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December 2010

Automatic extraction of ramification pattern for living plants: A review

    This paper reviews detailed methods and approaches in relation to the complex machine learning system of automatic ramification (branching) pattern extraction. First, we will introduce plant topological and geometrical description, encode database or structure used for storage of measured plant structure. And then, the most important part of this paper, we will discuss recent...

Author(s):     Hongchun Qu, Linqin Cai, Zhonghua Lu and Youlan Wang

December 2010

The effect of organic matter amendment on soil water holding capacity change for irrigation water saving: Case study in Sahelian environment of Africa

  The present study uses a computer simulation model to evaluate the improvement of soilwater holding capacity through the application of different dosages of organic matter to three types of soil, namely sandy clay loam, sandy loam and sand under Sahelien condition. Additionally, a model for irrigation scheduling is tested for...

Author(s):   Jan-Mou Leu, Seydou Traore, Yu- Min Wang and Chun-E. Kan

December 2010

Comparative approach to analyze fishing fleet profile of Turkey and European union as an indicator of fishing effort

    Turkey has big potential in the fisheries sector, having coasts to four different seas with diverse physical, chemical and biological properties supporting a large diversity of economical fish species. Along with the development in the Turkish economy, fishing industry has also developed in the vessel construction and fishing gear manufacturing. Being supported by subsidizes...

Author(s):     Naciye Erdogan Saglam and Ertug Duzgunes

December 2010

Macroanatomic investigations on the course and distribution of the celiac artery in domestic fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus)

  The aim of this study was to investigate the course and distribution of the celiac artery macroanatomically in the domestic fowl. A total of eight (four males, four females) domestic fowls (Gallus gallus domesticus: Galliformes) were used in the study. The materials were injected with red colored latex and corrosion casted with mono and polymethylmethacrylate (takilon) through the...

Author(s):     Nilgün Kuru

December 2010

2D and 3D geoelectrical resistivity imaging: Theory and field design

    The development of resistivity surveying techniques has been very rapid in the last three decades. The advent of automated data acquisition systems, inversion codes, and easy access to powerful and fast computers has tremendously increased the practical applicability of the geophysical method. Geoelectrical resistivity imaging is increasingly being used in environmental,...

Author(s):     Ahzegbobor Philips Aizebeokhai

December 2010

Instructors’ computer usage states and self-sufficiency to use computer

    In this study, self-sufficiency to use computer and computer usage state of instructors working in Department of Turkish Language were analyzed. Upon respective permission acquired, the scale in respect of “Self-sufficiency Perception of the Students in Primary School Mathematic Teaching Graduate Program on Computer” developed by Askar and Umay was used. The said...

Author(s):     A. Halim UlaÅŸ

December 2010

Analysis of persistence soil nutrient status in abandoned cattle kraals in a semi arid area in Botswana

    The aim of this study was to analyze the depletion of soil nutrients with time on abandoned kraals in a peri-urban area of Botswana. Active kraals are enriched with nutrients through the accumulation of animal droppings and this study was aimed at assessing how long the impact of this soil nutrient enrichment persists after kraal abandonment. A total of 25 disused kraals, that...

Author(s):   Sarah Kizza, Otlogetswe Totolo, Jeremy Perkins and Olusegun Areola

December 2010

Socio- economic factors that impinge computer usage in administration works among village leaders in Malaysia

    The main purpose of this paper is to discover and determine the socio-economic factors that impinge the usage of computer in the administration work among village leaders in Malaysia. Using simple random sampling, a total of 240 village leaders which are the Village Development and Security Committee members, have been selected as the respondents for this study. Face to face...

Author(s):   Hayrol Azril Mohamed Shaffril, Bahaman Abu Samah, Musa Abu Hassan and Jeffrey Lawrence D’Silva

December 2010

Static analysis of non-planar pierced shear walls with semi-rigid beam-wall connections using continuous connection technique

    The lateral loads acting on high-rise reinforced concrete buildings are often resisted by specially arranged shear walls. Pierced shear walls weakened by doors, windows and corridors, necessitate particular attention, since they are highly indeterminate. In this study, the static analysis of non-planar pierced shear walls with yielded connections modelled as equivalent...

Author(s):   R. Resatoglu, O. Aksogan, E. Emsen and M. Bikçe

December 2010

The effects of insulation location and thermo-physical properties of various external wall materials on decrement factor and time lag

    Technological improvements and population growth make energy saving more important especially for developing countries. As known, a considerable amount of consumed energy is used for space heating in buildings; therefore, using insulation for external wall has gained more importance. In this sense, this study, which consists of two parts, examines the efficiency of...

Author(s):   Türkan Goksal Ozbalta and Necdet Ozbalta

December 2010

Evaluation of childhood autopsies in Sivas, Turkey

    The aim of this study is to determine the features and changes in the medicolegal childhood deaths that occurred in Sivas, Turkey; and to contribute in the establishment of a database on childhood deaths. The authors evaluated the deaths of children aged to 0 to 18 years, whose autopsies were performed in Sivas Cumhuriyet University between 2006 and 2009. The childhood deaths...

Author(s):   Celal Butun, Fatma Mutlu Kukul Guven, Halis Dokgoz,Sevki Hakan Eren, Ilhan Korkmaz and Fatma Yucel Beyaztas

December 2010

Clinical analysis of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo secondary to Meniere’s disease

    In the present study, the clinical characteristics of 15 cases of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) secondary to Meniere’s disease (MD) were retrospectively analyzed, in order to improve the diagnosis and therapeutic efficacy. Patients clinically characterized as positional paroxysmal vertigo were diagnosed as MD by electrocochleography (ECochG) and glycerol...

Author(s):   Peng Li, Xiang-li Zeng, Yongqi Li, Ge-hua Zhang and Xue-kun Huang

December 2010

Transplantation of olfactory ensheathing cells for treatment of inflammatory demyelinating diseases in the central nervous system

    Demyelinating diseases are typical responses of the white matter of the central nervous system to detrimental factors such as infection, poisoning, degeneration and malnutrition. Of them, inflammatory demyelinating diseases including multiple sclerosis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis are most commonly found. The current paper discusses the pathomechanism of...

Author(s):   Weijiang Wu, , Qing Lan, Hua Lu, Jie Xu, Aihua Zhu, Wenfeng Fang, Yunzhao Jiang and Guozhen Hui

December 2010

Effect of production parameters on the structure and morphology of aluminum titanate nanofibers produced using electrospinning technique

    Al2O3.TiO2 nanofibers have been successfully produced by electrospinning method using a solution containing alumina sol, titania sol and poly [vinyl pyrrolidone] [PVP]. The effect of applied voltage, flow rate and distance between needle and collector were investigated. Aluminum titanate fiber was produced by using electrospinning technique for the first time. The...

Author(s):   Atilla Evcin and D. Asli Kaya

December 2010

A preliminary study on foamed bitumen stabilisation for Western Australian pavements

    Currently, the popularity of conventional cementitious stabilisation had been challenged by an innovative soil improvement technique, known as foamed bitumen stabilisation. Many Australian highway and road agencies have dedicated significant investigation and funds to investigate this technique in order to achieve a more flexible and fatigue resistant stabilised material...

Author(s):   Yue Huan, Komsun Siripun, Peerapong Jitsangiam and Hamid Nikraz

December 2010

Investigation of the starting performance of damper coiled salient pole synchronous generator with different slot design

    Starting performance of synchronous generators and the time in which the machine comes into steady state are important. Hence, there is much research carried out on the starting performance of synchronous generators. The more the power of the synchronous generator is, the more important its starting performance becomes. In the present study, through Ansoft Maxwell program, the...

Author(s):     Yusuf Oner

December 2010

A new model in stress analysis: Quaternions

    A quaternion is an ordered combination of four real numbers. It can also be expressed as a sum of a scalar and a vector in three dimensional Euclidian space. Quaternion algebra allows the division of vectors. Since the current vector algebra does not allow the division of vectors; in many branches of mechanics, when a vectoral quantity falls to the denominator of an...

Author(s):     Fuad Okay

December 2010

On the delay and link utilization with the new-additive increase multiplicative decrease congestion avoidance and control algorithm

    Additive increase multiplicative decrease (AIMD) algorithm is the prevailing algorithm for congestion avoidance and control in the Internet. Reducing the end-to-end delays and enhancement of the link utilization are the important goals of this algorithm. In this work, we continue to study the performance of the New-AIMD (additive increase multiplicative decrease) mechanism as...

Author(s):   Hayder Natiq Jasem, Zuriati Ahmad Zukarnain, Mohamed Othman and       Shamala Subramaniam

December 2010

Heat transfer and entropy generation in a pipe flow with temperature dependent viscosity and convective cooling

    The second law analysis is performed to study the entropy generation rate in a variable viscosity liquid flowing steadily through a cylindrical pipe with convective cooling at the pipe surface. The system is assumed to exchange heat with the ambient following Newton’s cooling law and the fluid viscosity model varies as an inverse linear function of temperature. The...

Author(s):   M. S. Tshehla, O. D. Makinde and G. E. Okecha

December 2010

How professional ethics impact construction quality: Perception and evidence in a fast developing economy

    There is a perception that majority of quality-related issues are caused by human factors. The issue of professional ethics plays an important role in quality-related problems in a construction project. This paper highlights the current level of professional ethics standard in the construction industry and how ethics influences the quality of construction projects. A...

Author(s):   Hamzah Abdul-Rahman, Chen Wang and Xiang Wen Yap

December 2010

Development of a new animal model-bioassay procedure for the evaluation of Xanthine oxidase inhibitors

    New Xanthine oxidase inhibitors are in development and these need to be evaluated reliably before being introduced into clinical investigations. The presence of valid, easy and reliable in vivo bioassy to evaluate the Xanthine oxidase inhibition is of utmost importance to achieve steady paces in drug discovery attempts to treat gout disease. The objective of the...

Author(s): Mohammad K. Mohammad, , Rabab Taeem, Saja Hamed, Ihab M. Almasri,   Hatim Alkhatib, Mohammad Hudaib and Yasser Bustanji  

December 2010

An investigation on Argulus foliaceus infection of rudd, Scardinius erythrophthalmus in Lake Manyas, Turkey

    In this study, Argulus foliaceus L. (Crustacea: Branchiura) infection of one cyprinid fish species, rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus) in Lake Manyas, Turkey was examined on the basis of samples taken from on-site surveys carried out between December 1996 and November 1998. Of the 135 S. erythrophthalmus examined, 32 (23.7%) was infected with A. foliaceus. The...

Author(s):     M. O. Öztürk

December 2010

Study on the effective parameter of gas turbine model with intercooled compression process

    In this paper parametric study of a gas turbine cycle model power plant with intercooler compression process was proposed. The power output and the efficiency are simulating with respect to the cycle temperatures and pressure ratio for a typical set of operating conditions. Simple gas turbine cycle calculations with realistic parameters are made and confirm that increasing the...

Author(s):   Thamir K. Ibrahim, M. M. Rahman and Ahmed N. Abd Alla

December 2010

Posttraumatic stress symptoms among college students in Sichuan compared to those in Shanghai 18 Months after 2008 Sichuan 8.0 earthquake

    The youth in less developed countries are more likely to be affected by an earthquake. However, no data on predictors of stress symptoms among college students after an earthquake in less developed countries was available. This study aims to compare the posttraumatic stress symptoms among college students in Sichuan to those in Shanghai 18 months after the Sichuan 8.0...

Author(s):   Xingyuan Liu, Yayuan Zheng, Jiangmin Zhao, Mingmin Wang, Qin Zhan, Qianyi Wang, Mingxu Fu, Yan Cheng and Junjie Xiao,

December 2010

Fatty acid composition and ω6/ω3 ratio of the pike (Esox lucius) muscle living in Eber Lake, Turkey

    The present study determined variations in total fatty acid composition of pike (Esox lucius) in Eber Lake throughout the year, using gas chromatograph (GC). The most predominant fatty acids (SFA) found in pike was palmitic acid (14.78 - 18.13%)(5.38 – 7.99%) and the dominant polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) were docosahexaenoic acids (DHA, 16.04 – 24.29%),...

Author(s):   Sait Bulut

December 2010

The effects of intercooling on performance of a turbocharged diesel engine’s specific fuel consumption with neural network

    Currently, fuel economy and thermal efficiency are more important to all engines. Efficiency is increased with cooled air by intercooler. Most of researches regarding engineering problems generally deal with experimental studies. But, the experimental researches are quite expensive and time consuming. In the last decades, Neural Networks (NN) had been used increasingly in...

Author(s):   Abdullah Uzun

December 2010

Flight PID controller design for a UAV quadrotor

    This paper presents the modeling of a four rotor vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned air vehicle known as the quad rotor aircraft. The paper presents a new model design method for the flight control of an autonomous quad rotor. The paper describes the controller architecture for the quad rotor as well. The dynamic model of the quad-rotor, which is an under...

Author(s):   Atheer L. Salih, M. Moghavvemi, Haider A. F. Mohamed and Khalaf Sallom Gaeid