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Effects of Teacher Mentoring on the Classroom Practices of Lower Grade Primary School Teachers in Kwale County, Kenya

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Teacher classroom practices have been identified as the key contributing factor to the low learning outcomes at the primary school grades in Kenya. Teacher mentoring has the potential to improve classroom practices and this study sought to determine its effects on the classroom practices of primary school teachers in Kwale County, Kenya. Using One Group Repeated Measures Quasi-Experimental Design, one cohort of 40 teachers...

Author(s):Daniel Ngaru Muraya and Esther Nyaguthii Wairimu

The Variables Affecting Social-Emotional Development, Academic Grit and Subjective Well-Being of Fourth-Grade Primary School Students

Article in Press

This study aims to examine the effects of some demographic variables on social-emotional development, academic grit and subjective well-being in fourth-grade primary school students. The sample of this cross-sectional study consisted of 582 fourth grade primary school students. Data were collected using the Social-Emotional and Character Development Scale, the Academic Grit Scale, and the Subjective Well-Being in School...

Author(s):Kayhan Bozgün , Meltem Akın-Kösterelioğlu

Exploring Challenges of Preparing Authentic English Language Tests in Secondary and Preparatory Schools: The Case of Gamo, Gofa and Konso Zones in Southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

The main objective of this research was to study challenges of preparing authentic English language tests in Ethiopian Six Secondary schools. The focus was to assess current challenges in the preparation of authentic and communicative language tests. To this end, interviews and FGD with English language teachers were made and hence, 61 teachers were taken as the sample for the study from six Secondary schools: Arba Minch,...

Author(s):Mohammed Shure Wado and Abdurehman Osman Seid

The Relationship Between Perceived Manager Support and Work Commitments of Sports Instructors

Article in Press

The aim of this study is to investigate the perceived role of supervisor support in predicting the work engagement levels of instructors working in sports venues. Sample of this study consists of a total of 254 instructors, 88 males and 166 females, age ranged 22-63, working in various sports venues. Personal information form, perceived supervisor Support and work engagement scale applied to the individuals in the sample...

Author(s):Nedim Malko, Suzan Yıldız Dal


Article in Press

The research population consists of 1170 students studying at the Uşak University, Faculty of Sport Sciences in the fall semester of 2019-2020. The sample group consisted of 334 students selected from this universe by random sampling method through voluntary participation. In the research, California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI-R) which was originally developed by Facione, P.A., Facione, N.C., and...

Author(s):Mihriay MUSA


Article in Press

In this study, we identify and analyze the different expressions of violence during physical education courses among a school population, and the pedagogical strategies of teachers to reduce violence in Brazzaville, Congo. Based on a survey of students of high schools from disadvantaged environment and teachers, a cross-sectional and analytical survey was carried out from January to April 2019. The activity "volleyball"...

Author(s):LEMBE Gorgon, EWAMELA Aristide, LITOTO PAMBOU Lucien, AFOBOURI Georges Alfred, MASSAMBA Alphonse

Constructing and Measuring of the Critical Success Factors of College Students' International Mobility: Application of AHP Method

Article in Press

With the increasing popularity and importance of globalization issues, “global mobility” has become one of the important education policies of Taiwan's higher education. Many universities have actively applied “Shuei-Hai-Fei-Yan” and “Shuei-Hai-Shi-Jhu” programs to follow the trend of globalization and arrange outstanding students to participate in overseas training or internships in order to strengthen the cultivation of...

Author(s):Shu-Min Tsai, Yaw-Yih Wang, Yuan-Duen Lee, Song-Tsan Hong

Scientific Research Hypotheses Understanding of the Pre-Service Science Teachers at Faculty of Education-Amran University, Yemen

Article in Press

Preparing pre-service science teachers (PSSTs ) with the scientific research skills (SRSs) is an ultimate aim of PSSTs' preparation programs. Yet, this study aimed to explore PSSTs' understanding level of SRHs (SRHUL). To this end, an action research (AR) was adopted using a pre-post-test design. In doing so, a multiple choice test consists of 15 items was developed and conducted on a random sample consisted of 120...

Author(s):Abddulsalam Al-Hadabi and Mabrook Saleh Ali Al-soudi

A Proposed Comprehensive Model of Value-Creation University and Transformational Higher Education Indicators in Iran

Article in Press

Today, most of high education experts consider value creation (a term different from entrepreneurship or entrepreneur) a condition for the survival and development of universities and higher education systems. Because in the era of the development of advanced technologies and knowledge-based industries in the global, regional, national and even local economies only through the strengthening of university-industry...

Author(s):Ahmad Amanzadeh Rashidi, Fareydoon Azma, Roohallah Samiee, Abdolreza Sobhani

Impact of Teaching Topics of Equality and Equation with Scenarios on 7th Graders’ Mathematical Achievement and Mathematical Motivation

Article in Press

In the current study, effects of teaching equality and equation with scenarios on students’ mathematical achievement and mathematical motivation were analyzed. In addition, students’ views on using scenarios for teaching equality and equation were included. A pre – posttest quasi-experimental design with Control Group (CG) was employed as the design of the research. The study group of the current research consisted of...

Author(s):Neslihan USTA and Büşra ÇAĞAN

The Development of the English Teaching Evaluation Model Focusing on Task-Based Learning to Develop English Writing Ability and Creative Thinking for Sixth Grade Students in Thailand

Article in Press

This research aimed to study current situations, problems and needs for the development of an English teaching evaluation model focusing on task-based learning to develop English writing ability and creative thinking in language, create the development of the English teaching evaluation model, implement, and evaluate the model designed. The research tools consisted of a structured interview form, an English writing ability...

Author(s):Phetaree Srimunta, Terdsak Suphandee, Somprasong Senarat , Sunan Sripai and Sirisak Ardwichai

Teachers’ Knowledge and Implementation of Assessment for Learning in Nigerian Secondary Education

Article in Press

This study investigates the knowledge and implementation of Assessment for Learning (AFL) by teachers in Nigerian schools. The study adopted a cross-sectional survey design, with a sample of 554 participants. Instrument used for data collection was Assessment for Learning Questionnaire (AFLQ). The reliability of the instrument was determined using Cronbach’s alpha which yielded a reliability index of 0.810. Mean and...

Author(s):Basil C.E Oguguo , Catherine U. Ene, Fadip Audu Nannim, Iheanacho C. Ike, Augustina C. Nzeadibe and Florence O. Atta

Karl Pearson Chi-Square Tests

Article in Press

Statistical tests have been an important tool to help interpret the results of the research correctly. The factors that influence the determination of the statistical test are the research purpose, hypothesis and data. Today, statistical tests are used more frequently, and it is aimed to analyze whether statistical tests are used in accordance with the research. For this purpose, frequently used chi-square tests are...

Author(s):Nihan Sölpük Turhan


Article in Press

This study reports on a survey conducted to explore the extent of use of Video Clip (VC) by academic staff for teaching and learning at the Faculty of Education, University of Calabar, Nigeria. Five Research questions were formulated to guide the study. The population of the study was made up of all the lecturers in the Faculty. The data were obtained using a structured questionnaire which in random, was administered to...

Author(s):Edem, N. B. and Ekon, E. E.

Peer Group and Career Aspiration of Secondary School Students in Northern Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria: Philosophical Contributions

Article in Press

The study was on influence of peer group on Career Aspiration among secondary school students. Research question and research hypothesis were formulated. Descriptive survey design was employed. Stratified random and purposive sampling techniques were used to obtain a sample of 960 SS3 students from 30 public secondary schools in study area. Data was collected using an instrument designed by the researchers. The research...

Author(s):Imo M. Obot, Justine B. Apebende, Essien Ekpenyong Essien and Francis Agwanyang Ogodo

Improving Students’ Mathematical Thinking Skill Viewed From Curiosity Through The Use Of Integral Calculus Teaching Materials With Problem-Based Learning Model

Article in Press

This study aims to find out the improvement of students’ mathematical critical thinking viewed from curiosity through the use of Integral Calculus teaching materials with Problem Based Learning model. This is a quasi-experimental research. The samples are , where the overall population consists of 75 samples divided into two classes. This research employed simple random sampling technique. The instruments were...



Article in Press

Active teaching is a key component in the education system at all stages of education. In practice, introduction of active teaching in mathematics teaching in primary school poses significant challenges for teachers. To solve this problem, we have developed a methodological approach described in this article. In particular, we suggest an active teaching model whose realization is linked to the inclusion of problems with...

Author(s):Tamar Dograshvili

Improving the Academic Performance of Lower Academic Achievers’ of Alelitu Sagure Primary School Learners’ Using Tutorial and Guidance and Counseling Service

Article in Press

The main aim of this action research project was to improve the academic achievement of lower academic achievers students of Alelitu Sagure primary school. Hence, students whose academic achievements were found to be lower than others selected on the base of the first semester academic records (on the bases of academic rank). In this regard 25 students from each grade level (Grade 2, 3, 5 and 6) were selected. In general,...

Author(s):Dereje Adefirs Woldetsadik and Birhanu Moges Alemu

The effect of losing on early maladaptive schemata of individual male athletes

Article in Press

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of losing on early maladaptive schemata of individual male athletes. The present study was a descriptive-analytical research method. The statistical population of this study was all male athletes in two age groups of adolescents and young people from individual (weightlifting and Tack and Taekoeandow) who participated in the championship of Erzurum province and country...

Author(s):Servet Reyhan, Yunus GÜR and Mir Hamid Salehian

Application of videos in problem based learning (pbl): A review

Article in Press

The use of videos in learning is aimed at improving learning outcomes, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, foster interest, cooperation and motivation of students in understanding the learning process. The use of videos in learning encourages students to continue to search for and find problems raised in video media and strive to solve them, in relation to global problems in the 21st century. The concept of...

Author(s):Woro Sumarni, Taufan Febrianto and Wiyanto Wiyanto

Academic Freedom for Special Education Faculty Members in Jordanian Universities from their Perspective

Article in Press

The study aimed at identifying academic freedom for Faculty Members in the major of special education in Jordanian universities from their perspective. The study used the descriptive- analytical method, then a stratified random sample to represent the study population. The sample consisted of (40) members. The results showed that all the questionnaire fields were in moderate degree. Furthermore, there were statistical...

Author(s):RandaM. Al- Momani

The relation between learning discipline and parents’ caring to learning achievement of students in Sma Negeri 4 Kupang

Article in Press

This research is an ex-post facto research which reveals data without providing treatment or manipulation of data on the variables. This study aims to find out the relationship between independent variables which are parents' attention (X1) and discipline (X2) to learning achievement (Y). This research was conducted at SMA Negeri 4 Kupang on November 2019 to December 2019. Based on research results, can be concluded that :...

Author(s):Petrus Ly

The impact of good governance practice and its challenges on education quality in Ethiopian Public Universities with a particular emphasis on Jigjiga University

Article in Press

Good Governance is about how citizens, leaders and public institutions relate to each other in order to make changes happen.Quality education and good governance are concepts needed to bring about healthy development ofa nation. Meaning, good governance promotes education quality. Indeed, quality education is a sure way to prepare individuals to render quality services to the nation sinceindividuals musthave acquired...

Author(s):Getachew Mijana Sabu

Employers’ Satisfaction and Associated Factors on the Performance of Employees Graduated from Private Colleges: the case of Paradise Valley College in Ethiopia

Article in Press

Besides the rapid expansion of higher education institutions in Ethiopia, serious concerns have been expressed about an increasingly wide gap between the skills and capabilities of graduates, and the requirements and demands of the work environment in an increasingly mobile and globalised society. The objective of the present research was to examine employers’ satisfaction on the performance of employees trained by and...

Author(s):Bewunetu Zewude Gebremeskel

The Effectiveness of a Proposed Counseling Program to Develop Self-Confidence among Jordanian University Students: The World Islamic Sciences& Education University as a Model

Article in Press

The present study aims at identifying the effectiveness of the proposed counseling program to develop self-confidence among the students of The World Islamic Sciences & Education University, and to identify their level of self-confidence, as well as to find out if there are statistically significant differences between the average of the experimental group members on the pretest and on the posttest, for self-confidence.The...

Author(s):Fatima Mohammad Rashed Al Talahin

Intelligence and Co-Operative Learning on Mathematics Achievement of Gifted Students in Nigeria.

Article in Press

The debate on whether intelligence is influenced by or not in grouping gifted students for leaning necessitates this study. This paper therefore, established empirically a position on levels of intelligence in cooperative learning for Mathematics achievement of gifted students. The study is based on a pretest-posttest quasi-experiment. Sixty-one participants were selected through multistage screening and were...

Author(s):Richard Ekonesi ORIM and Oluseyi Akintunde DADA

An Assessment of School Based Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Practices and Challenges

Article in Press

The purpose of the study was to assess school based continuous professional development (CPD) with reference to its practices and challenges in secondary schools of Bale Zone, Oromia. Descriptive survey research design was employed. Simple random sampling technique was used to approach individual samples. One hundred thirty six samples, of which (114 teachers, nine principals, nine school CPD facilitators, three ...

Author(s):Bezabih Wondimu

Making it abroad: Examining African and Asian students’ psychological adjustment and motivations in China

Article in Press

How well students thrive abroad is vital to their study experience. This study investigates African and Asian international students’ psychological adjustment and motivation in China. Utilizing cross-sectional quantitative research design, 536 international students in Chinese universities participated in the study. The study found moderate psychological adjustment among participants, depending on the length of time spent...

Author(s):Shaoying Gong, Charles Gbollie and Yang Huai

Inequalities in the Colombian educational system: The case of Tunja City

Article in Press

This work aims to study inequality existing between public and private educational institutions in Colombia, considering the high growth of private schools and the corresponding commodification of education in the neoliberal system. Tunja City is used as the case study because it has the highest academic achievement nationwide. A sample of 2,472 secondary school students (41.7 % private schools and 58.2% public schools)...

Author(s):Daniel Vega Torres, Sandra Acuña, Anderson Rodríguez and Aracely Burgos

The effect of using word processor in teaching writing skill among secondary students in schools in Jordan

Article in Press

The study aims to identify the effect of using word processor in teaching writing skill among Secondary students in private schools in Jordan. Clear out the differences in writing skill between the control group taught in the ordinary method and the experimental group taught using word processor. The study follows the descriptive and the experimental approach to identify the effect of using word processor in teaching...

Author(s):Yaser Aladwan

Renewed Turkish Language teaching undergraduate program based on opinions of Turkish Langauge teachers

Article in Press

Turkish language teachers may state the professional fields that they require by comparing the situations which they have encountered in their teaching lives with the undergraduate education that they have received. By filling the stated deficiencies in these fields, the Turkish Language Teaching Undergraduate Program which has become more capable of meeting the features required in Turkish language courses will train more...

Author(s):Uyanik Osman

Ethnocontructivism in the social affairs for basic school teachers in Indonesia

Article in Press

The essence of local cultural values must now be introduced to students. The introduction of the values contained can be realized through integration in the curriculum. Teachers as the spearhead of the implementation of learning must know and be able to introduce local cultural values to students. One of the cultural values that can be introduced is ethnosocial knowledge. This study aims to determine the extent of teacher...

Author(s):Asrial Asrial, Muhammad Sofwan, Dwi Kurniawan and Reza Pratama

Counselling Rehabilitation Program in Improving the Quality of Life for Physically Disabled People

Article in Press

The present study aimed at recognizing counselling rehabilitation program in improving the quality of life of a sample of the physically disabled people in Jordan. The sample had been distributed into two groups: experimental of (20) disabled persons and a controlling group consisted of (20) disabled persons, Results showed the existence of differences on the scale of life quality for both dimensions; the bodily and time...

Author(s):Ibrahim Bajes Maali


Article in Press

Reading and reading habits are different concepts. First, the state of reading in the direction of a person's needs develops over time, and this habit becomes a part of the person's life. In the researches examined, it is seen that the lack of reading habits and the reasons for this situation were emphasized. In this study, a focus group interview was the preferred method of qualitative research. The purposive sampling...

Author(s):Betul Keray Dıncel

Knowledge, Attitude and Tackling the Student Mental Illness at Secondary School

Article in Press

Mental health problem accounts for a large proportion of the disease burden in our society, particularly in young people. Mental health, in the context of Bangladesh education system, is slightly overlooked due to lack of better understanding and awareness. Therefore, addressing mental health needs at secondary school is critically important in Bangladesh. This article analyses why mental illness occurs and persist to some...

Author(s):Fakhrul Islam and Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Hossienie

Stop-motion as a didactic resource to reduce alcohol consumption in higher education students

Article in Press

The objective of this research was to apply stop-motion as a didactic resource to reduce alcohol consumption in university students of the Production School of the Universidad Iberoamericana del Ecuador (UNIB.E). For the execution of the study a quantitative study of descriptive analysis was designed, supported in three phases. The first phase allowed to diagnose the knowledge, beliefs and level of alcohol consumption that...

Author(s):Santamaria Melanie, Mendoza Derling and Navarro Mercedes


Article in Press

This study was geared towards assessing graduates and lecturers’ perceptions on employability skills needed by agricultural education graduates among tertiary institutions in Lagos State. Two null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The target population for the study was 2040 respondents comprising 1800 graduates of Agricultural education and 260 lecturers of the same discipline. A total of 204 graduates and 26...

Author(s):Ashang Michael Ushie, Bello Muftau, Yusuf Paul Jude and Dogo Solomon Kakang

Investigation of The Perceptions of Students Who Participate in Sports Organizations in Universities Regarding The Term “Sports”

Article in Press

The main aim of this study is to investigate the perceptions of students who participate in sports organizations in universities regarding the term “sports”. With this main aim, the perception of the term was explained by metaphors. The study group includes 108 female and 112 male volunteer students, who studied in various departments of Adıyaman University during the 2017-2018 education period. For the data collection...

Author(s):Fatih MURATHAN

Investigation of Despair Levels of Families with Down Syndrome Child and Their Parental Attitudes on Perception and Coping with Stress (City of Adiyaman Example)

Article in Press

This study has been carried out in Adiyaman, Turkey with a group of families, who have children with down syndrome (CDS), to investigate the despair levels of families and their parental attitudes on perception and coping with stress in August-October 2018. The population of the study consists from parents of 148 CDS who live in Adiyaman/Turkey. The sample group includes 82 volunteer fathers and mothers. Data has been...

Author(s):AYKUT Dundar and UMIT Yetis

Challenges of Writing Senior Essay for Undergraduate Students: The case of Bule Hora University History and Heritage Management Department Graduate Students

Article in Press

This action research addresses the challenges of third year History and Heritage Management students in senior essay writing. To achieve the objective of the study we use a total 21 graduate classes’ students’ response in the department by distributing a questionnaire to the graduate students of History and Heritage management The study found that more than half of the respondent students faced the challenges of writing...

Author(s):Tesfaye Fentaw Nigatu and Iyerus Kassa

A Review on Higher Diploma Training Program Experiences, Quality Teaching and its Challenges in Mizan_Tepi University, Ethiopia

Article in Press

University. Specifically, it is to discuss on how knowledge, experiences and skills acquired from higher diploma training is linked to quality teaching-learning. Higher diploma training is effectively undertaking in Mizan_Tepi University. About 572 academic staff have completed this training program within the last ten years. However, there is no study on the impact of this training via the effectiveness teaching of...

Author(s):Miressa Yadessa

Study of the Relationship Between Native Bilingualism (Multilingualism) and Academic Performance of the Students at the University Level

Article in Press

This paper examines a possible relationship between the number of mother tongues undergraduate students studying at a Swedish university speak and their academic performance. It describes the study conducted on the cohort of sixty-one students enrolled in two primary school teacher-training programs with some being native monolinguals, who have only been exposed to one mother tongue, and others being either native...

Author(s):Martin Dvorak

Plagiarism Issues in Students’ Project in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: A case study of Edo State Polytechnic Usen

Article in Press

Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty; it is prevalent in the educational and non educational sector. Plagiarism is a universal problem; incidents of plagiarism are becoming increasingly popular in most institutions due to the advent of ICT and internet revolution. This research focuses on determining the level of plagiarism in students’ project in Nigeria tertiary institution a case of Edo State polytechnic Usen....

Author(s):Idiata D.J; Osaghae, P.E; Edoimioya, P.O


Article in Press

The main purpose of this study was to assess the current principals decision making practice in government preparatory schools’ of West Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State. To conduct this study, a quantitative research method particularly cross sectional descriptive survey design was employed. A total of 233 respondents were included into the study. The data were collected through questionnaire, interview which was...

Author(s):Etecha Fekadu Dabesa

Teacher self-efficacy among trainees of Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching: Implications for Ethiopian Secondary School Teacher Education

Article in Press

The purpose of this study was to examine the state of Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching trainees’ self-efficacy belief and the factors that contributed to its development with emphasis to Dilla University. To this end, 112 trainees were selected using stratified random sampling technique, and data was collected through questionnaire which was analyzed using independent sample t-test, one sample t-test, and Multiple...

Author(s):Alemayehu Habte and Genene Abebe

Analysis of standardized test; a criterion for placement evaluation in colleges of education in relation to pre-nce program

Article in Press

The purpose of the study was to examine the academic performance of student admitted for NCE program in colleges of education using JAMB, WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB as the bases for direct entry admission exercise and compare with the academic performance of students admitted through college remedial exercise in order to ascertain the validity reliability and usability of standardized examination, if it is worthy of...

Author(s):Luka Yelwa Barde

Effectiveness of the use of flipped classroom teaching as a pedagogical tool as compared to traditional methods of teaching

Article in Press

Universities around the world are constantly looking out for innovative ways to impart education to students. By using computers and computer applications in teaching the education sector has surely reaped the benefits of technology. However technology constantly undergoes an upgrade and educators need to be adept at incorporating new technology in their current pedagogies. This research focuses on demonstrating the...

Author(s):Natika Poddar and Leanne Barretto


Article in Press

Name calling is a form of verbal bullying and it represents one of the most common forms of bullying among school age children. It is difficult to control and there is dearth of literature concerning it in Nigeria. The objectives of this study are to determine the prevalence and the self-perception of name calling. Eight hundred and thirty eight (838) pupils aged 11 – 17years in six secondary schools participated in the...

Author(s):Orighoye Tosan Temisanren


Article in Press

This paper is an exploratory paper that used the qualitative research techniques to critically evaluate the problems and prospects of university education in Nigeria. It attempted to critically look at the problems confronting university education in Nigeria which include emphasis on paper qualification, failure of public institutions, cultism, corruption, planning and implementation problems etc. and also discussed...

Author(s):Nicholas Omoregbe Sharon, Charles Tunde Iruonagbe, Idowu Chiazor

The effect of giving feedback and locus of control on learning basic skills on micro-teaching

Article in Press

This study was conducted in order to test the effect of giving feedback and locus of control on learning basic skills in micro teaching. The study was conducted in Micro Teaching Unit of the Faculty of Pedagogy dan Education Science at the University of Muhammadiyah Metro. The research time is 4 (four months), which is in the second semester of the 2015/2016 academic year. Research carried out by the experimental method....

Author(s):Karwono, Agus Sujarwanta, dan Hadi Pranoto

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