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Table of Content: 22 November, 2013; 7(43)

November 2013

Anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive and ulcerogenic properties of indomethacin tablets based on solidified reverse micellar solution (SRMS)

The aim of the present study was to evaluate in vivo the anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive and ulcerogenic properties of indomethacin tablets based on solidified reverse micellar solution (SRMS). SRMS consisting of mixtures of phospholipid (Phospholipon® 90H) and triglyceride (Softisan® 154) were prepared in the ratios of 1:1, 2:1 and 1:2, respectively. SRMS based tablets containing 75 mg of indomethacin each...

Author(s): Salome Amarachi Chime, Ikechukwu V. Onyishi, Mumuni A. Momoh and Anthony A. Attama

November 2013

Relationship assessment among content of aminoglycoside antibiotic components by HPLC and C13-NMR and their microbiological assay potencies

Neomycin and gentamicin are broad-spectrum complexes of aminoglycoside antibiotics constituted by neomycin B and C and gentamicin C1, C1a, C2, C2a and C2b. Despite the similar chemical structures  of aminoglycosides, they may present differences in biological activities. In this work evaluation of how each component of neomycin and gentamicin complexes contributes to total potencies and establishment of a...

Author(s): Yasmin Chimoni Pinto, Fabiane Lacerda Francisco, Felipe Rebello Lourenco

November 2013

Dynamics of drug resistance development in HIV-positive Ugandan mother-child pairs during 18 months after nevirapine single-dose exposure for PMTCT

Single-dosed nevirapine (NVP), which frequently selects for resistant virus, is still often applied in resource-limited settings to prevent vertical human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission. We followed-up 83 NVP-exposed HIV-positive mothers and newborns between delivery and 18 months postpartum, testing for vertical transmission and for common NVP-selected resistance mutations through highly sensitive...

Author(s): Andrea Hauser, Andrea Kunz, Kizito Mugenyi, Rose Kabasinguzi, Stefanie Theuring, Claudia Kuecherer and Gundel Harms

November 2013

Contribution to the quality of teaching learning in veterinary pharmacology: Intramuscular general anesthesia in sheep applies to the teaching of veterinary pharmacology and surgery

The current research was conducted with the objective of developing a practical laboratory of Veterinary Pharmacology course, specifically for the purpose of evolving a practical part of the theory in the chapter of general anesthetics. The practice of the evaluation of drugs acting on the central nervous system in this discipline has difficulty with the choice of experimental model, because sometimes there are no...

Author(s): Rogelio Cruz Cruz, Armando Cuesta Guillen and Daniel Hussien

November 2013

In vivo trypanocidal effect of aqueous root extracts of securidaca longepedunculata and its phytochemical analysis

The aqueous root extracts of Securidaca longepedunculata (Fresen, polygalacaea) were used to treat trypanosomiasis in this experiment. 25 Wister albino rats were inoculated with Trypanosoma brucei. Its trypanocidal activity was assessed through daily examination of blood samples, clinical and haematological changes at intervals, and possible deaths were among the parameters which were carefully monitored. The treatment...

Author(s): Haruna, Y., Elinge, C. M., Peni, I. J., Dauda, D. and Aiki, F.

November 2013

In vivo radio imaging studies on designed swelling gastro retentive drug delivery system

The objective of the study was to correlate the results of the in vitro release of a previously reported swelling gastro retentive drug delivery system with the in vivo radio imaging in rabbits. Tablets containing metformin hydrochloride evaluated for in vitro drug release profile showed drug release up to 14 h. Tablets containing barium sulfate was administered to rabbits after overnight fast. Radio imaging study...

Author(s): Pradum Pundlikrao Ige and Surendra Ganeshlal Gattani

November 2013

Construction of DNA finger printing for dry saffron

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.), as an effective gynecological medicine, has been widely used in Europe and Asia for thousands of years. In recent years, saffron has been found with antispasmodic, hypolipidemic, antitumor and antidepressant-like effects. However, the counterfeit and adulterants products are extraordinarily common in the market. The aim of the study was to establish a simple, fast and reliable method to...

Author(s): Han-jie Zheng#, Meng-hua Liu#, Cui-ping Yang# and Chang Su and Weiwei Su