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Table of Content: 18 July; 5(14)

July 2010

Analysis of dam deformation measurements with the robust and non-robust methods

Rapid developments in engineering structures and the growing interest in studying the earth crust movements, the analysis of deformation measurements, measurement methods and precision has revealed new demands. The purpose of this study is to determine the deformations that take place on dam crest due to different water level, water load and dam’s body weight. Altınkaya Dam, which is a rock fill dam, was selected...

Author(s): Levent Taşçi

  • Article Number: F098E6420028

July 2010

Utilization of biomaterials as adsorbents for heavy metals’ removal from aqueous matrices

Globally, the available amount of freshwater is unevenly distributed due to problems associated with climate change, inefficient water management and pollution. This has led to increased demand for water worldwide. Heavy metals, in particular are a group of pollutants (mostly from domestic, agricultural and industrial activities) of major concern in the aquatic environment due to their toxicity. Existing technologies...

Author(s): B. O. Opeolu, O. Bamgbose, T. A. Arowolo and M. T. Adetunji

  • Article Number: 120061820056

July 2010

Oral hygiene and the use of plants

Good oral hygiene is necessary for the healthy teeth, gum and fresh breath. A number of methods are used in oral hygiene to prevent and cure oral diseases. It is of importance to look at the roles plants play in oral hygiene as a number of them have medicinal properties. When compared to toothpaste, mouthwashes, denitrifies etc. plants used for oral hygiene stands out. In many African homes, teeth are cleaned in the...

Author(s): S. Muhammad and M. T. Lawal

  • Article Number: 4DF82A420068

July 2010

Biodiesel production from Jatropha curcas: A review

Biodiesel has attracted considerable attention during the past decade as a renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic fuel alternative to fossil fuels. Biodiesel can be obtained from vegetable oils (both edible and non-edible) and from animal fat. Jatropha curcas Linnaeus, a multipurpose plant, contains high amount of oil in its seeds which can be converted to biodiesel. J. curcas is probably the most...

Author(s): Wilson Parawira

  • Article Number: 4C625B420092

July 2010

Contamination of drinking water by methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) and its effect on plasma enzymes

When lead in car fuel was removed in the United States beginning from 1979, it was replaced with methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE). This move came as a result of the discovery of the deleterious effects of lead on health and the environment. As of January 2001, leaded car fuel in Saudi Arabia was also replaced with MTBE, at a concentration of 12 - 15%. MTBE dissolves readily in water and evaporates quickly. This study...

Author(s): Wadiah Saleh Backer

  • Article Number: A22897A20181

July 2010

Plasmid-mediated resistance of some Gram-negative bacterial species to brands of cefuroxime and ceftriaxone

Twenty two different strains of Gram-negative bacteria, namely Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus mirabilis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli andHaemophilus influenzae were tested for susceptibility to 10 different brands of ceftriaxone and cefuroxime. Some of the highly resistant strains were processed for antibiotic resistance curing and extraction of plasmid DNA. Of the 10...

Author(s): Adeleke O. E., Inwezerua C. and Smith S. I.

  • Article Number: D39CD6F20195

July 2010

A study of ecological integrity based on native plants in Kuşadasi (Turkey) urban area and surrounding natural environment

Urban sprawl and fragmentation of natural habitats are outstanding threats on biodiversity and ecological integrity of natural areas. Kuşadasi (Turkey) is a significant town in terms of nearby National Park of Dilek Peninsula-Great Menderes Delta which has a rich biodiversity and with surrounding areas in their natural conditions. Also Kuşadasi is a popular tourism destination and it is one of the most rapidly growing...

Author(s): Bülent Deniz and Uğur Şirin

  • Article Number: 9FE703320210

July 2010

Comparison of global and local gravimetric geoid models in Turkey

Because ellipsoidal heights gained either through GPS, which is widely used in our age, or through other means do not display the natural situation, they are far from meeting the practical precision needs concerning height. Orthometric heights received from the geoid up are more compatible with physical events and are accepted more natural and thus, with this very feature, they can be used successfully in solving many...

Author(s): Nazan Yilmaz and Celalettin Karaali

  • Article Number: 6BADEB620231

July 2010

Effects of incidence polarization on radiative properties of doped silicon multilayer structures

Study of the surfaces which covered by thin films are very important. In this paper, the doped silicon with donors and acceptors with different concentrations coated by silicon dioxide and different polarization incident angles are studied. Results show that effect of doped ions for low concentrations is not considerable, so the ion effects in the scattering time become apparent for the concentrations more than. Results...

Author(s): S. A. A. Oloomi, A. Saboonchi and A. Sedaghat

  • Article Number: 7C9FC5120248

July 2010

Interconnections of WorldFIP, CAN and PROFIBUS fieldbuses over an ATM backbone

Manufacturing automation systems are widespread and becoming more common across the world. Therefore, fieldbuses of automation systems in a factory plant becomes distant and dissimilar technologies from one another. Realtime interconnection between these fieldbuses is essential for the sustainability of automation. This study designs a system that provides a realtime, remote communication among WorldFIP, CAN, PROFIBUS...

Author(s): Tuncay Aydogan, Akif Kutlu and Hüseyin Ekiz

  • Article Number: 0F5BF4620267

July 2010

Visualization rate of contrast-enhanced ultrasound and conventional ultrasound for pseudocapsule of renal cell carcinoma

In this present study, we analyzed and compared the visualization rate of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) and conventional ultrasound for pseudocapsules of renal cell carcinoma. Totally 103 patients with renal cell carcinoma confirmed by operation and pathology were examined with CEUS and conventional ultrasound, and the visualization rate of CEUS and conventional ultrasound for pseudocapsule...

Author(s): Bin Yang, Ninghuan Fu, Jingping Ge, Dejuan Shen, Qingxing Meng and Ping Liu      

  • Article Number: 38851BC20300

July 2010

The effects of initial planting density on above- and below-ground biomass in a 25-year-old Fagus orientalis Lipsky plantation in Hopa, Turkey

The aim of this study was to determine the influence of initial planting density onabove- and below-ground biomass in 25 years old oriental beech stands located in Hopa, Artvin, Turkey. The initial spacings used in this study were 0.7 x 2.0 m ( high planting density) and 2.0 x 2.0 m (low planting density). To analyse the planting density response of trees of different sizes (diameter), the sample...

Author(s): Sinan Guner, Volkan Yagci, Fahrettin Tilki and Nejat Celik

  • Article Number: 42A46F320319

July 2010

Comparison of improved nonlinear static procedures for spatial steel trusses supported on steel columns

The most significant expectation for ages has been building structures which are as high as possible, without column and wide-spanned in architecture. Also it is vital to cover these structures as spatial trusses. Similarly; economic, rapid, safe and aesthetical solutions in space systems are possible by spatial steel structures. In last decades, ATC 40, FEMA 273, 274, 356 and recently 440 are the most commonly used...

Author(s): Zeki Ay

  • Article Number: 75E1D1A20340

July 2010

An investigation of pre-service mathematics teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge: Example of solid objects

The purpose of this study was to investigate pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of pre-service secondary mathematics teachers using a teaching unit from solid objects. This is a case study where pre-service mathematics teachers’ PCK is investigated in detail. The study group consists of three pre-service secondary mathematics teachers in their final year. The data of the study are obtained...

Author(s): Esra Bukova-Güzel

  • Article Number: F9360DB20353

July 2010

Analysis of the factors affecting apple farming: The case of Isparta province, Turkey

The commercial apple cultivation worldwide is in the midst of a major change in apple production management systems. The effects of these changes have considerably been felt in Turkey compared with the world increasing the production and consumption amounts. Therefore, the conventional orchards have been considerably transformed into modern orchards based on dwarf and semi-dwarf rootstocks in the producer provinces of...

Author(s): Yavuz Topcu, Ahmet Semih Uzundumlu, Sinan Celep and Sayeste Hun

  • Article Number: 441896120366

July 2010

The predictive impact of socio-demographic and behavioural factors on professionals’ e-commerce attitudes

This paper first reviews the e-commerce issues in general and then gives a detailed report of the findings of a survey concerning how sociodemographic (gender and income) and behavioural (computer experience and average daily use of the Internet) factors influence e-commerce attitude of professionals. The survey was conducted among professionals from the government and private sectors. The results indicated that income...

Author(s): Ibrahim Akman and Mohammad Rehan

  • Article Number: FA8A17F20379

July 2010

Fuzzy clustering with artificial bee colony algorithm

In this work, performance of the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm which is a recently proposed algorithm, has been tested on fuzzy clustering. We applied the Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm fuzzy clustering to classify different data sets; Cancer, Diabetes and Heart from UCI database, a collection of classification benchmark problems. The results indicate that the performance of Artificial Bee Colony Optimization...

Author(s): Dervis Karaboga and Celal Ozturk

  • Article Number: F173CA120393

July 2010

The determination of the displacement of the wooden construction materials under load via digital image processing

Wood is used in the building sector, in the construction of gangways and bridges, scaffolds, groundworks, building conveying systems, and in the production of the constructional components such as roofs and walls because of a diverse range of its features such as its tractablity, natural outlook, lightness and being a heat-insulator. Wooden buildings are lighter and more durable than the buildings constructed with other...

Author(s): Levent Taşçı

  • Article Number: 69A5C3320421

July 2010

An assessment on the use of infrascanner for the diagnosis of the brain hemotoma by using support vector machine

Diagnosis of the brain hematoma injuries is critical for patients and requires exhaustive processes. For this reason, the practical methods may be attractive for medical applications to reduce time and cost. The purpose of this study is to discuss the applicability of the InfraScanner for the diagnosis of the brain hematoma and to determine the most important factors affecting the positive brain hematoma cases by...

Author(s): Figen Coskun, Ebru Akcapinar Sezer, Mehmet Akif Karamercan, Emine Akinci and Kubilay Vural

  • Article Number: 224C88F20437

July 2010

Linear buckling optimization and post-buckling behavior of optimized cold formed steel members

Today's high-strength materials allow for significant increases in working and limit stresses. To fully exploit material improvements as weight savings on structures, it is desirable to enhance the performance of structural components. The work presented in this paper proposes that the buckling behavior of cold form steel columns may be effectively improved without increased material volume. In order to achieve this...

Author(s): F. Kolcu, T. Ekmekyapar and M. Özakça

  • Article Number: 6D3933B20452

July 2010

Experimental analysis of the thermal behaviour of mezzanine floors in buildings with cavity walls

In this study, the thermal behaviour of mezzanine beam‑slab floor sections of buildings under temperate climate conditions was experimentally investigated. Data were obtained from measurements on buildings under service conditions. Heat flow density and temperatures around the thermal bridges formed by the beam and floor elements were calculated. Thermal behaviours of mezzanine floor sections made of insulated cavity...

Author(s): Filiz Şenkal Sezer, M. Timur Cihan and Şükran Dilmaç

  • Article Number: 1B9405520464

July 2010

Interactions between galling insects and plant total phenolic contents in Rosa canina L. genotypes

This study aimed to determine interactions between gall induction by Diplolepis sp.and leaf total phenolic content in Rosa canina genotypes. A total of 20 R. caninagenotypes with and without insect damage has been selected in different parts of Northeast Anatolia and the leaf samples collected in July 2009. Total phenolic content was estimated by the Folin–Ciocalteu colorimetric...

Author(s): Saliha Coruh and Sezai Ercisli

  • Article Number: F43AD5A20476

July 2010

Interactions between galling insects and plant total phenolic contents in Rosa canina L. genotypes

This study aimed to determine interactions between gall induction by Diplolepis sp.and leaf total phenolic content in Rosa canina genotypes. A total of 20 R. caninagenotypes with and without insect damage has been selected in different parts of Northeast Anatolia and the leaf samples collected in July 2009. Total phenolic content was estimated by the Folin–Ciocalteu colorimetric...

Author(s): Saliha Coruh and Sezai Ercisli

  • Article Number: 1BD412F20492