature of SME. The purpose of this research is to measure impact of ISO 9000 certification on organizational performance of SMEs in Pakistan. The effect of five dimensions...

Author(s):   Irfan Saleem, Irfan Siddique, Awais Akmal, Muhammad Saad Masud Khan, Muhammad Usman Khan and Shuaib Sultan  

October 2011

The influences of national cultural constructs on marketing studies

  This comparative study examines empirically, the influences of the national cultural constructs individualism-collectivism (IC) and power distance index (PDI) on marketing studies by examining the students’ learning experience and the ways in which these factors impact the students’ learning performance in the context of the marketing management studies. The study utilized a qualitative research...

Author(s):   Chen-Yu Feng, Roger Collins and Wei Song    

October 2011

The application of cause and effect diagram in the oil industry in Iran: The case of four liter oil canning process of Sepahan Oil Company

  Manufacturing is currently being used as a continuous quality improvement tool, providing a planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating framework for the quality improvement measures on a sustainable basis. A cause-and-effect diagram, also known as an Ishikawa diagram or fishbone diagram, is often used in quality management in manufacturing industries. Fishbone diagram (also known as Ishikawa diagram)...

Author(s):   Masoud Hekmatpanah

October 2011

What factors motivate the analysts’ stock recommendation in a small emerging market? Evidence from Sri Lanka

  The purpose of this research is to determine the criteria used by the analysts for stock recommendation, identification of certain key factors which are useful for individual investors. According to the Modigliani-Miller theorem, the factors which affect dividend and capital gain could also influence investors. The regression analysis was used to identify the factors which influence the analysts’ stock...

Author(s):   M. M. Fonseka and Gao-Liang Tian