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Full Length Research Paper

An investigation into the building-sanitary equipment in the traditional residential architecture

Ä°smail Raci BAYER
  • Ä°smail Raci BAYER
  • Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 06531, Ankara, Turkey.
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Reyhan AKAT
  • Reyhan AKAT
  • Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Forestry, Karadeniz Technical University, 61080, Trabzon, Turkey.
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  • Zeynep SOFUOÄžLU
  • Department of Construction and Technical Works, Ministry of Transport, 61080, Trabzon, Turkey.
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  •  Received: 19 November 2012
  •  Accepted: 04 June 2014
  •  Published: 15 August 2014



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