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December 2010

Misdiagnosis of rupture sites of multiple intracranial aneurysms: Special report of two cases

    Angiography and neurological examination are reliable tools for the identification of rupture in patients with multiple intracranial aneurysms. However, unusual presentation of rupture may cause the false localization of the ruptured aneurysm. We described two cases of bilateral internal carotid artery (ICA) aneurysms that were incorrectly positioned on CT scan. In the first...

Author(s):   Zheng Liu, Liang-feng Wei, Ru-mi Wang and Shou-sen Wang

December 2010

Discovery of mutations with TILLING and ECOTILLING in plant genomes

      TILLING (Targeting Induced Local Lesions IN Genomes) and ECOTILLING are methods used in detecting induced or naturally occurring mutations in many species. High-throughput TILLING allows the rapid, easy and cost-effective discovery of induced point mutations in populations of chemically mutagenized individuals. The use of the TILLING technique to survey natural...

Author(s):   Ozhan Simsek and Yildiz Aka Kacar,  

December 2010

The use of phytomedicines as effective therapeutic agents in sickle cell anemia

    Medicinal plants are parts of a plant or the whole plant that possess healing properties and unlike orthodox (synthetic) medicines, which may have adverse side effects, medicinal plant formulations are considerably cheaper and safer to use. In this review, selected medicinal plants with anti-sickling properties which are currently in use for the management of sickle cell...

Author(s):     N. O. A. Imaga

December 2010

Comparative study of the effect of chemical treatments on cassava (Manihot utilissima) peels for biogas production

    A comparative study of biogas production from cassava peels treated with different chemicals namely; potassium hydroxide (KOH, 50% w/v) and locally available potash (“akanwu” 50% w/v) was investigated. The untreated peels formed the control. The fresh cassava peels were degraded aerobically for 4 months before the chemical treatment, waste stabilization and...

Author(s):   A. U. Ofoefule, E. L. Eme, E. O. Uzodinma and C. N. Ibeto

December 2010

Analysis of the impacts of common components in multistage production system under uncertain conditions: Application of Taguchi method

    The work desires to determine the optimum level of batch size in bottleneck facility, and to analyze the effect of common components on work-in-process (WIP) level and cycle time, in a multistage production system and uncertain environment created by machine breakdown and quality variation. Few simulation models were developed based on a live case from a company. The models...

Author(s):   M. A. Wazed, S. Ahmed and Y. Nukman

December 2010

Investigation of some physical and mechanical properties of concrete produced with barite aggregate

  This study analyzed some physical and mechanical properties of concrete produced with barite (BaSO4) aggregate supplied from MuÅŸ province of Turkey. Unit weight (UW), water absorption (%), ultrasound pulse velocity (UPV), Schmidt hardness (SH), modulus of elasticity (ME), compressive strength (CS), tensile strength (TS) and thermal conductivity (TC) of the concrete were analyzed. For...

Author(s):   Yüksel Esen and Berivan Yilmazer

December 2010

Antibacterial properties of some metals and alloys in combating coliforms in contaminated water

    An investigation into the antibacterial properties of silver, copper, aluminium, zinc, brass, bronze, tin and silicon, in combating coliform bacteria in contaminated water has been carried out. The metals, in the form of thin plates, were immersed in water samples at various time intervals at room temperature (~20°C). Total coliform and Escherichia coli (E. coli)...

Author(s):     A. J. Varkey

December 2010

Expert security system in wireless sensor networks based on fuzzy discussion multi-agent systems

    Today, the most basic question concerning wireless sensor networks is designing a system that guarantees their security. One of the issues which has attracted extensive debate is developing a routing process which has the shortest distance and which uses the least amount of power so as the life span of the network can be increased. In this article we intend to create security...

Author(s):     Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Samira Kalantari, Zeinab sam Daliri and Liang Shing Ng

December 2010

Fractional and structural characterization of organosolv and alkaline lignins from Tamarix austromogoliac

    A comparative study was conducted on the seven lignin fractions, isolated from dewaxed Tamarix austromogoliac (TA) with DMSO, 70% ethanol containing 5% triethylamine, 70% ethanol containing 0.5% NaOH at 70°C for 5 h, and 1 M KOH, 1 M NaOH, 1 M LiOH and 1 M NH3·H2O at 50°C for 5 h, respectively. The comprehensive structural characterization of the...

Author(s):   Yong-Chang Sun, Jia-Long Wen, Feng Xu and Run-Cang Sun,

December 2010

A new algorithm on Graphical User Authentication (GUA) based on multi-line grids

      Today user authentication stands out as one of the most essential areas in information security which has several ways of being implemented. From time in memorial authentication schemes that apply strong text-based passwords have been typically expected to offer some assurance of security. But committing to memory such strong passwords can prove to be quite a...

Author(s):   Arash Habibi Lashkari, Abdullah Gani, Leila Ghasemi Sabet and Samaneh Farmand

December 2010

Studies on multiple antibiotic resistant bacterial isolated from surgical site infection

    Surgical Site Infection (SSI) has been difficult to manage due to bacterial resistance. The study aim was to determine multiple antibiotic resistance by bacterial pathogens from SSI. Purulent materials were aseptically collected from postsurgical in-patients (n = 64) and assessed for sensitivity to antibiotic of frequent use in the study area. A total of 80 bacterial isolates...

Author(s):   Adegoke, Anthony A., Tom, Mvuyo, Okoh, Anthony I. and Jacob Steve

December 2010

Travel journals based on Google Earth

    Google Earth, which is one of the newest tools of geographic information available on the Worldwide Web, has a strikingly great potential in providing students the opportunity to explore countries around the world. This article is about a class assignment designed to allow students to explore a European country with the help of the Google Earth Program. The assignment is based...

Author(s):   Alaattin KizilçaoÄŸlu

December 2010

A demographic study of a mangrove palm, Nypa fruticans

    A demographic study of a mangrove palm; Nypa fruticans on Carey Island in Malaysia was conducted for 16 months. Four life stages were considered, based on the number of crown leaves: seedling, juvenile, adult and mature. The population structure of N. fruticans showed a majority of adults with 67.9%, while seedlings were the least represented. Density...

Author(s):   Rozainah M. Z. and Nasrin Aslezaeim

December 2010

The study for the strain of hardwood materials against machines and cutters in planning process

    In this study, during the planning of hardwood materials, the strain against horizontal (bottom) milling machines and cutter types is investigated. With this aim, 4 different hardwood materials, including eastern beech (Fogus orientalis L.), sessile oak (Quercus borealis L.), ashen (Fraximus excelsior L.) and locust (Robinis pseudoacacia L.) are used. In...

Author(s):     Levent Gurleyen

December 2010

A video-rate color image segmentation using adaptive and statistical membership function

    The color image segmentation is a critical task in many computer vision applications. The function of segmentation is to identify homogeneous regions in an image, based on properties such as intensity, color and texture. Typically, the image segmentation algorithms in video processing system require very high computation power, so it is desirable to develop algorithms for...

Author(s):     Omid Sojodishijani, Vahid Rostami and Abd Rahman Ramli

December 2010

User class mechanisms for quality of service in network mobility

    Network mobility basic support (NEMO BS) protocol was introduced by the IETF and allows a mobile network to move and maintain internet sessions. NEMO BS is an extension of mobile IPv6 where the network keeps its home address whilst it is moving. In crowded environments such as trains, the bottleneck is often between the access link and the mobile network. Prioritizing the...

Author(s):   Rafidah Md Noor and Christopher Edwards

December 2010

A research on SCADA application by the help of OPC server for water tank filling system

    This study deals with the data exchange issues based on object linking and embedding for process control (OPC) server in industrial automation systems. OPC server is a software developed to solve the driver device problem, where the first-tier visualization and supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) applications needed to have a standard way...

Author(s):   Hayrettin Toylan and Hilmi Kuscu

December 2010

Methylation of tumor suppressor gene RASSF1A and BRCA1 in primary epithelial ovarian cancer

    The methylation features of plasma tumor suppressor gene promoters in patients with primary Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (EOC) were analyzed in the present study. The methylation status of tumor suppressor genes BRCA1 and RASSF1A in primary EOC tissues and plasma was detected by Methylation-Specific polymerase chain reaction (MSP) to analyze the correlation of...

Author(s): Yong-miao Pan, Yu-zhong Wu, Yi-fu Shi and Xue-qiong Zhu

December 2010

Preparation of inoculum of Pleurotus ostreatus in laminar flow hood rustic

    The oyster fungus (Pleurotus ostreatus) is more cultivated by producers due to their low investment requirements compared to other cash crops in order to ease cultivation, adaptation to the local agro-products and the necessary facilities. However, the technology used so far by the small and medium producers, is based on the continued acquisition of inoculum (seed) primarily...

Author(s):     Omar Romero-Arenas, I. Tello Salgado, M. Huerta Lara , M. A. Damián Huato, A. García Espinosa, J. F. C. Parraguirre-Lezama, I. Hernández Treviño, A. Macias López and J. Juárez Huerta

December 2010

Practice and prospects of indigenous homestead based approaches to prevention of malaria; a case study of a high malaria transmission area in Uganda

    Environmental sanitation and indigenous practices based on homestead characteristics have not been emphasized in national malaria control strategies. This study explored homestead characteristics, housing attributes, indigenous practices and knowledge of malaria in a rural high malaria transmission community in Uganda. Structured interviews and direct observations of...

Author(s):   Paul J. Waako,  Rebecca N. Nsubuga, Peregrine Sebulime and John R. S. Tabuti

December 2010

Experimental investigation of using ground source heat pump system for snow melting on pavements and bridge decks

    Melting snow with a hydronic heating system can eliminate the need for snow removal by chemical or mechanical means and provide greater safety for pedestrians and vehicles. So, a preliminary practical feasibility study of using a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system for snow melting on pavements and bridge decks had been performed for the first time in Turkey on the basis of...

Author(s):   Asim Balbay and Mehmet Esen

December 2010

Use of emperical approaches and numerical analyses in design of buried flexible pipes

    In this article, vertical and horizontal deflections in 18 thermoplastics pipes buried under high fills within the scope of Ohio University project were analyzed by using the Iowa equation which is a traditional approach in design of buried flexible pipes, approaches derived from this equation and the method developed by German Standards. During the investigation, the results...

Author(s):     Emre Akinay and Havvanur Kilic

December 2010

Outdoor environment preferences in nursing homes: Case study of Ankara, Turkey

    This study has been carried out in three nursing homes in Ankara, Turkey, in order to find out older people’s needs and preferences for outdoor environments. As people age, their needs and preferences might differ, therefore it is needed to determine their requirements and expectations from an environment to be able to create satisfactory environments.  Research...

Author(s):   Dicle Oguz, Isil Cakci, Gizem Sevimli and Sirin Ozgur

December 2010

An improved architecture design of shared repository database model

    For many years ago, the term repository has been used in a restricted manner, since it only addressed metadata management in the context of database management systems. Nowadays it is used in a much broader sense and covers multiple services supporting design applications. Our concern is to make well customized repositories available for users. To reach this goal, we present...

Author(s):   Mu&#;tasam Okasheh, Adnan I. Al Rabea and Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary

December 2010

A novel cardiotocography fetal heart rate baseline estimation algorithm

    Cardiotocography (CTG) is a simultaneous recording of fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contractions (UC) and it is one of the most common diagnostic techniques to evaluate maternal and fetal well-being during pregnancy and before delivery. FHR patterns are observed manually by obstetricians during the process of CTG analyses. For the last three decades, great interest has...

Author(s):   Shahad Nidhal, M. A. Mohd. Ali and Hind Najah

December 2010

Digital cameras derived raster image transformation of old map sheets

    The main focus of the research is to obtain digitized old map sheets with high geometric accuracy (a few decimeters of error) for Geographical Information Systems, urban planning, surveying engineering and other applications. For this purpose, Portable Digital Camera Raster Image versus Scanner Raster Image is examined regarding their use in reproduction of old map sheets in...

Author(s):   Arzu Soycan

December 2010

The analysis of electrical and mechanical faults in power transformers by Fuzzy expert system

    Energy is one of the basic data for economic and social development. Sufficient electrical energy, high quality, continuous, low-cost and environmentally compatible manner should be available to consumers. Power system reliability depends on the reliability of the equipments in the system. For this reason, transformers of the power system are the most important...

Author(s):   Nihat Pamuk and Yilmaz UyaroÄŸlu

December 2010

Predictors for clinical outcome in patients with ectopic pregnancy after conservative treatment

    To investigate the outcome predictors in conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy, a total of 163 patients in our hospital and 120 patients in a primary hospital were recruited into the present study from December 2008 to November 2009. These patients were all diagnosed of ectopic pregnancy. The clinical value of serum β-HCG and progesterone levels before and during...

Author(s):   Yuxia Wang, Xingmei Xie, Xiaolan Shi, Jianqiang Liu and Ming Dai

December 2010

A new series-parallel hybrid electric vehicle configuration based on an induction motor coupled to a DC machine

    With emphasis on a cleaner environment and efficient operation, vehicles today rely more and more heavily on electrical power generation for success. In this paper, to improve the speed performance of the drive against uncertainties caused by load disturbances, an integral switching surface couple mode speed controller was proposed. As such, mathematical modeling of the HEV...

Author(s):     Ahmed N. Abdalla, Zulkarnain Lubis, Mortaza bin Mohamed, Zalini Mohammad Ali and Mohamad Azlan Mat Hussin

December 2010

Relationship between influx of yellow dust and bronchial asthma mortality using satellite data

  The amount of yellow dust that reaches Japan has recently increased. This increase could worsen asthma attacks. However, it is difficult to conduct quantitative research because yellow dust is widely dispersed. Therefore, very few epidemiological studies regarding yellow dust and asthma have been conducted. Given that, we applied a monitoring method that can investigate the amount of incoming...

Author(s):   Kensuke Goto, Jephtha Christopher Nmor, Ryoma Kurahashi, Kazuo Minematsu, Tkeshi Yoda, Yasuyuki Rakue , Tsutomu Mizota and Keinosuke Gotoh

December 2010

In vitro transfection of HSC-T6 cells with a novel poly(ethyleneimine) biscarbamate conjugate

    Hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) play a critical role in the fibrogenesis of liver, so they are the target cells of antifibrotic therapy. There is an increasing need for safe and effective nonviral gene delivery systems. Here, we report that gene transfer and transfection efficiency in HSC-T6 can be enhanced by the use of a novel poly(ethyleneimine) biscarbamate conjugate (PEIC)...

Author(s):   Ping Lu, Hailin Liu, Qianqian He, Mu He, Zixiu Du, Jin Su and Tuo Jin

December 2010

Effects of delayed recanalization on left ventricular function in diabetic and non-diabetic patients with acute anterior wall myocardial infarction

    To investigate the effects of delayed recanalization through percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) on the left ventricular function after acute anterior wall myocardial infarction in diabetes (DM) and non-DM patients, a total of 125 consecutive subjects with acute anterior wall myocardial infarction were recruited and divided into DM group (n=43) and non-DM group (n=82)...

Author(s):   Ma Li-kun, Yu Hua, Feng Ke-fu, Chen Hong-wu, Zhang Xiao-hong, Huang Xiang-yang, Han Xiao-ping, Ye Qi and Zhen Li-Mei

December 2010

Bifurcation and chaos of a three-species Lotka-Volterra food-chain model with spatial diffusion and time delays

    In this paper, a three-species Lotka-Volterra food-chain model with spatial diffusion and time delays is investigated. We first analyze the local stability of the steady states and the existence of Hopf bifurcation to this system under homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. We consider the effects of impulses on the dynamics of the above food-chain model without spatial...

Author(s):   Liying Cai, Xisheng Jia, Jianmin Zhao and Zhonghua Cheng

December 2010

Severity of menopausal symptoms, and knowledge attitude and practices towards menopause among Saudi women

    Few researches dealt with the mean age and the correlation between menopause and osteoporosis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). For this reason the authors have the idea to study severity of menopausal symptoms and knowledge, attitude and practice towards menopause among Saudi women. In this cross - sectional study, a sample of 233 Saudi women from 45 to 55 years old was...

Author(s):     Alaa Yasen Al-Olayet, Ibtisam Farhan Al-Qahtani, Dalal Ibrahim Al-Essa, Fatimah Habeeb Al-Saleek, Reem Naif Al-Moutary, Lama Mouhamad  Al-Mudimeg, Samera Abdulrahman Al-Marri, Sana Saleh Al-Shemari and Maha Osama Ajab nor

December 2010

Divergence phenomenon of EGFR-TKI in the treatment of non small cell lung cancer

    The present study investigated the characteristic of the divergent efficacy of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor (EGFR-TKI) Gefitinib in treating non small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and discussed the strategy. The divergent efficacy of gefitinib was analyzed in 4 NSCLC patients at Beijing Military Area General Hospital between 2006 and 2010. The...

Author(s): Xia Zhang, Chang Liu, Juan Li, Fei-xiang Song, Xin-jian Ruan and Zhi-ling Jia