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May 2009

Design and fabrication of a student competition based racing car

Design, fabrication and testing of a student competition based racing car are presented in this paper. The competition will encourage students to compete and demonstrate their practical abilities to develop a mini race car. The design guideline is based on the specifications set by the organizer, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia (UTeM) Formula Varsity Car, 2008. Design of the car was carried out using CATIA solid modelling...

Author(s): A. A. Faieza, S. M. Sapuan, M. K. A. Ariffin, B. T. H. T. Baharudin and E. E. Supeni

May 2009

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is a life-long disease marked by elevated levels of sugar in the blood. It is the second leading cause of blindness and renal disease worldwide. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease caused by inherited and/or acquired deficiency in production of insulin by the pancreas, or by ineffectiveness of the insulin produced. It is a silent killer disease and affects millions of peoples in the world. This article...

Author(s): Samreen Riaz

May 2009

Conservation and propagation of endangered Proteaceae on the Agulhas plain for sustainable ecotourism development

Large parts of the Agulhas plain contribute to the commercial cut flower export industry. However, this industry is causing the destruction of many Proteaceaespecies both endemic and threatened. The Agulhas plain is a large region (34°50′00″S 20°00′09.15″E / 34.833333°S 20.0025417°E) where threatened red data species are not sufficiently valued as many landowners and...

Author(s): Charles P. Laubscher⊃, Patrick A. Ndakidemi, Mohammed S. Bayat⊃ and André Slabbert⊃

May 2009

Aggregating group MCDM problems using a fuzzy Delphi model for personnel performance appraisal

Personnel performance appraisal is a tool towards achieving organization goals. Its main focus is to in-crease the abilities, merits and growth of personnel. We looked at the personnel performance appraisal as an element of group decision making model in which personnel are evaluated from different points of view. A fuzzy Delphi method and linguistic terms represented by triangular fuzzy numbers were applied to bring...

Author(s): Mohammad Anisseh, Rosnah bt Mohd Yusuff and Alireza Shakarami

May 2009

Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus and its implications for polio surveillance and eradication in Nigeria: A review of the literature

This review reports on circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) and its implications for polio surveillance and eradication in Nigeria, a review of the literature. It also describes the potential implications of VDPVs in the final stages of global polio eradication. As the global eradication of...

Author(s): I. O. Okonko, A. A. Ogun, A. O. Adedeji, O. A. Akanbi, A.O. Udeze and O. B. Motayo,

May 2009

A sex attractant of the rough bollworm, Earias huegeliana (Gaede) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

The sex attractant of the rough bollworm was identified using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS) from female gland and air collections. Identified compounds were formulated into blends and tested in the field for attractiveness to males. The Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis revealed 4 compounds, (E,E)-10,12-hexadecadienal, (E,E)-10,12-hexadecadienol, (Z)-11-hexadecenal and...

Author(s): S. T. Lowor, A. P. Del Socorro and P. C. Gregg

May 2009

Biochemical factors relevant to kidney functions among Jordanian top athletes

The aim of this research was to examine the biochemical factors related to kidney functions such as glucose, urea, creatinine, sodium and potassium levels among Jordanian top level athletes. Eighty athletes (67 males and 13 females) participated were chosen to take part in this study. The means height, weight, age, gender and Body Mass Index (BMI) were matched by a control group consist of 81 normal adolescents. Data...

Author(s): A. Baniata, K. Manse, T. Aburjai, S. Adeeb and M. Al-Gazzawi

May 2009

Microbiological safety and quality assessment of some fermented cassava products (lafun, fufu, gari)

Some cassava fermented products namely “lafun”, “fufu” and “gari” obtained from various markets in Abeokuta were investigated when stored at ambient condition for seven days. The qualities of these products, not only revealed changes in the physical appearance but also in some sensory attributes such as colour, aroma, drawness, mouldiness, stickiness and smoothness during storage...

Author(s): A. O. Obadina, O. B. Oyewole and A. O. Odusami

May 2009

Alleviation of juglone stress by plant growth regulators in germination of cress seeds

Juglone (5-Hydroxy-1, 4-naphthoquinone) is an allelochemical responsible for walnut allelopathy. The effects of gibberellic acid (GA) and kinetin (KIN) in overcoming juglone stress on seed germination and seedling growth were investigated in cress (Lepidium sativum cv. Bandırma). Pretreated seeds with plant growth regulators were used in the study to test their alleviation effect after juglone stress. It was found...

Author(s): I. Terzi and I. Kocaçalışkan

May 2009

An alternative approach for calculation/ measurement of fundamental powers based on wavelet packet transform

In order to calculate/measure the fundamental harmonic power values, the wavelet transform based methods have been proposed in the literature. However, the fundamental harmonic of voltage and current signals cannot be decomposed into real and imaginary components in any of these methods based on only wavelet packet transform. It is required to decompose voltage and current signals with harmonics to real and imaginary...

Author(s): Fahri Vatansever and Ayhan Ozdemir

May 2009

Estimation of the nuclear DNA content in some representative of genus Dioscorea

Nuclear DNA content of 54 accessions of 6 Dioscorea species collected from West African countries were determined using flow cytometry. Observed ploidy levels are diploid (2x), triploid (3x), tetraploid (4x), hexaploid (6x) and octoploid (8x). DNA index varied from 0.36 to 1.54 depending on the cultivar and considered specie. Estimated nuclear DNA sizes ranged from 0.702 ± 0.004 pg for G1 nuclei of...

Author(s): J. E. Obidiegwu, , , E. Rodriguez, E. E. Ene-obong, J. Loureiro, C. O. Muoneke, C. Santos, M. Kolesnikova-Allen and R. Asiedu

May 2009

Seed storage evaluation, imbibition capacity assessment and seed pre-sowing treatment studies on Newbouldia laevis (P. Beauv) ex bureau

A study was designed to evaluate seed storage, imbibition capacity and seed pre-sowing treatments on Newbouldia laevis. This was with a view to determining the optimum method(s) of seed storage, enhancement of imbibition capacity and the pre-sowing treatments. In the initial studies these were recognized as impediments to good seed germination. Significantly varied results (P < 0.05) were obtained during...

Author(s): Ehiagbonare J. E. and Onyebi H. I.

May 2009

Haematological response of the African catfish: Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) to sublethal concentrations of potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is a widely used freshwater aquaculture chemotherapeutant for the treatment and prevention of waterborne parasitic and fungal diseases. The goal of this research is to determine the toxicological effects of potassium permanganate on haematological parameters of the widely consumed African catfish, Clarias gariepinus. Advanced juveniles C. gariepinus were exposed to a...

Author(s): Kori-Siakpere, Ovie, Ogbe, Martin Gbemi and Ikomi, Robert Bemigho

May 2009

Effect of temperature on development and survival of Bactrocera correcta (Diptera: Tephritidae)

The effect of temperature on the development and survival of the guava fruit fly,Bactrocera correcta (Bezzi) (Diptera: Tephritidae) from egg to adult’s pre-ovipositional stage was studied in laboratory under 5 different constant temperatures: 18, 24, 30, 33 and 36°C. The developmental time of the egg, larva and pupa significantly decreased with increasing temperature from 18 to 33°C. The developmental...

Author(s): Liu, Xiaofei and Ye, Hui

May 2009

Experimental investigation of kinetic energy and momentum correction coefficients in open channels

In this study, vertical and lateral velocity distribution in a compound channel cross section was measured to investigate kinetic energy and momentum correction coefficients for nine different test discharges. Experiments were carried out for subcritical flow conditions and the Froude number (Fr) and depth ratio (Dr) varied between 0.87 and 0.95, and 0.17 and 0.48 respectively. Kinetic energy and mo-mentum correction...

Author(s): Galip Seckin, Mehmet Ardiclioglu, Hatice Cagatay, Murat Cobaner and Recep Yurtal

May 2009

Load carrying capacity of spline joints as affected by board and adhesives type

The main factor for strength performance of corner construction is resistance to diagonal compression and diagonal tension forces acting on joints. The strength at these points varies according to the type of joint and adhesive used. The present study examined the effects of diagonal compression and tension forces upon spline joints. Joints were constructed using three types of wood-based board and either polyvinyl...

Author(s): Mustafa Altinok, Hasan Hüseyin TaÅŸ and Emre Sancak

May 2009

Accelerated weathering performance of cement bonded fiberboard

Some mechanical and physical properties including total color changes of the cement bonded fiberboard exposed to accelerated weathering process have been investigated. The effects of density, wood fiber/ cement ratio and percent accelerator used on physical and mechanical properties of the weathered boards weredetermined. Comprehensive sets of replicated test data were generated in laboratory conditions and were...

Author(s): Ergun Guntekin and Halil Turgut Sahin

May 2009

Drought adaptation ecophysiological mechanisms of two annual legumes on semi- arid Mediterranean grassland

The drought adaptation of two annual legumes, Medicago minima (L.) Bartal andOnobrychis aequidentata (Sibth and Sm) D’Urv., was studied at the H2O and CO2efficient use level over the drought period investigating whether, besides the already known drought adaptation mechanism, annual legumes are dealing with drought by controlling stomatal and mesophyll conductance. O....

Author(s): Maria Karatassiou, Bassil Noitsakis and Zoi Koukoura

May 2009

Ecological approach in sustainable tourism: ÅžavÅŸat district example

Unless the measures, envisaged for mass tourism in a sustainable understanding, are taken for ecotourism as well, ecotourism will be brought to the same point with mass tourism in terms of environmental hazard as a consequence of an increase in demand. Thus, it is fundamental to find out the level of environmental degradation of the resource and to form the potential for making use of nature-based tourism...

Author(s):  Tülay Cengiz and Erhan Çalışkan

May 2009

The rooting performance of shea (Vitellaria paradoxa gaertn) stem cuttings as influenced by wood type, sucrose and rooting hormone

Vegetative propagation of stem cuttings of different physiological woodtypes ofVitellaria paradoxa was studied in a polythene propagator. The treatments included combinations of wood type (soft, semi-hard and rejuvenated (coppiced) shoots), sucrose application at 0, 15 and 25%, and Seradix ‘3’ powder hormone (active ingredient- indolebutyricacid) at 0 and 8000 ppm. Cuttings of rejuvenated shoots...

Author(s): J. Yeboah, S. T. Lowor and F. M. Amoah

May 2009

Adsorption of metal ions by dye treated cassava mesocarp

The ability of dyed cassava mesocarp to remove Cu (II) and Zn (II) ions from single ion solutions (10 mg/l) has been studied. The experiments were carried out using dyed cassava mesocarp (1.0 g). The amount (mg/g) of Cu (II) adsorbed by dyed cassava mesocarp of different particle sizes 0.40 mm (DCMI) and 0.63 mm (DCMII) at the contract time of 30 min was 389 and 248.5 respectively. The amount (mg/g) of zinc (II)...

Author(s): G. O. Agiri and O. Akaranta

May 2009

A dynamic model for measuring knowledge level of organizations based on Nonaka and Takeuchi Model (SECI)

In this article, by considering Nonaka and Takeuchi model (SECI) and its dynamic simulation as a basis, a measurement model is planned which covers the necessary four dimensions of knowledge "knowledge volume", "knowledge value", "transformation speed of different types of knowledge" and "knowledge advantages and expenses" simultaneously. It is necessary to pay attention to...

Author(s): Navid Nezafati, Abbas Afrazeh and S. Mohammad J. Jalali