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Table of Content: 22 September, 2011; 5(11)

September 2011

Biodegradable methoxy poly (ethylene glycol)-poly (lactide) nanoparticles for controlled delivery of dacarbazine: Preparation, characterization and anticancer activity evaluation

Dacarbazine (DTIC) loaded or blank methoxy poly (ethylene glycol)-poly (lactide) (MPEG-PLA) nanoparticles (NPs) were prepared by modified w/o/w double emulsion-solvent evaporation method through ultrasonic processor without any additional additives. The hemolytic test and cytotoxicity test of blank MPEG-PLA NPs demonstrated that the obtained drug delivery system is safety. Its particle size distribution, morphology,...

Author(s): Bao-yue Ding,†, Wei Zhang,†, Xin Wu, Xiang Wang, Wei fan, Shen Gao, Jing Gao, Lu-lu Ma, Xue-ying Ding and Qiang Hao     † These authors contributed equally to this work.

September 2011

Effects of common daisy (Bellis perennis L.) aqueous extracts on anxiety-like behaviour and spatial memory performance in Wistar albino rats

The effects of aqueous extract of flowers from Bellis perennis on anxiety-like behavior and memory in Wistar rats were tested. Vehicle 20 and 60 mg kg-1 B. perennis groups were performed and the animals were tested by open field and elevated plus maze tests for anxiety-like behaviour and Morris water maze test for spatial memory. In the open field, the high dose ofB. perennis administrated rats...

Author(s): F. Pehlivan Karakaş, A. Karakaş, H. Coşkun and A. Uçar Turker

September 2011

Biomedical effects induced by the monocycle pulse

Based on multilayer dielectric model, for the spherical biological cell subjected to pulsed electric field (PEF), a simplified equivalent circuit was presented. According to a mathematical analysis of a monocycle electric pulse (MEP), the relationship between a given pulse duration and a center frequency was established and its main energy was concentrated on the center frequency. Thus the transmenbrane potential of...

Author(s): Yafang Tan, Hongchun Yang, Jun Xu, and Xiaolin Yang,

September 2011

Factors associated with infections in diabetic population

Increase in the prevalence of diabetes worldwide and it becoming an epidemic has resulted in a clinical research shift to the management of diabetes mellitus globally. The study aimed to investigate the socio-demographic differences among diabetes patients with infection incidence. The study was conducted in an urban, governmental hospital in Penang Malaysia. The records of patients, more than and equal to age 18 years,...

Author(s): Syed Wasif Gillani, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman, Shameni Sundram, Yelly Oktavia Sari, Mirza Baig and Muhammad Shahid Iqbal

September 2011

Phytochemical screening and in vitro evaluation of anticandidal activity of Dodonaea viscosa (L.) Jaeq. (Sapindaceae)

The activity of fractions derived from hydroalcoholic extract of Dodonaea viscosa leaves againstCandida albicans (Cl. I. 4043) was evaluated. The hydroalcoholic extract was sequentially fractionated to give n-hexane, dichloromethane, ethylacetate and n-butanol fractions that were subjected to qualitative phytochemical analyses. Disk diffusion assay was used in preliminary anticandidal screening with...

Author(s): Muhammad Khurram, Abdul Hameed,  Muhammad Usman Amin, Ahtasham Gul,  Naseem Ullah, Mohammad Hassan,  Abdul Qayum, Kamran Ahmad Chishti and Wajeeha Manzoor

September 2011

Effect of rosmarinic acid on estrogen, FSH and LH in female diabetic rats

Rosmarinic acid from the plants quenched superoxide radicals from xanthine oxidase and inhibited cyclooxygenase I and II enzymes. Antioxidants have essential effect on diabetes. Enhanced oxidative stress and changes in antioxidant capacity are considered to play an important role in the pathogenesis of chronic diabetes mellitus. Wistar male rat (n=40) were allocated into three groups, control group (n=10), rosmarinic...

Author(s): Aleih Ghasemzadeh, Arash Khaki, Laya Farzadi, AmirAfshin Khaki, Mehdi Marjani, Hamidreza Ahmadi Ashteani, Bushra A. Hamdi, Elham Ghadamkheir, Meisam Naeimikararoudi and Elaheh Ouladsahebmadarek

September 2011

Determination of gliclazide in a tablet dosage form in the presence of metformin hydrochloride by ion pair – reversed phase liquid chromatographic technique

This study describes the development and validation of an isocratic HPLC method for the stability of gliclazide assay in the presence of metformin hydrochloride (MET) in pharmaceutical dosage forms using ion pair - reversed phase liquid chromatographic technique. The ion pairing agent used in this study is tetrabutyl ammonium hydrogen sulphate (TBHS). The TBHS 0.030 molar solution in water was adjusted to pH 6.0 with 1...

Author(s): B. Udaykumar Rao and Anna Pratima Nikalje

September 2011

Effects of oral isotretinoin on serum lipids and gamma glutamyl transpeptidase activity in acne vulgaris patients

The aim of the present study was the evaluation of serum level of lipids and gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) activities in patients with acne vulgaris undergoing isotretinoin treatment. Forty-four patients, with severe acne or moderate acne (age mean 23.6±6.0 year) who were resistant to conventional treatment were supplemented with 0.5 mg/kg/day of oral isotretinoin for 120 days. This...

Author(s): Hassan Ahmadvand, Amir Majdaldin Amir Javanbakht and Hussein Matooriyan Pour

September 2011

Peganine isolated from Anisotes trisulcus as a smoking deterrent and anorexigenic agent

This study concerns the discovery of the effectiveness of an alcoholic total extract of the aerial parts of the plant Anisotes trisulcus (Forssk.) Vahl family Acanthaceae and its active constituent peganine as a new means for suppression of tobacco intake and as a suppression to appetite (as anorexigenic). The treatment of Wistar rats with the total alcoholic extract in doses of 600 mg/100 mL drinking water...

Author(s): A. J. Al-Rehaily, M. S. Al-Said and K. E. H. ELTahir

September 2011

Adult hemodialysis patients: A prospective study on the use of intravenous L-carnitine

The use of L-carnitine is very popular in recent years, but because of the lack of clinical trials, they are still sufficiently descriptive, and thus remain a mystery. However, a very common complication in hemodialysis patients is caused by a decrease in the serious incidence put forward by recent studies. This study aims to show if there are common reduced complications in patients using L-carnitine. All the...

Author(s): Yazar H., Kayhan B. C., Basarali K. M. and Balci  M.

September 2011

In vitro anti-HIV and immunomodulatory potentials of Azadirachta indica (Meliaceae) leaf extract

Azadirachta indica (neem) is attributed to have many ethnopharmacological properties and has been postulated to have a significant effect on CD4 counts in HIV/AIDS subjects, however, the precise anti-retroviral mechanism is not yet known. In this study, a hydroacetone extract of A. indica leaves was investigated for its anti-retroviral and immunomodulatory potentials. The effect of the neem leaf extract...

Author(s): F. M. Awah, P. N. Uzoegwu and P. Ifeonu

September 2011

The effect of Irbesartan on myocardial interstitial fibrosis in diabetic rats

To explore the effect of the angiotensin type 1 (AT-1) receptor antagonist, Irbesartan, on myocardial interstitial fibrosis in rats with diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM). Thirty-nine male wistar rats were injected intraperitoneally with streptozotocin (STZ) (55 mg/kg, once) to establish a DCM animal model. After 12 weeks, the rats with blood glucose higher than 16.7 mmol/L, as well as polydipsia、hyperphagia and polyuria,...

Author(s): Chun-Mei Li, Xing-Hua Zhang, Yu-Ying Zhangand Hou-Zhi Yu

September 2011

Changes in serum cardiac troponin T levels in professional football players before and after the game

This study aims to determine the cardiac muscle damage of male football players before, during and after the football match. The sample consisted of 13 football players (Age: 25.23 ± 5.36 years; sport age: 8.92 ± 4.75 years; height: 174.00 ± 7.55 cm, and body weight: 68.77 ± 4.55 kg) who volunteered for this study. Blood samples were taken from the participants six times (before the match,...

Author(s): Murat AKYUZ

September 2011

Impairment of active avoidance learning and sensory motor reflexes in mice offspring induced by perinatal acute toxic exposure to selenium

Selenium is an essential element with a narrow margin between beneficial and toxic effects. The learning and sensory motor reflexes-changes were studied after the perinatal exposure of mice to acute toxic doses of sodium selenite. Atomic absorption as well as the behavioral observations were employed. Adult pregnant mice was assigned into three groups: the first group was remained as a control group; the second and the...

Author(s): Gada Al Basher, Hossam Ebaid, Jamaan Ajarem and Gasem Abu-Taweel

September 2011

Antibacterial and antioxidant activities of local seeded banana fruits

The antibacterial and antioxidant activities of different parts of local seeded banana fruit were investigated in vitro. Dried peels, pulps and seeds of the fruit were extracted with hexane, ethyl acetate and ethanol. Antibacterial property of the extracts was evaluated against four Gram positive and four Gram negative bacteria using disc diffusion technique. Ethyl acetate and ethanol extract of both pulp and peel...

Author(s): Preeti Jain, Mahmood Hasan Bhuiyan, Khondker Rufaka Hossain and Sitesh C. Bachar