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Table of Content: January-June 2021; 12(1)

January 2021

Elements in color: A symbolistic approach to analyzing the Haitian flag

The literature and artifacts associated with Haiti’s history have puzzled its people for a long time. One historical symbol left open to interpretation is the Haitian flag, although its aesthetic appeal is apparent to many. Ascertaining precise meanings from the flag's design is difficult due to the lack of available information and alteration of the original design by successive political administrations....

Author(s): Margarette Marie Thrasybule  

January 2021

Multiple identities of multilingual minorities: Values and practices influencing social, national and personal identity formation

This empirical study examined the ways in which multilingualism influences the community identities of individuals and minority groups. The motivations for their specific social behaviors are rarely obvious to the multilingual speakers themselves, which made it necessary to scrutinize their behaviors and attitudes using a mixed-methods analysis (including sociolinguistic interviews, questionnaire surveys, and field...

Author(s): Stefanie Siebenhütter  

January 2021

Hybridizing Gikuyu in the face of globalization: The case of Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s novel Murogi wa Kagogo

African literature in European languages entrenches the marginalization of large communities who cannot use European languages. Therefore, the revolutionary move by the Kenyan writer, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, to write in Gikuyu is a bold step towards empowering marginalized groups in Africa. In his literary essays, Ngugi argues that in the era of globalization African languages should enrich themselves by entering into...

Author(s): Mugambi C. Ngumo

January 2021

Study of language planning on English taught programs/English as medium of instruction programs in Taiwan

English Taught Programs (ETPs) first appeared in European countries. Research showed a growing trend of ETPs, not only in Europe but also in other continents. However, despite the increasing number of such programs, there is a lack of consistent language policy and language planning in these programs. Without a clear language policy, the problems caused by language diversity cannot be solved properly. EMI researchers...

Author(s): Chuo Jia-Chen

January 2021

Friendship: acquisition forms and functions as a web of social relationship in Raya Community of Southern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

This cultural study was conducted in Raya community of Southern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia, focusing on the relevance of friendship for social relationships. Specifically, the study aimed at identifying the forms of friendship acquisition, describing friendship application procedures and rituals performed and depicting the social function of friendship as a web to strengthen social networks. The study was limited to the...

Author(s): Bereket Godifay Kahsay