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  • DOI: 10.5897/JGMR
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Sedimentary facies analysis and depositional environments of the Buanji Group, Chimala (East), SW Tanzania

This work presents a facies analysis of Buanji Group based on field data. The succession is divided into two depositional sequences which are lower siliciclastic units (ranging between 600 – 750 m thickness) of the lower and middle Buanji and upper non-clastic – clastic strata (600 ± 20 m thickness) of the middle and Upper Buanji Units. Six lithofacies (conglomerate (F1), sandstone (F2), siltstone/mudstone (F3), shale...

Author(s):Godson Godfray and Joshua J. Mahwa

Article in Press

Structure & tectonics of hong hills in hawal precambrian basement complex, North East Nigeria

The tectonics and impact of the Pan-African orogeny on the Hong Hills area of North Eastern Nigeria has been unraveled. This work basically used structural identification and tectonic inference to decipher the deformation episodes in this region. Our results show that this area was subjected to multiple episodes of deformation and there were evidence of reworking of older structures by younger ones. Foliation, folds and...

Author(s):Nsikak E. Bassey and Efosa Udinmwen

Article in Press


The need to source for local construction materials that are appropriate for the massive developmental projects in Ebonyi State, southeastern Nigeria, has necessitated sampling and testing of the Maastrichtian Amasiri Sandstone in the Akpoha area of the state. Petrographic analysis and aggregate tests were conducted on six samples randomly selected from the rock deposit underlying the area. The petrographic analysis...

Author(s):Chioma Elizabeth Nwimo, Modestus Chijioke Ohaegbulem, Okechukwu Pius Aghamelu, Nonyelum Stella Iloanya, Chijioke Martin Nwachukwu

Article in Press

Investigating the viability of geothermal potential within Benue state, central Nigeria from radiometric and high resolution aeromagnetic data

The study focuses on both (qualitatively and quantitatively) analysis of high resolution Aeromagnetic data for the estimation of geothermal potential within the eastern part of Lower Benue Basin and correlating the results from the qualitative analysis of Radiometric concentration data of the study area. The study area covers a total area of 18,150 km2 , six aeromagnetic sheets covers the area, major towns are Markudi,...

Author(s):Adebayo Adetona

Article in Press

Geology and Genesis of Uranium Mineralization in Tarat Formation, Mining District of SOMAIR from Tim-Mersoi Basin, Northern Niger.

The study aimed at characterizing the geochemical compositions of Tarat Sandstones horst of uranium deposit in Arlit, Northern Niger. Induced Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES) and Induced Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) analyses were used to determine the characteristics of studied sandstones. Field observations in Takriza, Taza North, Tamou open pit mines and Tamari Prospect and factor...


Article in Press

Litho-structural Features of the Precambrian Basement rocks of the Benin-Nigerian Shield, Northwestern Nigeria: Implications for their Probable Evolution from the Pan-African and Brasiliano Belts

We present the petrographic and structural features of the Precambrian (Neoproterozoic) Basement rocks of the Benin-Nigerian Shield that crop out in Northwestern Nigeria within Kanoma and its environs to give an insight on the evolution and deformational episodes that pervaded them. The major rock types in the area are schists and quartzites which have been intruded by granitic rocks. The origin of these rocks can be...

Author(s):Emmanuel Daanoba Sunkari, Basiru Mohammed Kore

Article in Press

Risk Assessment in Open Pit Mining and Economic Uncertainty Modelling for Optimal Decision-Making using Stochastic Simulation - a Case Study of an Iron Ore Deposit

The key economic parameters to model risks and uncertainties for optimal decision-making in the planning of a mining project include commodity price, discount and monetary exchange rate. The current status of these key parameters is known but, the risk associated with their unknown values is of importance for decision making. In this research, economic variables such as, commodity price, mining costs, annual change in...


Article in Press

Gold and Copper Mineralization in Lower Carboniferous Um Bogma Formation, Sinai, Egypt: Geologic Setting and Recovery

Au-Cu mineralization-bearing ferruginous siltstone bed (1.5 m thick) was identified at the lower Carboniferous Middle Um Bogma Formation (20 m thick), Sinai, Egypt. It is unconformably overlying Sarabit El Khadem (Cambrian) and overlain by the base of Abu Thora sandstone. The latter is covered by lower Jurassic basaltic sill (30 m thickness).Two technological samples were collected from siltstone bed (20 kg) and analyzed...

Author(s):EL TOHAMY AMIRA, Mohammed El Ahmady, Enas El Sheikh

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