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Development and Agricultural Economics

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  • ISSN: 2006-9774
  • DOI: 10.5897/JDAE
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: January-March 2021; 13(1)

January 2021

Determinants of adoption of sustainable land management practice choices among smallholder farmers in Abay Basin of Oromia, Ethiopia

Land degradation mainly caused by soil erosion, and shades an ominous threat to the livelihood development prospects of Ethiopian smallholder farmers. In response to this, the government of Ethiopia introduced a Sustainable Land Management Program (hereafter referred as ‘SLM’), even though the adoption by smallholder farmers has been low. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence the adoption of...

Author(s): Wondimu Legesse, Jema Haji, Mengistu Ketema and Bezabih Emana  

January 2021

Effect of malaria on income of cocoa farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria

This study investigated the economic effects of malaria on cocoa farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria using the ordinary least square regression technique. Descriptive statistics were used to identify strategies to reduce malaria infection among cocoa farmers. The sample frame for the study was derived from secondary data obtained from records of Ondo State Ministry of Health on registered cocoa farmers who had malaria during...

Author(s): Eniafe David Olakunle and Oseni Joseph Olumide  

January 2021

Severity of household food insecurity and coping strategies in Analemmo Woreda, Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Hunger and undernourishment are the main challenges of today’s world. The objective of this study is to assess severity of household food insecurity and local coping strategies in the study area. Three-stage sampling technique was used to select sampled household in Analemmo woreda Hadiya Zone. A total of 200 households were selected by using systematic random sampling with proportional to population size. Both...

Author(s): Mesfin Melese and Mebratu Alemu  

February 2021

Willingness to pay for Nairobi National Park: An application of discrete choice experiment

Nairobi National Park is a protected ecosystem where various types of wildlife find hiding place. The park has in the recent past experienced destruction through construction of a standard gauge railway (SGR) line and a highway called the Southern bypass. These developments raise concern with the possibility that their combined environmental cost being enormous. This study sought to determine the willingness to pay...

Author(s): Kemunto Mongare and Kamau Gathiaka  

February 2021

Willingness of cocoa farmers to participate in crop insurance in the Dormaa Municipality of the Bono region, Ghana

The investigation considered farmers’ readiness to take part in crop insurance in the Dormaa municipality of the Bono Region, Ghana. Essential information from 167 respondents who were chosen through a multi-stage sampling method for the study was collected through a structured questionnaire. Elements influencing readiness to participate in crop protection by cocoa farmers was evaluated using probit regression...

Author(s): Samuel Afotey Anang, Tekuni Nakuja and Aristerchus Sarpong    

February 2021

Can orange fleshed sweet potatoes processing trigger farmers to use quality improved planting materials? Empirical evidence from selected regions in Tanzania

Production of orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) in Tanzania is constrained by the underutilization of virus-free improved certified planting materials. The sustainable use of these planting materials leads to the constant demand of the planting materials by farmers which can be triggered from viable processing. We determine the viability of processing in the OFSP value chain and its contribution to the uptake of...

Author(s): Kangile, R. J, Bakuza, E., Kuboja, N. M and Tairo, F.D.  

February 2021

Financial profitability of maize production with bio-fertilizer based on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi native to Benin

Soil degradation, one of the causes associated with declining maize productivity is an environmental concern whose consequences are felt most strongly by poor people in developing countries. Indeed, the production of maize on soil fertilized with a combination of mycorrhizal fungi and half a dose of NPK has resulted in a production like that of the extension practice in Benin. This study aims, through an analysis of the...

Author(s): M. Ricardos Aguégué, Nestor R. Ahoyo Adjovi, Elysée M. Houédjofonon, Koubourath A. Djinadou, Djihal A. Koda, Marcel Y. Adoko, Jocelyne Danbaka, Aude Kelomey, Adolphe Adjanohoun and Lamine Baba-Moussa  

March 2021

Python farming in Zimbabwe: Assessing local appetite for a novel agricultural system

Python meat is a traditional but small source of protein throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa, but supply is exclusively from wild harvest. We build on recent evidence that supports snake farming as a viable and sustainable small-scale livestock system in Asia. We explore python farming as a strategy for enhanced food security in Zimbabwe. Our survey results highlight challenges, including drought and human-wildlife...

Author(s): Patrick W. Aust, James MacGregor and Graham J. Alexander  

March 2021

Determinants of participation in non-farm activities and its effect on household income: An empirical study in Ethiopia

Undertaking non-agrarian income-generating activities to reduce overreliance on agriculture, production failures, and income fluctuations is a household-amenable, self-insurance mechanism, which provides employment opportunities and capital investment. This article examines the determinants of participation in non-farm activities and effect on household income. Heckman two-step procedure was used to analyze a three-wave...

Author(s): Komikouma Apelike Wobuibe Neglo, Tnsue Gebrekidan and Kaiyu Lyu  

March 2021

Taenia saginata cysticercus: Its socioeconomic and psychosocial effects on cattle farmers in Botswana

Despite claims that Taenia saginata taeniosis/cysticercosis cause adverse financial and socioeconomic effects on cattle farmers, there is no recent empirical evidence to justify this assertion in Botswana. This paper provides empirical analysis of bovine taeniosis and cysticercosis effects on farmers’ wellbeing in Botswana. Interviews and observations using non-participatory structured questionnaire were used to...

Author(s): Uchendu Okechukwu Goodhead, Andrew Olatunbosun Aganga, Njoku Ola Ama and Marumo S. Davis