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Table of Content: 30 January 2012; 7(4)

October 2013

Diurnal variation in stature in Nigerian children

While total stature has been demonstrated to decrease throughout the day, whether a diurnal effect applies to Nigerian children has not been reported, the aim of this study was to investigate diurnal stature variation in school children in Makurdi, Nigeria. The stature of 625 children aged 9 to 16 years were measured twice (morning and afternoon) on the same day with a wall mounted stadiometer. The first measurements...

Author(s): Daniel T. Goon, Abel L. Toriola and Simon W. Akusu

January 2012

Traditional knowledge and usage of edible plants among the Semai community of Kampung Batu 16, Tapah, Perak, Malaysia

A study was carried out on the traditional knowledge and usage of edible plants among the Semai community at a village in the state of Perak, Malaysia. Information was obtained through verbal communication with adults guided by a predetermined set of questions, and also by observing and participating in their activities during each visit using the method of ethnobotanical enquiry.  A total of 66 species was...

Author(s): Hean-Chooi Ong, Elley Lina and Pozi Milow

October 2013

Psychological impotence: Psychological erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction causes, diagnostic methods and management options

Psychological impotence or erectile dysfunction is nowadays a pretty common yet misunderstood disorder. People often cannot detect it properly and misunderstood it for physical impotence. Psychological impotence is basically caused by psychological problems. Most of the times, this kind of impotence are curable. Recent study has shown that most of the cases of impotence are basically of this nature. Numbers of sexual...

Author(s): Kingston Rajiah, Sajesh K Veettil, Suresh Kumar and Elizabeth M. Mathew

October 2013

Duration magnitude calibration of Kuwait national seismic network

One type of magnitude formula is preliminarily developed from Kuwait National Seismic Network (KNSN) data which is intended for application by the network in its seismic monitoring activities. This is the duration magnitude scale of measurement which is empirically determined and expressed as: MD = 2.66 log (t) + 0.036Δ - 1.97+ Ci. The magnitude formula is the result from applying...

Author(s): Nassir S. Al-Arifi, Saad Al-Humidan, and Aref Lashin,

October 2013

Structural, petrographic and mineralogical characteristics and diagenetic aspects of Kandira stone from Northwestern Turkey

Kandira stone is a unique Late Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) carbonate rock quarried by small enterprises in Northwestern Turkey. The rock has been used as a construction material in a variety of applications such as cladding and paving, flooring and stairs, roofing and fireplaces. Recently, the demand for this stone in the production of intricately sculpted shapes has raised questions about...

Author(s): Sefik Ramazanoglu, Ayman El Saiy, Osman Abdelghany and Hasan Arman

October 2013

Wireless electrocardiography system

Design and realization of a wireless PC-based system for electrocardiography and data acquisition of a patient's heart condition is described in this paper. The system is designed and realized according to virtual instrumentation concept consisting of two subsystems: 1) The battery powered external compact and mobile wireless ECG acquisition hardware on the side of patient and USB connected communication wireless...

Author(s): Aleksandar ÄŒ. Žorić, Siniša S. Ilić, ĐurÄ‘e Perišić, Slobodan Obradović and Petar Spalević

October 2013

Use of factorial experimental design for analyzing the effect of storage conditions on color quality of sun-dried tomatoes

Color of sun-dried tomato is an important quality criteria and color stability of sun dried tomatoes is affected by storage conditions such as temperature, time and packaging type. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects storage time, storage temperature and packaging type on color stability of sun-dried tomatoes by using factorial experimental design. In this study, the 23 factorial design was...

Author(s): Bilge Akdeniz, Dilek Demirbüker Kavak and Neriman BaÄŸdatlioÄŸlu

October 2013

Hematological changes before and after hemodialysis

Renal failure is a situation in which kidney fails to function adequately. There are two forms of renal failure: acute and chronic. End-Stage renal disease is the final stage of chronic renal failure where there is a progressive, irreversible deterioration in renal function which can be substituted by renal replacement therapy, haemodialysis (HD), peritoneal dialysis, or transplantation. The aim of this study was...

Author(s): Abdullah Khader Alghythan and Abbas H. Alsaeed

October 2013

Botanical characteristics of chickpea genotypes (Cicer arietinum L.) under different plant densities in organic farming

This study was performed in Nurdagi district of Gaziantep Province of Turkey in 2011 growing season. Inci and 55-C chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes were sowed at 30, 40, 50 and 60 plant m-1 plant densities and the effects of sowing densities on plant botanical characteristics were investigated. In the research, plant height, first pod height, number of first branch, number of second branch and stem...

Author(s): Alihan COKKIZGIN

October 2013

Effect of oxidative stress on viability and virulence of environmental Acinetobacter haemolyticus isolates

The effect of oxidative stress exerted by 0.03% crystal violet, 0.3% bile salt, 4.0% NaCl and 8% ethanol on the survival and production of virulence factors amongAcinetobacter haemolyticus isolates obtained from wastewater and river water samples was investigated. Though generally there was insignificant lethal effect against all the isolates, crystal violet exerted the highest lethal effect...

Author(s): James Hamuel Doughari, Patrick Alois Ndakidemi, Izanne Susan Human and Spinney Benade

October 2013

APS-initiated graft copolymerization of N-Vinyl pyrollidone onto gelatin: Preparation, characterization, and optimization of grafting parameters

In this work, large numbers of hydrophilic functional groups were introduced onto gelatin by grafting with N-vinyl pyrollidone monomer. The graft copolymerization reactions were carried out under nitrogen atmosphere using ammonium persulfate (APS) as an initiator. The graft copolymer was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectra, thermo-gravimetric analysis and solubility test. The existence of...

Author(s): Mohammad Sadeghi, Esmat Mohammadinasab and Fatemeh Shafie

October 2013

Molecular-based marker for sex differentiation of jojoba in vivo and in vitro Iraqi cultivars using RAPD- PCR technique

The objective of this study was to distinguish between males and females of jojoba (Simmondisia chinensis) using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers in order to detect any DNA variation. A callus was produced from both male and female jojoba leaves, using MS medium with BA 0.5 and 2 to 4, D 2.5 mg/l respectively. Genomic DNA of jojoba plant was extracted using CTAB method. The concentration of DNA...

Author(s): Jameel R. Al-Obaidi, Bilal .K. Suliman and Nabeel .K. Al-Ani

October 2013

Human Resources Performance Analysis based on a Hybrid Method

Improving human resources performance (HRP) is the most important task of the century. However, we have few measures or management interventions to make such improvement possible; although we cannot identify the pattern to be followed by human resources because systems and processes in an organization are often regarded as a kiss of death to encouraging creativity. For improving human resource performance, at first, HRP...

Author(s): Asadallah Najafi