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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJFS
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Table of Content: 15 December 2011; 5(15)

December 2011

Effect of ammonium oxalate and acetic acid at several extraction time and pH on some physicochemical properties of pectin from cocoa husks (Theobroma cacao)

Pectin was extracted from cocoa husk using two solvents (ammonium oxalate and acetic acid), extraction times (60 and 120 min) and pH (1.6, 2.6, 3.6 and 4.6). The pectin characteristics were yield, moisture content, ash content, equivalent weight, methoxyl, anhydrogalacturonic acid and degree of esterification. The result showed that the yield of pectin was 10.44 to 17.30%, the moisture content was 10.46 to 12.35%, ash...

Author(s): Nazaruddin Ramli and Asmawati

December 2011

Nutritional evaluation of single-cell protein produced by Spirulina platensis

The aim of this research was to evaluate the nutritional characteristics and possible toxic effects of microalgae Spirulina LEB-18, developed in south of Brazil. The biomass was evaluated for 40 days through nutritional responses, obtained by the development of Wistar rats and also by biochemical and hematological study of the blood of these animals. Four isoproteic diets were prepared (12% protein): (1) Control diet,...

Author(s): Lidiane Muniz Moreira⊃, Andréa da Silva Ramos Rocha⊃, Carmen Lúcia Garcez Ribeiro⊃, Rosane da Silva Rodrigues and Leonor Almeida de Souza Soares⊃

December 2011

Improvement of the traditional technology for the production of “gowé”, a sour and sweet beverage from Benin

The present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of water content, fermentation period, and the effect of various drying temperatures of saccharified sorghum malt flour on the quality of “gowé”, an indigenous sour and sweet beverage from Benin with the ultimate objective of improving the processing technique and quality of “gowé”. Our data revealed that the...

Author(s): N. Bako Seïdou, A. P. P. Kayodé, G. Dalodé-Vieira, L. Baba-Moussa, S. O. Kotchoni and D. J. Hounhouigan

December 2011

Utilization of solar energy in dehydration of milk and in the manufacturing of Khoa

The cow milk was standardized to 4.0 fat and 8.5 milk solid not fat (MSNF) to prepare khoa by solar as well as traditional method. The whole milk was divided into two parts. One kept as control, while the other was used for the preparation of khoa by solar dehydration method. Before the dehydration of milk in solar cooker, cream was separated from milk by using electrically operated cream separator. After...

Author(s): K. G. Dande, S. M. Gaikwad and Shaikh A. K. Mushtaq