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IJPC Articles

Employment, experiences of intimate partner violence, and health related quality of life

June 2009

    We wanted to study the relationship between being unemployed or not, health related quality of life (HRQOL), and intimate partner violence (IPV) among women who had just arrived at a women’s shelter and one year later. This seems as an important issue as employment rates are quite low among abused women. In measuring HRQOL, SF-36 was used both at baseline and follow-up. Lower scores in SF-36...

Author(s): Kjersti Alsaker, Bente E. Moen and Valborg Baste

Do we still need Male Dominance?

May 2009

Author(s): Prof. Narasappa Kumaraswamy

Men as partners in maternal health: Implications for reproductive health counselling in Rivers State, Nigeria

May 2009

  Over the years, the issue of maternal health has been predominantly seen and treated as a purely feminine matter. The involvement of men in ensuring and enhancing maternal health is actually a new idea, first hatched at a conference in Cairo in 1994, but not much has been done in practical terms in the developing world. This paper is aimed at examining the underlying problem that patriarchy in the African...

Author(s): Joseph B. Kinanee and Jessica Ezekiel-Hart

College students perception and awareness of the North Carolina Online sex offender registry

May 2009

  Public awareness of the North Carolina sex offender registry website as well as the perceived accuracy of the information posted on this website was examined. Two hundred and sixty individuals participated in this survey. Fifty-seven percent had previous knowledge of the website; however, only 27% of those who were aware of the website had actually accessed the online sex offender registry. Over 90% of...

Author(s): Brandon Herman and L. Alvin Malesky, Jr

The dance of the mind-body in psychology and counseling

April 2009

Author(s): Rainbow T .H. Ho Ph.D

The problem of qualia

April 2009

  The paper intends to research into the mind-body problem and examine an aspect of the current issue in the debate. An attempt to solve the mind/body problem has moved to the examination of the nature and property of consciousness. It is hoped that sufficient study and understanding of the nature and characteristics of consciousness could suffice for the solution to the age-old problem. This has generated...

Author(s): R. T. Oyelakin

Anorexia and bulimia nervosa: The scenario among Nigerian female students

April 2009

  Eating disorders are a major source of physical and psychosocial morbidity among young women. The present study was two-fold; one was to confirm if such eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia which have plagued the developed western world have engulfed the women of Nigeria and to identify young Nigerian female students most at risk of subsequently developing an eating disorder. Anorexia and bulimia...

Author(s): Dike I. P.

Issues faced by therapists with visible disabilities: The role of transference, anxiety, and the notion of otherness in the therapeutic relationship

April 2009

  Historically, the view towards those with disabilities has ranged from divine reverence to complete social exclusion, with many holding attitudes that fluctuate between these polarities.  Based on the notion of otherness and transference anxiety, such perspectives may impact the therapeutic alliance between able-body clients and a counselor with a visible disability. Two focus groups were held, exploring...

Author(s): Michael Axelman and Dokie Riahi Kashani

Eastern Roots of Psychology and Counseling

March 2009

Author(s): Cecilia Lai Wan Chan, Ph.D., R.S.W., J.P

Play, unity and symbols: Parallels in the works of Froebel and Jung

March 2009

  Fredrich Froebel is recognized as the father of kindergarten (Wolfe, 2002), but is it possible that Froebel had a significant influence in the field of analytical psychology? The ideas of Carl Jung, who pioneered the field of analytical psychology, bear striking similarities to Froebel’s ideas about play, unity and the use of symbols. The circumstances of their lives offer possible explanations for...

Author(s): Kelly A. Russell and Jerry Aldridge

The relationships between perceived stress for the future and coping strategies in times of social uncertainty: A study of Italian adolescents

March 2009

  Rapid social and economic changes in most industrialized countries have increased the level of uncertainty and precariousness to which young people are exposed. Adolescents are increasingly preoccupied with their future in terms of education, jobs, and career. The current study was aimed at investigating: 1) the stress for the future and the coping styles; 2) gender, age, and living place differences in...

Author(s): Silvia Ciairano, Palma Menna, Roberta Molinar and Laura Aleni Sestito

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