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IJPC Articles

April 2020

Personality traits and emotional intelligence among health care professionals in a tertiary hospital

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is considered fundamental to get along with others in the workplace. The dearth of literature on personality traits and EI among healthcare professionals calls for concerns. Therefore, this study examined personality traits and emotional intelligence among healthcare professionals in a tertiary hospital in Maiduguri. A cross-sectional survey design was adopted, and an accidental sampling...

Author(s): Pindar Sadique Kwajaffa, Onyencho Victor Chidi, Mshelia Anthony Ali, Yerima Mohammed Mukhtar and Musami Umar Baba  

February 2020

Social guidance and counselling support services on the study habits of distance learners: A case of learners in Bachelor of Education programmes by distance learning of University of Nairobi, Kenya

Distance learners in some studies have reported feelings of isolation and lack of direction in developing effective study habits. The purpose of this study is to establish the extent to which social guidance and counselling influence study habits of learners in Bachelor of Educational programmes by distance learning of the University of Nairobi. Data were collected using structured questionnaire. Simple random and...

Author(s): Janet Orero Obiero, Charles Kimamo and Anne Assey  

January 2020

Making space for the adolescent unconscious: A case-based reflection on practice

Community-based psychotherapists and school counsellors work to assist adolescents through sharing resources, building awareness of cognition and behavior, and skill development in communicative competence.  However, adolescents, eager to delve deeper into the unknown territory of their being, also present us with speech and acts coming from the unconscious, in the form of metaphors, forgetting, behavioral...

Author(s): Donna Marie San Antonio and Nathan Gorelick

January 2020

Influence of psychological training on personal and professional development and group cohesiveness among the staff of residential campus, BRAC University

The present study aims to identify the impact of psychological training on the staff of BRAC University and how it has increased the group bonding of staff members. To see the impact, researchers conducted a series of training session with the participants over a span of one year. After the training, data were collected through interview method from the 18 participants. Besides, observation method was applied to see...

Author(s): Safina Binte Enayet, Anne Anthonia Baroi and Kazi Rumana Haque  

October 2019

A historical perspective of the field of emotional and behavioral disorders: A review of literature

The purpose of this paper is two-fold. First, to review relevant literature forming the foundation of the field of emotional and behavioral disorders. This historical methodology focuses on examining research from the 1700s to 2017, starting with the history of emotional disorders, the Freudian theory, the federal special education laws that emerged throughout history, and lastly tracing its evolution within the...

Author(s): Celestial Wills-Jackson  

August 2019

Expanding the internalized homonegativity Scale by including the factor of fear of being identified as a non-heterosexual person

The purpose of this instrumental research was to expand the Internalized Homonegativity Scale to assess a new factor, the fear of being identified as a non-heterosexual person, and to validate the new instrument. A questionnaire was applied to an incidental sample of 200 medical students from a private university in Monterrey, Mexico. This questionnaire was composed of four items about socio-demographic information, one...

Author(s): José Moral De La Rubia and Adrian Valle De La O.  

July 2019

Differential item functioning of the career aspiration scale within Arab context

The aim of the study was to examine the psychometric properties and the differential items functioning of short version of Career Aspiration Scale (CAS) in a sample of 2700 of Omani high school students. The results of the total score of CAS showed acceptable internal consistency (Cronbach’s α=0.67). An exploratory factor analysis yielded a support for nine items version identifying single construct....

Author(s): Muna A. S. Al-Bahrani, Suad M. A. S. Al-Lawati, Yousef A. A. Abu shindi, Bakkar S. A. Bakkar and Khalid S. R. Alsiyabi

June 2019

Understanding the psychology of youths: Generation gap

The aim of this study is to understand the mind set of youths in relation to gender, college, and achievement levels. It is of essence, that counsellors, educators, parents and policy makers are able to uncover the factors that increase the gap between generations, so that they are can help them adjust to educational institutions, family system, work environment, and life in general. A sample of 310 students (male and...

Author(s): Suad M. A. S. Al-Lawati  

May 2019

The impact of bullying and victimization among deaf students in residential schools and distressful behaviors of deaf students

Bullying and victimization remains a persistent phenomenon in schools within the United States of America. However, no studies have focused on bullying and victimization among deaf students. This cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the frequency of bullying and victimization among deaf children. Further, the study examined deaf children who could read and write at their respective grade levels or higher....

Author(s): Danielle Thompson-Ochoa and Patricia Hodgdon  

April 2019

Effectiveness of counselling services on retention rate of undergraduate students in selected universities in Kenya

The purpose of the study is to assess the extent to which counselling services in universities in Kenya influences students’ retention rate. The study was carried out in 2018 where one hundred and one medical students in first year second semester from two public universities were studied to determine the effectiveness of counselling services on retention rate of undergraduate students. Quantitative data were...

Author(s): Nyutu Jane Gathoni, Merecia Ann Sirera and Wilfridah Olaly  

March 2019

Modern counseling approaches in Ethiopia allied to the Westerners system

The underlying points of reference in the study was to obtain relevant information from modern and professional counselors in view of the societal understanding and interest, using the counseling services in their lifetime along with analysis of the  modern counseling system efficacy in the country. The two big institutions employing modern counseling systems were carefully chosen with purposeful selection of study...

Author(s): Getachew Abeshu Disassa and Tsehay Baissa Into

February 2019

Relationship between psychological hardiness and career decision-making self-efficacy among eleventh grade students in Sultanate of Oman

This study aims to investigate the association between psychological hardiness and career decision-making self-efficacy among eleventh grade students in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve this purpose, psychological hardiness scale (PHS), and career decision self-efficacy- short form- were administered to a sample of 500 students of eleventh grade (n = 260) males and (n = 240) females. Findings revealed that the level of...

Author(s): Mohammad Sheikh Hammoud, Bakkar S. Bakkar, Maher M. Abu-Hilal and Yousuf Saif Mohammed Al Rujaibi

January 2019

Assessment of diabetes related distress among subjects with type 2 diabetes in South India

Diabetes is a complex chronic disease that affects not only an individual’s physical health, but can also have a profound impact on mental wellbeing. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of DRD among subjects with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) using Diabetes Distress Scale-17 (DDS-17) and to see its correlation with glycemic control and treatment modalities. A cross-sectional study of 400 T2DM subjects (200...

Author(s): Hemavathi P., Satyavani K., Smina T. P. and Vijay V.  

September 2018

Prevalence and associated factors of stress among undergraduate students in Ambo University: Implication for Intervention

The study aims to assess the prevalence and associated factors of stress among Ambo University students. Institute based cross-sectional study was conducted on a sample of 343 undergraduate students at Ambo University. Data were collected using the Student-life Stress Inventory. Descriptive statistics, independent t-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Pearson correlation coefficient were utilized to analyze the...

Author(s): Muna Suleyiman and Atinkut Zewdu  

March 2018

Counselling Psychology: Concept, trend and medical setting

The significant role and contributions of counselling is now well recognized in remedial and preventive areas. Different models of healing and human functioning has appreciated the incredible efforts of counselling in the relevant fields. Medical setting has always been promoted by counselling, where counselling has proved its exertions through vital contributions in primary care to deal with various issues and problems...

Author(s): Md. Amanullah and Saba Firdos

February 2018

Teacher centered dominated approaches: Their implications for today’s inclusive classrooms

This study is an exploration on the kind of approaches teachers use in their schools and/or classrooms to deliver instruction in inclusive classrooms particularly whether or not learners who have LD benefit from these approaches. Six primary schools in urban, semi-urban and rural areas were randomly selected and data was collected through classroom observations, interviews and document analysis. Fourteen participants...

Author(s): Otukile-Mongwaketse Mpho  

January 2018

The lived experiences of students with severe mobility impairment at Addis Ababa University (AAU): A phenomenological perspective

A qualitative approach, specifically a descriptive phenomenological approach, was used to explore the lived experiences of students with severe mobility impairment at AAU. Accordingly, nine students with severe mobility impairment in different fields of study and year level provided written descriptions to the questions posed to them. Analysis of their responses yielded three major themes, each major theme with its own...

Author(s): Walga Tamene Keinen  

November 2017

Life satisfaction associated with existence, relatedness and growth needs fulfillment

The attainment of a satisfied human ecology is characterized by both subjective and objective view that depicts life satisfaction in its specific dimensions and arising from the hierarchical fulfillment of human’s existence (E), relatedness (R), and growth (G) needs fulfillment. This research looked into these life sustaining facets, ERG, and the interaction of subjective and objective life satisfaction among...

Author(s): Josefina C. Ochoa

September 2017

The phenomenon of students’ violence at Hail University: Prevalence, causes and suggested solutions from the students’ perspective

This study aimed at investigating the level of prevalence of various forms of violence, the root causes and potential solutions to the phenomenon of students’ violence from the perspective of students at Hail University. The research sample comprised 100 male and 100 female students who were chosen randomly. A three-part questionnaire was used for data collection. It was discovered that the most prevalent form of...

Author(s): Moneera Almerab

July 2017

Impact of psychological counselling on posttraumatic stress disorder victims of Rana Plaza tragedy

The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of psychological counselling on victims with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the Rana Plaza tragedy. Data was collected from two different groups using the Impact of Event Scale translated and validated in Bengali. Participants of one group consist of 50 who received life skills training and the other group of 71 who had no such training. PTSD was...

Author(s): Lipy Gloria Rozario, Anne Anthonia Baroi and Shaheen Islam

June 2017

Client congruence in therapy and its association with mindfulness and the therapeutic relationship

In order to investigate clients’ role in the mutuality of therapeutic encounter, this pilot study examined data from 49 participants who had undergone at least three sessions of therapy. The participants completed the Working Alliance Inventory and the Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills. As hypothesised, higher levels of mindfulness were associated with enhanced working alliance. All three dimensions of the...

Author(s): Itai Ivtzan and Stephen Joseph

May 2017

Teacher competence as a tool for effective and sustainable human capital development in the federal capital territory: Implications for career guidance

This study investigated teacher competence as a tool for effective and sustainable human capital development in selected Public Secondary Schools in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was used for the study while simple random sampling technique was used to draw the sample for the study in two area councils in the FCT. The data generated was analysed using means scores,...

Author(s): B. O. Onyilo and I. I. Shamo

April 2017

“A study on positive impact of intensive psychological counseling on psychological well-being of type 2 diabetic patients undergoing amputation”

Amputation is one of the most dreadful complications in diabetes. Diabetic amputees are at elevated risk of psychological distress due to their disability. Thus, the current study aimed to evaluate the effect of intensive counseling on psychological outcomes among type 2 diabetic patients undergoing amputation. The study was conducted among 62 consecutive patients admitted in the diabetic centre and who underwent an...

Author(s): Mary Jenifer Amalraj, Anitha Rani. A and Vijay Viswanathan

January 2017

Demographic and personal correlates of ‘new masculinities’: Focus on the role of emotional intelligence

This research aims to gain a better understanding of a popular term in gender-talk, using a quantitative approach. It proposes a working definition of ‘new masculinities’ and explores some of its antecedents, paying special attention to the concept of emotional intelligence (EI). Given the lack of empirical research on the nature of ‘new masculinities’ and its components this study is based on a...

Author(s): Leehu Zysberg and Avigail Moore

December 2016

Student volunteers’ perspectives on roles/functions of university counseling centers in Taiwan

This study discussed the student volunteers’ perspectives on the roles/functions of University Counseling Center (UCC). Fifteen student volunteers of a university in northern Taiwan participated. Phenomenological method was employed to analyze in-depth interviews. Themes emerged including volunteers viewed; roles and functions of UCC as enhancing the quality of mental health on campus, psychological and counseling...

Author(s): Yii-nii Lin, Yi-Hsing Claire Chiu, Pi-Hui Lai and Yueh-Hua Chen

November 2016

Parenting styles and family characteristics as correlates of psychological distress among Nigerian adolescents

Many factors could be co-related with psychological distress in secondary school adolescents. Few of such factors are the style parents adopt in raising their adolescents, and the family characteristics in which adolescents are nurtured. This study was designed to look at the relationship between parenting style/family characteristics and adolescents’ psychological distress. Specifically, the study was designed to...

Author(s): Alika Henrietta Ijeoma, Akanni Deborah Omolara and  Akanni Oluyemi Oluwatosin

October 2016

Cult Members’ “three-low-and-one-high” Symptoms and Theirs’ Solution-focused Brief Psychological Counseling

This study aimed to examine the inner psychological characteristics of cult members, provide a basis for the implementation of psychological counseling. 63 cult members and 69 ordinary people were assessed with the Self-Consistency and Congruence Scale (SCCS), the Interpersonal Trust Scale (ITS), the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), and the Self-rated Health Measurement Scale (SRHMS).  Cult members scored...

Author(s): Juan Zhou, Yuran Luo, Qingping Chen, Ying Liang

August 2016

The framework for integrating common and specific factors in therapy: A resolution

A framework for integrating common and specific factors in therapy is provided in this study. The key to integration is employing the common factors as fundamental principles; meanwhile, incorporating a specific model and unique techniques carefully to respond to the client’s needs, demographic variables, and ethnic/cultural characteristics. The four major constructs of common factors (that is, client...

Author(s): Yii-Nii Lin

June 2016

Psychosocial predictors of entrepreneurial intention among Nigerian graduates

This study investigated the role of psychosocial factors (entrepreneurial self-efficacy, fear of failure, social support, and gender) on entrepreneurial intention among Nigerian graduates. The research adopted a survey design. Two hundred and ten (210) participants were selected purposively and randomly for the study. Results revealed that there were significant relationships among the variables of the study. Besides,...

Author(s): Okoye Lawrence Jekwu

May 2016

Multiculturalism in counseling and therapy: Marriage and family issues

The world is changing very fast toward cultural pluralism. It is predicted that most of the societies will be more diverse in 21st century. Cultural differences denied for centuries in therapeutic interventions are no more acceptable. Multicultural counseling and therapy are in fact a strong trend in response to this urgent need. That is the reason for multiculturalism to be considered the fourth force in psychology....

Author(s): Bagher Sanai Zaker and Alireza Boostanipoor

May 2016

Family dynamics in households with Adera children: Implications for family-based care of orphaned and vulnerable children

Adera childcare is a community-based kinship type of care arrangement that has been practiced in many parts of Ethiopia for years. Research evidences indicate that this practice avails alternative care and support that make important contribution in the life and development of children. However, some evidences also indicate that there are concerns and challenges that would compromise the quality and contribution of care...

Author(s): Belay Tefera Kibret and Shewaye Mengistu

April 2016

Coping with the interpersonal stresses of bariatric surgery: An interpretive study of women’s experiences

The purpose of this interpretive inquiry was to gain understanding about how women cope with the interpersonal stresses associated with bariatric surgery. In-depth interviews were conducted with 13 women who had undergone bariatric surgery. Data were analyzed using constant comparison processes. Analyses revealed that participants managed stress associated with bariatric surgery using five forms of coping, including:...

Author(s): Jennifer Paff Ogle and Juyeon Park

April 2016

Personality traits as predictors of Facebook use

This study explores the personality factors behind Filipino college students’ social media usage. Using descriptive-correlational design, a random sample of 338 Filipino undergraduate students, between ages of 16 to 22, was employed to generate relationships and understand predictions among factors derived from NEO Personality Inventory and Facebook Intensity Scale. Results indicated that respondents tend to be...

Author(s): John Ray B. Acopio and Lucila O. Bance

March 2016

Comparative influence of health locus of control on medication adherence among tuberculosis and HIV-positive outpatients in Edo State, Nigeria

The purpose of this study was to investigate the difference between influence of health locus of control on medication adherence among outpatients undergoing directly observed treatment-short course (DOTS) and those receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART). Resurgence of tuberculosis (TB) infection following the spread of HIV epidemic has made treatment of TB and HIV co-infection a public healthcare priority in Nigeria....

Author(s): Obadiora, A.H.

March 2016

Posthumous marriage in Igbo land, Southeastern Nigeria and its effects on child development and education

Posthumous marriage is one of the traditional marriages being practiced in Igbo Land, Southeastern Nigeria. This is a type of marriage that offers men who had already died opportunities to have wives and descendants when they have already died even before the marriages are contracted. Consequently, many traditional families use this opportunity to solve the problems of childlessness, male child absence in the family...

Author(s): Agbo Maria Charity

February 2016

Study of problem solving ability of adolescents in relation to parenting styles and resilience

In this study, the investigator wants to make an important contribution to the literature by demonstrating that resilience and parenting styles made a significant effect on the problem solving ability of adolescents. Problem solving ability test was constructed by the investigator. Parenting scale developed and standardized by Bharadwaj, Sharma and Garg (1998), Resilience Scale (RS-14) for Adolescents by Wagnild (2011)...

Author(s): Jasjit Kaur and Manju Gera

February 2016

Past and Future: The Development of Animation Education in China

The rapid development of cultural and creative industries in China induces a growth in the development of intellectual property. Some of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are gradually transforming themselves into original design manufacturers (ODMs) and original brand manufacturers (OBMs). The animation industry also benefits from the Government’s policy support and starts to develop and produce...

Author(s): Henry Ma

January 2016

Ways of coping and personality traits among Kurdish adolescents

This study was designed to explore the relationship between coping methods and personality among a group of Kurdish adolescents. A sample of 235 secondary students completed surveys measuring methods of coping and personality types. Pearson’s r correlations indicated that positive attitude, as a method of coping, was correlated to all personality traits, except for neuroticism. Passivity and mixed efforts were the...

Author(s): Azad Ali Ismail

November 2015

Expressive group counseling as a model for increasing self-awareness to reduce trauma symptoms experienced by children in Palestine

The purpose of this study was to test the effectiveness of a time-limited group counseling program based on expressive activities in improving levels of self awareness and reducing PTSD symptoms for children experiencing symptoms of trauma in the West Bank of Palestine. The sample consisted of 30 children who have all experienced significant losses and trauma from Nablus, Palestine ranging from 9-12 years of age....

Author(s): Fayez Azez Mohamad Mahamid, Sulieman T. Rihani and Denise Ziya Berte

August 2015

Mental health and the Nigerian workplace: Fallacies, facts and the way forward

Unquestionably, mental health is fundamental to individual, organizational and national well-being. However, Nigeria’s mental health statistics are a cause for concern. This is further aggravated by a culture of indifference, denial and evasion. This paper advocates a cultural re-engineering. It espouses the need for Nigerian workplaces to recognize mental health as a realistic and legitimate concern, as well as...

Author(s): Oyewunmi, Adebukola Esther, Oyewunmi, Olabode Adeleke, Iyiola, Oluwole Oladele and Ojo, Ayannike Yemisi

July 2015

Stress and coping with cervical cancer by patients: A qualitative inquiry

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide, and the most common cancer in women in resource limited settings. Regardless of the stage at which a diagnosis of cancer is made, individuals who receive such a diagnosis are stressed both psychologically and emotionally, thus they need to employee certain mechanism in order to cope. Using Lazarus and Folkman’s Transaction Model of Stress and...

Author(s): Katowa-Mukwato Patricia, Mwape Lonia, Maimbolwa C. Margaret, Muleya C. Mutinta  and Namushi L. Beauty

June 2015

Influence of self-concealed psycho-social factors as predictors on the effectiveness of sexual self-disclosure during voluntary counseling and testing among university students in Kenya

Four hundred and fifty six third year undergraduate students from the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University and Egerton University were studied to find out the influence of self-concealed psycho-social factors as predictors on the effectiveness of sexual self-disclosure during voluntary counselling and testing among university students in Kenya. Results revealed there is a significant relationship between...

Author(s): Mokua Gilbert Maroko, Fredrick Ogola, Musau Kithuka, Haniel Nyaga Gatumu, Nyutu Jane Gathoni, Njuguna Christina Nyamugoro and Anthony Muriithi Ireri

June 2015

Factors associated with mental health symptoms in women living with HIV in Southern India: An exploratory study

Limited research has focused on the mental health of HIV-infected women in resource poor settings such as rural India. This study attempts to fill this gap in the literature, through conducting standardized interviews with 20 HIV-infected women in rural, Southern India. Variables of interest included trauma exposure, mental health symptoms, shame, guilt, social support, negative social reactions, coping, and HIV...

Author(s): Kendall Sauer, Courtney Welton-Mitchell, Sara Anderson and N. M. Samuel

May 2015

Differential effect of behavioural strategies on the management of conduct disorder among adolescents in correctional centres in Lagos State, Nigeria

Adolescent period is a significant phase in human development. Empirical evidences from diverse nations revealed that the period is characterized by a number of misbehaviours of which conduct disorder is paramount. Conduct disorder is a repetitive behaviour that violates the rights of others. It entails rule violation, aggression, hostility, and deceitfulness. There are adolescents in correctional centres in several...

Author(s): Sussan O Adeusi, Abiodun M Gesinde, Amos A Alao, Gbadebo O Adejumo and Olujide A Adekeye

May 2015

Environmental violence, family upbringing and peer influence as correlates of destructive tendencies in adolescents

This study examined environmental violence, family upbringing; peer group influence as correlates of destructive tendencies among adolescents. Three research questions and three null hypotheses guided the study. Empirical literatures were reviewed. The study is a survey and adopted expo facto design. The sample size of 400 respondents was randomly selected from diploma students of the Institute of Education, Delta State...

Author(s): Ebenuwa-Okoh Evelyn and Ugoji Florence Ngozi

April 2015

Beautiful skin hides all faults - Effects of body satisfaction on self-esteem and shyness in Japanese female youths

This study examined the influence of satisfaction from each body part in Japanese female youths on self-esteem and shyness. We hypothesized that body satisfaction in each body part has influence on shyness (social anxiety, social passivity) through self-esteem; and examined the hypothesis using path analysis. As a result, only the body satisfaction of "skin" has been shown to affect shyness and self-esteem. We...

Author(s): Minako Ohmura, Yayoi Kojima, Yojiro Nakata and Yoko Sawamiya

April 2015

The work concerns of the faculty at midlife: A phenomenological case study

Midlife as a phenomenon is truly enigmatic. Oftentimes, it is associated with changing images and myths that include midlife crisis, change of life, the empty nest and many more. On the other hand, some revealed midlife to be simply a calm transition. This study then sought to explore the work concerns of the faculty midlifers of one of the prestigious universities of Cebu City, Philippines. Concerns at work are the...

Author(s): Galvin A. Galeon

March 2015

Relationship between self-efficacy, task value, self-regulation strategies and active procrastination among pre-service teachers in colleges of education

This study examined the relationship between self-efficacy, task value, self-regulation and active procrastination of pre-service teachers enrolled in the colleges of education in Northern-western Nigeria.  Samples of the study consist of 426 (223 males, 203 females) pre-service teachers with a mean age of 22.12 years.  A descriptive correlation research design was employed to address the research...

Author(s): Ali Abdullahi Taura, Maria Chong Abdullah, Samsilah Roslan and Zoharah Omar

March 2015

Perceived psycho-social and school factors contributing to malpractices in internal examinations among secondary school students in Kakamega-Central Sub-county: Implications for counseling

Examination malpracticeis rated as one of the greatest problems that undermine the foundation of educational practicein Kenya today. The magnitude of the problem and the dangers posed bythe phenomenon have been identified by stakeholders as national malady that requires drastic solution.  Thus, this study attempted to investigate the view of students about the psycho-social and school causes of and roles of...

Author(s): Patricia Naliaka, Peter Odera, and Moses Poipoi

March 2015

Effect of infidelity therapy on improving mental health of betrayed women

The aim of this work is to assess the effectiveness of infidelity therapy on improving mental health of betrayed women. Procedure of sampling was purposeful in which 15 wives (20-35 years old) who had experienced betrayal were participating in group psychotherapy sessions after preliminary interview. Fifteen betrayed women were included. Infidelity therapy sessions at three stages were held for them. They were assessed...

Author(s): Mehrangiz Shoaa Kazemi and Mehravar Momeni Javid

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