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IJPS Articles

Composition dependence of structural, morphological and magnetic properties of Co (FCC)-Cu granular films

November 2012

The Cobalt (Co) (FCC)-Copper (Cu) magnetic films with different compositions (x = 55.5, 44.4, 22.5) grown on glass substrate are prepared by sputtering process using a Co target and Cu sheets. The effects of the composition on morphological, structural and magnetic of the films were reported. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) results showed that the film thickness is about 80 nm. Atomic force microscopy (AFM)...

Author(s): P. Sirisangsawang, W. Rattanasakulthong and S. Pinitsoontorn

Compositional domain dynamics in two-coupled lipid monolayer: A mean field approximation approach

November 2012

A continuum model for artificial membrane was developed by treating the upper and lower layers of the membrane as a pair of coupled Ising monolayers. Linear coupling between the layers was included. Linear stability analysis was used to predict the phase diagram. The dependence of the phase-separated regions on inter-layer coupling is determined. We numerically solve the Cahn-Hilliard type equations to obtain domain...

Author(s): Kan Sornbundit, Waipot Ngamsaad, Charin Modchang, Narin Nuttavut, Darapond Triampo, and Wannapong Triampo,

Hardness-improvement of titanium using mixture gases

November 2012

Hardness of 99.7% titanium was improved in acetylene-ammonia mixtures at 1,250°C for 2 h. The flow rate of acetylene was set constantly at 0.4 cm3s-1, but those of ammonia were varied over the range of 0 to 12 cm3s-1. By using an X-ray diffractometer (XRD) and an energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analyzer, TiC, TiN, TiC0.7N0.3, and TiC0.3N0.7 phases with the corresponding elements were detected. Knoop hardness...

Author(s): Kittichai Sopunna and Somchai Thongtem

Returning to the old belief of "ether" is mandatory

November 2012

Luminiferous ether or light-bearing ether or simply ”ether”, which had been mentioned somehow since 17th century by Boyle, once believed to be a medium for traveling of light. Although, experiments like the Michelson and Morley could not prove its existence. In this article, we try to explain that, the experiments for detecting ether should be done in ultra-high velocities (over 5000 km/s), and that;...

Author(s): Shahram Malekzadeh

Monitoring of 222Rn/220Rn concentrations at the work places of Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir

October 2012

  Thoron (220Rn), due to its-short half-life of 55.5 s is unable to travel far from its point of generation. A number of studies report indoor radon (222Rn) concentration in different locations of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, while no study reports indoor 220Rn concentration. The CR-39 based passive alpha track detectors were used for the measurement of 222Rn and 220Rn concentrations at different...

Author(s): Bilal Shafique, Said Rahman, Muhammad Rafique and Saeed Ur Rahman

Stability of water-in-crude oil emulsions: Effect of cocamide diethanolamine (DEA) and Span83

October 2012

  Water-in-oil emulsions are important in the petroleum industry in production operations, where the water content of the emulsion can be as high as 60% in volume. An environmentally friendly, nonionic emulsifying agent for crude oil emulsions Cocamide diethanolamine (Cocamide DEA) is introduced in the present work. The emulsion formation, rheology, stability and water separation performance of the...

Author(s): N. H. Abdurahman and Wafaa K. Mahmood

The influence of adherend width on tensile strength and failure load of Z joints bonded with adhesive

October 2012

  In this study, the influence of the adherend width on the tensile strength and failure loads of Z joints were analyzed both experimentally and numerically. The Z joints were subjected to tensile load in the experiments. The stress analyses were executed using the finite element method (FEM). The FEM analyses were performed with Ansys (v.14.0.1). The FEM analyses were carried out to investigate the stress and...

Author(s): Bahattin IÅŸcan and Hamit Adin

Nonlineaer analysis of high-ninlinearity structures

October 2012

  Rapid progress in the analysis and construction of high-nonlinearity structures has been made over the last three decades. The use of a new method is necessary to accuracy and stability to improve performance of this structure. The Fletcher-Reeves method belongs to a group of methods called conjugate gradient methods which attempt to locate a local minimum function. The approach of the proposed method was...

Author(s): Hashamdar, H., Ibrahim, Z., Jameel, M., Jahangirzadeh, A. and Tahir, M.

Climate change mitigation: Challenges of adopting the green energy option in the Lake Victoria basin

October 2012

  The search for green/renewable energy such as hydropower, wind power, geothermal power, solar electricity and biomass which are environmentally clean is aimed at diversification of the energy matrix, mitigating against climate change and providing alternatives to the use of fossils fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) which are associated with greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, environmental...

Author(s): Josephine Khaoma W. Ngaira and Kevin Omwayi

A life cycle assessment of a coal fired power plant with carbon capture and storage in Mexico

October 2012

  A life cycle assessment (LCA) was conducted for three cases with the goal of assessing the environmental viability of carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity infrastructure in Mexico. Case 1 is standard coal fired power plant, 350 MW and 35.7% efficiency. Case 2 is the same power plant with facilities for carbon dioxide capture using absorption by...

Author(s): Jessica R. Stanley and Moisés Dávila-Serrano

Research on indoor positioning algorithm based on powerline

October 2012

  In this research, the basic principle of data acquisition based on powerline is introduced.Probabilistic neural network (PNN) is applied to indoor location system aiming at environment of strong noise indoor and the reason of PNN applied to indoor location system based on powerline is discussed in detail. According to characteristics of transmitted signal by powerline, the signal is...

Author(s): Huang Danping, and Wan Qun

An adaptive neuro-fuzzy digital filter

October 2012

  This work describes the neural net as identification process, considering an adaptation that adjusts the parameters in dynamical form using a proportional condition. Neural nets have problems when the weight gains are dynamically modified in a specific environment with stochastic smooth conditions adjusting in some sense in accordance with a reference signal. This output and identification error has...

Author(s): Juan Carlos García I., José de Jesús Medel J. and Juan Carlos Sánchez G.

An alternative approach for unsupervised cluster based image retrieval

October 2012

  In this research, we proposed an alternative method to retrieve images from its clusters which is determined by its color histogram. In other approach, it is called cluster based image retrieval model. One common problem with conventional content based image retrieval (CBIR) system is that the output data contains too many non-relevant feedbacks due to the indistinct symmetry of semantic gap. In this paper,...

Author(s): P. Pattanasethanon and B. Attachoo

Causal analysis and calculation of the steam turbine efficiency of a thermal power plant

October 2012

  After a presentation of the functionality of steam turbines of thermal power plants, we present the method of enthalpy difference used for the calculation of the steam turbine efficiency. This is why we present a stratification survey by circuit, by equipment and by organ. The objective is to determine the possible reasons for the deterioration of the heat rate of a thermal power plant at the level of a steam...

Author(s): M. N. Lakhoua

Monitoring of the genetic algorithm operators in application to the GaAs0.7Sb0.3/GaAs single quantum well nanostructure

October 2012

  In this work we investigated some new aspects of a recently introduced hybrid method which was a combination of Genetic algorithm, Monte Carlo integration schema and variational method. We also added some new features to the method in order to reduce the computational costs. Now we have introduced the biased Genetic Monte Carlo Variational (BGMV). With the help of different components of the method like...

Author(s): Solaimani Mehdi, Izadifard Morteza, H. Arabshahi and Sarkardei Mohammad Reza

Biodegradation of oil spill dispersants in natural aquatic ecosystem

October 2012

  The biodegradability of three oil spill dispersants (teepol, sodium dodeocyl sulphate (SDS) and corexit 9527) in a brackish water were monitored using the ratio of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) to total organic carbon (TOC) (primary biodegradation), the ratio of inorganic carbon to total organic carbon (mineralization) and total microbial (bacteria and fungi) population. The study lasted for 20 days....

Author(s): Uzoigwe, C. I. and Okpokwasili, G. C.

Electrochemical polymerization and Raman study of polypyrrole and polyaniline thin films

October 2012

  In this paper we present thin films of polypyrrole (PPY) and polyaniline (PANi) which have been synthesized electrochemically on Gold electrode by direct oxidation of pyrrole and aniline in Acetonitrille using three electrodes. Raman spectroscopy results were analyzed in terms of normal modes, and spectra were obtained using 633 nm He-Ne laser. It was found that Raman spectra depend on the doping level of PPY...

Author(s): Hasoon Salah Abdullah

Forecasting the output of Taiwan’s integrated circuit (IC) industry using empirical mode decomposition and support vector machines

October 2012

  As the production values in the integrated circuit (IC) industry are inherently nonlinear and non-stationary, it is regarded as one of the most challenging tasks for practitioners and academics. This study proposed a hybrid methodology by combining empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and support vector regression (SVR) in production values forecasting. The proposed approach first...

Author(s): Kwo-Liang Chen, Ching-Chiang Yeh and Tz-ling Lu

First principles study of some thermodynamic properties of Calcium Indium (CaIn) intermetallic compound

October 2012

  Calculations of some thermodynamic properties of Calcium Indium (CaIn) intermetallic compounds are carried out using the quasi harmonic Debye model. The Debye temperature was studied as a function of both lattice temperature and unit cell volume. The calculations showed that the Debye temperature decreases slowly with elevation of the temperature. It was found that the Debye temperature varies from 130...

Author(s): K. Alfaramawi

Shell model calculations on even nuclei near 208Pb

October 2012

  Binding energy of the ground state, energy levels and the B(E2) values of both positive and negative parities for 202,204Au, 202-206Hg, 202-206Tl and 202-206Pb isotopes have been calculated through shell model calculations using the shell model code OXBASH for Windows employing the Modified Kuo-Herling interaction (khhe) for neutron and proton hole orbits in 208Pb. The binding...

Author(s): F. I. Sharrad, A. A. Okhunov, Hewa Y. Abdullah, and H. Abu Kassim

Application of geographical information system (GIS) to groundwater quality investigation: A case study of Mardan district, Pakistan

September 2012

  A study was conducted to determine the groundwater quality of Mardan salinity control and reclamation project (SCARP) area and its suitability for irrigation purposes. A total of 18 villages were selected and water samples were taken from each one. Spatial data of the locations were taken by Magellan GPS Receiver. These samples were analyzed in the laboratory and then compared with the irrigation water...

Author(s): Tariq Usman Saeed, Abdul Aziz, Taj Ali Khan and Haleema AttaUllah

Experimental study of structural and optical band gap of nickel doped tin oxide nanoparticles

September 2012

  Nickel-doped tin oxide nanoparticles were synthesized by a simple co-precipitation method. The structural, morphological and optical properties of these nanoparticles were investigated using X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy and UV-Vis spectroscopy. The X-ray diffraction revealed that all samples are pure rutile-type tetragonal phase; and the nickel doping did not change the...

Author(s): Mohsen Dehbashi and Mousa Aliahmad

Approximate analytic solutions for non-linear oscillators with fractional-order restoring force by means of the optimal variational iteration method

September 2012

  In this paper, a new approach, namely the optimal variational iteration method (OVIM) was proposed to investigate oscillators with fractional-power nonlinearities. It was illustrated that this approach is very effective and convenient and does not require linearization or small parameter. Unlike other classical iteration methods, only one iteration leads to highly accurate results, due to a rigorous procedure...

Author(s): Vasile Marinca, and Nicolae HeriÅŸanu,

Geomagnetic field variations at dip equatorial latitudes of West Africa

September 2012

  A comprehensive study of geomagnetic field variations has been carried out at the dip equatorial latitudes of West Africa. The data obtained during the 1993 French participation in the International Equatorial Electrojet Year experiment in Africa was used for the analysis. Only the quiet condition was examined. Variation in the three geomagnetic field elements (H, D, and Z) showed more variability in D...

Author(s): T. N. Obiekezie

Calculation of two-center overlap integrals over slater-type orbitals via fourier transform convolution theorem

September 2012

  Formulas for two-center overlap integrals over slater type orbitals are presented. The established formula contains Gaunt coefficients and auxiliary functions. Analytical and recurrence relations for these auxiliary functions have been presented. The efficiency of the presented algorithm for the evaluation of two-center overlap integrals depends strictly on the accurate calculation of these auxiliary...

Author(s): Telhat OZDOGAN and Ayse NALCACI

Statistical evaluation of hardness behavior in a thermally aged A356.0-type Al-Si-Mg alloy

September 2012

  A statistical study has been made on the isothermal treatments of A356.0-type Al-Si-Mg alloy. The reprocessed alloy was subjected to hardness evaluation. The values obtained were processed using statistical package for social scientists (SPSS) software to compare all tempers and multiple-step thermal ageing treatment (MSTAT) values by analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Pearson Correlation Index. Equally, a...

Author(s): Abdulwahab M., Popoola, A. P. I.  and Kikawa, C. R.

Solvent effect on absorption and fluorescence of 1-1` binaphtalene aromatic molecule

September 2012

  The absorption and fluorescence spectra of 1-1` Binaphthalene (1-1` BN) molecule have been studied at different solution states in polar and non polar solvents at room temperature. It is noticed that the absorption spectrum of this molecule is similar to that of Naphthalene molecule at this temperature. The fluorescence spectrum of 1-1`BN molecule differs from that of the Naphthalene molecule. It is also...

Author(s): Zeyad Adnan Saleh, Dhia Hamdi Al-Amiedy, Amal M. Al-Hello and Sabri J. Al-Obaidi

Spectral discrimination between mining blasts and natural earthquakes: Application to the vicinity of Tunçbilek mining area, Western Turkey

September 2012

  The objective of our paper is to develop time and frequency techniques to characterize mine or quarry blasts and discriminate these events from natural earthquakes. We are examining well documented mine blasts in the Kütahya Province in western Turkey that is an ideal case study since there are frequent confirmed routine mining blasts at Tunçbilek mining area. Particularly, Turkey’s richest...

Author(s): Kekovalı K, Kalafat D and Deniz P

Analysis of well log and pressure data of the gas-bearing sand reservoirs of Kafr El-Sheikh formation: Case study from the off-shore Nile Delta-Egypt

September 2012

  The off-shore Nile Delta is one of the most promising areas for gas exploration and production in Egypt and the Middle East. The present study deals with evaluation of the gas-bearing sand anomalies at the off-shore Nile Delta of Egypt using the available well logging and the pressure datasets. The early to middle Pliocene sediments (Kafr El Sheikh Formation) of eleven wells scattered in the Darfeel and Port...

Author(s): Aref Lashin, and Saad Mogren

Propagation of a pulsed laser through a plasma based waveguide with a parabolic profile of the electron density

September 2012

  The paper presents a numerical study of the periodic self focusing behavior of a laser pulse propagation in a gas filled capillary plasma with a parabolic electron density profile. An implicit and inherently stable Crank-Nicholson method was used to demonstrate the periodic laser beam waist behavior inside the tube discharge. The dependence of the tube radius and beam waist on maximum intensity delivered to...

Author(s): Esmaeil Eslami

A multi-agent-based model for distributed system processing

September 2012

  Distributed systems have several challenges related to large datasets and numerous communication channels, and it is desirable to design systems that optimize the quality of services within the system and improve throughput to come up with the optimal result. In this paper, we present a model for multiagent system for distributed processing of tasks, where the processes continue to operate despite network...

Author(s): N. V. Blamah and A. O. Adewumi

Mineral analysis of an artificial pond sediment samples from the Western Cape Province, South Africa

September 2012

Hussein K. Okoro1*, Olalekan S. Fatoki1, Folahan A. Adekola2, Bhekumusa J. Ximba1and Reinette G. Snyman3

Author(s): Hussein K. Okoro, Olalekan S. Fatoki, Folahan A. Adekola, Bhekumusa J. Ximbaand Reinette G. Snyman

Estimation of permeability using artificial neural networks and regression analysis in an Iran oil field

September 2012

  Porosity and permeability are two important parameters to be considered in evaluating the characteristics of an oil field. The permeability is the key parameter in describing a hydrocarbon reservoir. In fact, knowing the exact values of permeability is an effective, efficient and important tool for engineers in the oil production process and management of a field. Over the years, these two petrophysical...

Author(s): Abdideh, Mohammad

Analysis of precipitation in Central México: Trends, self-affinity and important frequencies

September 2012

  Long–term monthly precipitation series registered at 56 meteorological stations located within Mexico’s state of Zacatecas were analyzed in order to identify their trends. We analyzed the power spectrum signals of precipitation anomaly series in order to identify their important frequencies and its possible connection with periodic phenomena. We found negative linear trends for 28 out of 56...

Author(s): Ricardo D. Valdez–Cepeda, Alan A. Aguilar–Campos, Fidel Blanco–Macías, Gerardo Miramontes de León, Santiago de Jesús Méndez–Gallegos and Rafael Magallanes–Quintanar

Investigation of structural, morphological and optical properties of electrodeposited SnO2 thin films

September 2012

  In this study, we investigated the deposition time effects on structural, morphological and optical properties of electrodeposited SnO2 thin films. Tin oxide thin films were deposited at 10, 15 and 20 min deposition times and characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDX) and UV-VIS spectrometer. XRD results showed that...

Author(s): Serdar Aydin, Güven Turgut, Mehmet Yilmaz, Demet Tatar, Bahattin Düzgün and Mehmet ErtuÄŸrul

Particle-in-cell Monte Carlo simulation using free path method for radio frequency argon discharge modelling: Comparison with experiment

August 2012

  A specific particle-in-cell Monte Carlo model which is based on an optimized free path method for collision treatment has been used to simulate a radiofrequency (RF) argon discharge at low pressure for parallel-plate geometry. In this model, the free path determination is independent of the electron energy; it depends only on the maximum of the total cross sections. The obtained results are in excellent...

Author(s): Djilali Benyoucef, Mohammed Yousfi and Bachir Belmadani

Residual chlorine modeling in water distribution system: A case study of defence housing scheme (DHS), Lahore

August 2012

  This Aricle is retracted

Author(s): Mumtaz Shah, Hashim Nisar Hashmi, Mumtaz A. Kamal and Abdul Razaq Ghumman

Estimation of global solar radiation on horizontal surface in Erzincan, Turkey

August 2012

  In the applications of solar energy, the solar radiation data and their components in a region must be known for the design of a system. In the locations where no solar radiation data is available, this parameter can be determined by performing a reasonable correlation. In the study, the models of global solar radiation on the horizontal surface in the literature are investigated, and new empirical models...

Author(s): Mehmet KAYA

Effects of different combinations of Hoagland’s solution and Azolla filiculoides on growth and development of Beta vulgaris subsp. cycla ‘Fordhook Giant’ grown in hydroponic cultures

August 2012

  The comparisons of plant height, leaf number, foliage colour, fresh and dry weight of Beta vulgaris subsp. cycla ‘Fordhook Giant’ were evaluated in the glasshouse over a period of 8 week. The B. vulgaris plants were exposed to different nutrient solutions in which some contained Azolla filiculoides. Each treatment was replicated four times. The aim of this study...

Author(s): A. de Bever⊃, P. A. Ndakidemi and C. P. Laubscher

Multipath adaptive tabu search: Its convergence and application to identification problem

August 2012

  This article presents new metaheuristics denoted as multipath adaptive tabu search (MATS). The algorithms employ adaptive tabu search (ATS) as the main search heuristics, and incorporate partitioning, sequencing, and discarding mechanisms, respectively. The algorithms are explained in details with their convergence analyses presented. The article also gives an illustrative application of...

Author(s): Deacha Puangdownreong, Jukkrit Kluabwang and Sarawut Sujitjorn

Incremental Fourier transform of triangular closed 2-manifolds

August 2012

  In this paper we present a technique for the calculation of the Fourier transform for functions defined on oriented closed 2-manifolds. The objects are given as oriented triangular meshes. Our focus in this paper is on the characteristic function of the model, that is, the function that is equal to one inside the model and zero outside. The advantage of our approach is that it provides an automatic, simple,...

Author(s): Mohamed H. MOUSA and Mohamed K. HUSSEIN

Myocardial ischemia diagnosis by pulse wave derived form factor analysis

August 2012

  Pulse wave analysis with computerized diagnosis was used for myocardial ischemia patients. Novel feature derived from form factor of pulse signal was investigated. Form factor is estimated from variance of pulse signal waveform. Pulse waves were measured using newly developed three-axis sphygmography. Three groups participated in this study: 16 patients diagnosed with myocardial ischemia (positive), 19...

Author(s): Kang-Ming Chang, Shing-Hong Liu and Chu-Chang Tyan

Investigation of strain rate and temperature effects on mechanical behavior of functionally graded steels (FGSs) under hot compression

August 2012

  Hot deformation behavior of functionally graded steels (FGSs) has been investigated via conducting hot compression tests at different temperatures and strain rates by the researchers. FGSs are a group of functionally graded materials (FGMs) consisting of ferrite (α), austenite (γ), bainite (β) and martensite (M) phases placed over each other in different configurations and produced...

Author(s): Seyed Ali Sadough Vanini, Mohammad Abolghasemzadeh, Abbas Assadi and Youness  Alizadeh

Collapse settlement behaviour of remoulded and undisturbed weathered quartzite

August 2012

  The behaviour of semi arid residual soils derived from the weathering of Johannesburg quartzite are difficult to predict because of their heterogeneous particle constitution and weakly bonded structure. The collapse behaviour of undisturbed and remoulded weathered Johannesburg quartzite was investigated; and the reliability of the collapse settlement data was also evaluated. The results showed that a...

Author(s): F. N. Okonta

Metal content determination and antimicrobial properties of ochre from North-central Nigeria

August 2012

  Metal content of the ochre was determined by Flame photometry and atomic adsorption spectroscopic technique while the antimicrobial activity of ochre from North-Central Nigeria against selected organisms were investigated using standard methods. The results revealed the presence of Fe, Mg, Na, K, Ca, Mn, Cu, and Zn in ochre. Fe had the highest concentration (1122.7 mg/kg) followed by Mg (193.0 mg/kg). The...

Author(s): Dauda B. E. N. , Jigam A. A. , Jimoh T. O., Salihu S. O.  and Sanusi A.

Study of calcined halloysite clay as pozzolanic material and its potential use in mortars

August 2012

  In this research, we will try to understand the mechanisms involved in the introduction of calcined clays in substitution for a portion of cement in the manufacture of mortars. This experimental work focuses on the recovery of a clay type haloysite quality three, from eastern Algeria. This clay comes from a region called Djbel Debbagh hence its name (DD3). The main objective of this study is to see the...

Author(s): Bahia Rabehi, Khaled Boumchedda and Youcef Ghernouti

Prediction of concrete compressive strength in buildings that would be reinforced by fuzzy logic

August 2012

  In this study, core samples were taken from column or reinforced wall in order to make reinforcement or restoration. The effect of the element height and volume of voids of these samples to the compressive strength were investigated. C25 type ready to use concrete was used and a column without steel was produced. During the production process, 15 cm reference cube samples were taken from the fresh...

Author(s): Metin UzunoÄŸlu, Ercan Özgan and Tuncay Kap

Comparative evaluation of rectangular and pyramid-shaped solar stills using saline water

August 2012

  The long-term aim of this study is to develop low cost technology for the poor rural dwellers of Nigeria along the coastal areas. To this end, a comparative evaluation of two basin type passive solar stills was undertaken by distillation of salty water. The solar stills were rectangular-shaped and pyramid-shaped type. Both stills were made of the same material and of the same size. The top of the...

Author(s): Eze J. I. and Ojike O.

A new method for least squares identification of parameters of the transcendental equations

August 2012

  Transcendental models are often solved by using a different approach, which can be a derivative free, direct optimisation or iterative linearization method. All these approaches require guess values for the unknown parameters to start the iteration procedure. However, if the transcendental model involves several parameters, some of these methods become very cumbersome and computationally expensive. A new...

Author(s): P. H. Kloppers, C. R. Kikawa and M .Y. Shatalov

Investigation of hospital wastewater treatment plant efficiency in north of Iran during 2010-201

August 2012

  Hospital wastewater contains pathogenic agents and hazardous compounds; so, it will cause many risks on environmental and human health of different communities. The aim of this research was to investigate the efficiency of hospital wastewater treatment plant in north of Iran. This cross-sectional descriptive research was done on four hospital wastewater treatment plant in north of Iran during 2010 to...

Author(s): A. Amouei, H. A. Asgharnia, A. A. Mohammadi, H. Fallah, R. Dehghani and M. B. Miranzadeh

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