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Development of the choir team perception scale

August 2020 - Vol 15 Num. 8

The purpose of this study is to develop a valid and reliable scale to measure the team perception levels of choir members. In the first step, a draft scale comprising 54-items was administered to 332 choir members. With the KMO (Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin) test for sampling adequacy, KMO value was found to be 0.936. Factor...

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Exploring challenges of preparing authentic English language tests in secondary and preparatory schools: The case of Gamo, Gofa and Konso zones in Southern Ethiopia

August 2020

Mohammed Shure Wado and Abdurehman Osman Seid

Development of the choir team perception scale

August 2020

Duygu Piji Küçük  

Investigation of life satisfaction and interpersonal problem-solving skills of high school students according to their sports status

July 2020

Fatih Öztürk and Elif Karagün  

Evaluation of impact of fine arts high school music department program on students’ piano playing skills

July 2020

Jale Deniz  

Impact of teaching topics of equality and equation with scenarios on 7th graders’ mathematical achievement and mathematical motivation

July 2020

Neslihan USTA and Büşra ÇAĞAN

10 November, 2013

The meaning of fatherhood as perceived by Turkish police fathers and their young children

Özkan Özgün, Münire Aydilek Çiftçi and Şule Erden

10 January, 2014

Analysis of the relationship between the emotional intelligence and professional burnout levels of teachers

Adilogullari Ilhan, Ulucan Hakki and Senel Ender    

23 October, 2013

Interactive Whiteboard factor in Education: Students’ points of view and their problems

Tufan Aytaç    

10 November, 2013

A study of self-regulated learning strategies as predictors of critical reading

Bekele Birhanie Aregu

10 May 2013

Pre-service physical education teachers’ preference for class management profiles and teacher’s self-efficacy beliefs


January 2007

An examination of the relationship of gender, marital status, and prior educational attainment and learner autonomy

M. G. Derrick, A. P. Rovai, M. Ponton, G. J. Confessore and P. B. Carr

January 2007

Social work education and police in Papua New Guinea

Betty Lovai

January 2007

Difficulty and discriminating indices of three-multiple choice tests using the confidence scoring procedure

  M. S. Omirin

January 2008

Addressing urban high-poverty school teacher attrition by addressing urban high-poverty school teacher retention: why effective teachers persevere

Sueanne E. McKinney, Robert Q. Berry, Daniel L. Dickerson and Gloria Campbell-Whately

January 2008

Using new technologies in creating excitement in biology laboratory activities

Nkadi Onyegegbu