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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJFA
  • Start Year: 2010
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Cage fish culture in the lake victoria region: Adoption determinants, challenges and opportunities

July-December 2021 - Vol 13 Num. 2

Fish cage farming was first introduced in Lake Victoria in 2005, however, its adoption and production has not met expectations. It is a promising venture that can help solve the problems of food insecurity, unemployment and alleviate poverty if, a conducive investment environment is put in place.  This study sought...

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Cage fish culture in the lake victoria region: Adoption determinants, challenges and opportunities

July-December 2021

Mary Orinda, Erick Okuto and Martin Abwao

Occupational hazards, risk and injuries of fish processors in Tombo a coastal fish landing site, Sierra Leone, West Africa

January-June 2021

Olapade Olufemi Julius, Kpundeh Mathew Didlyn, Quinn Patrick George and Nyuma Grace Janet Yawa  

Water hardness does not influence iodine-induced mortality of rainbow trout eyed eggs

January-June 2021

Alex J. Rosburg, Cameron Enright, Jill M. Voorhees and Michael E. Barnes  

Enhancing the fisheries sector of African Great lakes: Value chain analysis of the Tanganyika Sardine (Limnothrissa miodon, Boulenger 1906) from Lake Kivu, Rwanda

January-June 2021

A. Murera, M. Verschuur, and Donald R. Kugonza

Aspects of reproductive indices and enteroparasitic infestation of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) in a tropical reservoir

January-June 2021

Olumuyiwa Olasunmibo Ajala and Olatunde O. Fawole

August 2014

Implementing a unified methodology for fisheries management (UMFM) in fresh water in Morocco

Laamiri Mohamed Badr, Oufrid Salwa and Yahyaoui Ahmed

October 2014

Genetic relationships between captive and wild subpopulations of Arapaima gigas (Schinz, in Cuvier, 1822)

Carlos Henrique dos Anjos dos Santos, Carolina Sousa de Sá Leitão, Maria de Nazaré Paula e Silva and Vera Maria Fonseca de Almeida e Val,

January, 2014

Sperm Quality and reproductive performance of male Clarias Gariepinus induced with synthetic hormones (Ovatide and Ovaprim)

Oguntuase Bukola Gbemisola and Adebayo O. T.

November 2013

Effect of varying stocking density of bottom feeder fish Cirrhinus mrigala and Cyprinus carpio on growth performance and fish yield in polyculture system

Muhammad Ahmad, Sumaira Abbas, Arshad Javid, Muhammad Ashraf, Khalid Javed Iqbal, Hamda Azmat, Tariq Khan, Sajid Mahmood and Rizwan Haider

November 2014

Morphometric relations, diet composition and ontogenetic dietary shift of Labeobarbus intermedius (Rüppell, 1836) in Lake Tana gulf of Gorgora, Ethiopia

Flipos Engdaw

May 2014

Effects of carbohydrate sources on the growth and body compositions of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Orire A. M. and Sadiku S. O. E.

September 2013

Partial replacement of fish meal by earthworm meal (Libyodrilus violaceus) in diets for African catfish, Clarias gariepinus

Dedeke G. A., Owa S. O., Olurin K. B., Akinfe A. O. and Awotedu O. O.

November 2013

Effect of short-term cyclic feed deprivation on growth and economic limit of commercial feed-based in-door grow-out of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822)

Ofor, Chukwuma Okereke and Ukpabi, Chikwendu

July-December 2021

Cage fish culture in the lake victoria region: Adoption determinants, challenges and opportunities

Mary Orinda, Erick Okuto and Martin Abwao

July 2013

Inclusion effect of graded levels of molases in the diet of Clarias gariepinus juvenile

Aderolu, Ademola Zaid, Aarode, Oluwaseun Olasunkanmi and Bello, Rafiat Ajoke