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  • Start Year: 2010
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Full Length Research Paper

An improved method to optimize the culture conditions for biomass and sporulation of mycoparasitic fungus Trichoderma viride TV-1

Gao L.
  • Gao L.
  • State Key Laboratory for Biology of Plant Disease and Insect Pests, Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Beijing, China.
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  •  Received: 20 October 2015
  •  Accepted: 15 December 2015
  •  Published: 29 February 2016


Trichoderma viride, the most promising biocontrol agent is able to control a wide range of plant pathogens. It is one of the most widely used species against plant disease and can improve the plant growth and crop yields. Biomass yields and sporulation of this fungus depends on the culture conditions (culture method), nutritional requirements (carbon and nitrogen source, mineral elements, carbon concentration, carbon to nitrogen ratio), together with environmental factors including water potential, pH, dark/light cycle and temperature. The study optimized the best culture conditions for biomass yields of T. viride TV-1: spore suspension on the basal medium (sucrose 19.00 g, soy peptone 4.06 g, K2HPO4 1.00 g, KCl 0.50 g, MgSO4 0.50 g, FeSO4 0.01 g and 17.00 g agar (Bactor)) for the first stage culture of 4 days under room condition for fungal growth, then they were transferred to sporulation medium (cellobiose/yeast extract, with the carbon concentration of 2 g/L and carbon to nitrogen ratio of 10:1, ZnSO4.7H2O 0.25 g/L, Na2MoO4.2H2O 0.125 g/L, H3BO4 0.05 g/L and 17.00 g Bactor) for 4 days, together with the environmental factors combination of water potential -3.9MPa/pH 8/0 h light/23°C for biomass yields, and -3.9 MPa /pH 3/0 h/23 ℃ for sporulation yields. These results provided important information on mass production (including biomass and spore yields) of this potential biocontrol fungus.

Key words: Nutrition, environment, biomass, sporulation, Trichoderma viride.