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Table of Content: May 2013; 5(5)

May 2013

First ever record of a threatened onespot barb fish, Puntius terio (Hamilton) from Arunachal Pradesh, India: A biodiversity hot spot

Arunachal Pradesh is geographically the largest state in North-East region of India with rich lentic and lotic water resources. The state has more than 7000 ha of lentic water and 2000 km of lotic water resources. Arunachal Pradesh is the 18th hot spot of the world in view of the richness of biological diversity. It constitutes high endemism and comparatively higher incidence of rare and threatened taxa. Available...

Author(s): Keshav Kr. Jha, Onong Tamuk, Tapan Kr. Ghosh and Vibhash Ch. Jha

May 2013

Influence of dietary protein levels on growth, feed utilization and carcass composition of snakehead, Parachanna obscura (Günther, 1861) fingerlings

Five isoenergetic semi-purified diets were formulated to evaluate the effects of dietary crude protein levels on growth and feed utilization of snakehead, Parachanna obscura (4.08 ± 0.07 g). Experimental diets were formulated to contain graded levels of crude protein (CP; 30, 40, 45, 50 and 60 g/100 g of diet). Fish feed on the tested diet in triplicate for 45 days. Seventy fingerlings were stocked per...

Author(s): Diane N. S. Kpogue, Grace A. Ayanou, Ibrahim I. Toko, Guy A. Mensah and Emile D. Fiogbe

May 2013

An assessment on red tilapia stocks in Malaysia using microsatellite markers

Tilapia is an important farmed freshwater fish in Malaysia. Freshwater aquaculture production statistics showed that tilapia topped the list for several years. On the choice of colour, the Malaysian aquaculture industry has always preferred the red hybrids. Statistically, red tilapia represented 86% of the total local tilapia production. One of the constraints faced by the industry is seed stock quality. There...

Author(s): K. V. Karuppannan, I. Noraida and S. Oyyan

September 2013

Population structure and fishing of the greasyback shrimp (Metapenaeus ensis, De Haan, 1844) by bag net in a coastal river of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The greasyback shrimp (Metapenaeus ensis) was studied in My Thanh River in Soc Trang Province, in the coastal region of the Mekong Delta in 2010. The bag net was used in the study; it had conducted six rounds of sampling (February, April, June, August, October, and December) at six stations along 30 km of river from the estuary at 6 km intervals. Besides, survey data also involved 36 fishermen, who are...

Author(s): Tran Van Viet, and Kazumi Sakuramoto

May 2013

Evaluation of the nutritional quality of four unexplored wild food plants from Arunachal Himalayas for the formulation of cost effective fish feeds

Wild food plants used by the tribes of Arunachal Himalaya (Northeast India) found to be highly nutritious to maintain general balance diet. A study was conducted to evaluate the nutritional potential of four commonly found, unexplored wild food plants namely, Angiopteris evecta,Amaranthus viridis, Celosia argentea and Monochoria vaginalis used by the tribes of Arunachal Himalaya to ascertain...

Author(s): Kalita Pallabi, Hui Tag and A. K. Das

May 2013

Essentiality of calcium supplement in the diets of Heterobranchus bidorsalis fingerlings

An 84-day feeding trial was conducted to determine the effect of calcium (Ca) supplemented diets on growth and body mineral composition of Heterobranchus bidorsalis, initial mean weight (5.05 ± 0.31 g). Glass aquaria (70 × 45 × 40 cm) each filled up to 70 L of its volume with Ca -free water were used for the experiment. Eleven practical diets were formulated to contain graded levels of...

Author(s): I. A. Adebayo and B. O. Omitoyin