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  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 10 January 2015; 10(1)

January 2015

Students’ attitude to cloud-based learning in university diverse environment: a case of Russia

The paper explores the ways how Russian students with different social background view the cloud- based foreign language learning. The empirical data was collected through questionnaires and in-depth interviews of students from metropolitan and regional universities, taking into account the students’ family incomes, ethnic and religious affiliation. Quantative and qualitative methods were combined to interpret the...

Author(s): Anastasia Atabekova, Rimma Gorbatenko and Kamo Chilingaryan

January 2015

An investigation of teacher candidates’ metacognitive skills according to their year of study at Canakkale

The aim of the present study was to investigate the differences in teacher candidates’ metacognitive skills analyzed according to the year of study in their undergraduate program they were in. The research methodology in the study was survey. Among survey types, the cross-sectional design was used. The sample of the study included a total of 1072 students (322 male and 750 female) who studied in the Elementary...

Author(s): Baris Cetin

January 2015

Adaptation of economy attitude scale to Turkish culture: Validity and reliability study

Economics affects us no matter what role we play in social life.  Its foundation as a science was laid by the studies of Adam Smith, and since history it has become one of the disciplines accepted in university curriculums. Scarcity, opportunity costs and abandoning something in order to obtain another one are the core concepts of this discipline. These three concepts represent the heart of Economics and generally...

Author(s): Bulent ALAGOZ

January 2015

Violence tendencies of high school students: an examination in terms of exposure to violence, participation in sports and socio-demograpic attributes

The purpose of this study was to determine the violence tendencies of young people studying in high school in terms of their participation in sports, status of exposure to violence and socio-demographic variables. It was also aimed to evaluate whether the identified violence tendency differed significantly by gender, grade, school success, features of the living place, parental education, economic level, doing sports or...

Author(s): Elif Karagün

January 2015

Longitudinal investigation of perceptions towards university concept through metaphors: A university Sample in Turkey

This study aims to fill the gap in the field of observation-based longitudinal studies about metaphors in educational literature and investigates students’ perceptions about the concept of universty before and after university by identifying and comparing the change and the direction of change observed in perceptions. The phenomenological study was conducted on 128 Abant Ä°zzet Baysal University first year...

Author(s): Türkan Argon

January 2015

Gender disparity analysis in academic achievement at higher education preparatory schools: Case of South Wollo, Ethiopia

Gender is among the determinant factors affecting students’ academic achievement. This paper tried to investigate the impact of gender on academic performance of preparatory secondary school students based on 2014 EHEECE result. Ex post facto research design was used. To that end, data were collected from 3243 students from eight purposively selected schools. The analysis has been undertaken quantitatively using...

Author(s): Amogne Asfaw Eshetu

January 2015

Unforgettable teaching: Memoirs of pre-service teachers’ encounters with good teaching

This study aims to analyze pre-service teachers’ narrations about important teaching experiences, which mostly affected them and which they mostly enjoyed.  In the present study, a qualitative research was used. The study was carried out with 214 pre-service teachers in MuÄŸla, Turkey who wrote short memoirs on learning experiences as prompted by a research question. In these memoirs, they shared those...

Author(s): Hasan Åžeker

January 2015

The relationship between physical activity level, body mass index, and body fat percentage in urban and rural elementary school students

The purpose of this study is to compare the physical activity levels, physical activity types, Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage (BF%) values of elementary school students living in rural and urban. Body height (BH), body weight (BW), BF% and BMI data were measured. Physical activity questionnaire was conducted to determine the activity types and daily activity habits of the subjects. As a result of the...

Author(s): Özlem Orhan

January 2015

The impact of coenzyme Q10 supplement on the indicators of muscle damage in young male skiing athletes

This study was conducted in order to know the impact of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement on the muscle damage and total oxidant (TOS) enzyme levels of young skiing athletes during exercise. 15 male athletes were used for two weeks in the study. The athletes were divided into three groups: the control group and two subject groups taking 100 mg and 200 mg CoQ10. A maximal exercise program with 70-80% overload was applied...

Author(s): Nevzat Demirci

January 2015

Investigation of students’ attitudes towards e-learning in terms of different variables—A case study in a technical and vocational high school for girls

This study aims at determining the attitudes towards e-learning among the students of technical and vocational high school for girls and examining them in terms of certain variables. Singular and relational survey methods were used. The sample consisted of 119 students of technical and vocational high school for girls. Data were collected through a paper based survey consisting of two parts. In the first part of the...

Author(s): Sebnem KANDIL INGEC

January 2015

Analysing instructors’ view regarding the efficiency of the Turkish history subjects presented in Turkey social studies textbooks

Just like it is the reflex of each nation to teach its own history to the next generations, it is essential that our country is also able to identify the sufficiency level of the Turkish history within the framework of developing a programme. Through this study, the parallelism between the social studies teaching programme within the education process and the textbooks and the instructors’ views regarding the way...

Author(s): Mustafa SEKER and Genc Osman ILHAN