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Table of Content: 4 February 2011; 5(3)

February 2011

The relationship between leadership and employee morale in higher education

The University of South Africa (UNISA), like many other institutions of higher education, is facing new challenges, including budget cuts, a new funding formula, changes in technology, mergers, new leadership, and a call for increased research productivity and graduation rate. All these challenges have contributed to dampened staff morale and have led to some resistance and apprehension. The aim of the study reported in...

Author(s): H. C. Ngambi  

February 2011

Internationalization, intangible assets and Taiwanese SMEs’ performance: Evidence of an Asian newly-industrialized economy

  This paper investigates the impact of internationalization and intangible assets on the performance of Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in newly industrialized economies (NIEs). Examining a sample of 3,194 Taiwanese SMEs, we find that: (1) the relationship between internationalization and performance is characterized by an inverted U-shaped curve; (2) SMEs investing more heavily in research and...

Author(s): Yu-Ching Chiao and Kuo-Pin Yang

February 2011

An empirical investigation of the detrimental effects of the intensive use of computers in the business world

  Occupational injuries pose a major problem in workplaces where computers are widely used. Intensive, repetitive and long period computer use results in costly health problems (direct cost), and lost productivity (indirect cost). This paper presents the findings from a scientific research to determine the effect of musculoskeletal discomfort factors that contribute to musculoskeletal disorders resulting...

Author(s): Orhan Korhan and Adham Mackieh

February 2011

An econometric analysis of the determinants impacting on businesses in the tourism industry

  This article estimated the determinants of tourist arrivals in South Africa for the period 1999 to 2007. A tourism model was estimated and the results revealed several factors to be main determinants of tourist arrivals in South Africa. From a business perspective, these factors should seriously be considered to provide tailor-made services to potential tourists. The results also indicated that Angola,...

Author(s): Joel Hinaunye Eita, André C. Jordaan and Yolanda Jordaan

February 2011

“Islamic banking system: Stake holder’s attitude towards the Islamic banking system objective setting”

  The concept of Islamic banking is not new, but is introduced in the current financial market after very long time. The Islamic banking system is getting a good percentage of the total world financial market. In the financial market there is a strong rivalry, for the Islamic banking industry (IBI) that is conventional banking system. Now the Islamic banking system must have to consider certain important...

Author(s): Naveed Azeem Khattak, Khashif-Ur-Rehman Nadeem Sofwan and Wasim Ullah

February 2011

The best selection of strategic plans in balanced scorecard using multi-objective decision making model

  In an increasingly competitive business environment, many organizations have adopted the strategic planning approach in an attempt to achieve excellence in business. Implementation of appropriate strategies plays an important role for organizations' success. Balanced scorecard is an appropriate tool used for designing operational strategies. However, one of the balanced scorecard problems is its...

Author(s): Javad Dodangeh, Rosnah Bt Mohd Yusuff  and Javad Jassbi

February 2011

The moderating role of the interactive use of Management Control Systems (MCS) on the relation between knowledge management types and marketing project performance

This study integrates the contingency concept to inspect the moderate effects of the interactive use of management control system (MCS) on the relation between knowledge management (KM) types and marketing project performance. One hundred and eighty five companies in Taiwan were surveyed for the analysis data with the respondent of marketing project managers. The empirical results showed that: (1) Based on the internal...

Author(s): Cheng-Tsung Lu, Dauw-Song Zhu and Yeun-Wen Chang

February 2011

High performance organisation: A quantitative inquiry at a specific metropolitan municipality in the Gauteng Province

  Since the dawn of the new democracy in South Africa, the media has been fraught with episodes of dissatisfaction among stakeholders about the service delivery record of municipalities. The aim of this study is, therefore, to explore employees’ experiences and perceptions, particularly at the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, regarding the service delivery performance of this municipality. The study was...

Author(s): G. N. Molefe, G. Roodt and W. J. Schurink

February 2011

Emerging markets arbitrages’ perception: Risk versus growth potential

  This paper relates to our analysis of the most important criteria for emerging markets investors. We calculated and sorted both the correlation of price levels and the correlation of returns between six emerging European stock market indices and the world’s most significant index: the Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500. Our analysis established a level of emerging markets price dependence on...

Author(s): Dušan Dobromirov, Mladen Radišić and Aleksandar Kupusinac

February 2011

Consumer hierarchical value map modeling in the healthcare service industry

  Estimating consumer value is useful for comprehending consumers’ need. Most research of consumer value focus on discussing single attribute but are incapable of exploring multi attributes to explore its entire connotation including attributes, consequences and values. However, it is important to understand what attribute do consumer care and their linkage in marketing decisions. The current study...

Author(s): Wan-I Lee, and Chia-Hui Lin

February 2011

The evaluation of public policy for the creation of businesses: An empirical study for the Spanish case

  The promotion of greater entrepreneurial dynamism through an increase in the rate of business creation has become one of the primary concerns of those local and national authorities who use policies of support for new entrepreneurs as a central instrument in achieving their objectives of employment and economic growth. Such policies are among the most important instruments of government action for job...

Author(s): María Jesús Alonso-Nuez and Carmen Galve-Górriz

February 2011

Performance evaluation of pre- and post- nationalization of the banking sector in Pakistan: An application of CAMEL model

  This research study is based on the nationalization and de-nationalization of the banking industry in Pakistan. An effort has been made to analyze and evaluate the performance and efficiency of the banking sector using CAMEL parameters. It covers the period of pre- and post- nationalization of the state owned and commercial owned banks of Pakistan. Through the utilization of this model, it has been explored...

Author(s): Amir Hussain Shar, Muneer Ali Shah and Hajan Jamali

February 2011

Factors affecting the adoption of agricultural innovations in Erzurum Province, Turkey

  In order to determine the factors affecting the adoption of agricultural innovations, 169 farmers were reviewed in 7 counties that may represent Erzurum province in terms of social, economic and cultural aspects. The data were analyzed in LIMDEP software using logistic regression method and the results were presented in tables. The innovations examined in the study were adoption of artificial insemination,...

Author(s): Ayşe Sezgin, Tuğba Erem Kaya, Murat külekçi and Hediye kumbasaroğlu

February 2011

Stock exchange indices and turnover value-evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange

  This study provides a test of the price change-volume relationship. The relationship between price changes and volume in markets has been a topic of dispute among researchers in finance and economics for a number of years. The study investigates the empirical relationship between the stock exchange indices and turnover volume. Data gathered in time series form and variables have been determined from monthly...

Author(s): Mohammadreza Mehrabanpoor, Babak Valizadeh Bahador and Gholamreza Jandaghi

February 2011

Women satisfaction with cosmetic brands: The role of dissatisfaction and hedonic brand benefits

  Research suggests that the exposure to pictures of good-looking and even slightly above-average-looking females lowers the self-image of exposed women and increases dissatisfaction with their own appearance. This study analyses the effect of perceived instrumental/utilitarian and hedonic/emotional brand benefits on women’s satisfaction with cosmetic brands, focusing on relief from dissatisfaction with...

Author(s): Vanessa Apaolaza-Ibáñez, Patrick Hartmann, Sandra Diehl and Ralf Terlutter

February 2011

Economic and political attitudes of Turkish Cypriots towards European Union

  Due to its unique political condition, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) can directly become a member of the European Union (EU) that will be identified as a Federal State without negotiation, due to the solution to Cyprus’ problem. Accordingly, Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus together, as the constituent states of the Federal Government will be under the umbrella of the EU. However, it...

Author(s): Okan Veli Şafakli

February 2011

Occupational stress and burnout in Pakistan’s banking sector

  This study examined the occupational stress and professional burnout in the banking sector of Pakistan. A total of 237 bank employees (74.3% male and 25.7% female) from different commercial banks participated in the survey. In order to collect data on stress and burnout a self-reported questionnaire was administered to bank employees. Descriptive, correlation and regression statistical tools were used to...

Author(s):    Jamshed Khan Khattak, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Ayaz Ul Haq, Muhammad Arif and Amjad Ali Minhas   

February 2011

Entrepreneurial perceptions and knowledge: A survey of final year university students

  This paper investigated the perceptions and knowledge of final year university students towards entrepreneurship gaining insights regarding a gender, race and faculty perspectives. Students across all faculties believed that entrepreneurship education is important and less than half of the final year students showed interest in becoming entrepreneurs. More male students than female students indicated interest...

Author(s): Pradeep Brijlal

February 2011

A tale of two markets: Who can represent the soybean futures markets in China?

  There exist two soybean futures markets in China Dalian commodity exchange (DCE), that is, No.1 and No.2 soybean futures markets (SB#1 and SB#2 for short respectively). Due to its dominant market share, trading volume and turnover, SB#1 is taken for granted to be the only representative of China’s soybean markets; so that, there is an implicit misconception in current literature that researchers can...

Author(s): Ling-Yun He and Ran Wang

February 2011

An exploratory study of a business strategy for providing customer satisfaction in the Republic of Serbia

  A key strategic objective for any company should be to achieve and understand the optimum level of customer satisfaction. This contention is, conceptually, the objective of the wider analysis in this paper, in addition to the model for providing customer satisfaction in the form of a business strategy. This theoretically-based model is harmonized with the following important concepts: quality management,...

Author(s): Dragan Cockalo, Dejan Djordjevic, Zvonko Sajfert, Srdjan Bogetic and Cariša Besic

February 2011

Impact of motivation to learn and job attitudes on organizational learning culture in a public service organization of Pakistan

  The present study investigates the concept of organizational learning culture in a public service organization and focuses on its relationship with motivation to learn, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and job involvement. Data was collected from 119 employees of a public service organization. In all 200 questionnaires were distributed and participation was voluntary and confidentiality was...

Author(s): Muhammad Ehsan Malik, Rizwan Qaiser Danish and Ali Usman

February 2011

The use of finite element method in the furniture industry

  Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) techniques are getting more common everyday in the industry. The reason of this can be determined as the possibility of application of the CAE system besides the development of administration comprehension and industry with personal computers. In this study, Finite Element Method (FEM) application, which is an important engineering technique, was investigated with...

Author(s): K. Hüseyin Koç, Koray Kizilkaya, E. Seda Erdinler and Derya Sevim Korkut

February 2011

Simultaneous consideration of contingency factors and quality management: An empirical study of Serbian companies

  The aim of the present paper is to answer whether the QM concept is universal or context-dependent, organic or mechanistic, and theoretical or practical in its essence. The study examines the impact of contingency factors on quality management in Serbian companies in order to find out the possible causes of failure, that is inadequate results of QM application and to recommend the companies how to harmonize...

Author(s): V. K. Spasojević Brkić, M. M. Klarin, A. Dj. Brkić, V. J. Lučanin and D. D. Milanović

February 2011

Breach of psychological contract, perception of politics and organizational cynicism: Evidence from Pakistan

  Research on organizational cynicism is gaining increased attention, still limited literature addresses the issue among public sector organizations in developing countries. By specifically focusing on public sector personnel in Pakistan, the present study attempts to analyze the impact of breach of psychological contract and perception of politics on organizational cynicism. Data was collected from 149...

Author(s): Sajid Bashir, Zafar Mueen Nasir, Sania Saeed and Maimoona Ahmed

February 2011

Measuring bank branch performance using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA): The case of Turkish bank branches

  The aim of this study is to develop a performance model for measuring the relative efficiency and potential improvement capabilities of bank branches by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Another purpose is to investigate the production and profitability aspects of branches. Under both production and profitability approaches, efficiency characteristics of branches, which are grouped according to...

Author(s): Mehmet Hasan Eken and Suleyman Kale

February 2011

System dynamics approach in analyzing impact of demographic and salary risks on pension expenditure

  Public pension plan in Malaysia is studied to analyze pension expenditure due to salary and demographic risks. Through the literature review and interview session with several officers in public sector, factors affecting pension expenditure are determined. The System Dynamic model is later developed using iThink software to show how demographic and salary changes affect the pension expenditure....

Author(s): Hasimah Sapiri, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil, Razman Mat Tahar and Hanafi Tumin

February 2011

Turkish consumers’ perceptions and consumption of organic foods

  The organic food market in Turkey has experienced a significant growth over the past decade. The goal of this paper is to explore Turkish consumers’ nature of demand for organic food products. The effect of four factors, consumer trust, health considerations, environmental benefits and availability, on the frequency of organic food product purchases is analyzed. The survey study takes place in Istanbul...

Author(s): Elif Akagun Ergin and Bulent Ozsacmaci

February 2011

Benchmarking management in military organizations: A non-parametric frontier approach

  Assessing the military organization’s performance is an important yet complex issue. It is important to know whether the policy is effective in achieving its goal to advance the operating efficiency; and at the execution level. The aim of this paper is to explore the operating efficiency and the benchmarks of the military outlets by using a non-parametric frontier method: data envelopment analysis....

Author(s): Wen-Min Lu

February 2011

Knowledge creation and intellectual capital on securities investment services

  The main resource of a stock market investment business is “knowledge”. The continual creation of knowledge preserves the competitive advantages of the business. This research analyzed the relationship between knowledge creation and intellectual capital in Taiwan. Based on convenient sampling, this research distributed 650 questionnaires to employees in Taiwan stock market businesses and analyzed...

Author(s): Yang Tai-Ning, Chang Hsiao-Chen, Lin Shou-Yen and Tsao Chiao-Lun

February 2011

The evaluation of economic investments projects in intensive breed of game: A study case for European deer (Cervus elaphus L.) and wild boar (Sus scrofa L.) in the context of the best investment decision

  The investments growth in the field of agriculture, hunting and fishery represents a condition of its technical and technological modernization, and finally, one of the conditions of economic stability of total economy. This research-applicable activity evaluates, on scientific basis, the effectiveness of the investment project, which refers to the intensive breed of the European deer (Cervus elaphus L.)...

Author(s): Ion Iarca, Zoran Popović, Dorel Dusmanescu, Jonel Subić, Jean Andrei and Ioan Done

February 2011

Analysis of guerrilla and traditional marketing integration in improving the productivity of organizational marketing in enterprises in Iran: A case study of Kaveh Industrial Estate in Iran

  This research aims at exploring and analyzing the integration of guerrilla and traditional marketing in enterprises in Iran with a case study of Kaveh industrial estate in Iran. For doing this research after exploration of models, approaches and techniques in guerrilla marketing point to Kaveh industrial estate which is a huge estate in Iran. The conceptual model based on primary and sub hypotheses was...

Author(s): Ali Mokhtari Mughari

February 2011

Modeling link between internal service quality in human resources management and employees retention: A case of Pakistani privatized and public sector banks

  The purpose of this research study is to establish link between perceived human resources internal service quality practices with employee retentions in mediating environment of employee job satisfaction. This study was conducted in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. For the analyses of research work, the data has been collected about the employees of public and privatized banks’ employees. A...

Author(s): Muhammad Asif Khan, Kashif-Ur-Rehman, Ijaz-Ur-Rehman, Nadeem Safwanand Ashfaq Ahmad

February 2011

How the environment affects travel agency performance

  This research examines the performance of travel agencies in Taiwan by using a market orientation framework. The study examines the impact of market orientation and financial performance and identifies the importance of competitive environment in the relationship between market orientation and financial performance. The study controls for factors associated with the external competitive environment, and the...

Author(s): Tzu-Ching Lin

February 2011

Technical efficiency of organic fertilizer in small farms of Nicaragua: 1998-2005

  This article applies frontier production function analysis to small farms in Nicaragua during 1998-2005 (Battese and Coelli, 1988). The objective of this study is to estimate an average function that will provide a picture for the shape of the organic fertilizer technology of an average firm (in our case, agricultural production units). Furthermore, a best-practice scenario for organic fertilizer against...

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Zuniga González

February 2011

The role of human resource management and nurses' job satisfaction in medical service organisations

  The scarcity of nurses nationwide has been documented. As population increases, there is an increase in hospitals’ strains, thereby creating difficulty to find and keep good and qualified staff nurses. Job satisfaction of nurses and assurance has been an essential concern for hospital management. High staff absence and turnover, affect the hospital management which takes toll. Satisfied nurses tend to...

Author(s): Ms Javaria Khaliq, Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman and Majed Rashid

February 2011

A hybrid performance evaluation system for notebook computer ODM companies

  The aim of the paper is to fulfill this need by building a conceptual framework for measuring the business performance of notebook computer ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) companies carried out to investigate how performance is understood and to identify the potential dimensions to improvement. In the process, a multiple criteria procedure is used to assess the performance in these companies. We explore...

Author(s): Sun, Chia-Chi

February 2011

Development of an approach to coordinate the objectives for members of a supply chain

  Two important problems in a traditional supply chain are that the supply chain strategy is not fully integrated with a company’s competitive strategy, and that supply chain members have their own different objectives that may adversely affect the performance of the whole chain. A supply chain and its members need to develop a supply chain strategy that fits well with the competitive...

Author(s): Ming-Hon Hwang and Yung-Fu Huang

February 2011

Relationship in the production chain of apple in the perspective of complexity theory

  This work was built from the necessity of understanding how relationships occur between members of the apple production chain to propose mechanisms that can assist in improving the inter-relationships. Thus, the ring tetralogical approach was used in the identification of actions arising from the implementation of IPM (integrated pest management) in the apple production chain in the states of Rio Grande do...

Author(s): Marcia Rohr da Cruz and Maria Emilia Camargo

February 2011

State-of-the-art current research in international entrepreneurship: A citation analysis

  This article applies a literature-based analysis in its discussion of the research field of international entrepreneurship. It uses bibliometric citation analysis as its primary investigative method. The basis of the citation analysis was formed by articles coming from a number of electronic publication databases that contained the term “international entrepreneurship” in their titles, and which...

Author(s): Sascha Kraus,

February 2011

Banks, stock markets and economic growth in high-income OECD: An empirical investigation

  This study examines the 21 high income OECD countries to explore the effect of financial development on economic growth in the highest stage of financial and economic development. In this paper, it was unable to find strong evidence that banking and stock market development increase the GDP per capita growth or sources of economic growth which are per capita capital stock growth and productivity growth in the...

Author(s): Bilge Oney and Hakan Halilsoy

February 2011

The survey of factors affecting social trust among students: A case study of Jahrom universities’ students

  This study was conducted in order to investigate the level of social trust based on a sociological approach. In this study, the statistical society of the research comprised university students of Azad, Payam Noor and Higher Education Center and Medical Sciences from Jahrom, 370 of which were examined as the study’s samples. The data were gathered by a questionnaire and have been analyzed by descriptive...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Iravani and Elham Dindar

February 2011

Relationship between hot money and economic growth: Tar-cointegration and MS-VAR analysis

  In this study, the effect of hot money on Turkish economy was studied. The relationship between hot money and economic growth was analyzed through MSVAR-VECM and TAR Cointegration methods by using interest rate, budget deficit, net foreign purchases in the IMKB, the current account deficit, exchange rate and industrial production index variables during 1997 and 2010.   Key...

Author(s): Melike Bildirici, Elçin A. Alp and Fazil Kayikçi