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Table of Content: 18 October 2010; 5(20)

October 2010

A 32-bit floating-point module design for 3D graphic transformations

  Nowadays, in computer animations, tens of, even hundreds of animation objects are placed in a scene to form a typical animation scene and thousands of vertices are used to mathematically define each object in the scene. Applying three dimensional (3D) transformations to such scenes requires huge amount of CPU time. As a result, calculation of an animation scene could take a long time. Moreover, in the case of...

Author(s): Ibrahim Sahin

October 2010

Robust decentralized load frequency control in multi-area electric power system using quantitative feedback theory

  The load frequency control (LFC) problem has been one of the major subjects in electric power system design and operation. LFC is becoming much more significant today in accordance with increasing size, changing structure and complexity in interconnected power systems. Practice LFC systems use simple proportional-integral (PI) controllers, but parameters of PI controllers are usually tuned based on the...

Author(s): Shoorangiz Shams, Shamsabad Farahani, Reza Hemati and Mehdi Nikzad

October 2010

Reinforcement studies and renewal of installations for the contemporary use of the Bursa Inebey (Egne Beg) Madrasah

  The Inebey Madrasah, used by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture’s Illuminated Manuscript Library, was restored in accordance with international scientific standards. Due to the presence of important and valuable holdings in the library, a systematic study was carried out, and all the necessary precautions were taken to prevent the building against bad weather conditions. During the restoration...

Author(s): O. Koprulu Bagbanci and M. B. Bagbanci

October 2010

GPS network adjustment regarding active fault lines in Bursa Metropolitan Area, Turkey

  Turkey is located on one of the world’s seismically most active regions. In such a region, a geodetic network evaluation may not satisfy standards ordered by national regulations. In such a way, effects of active fault lines should be taken into consideration apart from possible reasons, such as outliers, shortcomings of functional and stochastic models, in a computational procedure. This study deals...

Author(s): S. Kuscu, H. S. Kutoglu and M. Akyol

October 2010

Clinical profiles, treatment modalities and the cost of the patients referring to a university emergency department with asthma attack in Turkey

  The data about admission rates of asthma attack (AA) to emergency department (ED) is very limited and to the best of our knowledge this is the first study about the cost of AA referring to the ED in Turkey. Sixty-five adult patients (65 females) who presented to the ED of Hacettepe University School of Medicine with AA for six months of duration in winter and spring were included in this study. The means and...

Author(s): Nalan Metin Aksu, Gül Karakaya, Bülent Sivri, Müge A. Günalp and Fuat Kalyoncu

October 2010

The perceptual evaluation of wall paintings in living quarters

  This study was carried out in three different cities (Erzurum, Artvin and Tokat). The aim of the study was to determine people’s preferences about wall paintings or pictures they have in their living quarters and the related wall painting-natural environment by putting forward the perceptions people get from the places in the pictures about their daily life. A total of 300 subjects, 100 in each city,...

Author(s): Hasan Yilmaz, Esra Ozhanci, Pervin YeÅŸil, Murat YeÅŸil and Hilal Yilmaz

October 2010

Failure analysis of the semi-automatic shotgun locking block

  Recently, there have been several occurrences of locking block failure in the semi-automatic shotgun bolts at a shotgun factory in Turkey. The fractured surface and locking block geometry were examined in order to determine failure reasons. The stress distribution of the locking block was performed using ANSYS Workbench 11.0. It was discovered that the reasons for fracture of locking block are: incorrect...

Author(s): Ibrahim Doruk, Remzi Varol and Muzaffer Topçu

October 2010

Coordinate transformation by radial basis function neural network

  The Turkish National Geodetic Network (TNGN) datum (ED50) was changed to the Turkish National Fundamental GPS Network (TNFGN) datum (WGS84) in 2001 in parallel with the increasing use of GPS technology. Due to this reference frame change it became necessary to transform the existing coordinate information between ED50 and WGS84. The two-dimensional (2D) affine transformation is widely used for coordinate...

Author(s): Mevlut Gullu

October 2010

Some geological and hydrogeochemical characteristics of geothermal fields of Turkey

  Presently, active hydrothermal areas of Turkey can be divided into three major provinces which correlate particular volcano-tectonic features. These fields are essentially found at western, central and eastern part of the country. There has been no particular geothermal energy fields in the southern part of Turkey since this region is mostly covered by ~2 km thick carbonate sequences and has suffered little...

Author(s): Ali Rıza SöÄŸüt, Ahmet Güzel, Veysel Zedef and Ali Ferhat Bayram

October 2010

Induction motor fault detection and isolation through unknown input observer

  Unknown input observers (UIO) can be used in the model-based fault detection and isolation (FDI) schemes to reduce or almost eliminate the effect of unknown disturbances on the multi input multi output (MIMO) plant/system. In this paper, a new FDI of the MIMO system was carried out in as well as the design of many fault isolation banks of UIOs has been done. These banks are used to generate residuals that are...

Author(s): Khalaf Salloum Gaeid and Hew Wooi Ping

October 2010

Effect of renal colic analgesia on oxidative stress parameters

  Our aim in this study is to investigate serum oxidative stress parameters before and after fentanyl analgesia in renal colic which is a severe pain condition and to reveal if there is correlation between fentanyl analgesia and serum oxidative stress parameters in renal colic pain. Thirty two male patients, aged 18 – 65, (mean age 40.7±14.9) who applied to our hospital with the complaint of flank...

Author(s): Muhammet Gokhan Turtay, Hakan Oguzturk, Cemil Colak, Alaadin Polatand Cemal Tasdemir

October 2010

Prediction of engineering equipment support cost using a hybrid method based on grey neural network and Markov chain

  On the basis of characteristic analysis of GM (1, 1) prediction model and Markov chain, we adopt the Grey prediction model to forecast the support cost of engineering equipment. It is suitable for time series prediction. Firstly, we improve relevant parameters of the model on the foundation of traditional GM (1, 1) model. Secondly, we map the improved gray prediction model into BP neural network with strong...

Author(s): Jun Zhi, and Jianyong Liu

October 2010

Study of trace elements in groundwater of Western Uttar Pradesh, India

  The use of trace elements ions had witnessed a phenomenal rise in agriculture as well as in the industrial sectors in recent past. The study was conducted within parts of Central Ganga Plain with an objective to find out the concentration of fifteen trace elements (As, Pb, Sr, Ba, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Cd, Fe, Zn, Cr, B, Se, and Al) in the regional groundwater. These probe elements were further categorized as toxic...

Author(s): Mohammad Muqtada Ali Khan, Rashid Umar and Habibah Lateh

October 2010

Mapping Quaternary deposits in the el-Jufr playa (Southeastern Jordan Plateau) using geoelectrical techniques: Implications for geology and hydrogeology

  Geoelectrical measurements using the vertical electrical sounding method were conducted on the el-Jufr playa, Southeastern Jordan Plateau. The objectives of the study were (i) to observe, map and describe the range of difference in Quaternary deposits, and (ii) to identify formations that may present fresh aquifer waters, and subsequently to understand the relationship between possible groundwater resources...

Author(s): Awni T. Batayneh

October 2010

Evaluation of trans fatty acids contents in commercial brands of ghee available at Indian markets

  Ghee has a considerable amount of trans fatty acids found in the form of alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. Trans fatty acids are quite harmful to general health of an individual especially the CVS (Cardio Vascular System). Accumulation of trans fatty acids in blood vessels and other tissues/organs of the body can have fatal effect especially in obese population. Four commercial brands of ghee found in Indian...

Author(s): Deepti Mahapatra, Debashree Sethi and R. Balaji Raja

October 2010

Wild vegetables in Northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa: Current status of production and research needs

  South Africa is endowed with wide varieties of biodiversity among which are wild vegetable species of remarkable nutritious qualities like macro and micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. However, there is still a high prevalence of malnutrition; especially micronutrients deficiencies, a phenomenon described as hidden hunger, among low or marginal income bracket of the population. The use of wild vegetables...

Author(s): F. B. Lewu and S. Mavengahama

October 2010

A novel UWB pulse design method using particle swarm optimization algorithm

  In this paper a new combined Gaussian UWB pulse waveform, optimized using particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is presented. In fact since a Gaussian-derived pulse itself can not satisfy FCC spectral constraints for the entire spectrum of a UWB signal, we are persuaded into properly weighted combinations of Gaussian derivatives creating a spectrum maximally close to FCC standards for a UWB system. In...

Author(s): Seyed Noorodin Keshavarz, Mostafa Attaran Kakhki, Mahdi Gholami Omali and Mehdi Hamidi

October 2010

Evaluation of risk of death in hepatitis by rule induction algorithms

  This study investigates the availability of rule induction algorithms (PART, J48, JRip) for the evaluation of death risk in hepaptitis based on a clinical database. Simple rules that are derived can be practically used to determine risk of death due to hepatitis. The results are quite satisfactory, where an accuracy of 84.5% is obtained for the prediction of death risk in hepatitis.   Key words....

Author(s): Nilgün UlutaÅŸdemir and Özgür DaÄŸlı

October 2010

The effect of planting methods on yield and yield components of irrigated spring durum wheat varieties

  A field experiment was carried out during three consecutive years: 2004 - 2005, 2005 - 2006 and 2006 - 2007 in South-eastern Anatolian, Turkey. The objective of the study was to compare planting methods and varieties of spring durum wheat (Triticum turgidum var. durum Desf.) for grain yield, yield components, some grain qualities and black point disease. An experiment was conducted as a randomized complete...

Author(s): Hasan Kiliç

October 2010

Reasons for the delay of surgical treatment among patients with age-related cataracts in urban Chongqing, China

  This prospective study sought to determine the demographic and socioeconomic factors that predicted the delay of cataract surgery in patients suffering from hyper-mature or mature cataracts in urban Chongqing, China. A total of 576 patients who had mature or hyper-mature age-related cataracts were interviewed to determine the reasons why a delay in their cataract treatment had occurred and to identify factors...

Author(s): Xiaofan Chen, Chunlin Chen, Rongdi Yuan, Yao Zhang and Jian Ye