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  • DOI: 10.5897/JMPR
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: 29 August, 2012; 6(33)

August 2012

The morphology, extractions, chemical constituents and uses of Terminalia chebula: A review

Trust on traditional medicines in the treatment of ailment is at a halt and a lot of population, especially rural population, still believes on herbs due to their easy accessibility and cost effectiveness. Due to greater attentiveness concerning significance of conventional medicine in health care, research on medicinal plants would be valuable. The plants of genus Terminalia, comprising of 250 species, are widely...

Author(s): Said Muhammad, Barkat Ali Khan, Naveed Akhtar, Tariq Mahmood, Akhtar Rasul, Irshad Hussain, Haroon Khan and Amir Badshah

August 2012

Total antioxidant, polyphenol, phenolic acid, and flavonoid content in Ficus deltoidea varieties

This research aimed to study the antioxidant activities in hot and cold aqueous extracts extracted from fresh leaf of Ficus deltoidea using 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazil (DPPH) free radical scavenging activity and ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) assays. Phenolic compounds were measured using total polyphenol, phenolic acid, and flavonoid content. Different extraction conditions significantly affected...

Author(s): Mansor Hakiman, Mohd Arif Syed, Ahmad Syahida, and Mahmood Maziah,

August 2012

Reduction of small arteries contractility with improving the relaxation properties by Ginkgo biloba extract

The effect of ethanolic Ginkgo biloba L. leaf extract (GE) on vascular smooth muscle contractility and endothelium-dependent relaxation were investigated in this study. Direct applications on isolated vessels from Wistar rats as well as animal feeding with the extract (dosage of 0.32 ml/kg for 10 days) were used. Vascular contractility of small isolated mesenteric arteries of the animals was examined using...

Author(s): Ale Laukeviciene, Serpil Cecen, Ruta Masteikova, Genuvaite Civinskiene, Egle Zelbiene, Ausra BurkauskienÄ—, Saule Velziene and Jurga Bernatoniene

August 2012

Antioxidant activity of Tinospora cordifolia leaf extracts through non-enzymatic method

This study was carried out to evaluate the antioxidant activity of leaves through non-enzymatic method. Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi) has several beneficial properties, including antioxidant activity. The leaves of guduchi was extracted with methanol and partitioned in water with ethyl acetate and butanol. The phenolic content of the extracts was determined by Folin-Coicalteu method, and antioxidant activity...

Author(s): N. Praveen, M. Thiruvengadam, H. J. Kim, J. K. Praveen Kumar and I. M. Chung

August 2012

Development and verification of sulforaphane extraction method in cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata) and broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica Planch.)

A simple and repeatable method of extracting sulforaphane from cabbage and broccoli was developed and two inbred lines of broccoli with higher sulforaphane content in their seeds were found. The determination method was reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC). In the extraction process, low toxic solvent ethyl acetate was applied for extraction of sulforaphane. The result showed that the linear...

Author(s): Zhansheng Li, Yumei Liu, Zhiyuan Fang, Limei Yang, Mu Zhuang, Yangyong Zhang and Peitian Sun

August 2012

Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of different extracts from leaves and roots of Jovibarba heuffelii (Schott.) A. Löve and D. Löve

The present study investigated antimicrobial and antioxidant activity, total phenolic content and flavonoid concentration of methanolic, acetone and ethyl acetate extracts from fresh leaves and roots of Jovibarba heuffelii (Schott.) A. Löve and D. Löve. The extracts were prepared and used to evaluate the antimicrobial activity against a panel of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as...

Author(s): Danijela Dimitrijević, Milan Stanković, Zorica Stojanović-Radić, Vladimir RanÄ‘elović and Dmitar Lakušić

August 2012

Effect of some plant products on the control of rice weevil Sitophilus oryzae (L.) Coleoptera: Curculionidae

Powders prepared from parts of four indigenous botanical plants in Nigeria (Curcuma longaL. rhizomes, Dennettia tripetala Baker F. fruits, Piper guineense, Schum and Thonn, seedsand Zingiber officinale Rosc. rhizomes) were evaluated for insecticidal activity against rice weevil Sitophilus oryzae (L.) in the laboratory. The experiment was carried out in a completely randomized...

Author(s): E. F. Asawalam, U. E. Ebere and K. C. Emeasor

August 2012

Cardiovascular benefits of an organic extract of Tulbaghia violacea: Its anticoagulant and anti-platelet properties

Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is used as a traditional medicine throughout the world for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Dietary garlic has been recognized for its beneficial health effects. In particular, garlic consumption has been correlated with: (i) reduction of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and cancer; (ii) stimulation of immune function; (iii) enhanced detoxification of foreign compounds;...

Author(s): C. Davison, R. A. Levendal and C. L. Frost

August 2012

Traditional phytotherapy against skin diseases and in wound healing of the tribes of Purulia district,West Bengal, India

An ethnobotanical survey was conducted in the remote hilly and tribal dominated areas of the Purulia district (West Bengal, India) to explore the traditional botanical uses against skin diseases and wound healing. Santhal, Bhumija, Munda, Oraon, Birhor, Mal Paharya, Kharia, Kharwar, Gond, and Ho represent the major ethnic groups residing in the area. A semi structured questionnaire was used to extract information from...

Author(s): Abhijit Dey, Bhaskar Gupta and Jitendra Nath De