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JPAPR Articles

Efficient policy of India

October 2013

Public policy and governance, which defines country’s growth strategy, plays a significant role in any country’s development story. In case of India, if its development and growth is compared with other nations, who were once just as developed as India was, we found that India has not been able to transform itself into a developed nation that it could have done by now. The reason behind this is not just slow...

Author(s): Mohd Atir

Corporate governance and its potential implementation in Egypt in light of international experiences

September 2013

  Governance has appeared similarly to other terms such as privatization and globalization. The corporate governance concept has had a great importance due to the financial declines and economic crises which several states have witnessed in the money markets and corporations located in a number of states in East Asia, Latin America and Russia during the 1990s of the twentieth century. Furthermore, the US...

Author(s): Ezzat Molouk Kenawy and Mohamed F. K. Abd Elgany

The genealogy of cultural knowledge and its requirements

September 2013

  The genealogy of fact by Michel Foucault presented to the knowledge of humankind from a historical perspective. In his view, human understanding as an existence have ontological characteristics. It is also inspired with and follows of an extra-discursive order which causes the dialectic between power andknowledge. In this article, Michel Foucault’s theory of genealogy of knowledge...

Author(s): Ali Chitsaz Isfahani

Public participation in urban development: The case of Leipzig, Germany

September 2013

  During the years following the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 the city of Leipzig in the former East Germany was facing considerable urban challenges. Vacant housing and derelict lots could be found everywhere. The population was shrinking and Leipzig became known as a perforated city. In the early 2000s, city officials obtained federal government funding for a research project entitled “Leipzig...

Author(s): Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor

Nigeria in the age of globalisation

September 2013

  The paper examines the ways in which globalization of Nigeria`s culture industries is directing its dimension and direction. When we look at Nigeria and her democratization process, we must realize that democracy in its current form is largely a Western concept. Democracy building on the part of the US outwards is a classic example of globalization. The paper adopts two theoretical perspectives of...

Author(s): Igwe, Dickson Ogbonnaya

Public procurement system and e-Government implementation in Bangladesh: The role of public administration

September 2013

  Since the adoption of privatization as an economic policy reform in 1976, public procurement by contractual means in Bangladesh has been increasing day by day. Objective of this paper is to discuss the e-Government Procurement implementation and recommends measures to be adopted in public procurement system in Bangladesh. Study methodology included bibliometric analysis, literature and archival document...

Author(s): Shakeel Ahmed Ibne Mahmood

The mediating role of total quality management on co-ordination mechanisms in quality service delivery in Uganda’s Local Governments

September 2013

  The aim of this paper is to assess the mediating effect of total quality management on the relationship between co-ordination mechanisms and quality service delivery in Uganda’s Local Governments. The findings of this paper are based on a sample of 212 Local Governments in Uganda whose heads of department and section heads formed the unit of inquiry.  The paper utilises Med...

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Musenze, Joseph Ntayi and J.C Munene

Can Policy Adoption and Transfer Lead to Policy Implementation? Environmental Financial Assurance Policy in Ghana

August 2013

  The introduction of a regulatory policy such as Environmental Financial Assurance (EFA)  requires a change in other fronts including enforcement philosophies, modes of organization and an increase in financial support for the regulatory system. Regulation is an essential developmental policy toolkit that favours poorer countries in the developing world. This research aims at contributing...

Author(s): Eric Twum

Perception of selection interview, selection test and employee performance: An empirical analysis

August 2013

  Unlike in the past, a critical success factor for organizations in this 21st century in achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage is by combating the challenge of improving quality and service delivery. This study using the ex-post facto design critically analyzed the role of selection interview and selection test on employee’s performance. One hundred and ninety (190) (males = 96 {50.5%};...

Author(s): Opayemi, A.S. and Oyesola, T.M.

An assessment of leadership role of the political office-holders in the 21st century at the Nigerian local government level: A theoretical perspective

August 2013

  Effective political leadership is essential to facilitate successful attainment of public goals. The focal point of this paper is to assess the leadership role of political office-holders towards achieving the aims and objectives of local government vis-à-vis prospects and challenges. It reviews the conceptual issues related to leadership with reference to Nigerian Local Government; and examines the...

Author(s): Lamidi, Oyedele Kazeem and Mike Adeyeye

Workers – government wage relations and the unresolved issue of income inequality and labor strikes in Nigeria: Suggestion for the way forward

July 2013

  Generally speaking, employees in all kinds of work organizations (private or public) exchange work for rewards, which take many forms (that is, material and non-material rewards). However, one of the most important of such rewards and invariably the most obvious is the money paid to workers either as salaries, wages or monitored fringe benefits. The importance of this group of reward lies in the fact that it...

Author(s): Bashiru Salawu, Afees Hassan and Ahmed Adefeso

On the legal system construction of China’s administrative monopoly proceedings

July 2013

  The implementation of China's "anti-monopoly law" in 2008 was no doubt a powerful needle for China's market economy, but it was just a gesture of the Chinese Government. Between the top-down model which was advanced by the Government, and the bottom-up model which was pushed by social forces, which one was the better choice as the leading force in the implementation of law enforcement?...

Author(s): Jin SUN

The relationship between trait emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship attitudes and intentions

July 2013

  This research intends to evaluate the relationship between trait emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship intentions– with proactivity, creativity and attitudes toward entrepreneurship functioning as mediator variables. The population of the study included 5927– 3784 M.A. students from Guilan University and 2143 from IAU of Rasht. The sample size was defined using Cochran limited sample. 376...

Author(s): Farzin Farahbod, Mohammadreza Azadehdel, Morad khoshdel Mofidi, Shahram Shahabi, Habibeh khoshamooz, Laila Doust Pazhouh, Nayereh Ghorbaninejad and Farzaneh Shadkam

Using knowledge mapping to support knowledge translation in health organizations

May 2013

  This article briefly discusses knowledge translation and knowledge mapping. It focuses on the use of knowledge mapping as a technique to support knowledge translation in health organizations in order to bridge the gap between knowledge generated and action for health. This paper explores the possibility for integrating knowledge mapping with conceptual framework so that it can help understanding many complex...

Author(s): Lav kush

Impact of public sector reforms on service delivery in Tanzania

May 2013

  This paper is an investigation on the impact of public sector reforms on service delivery in Tanzania. The main question was to what extent the public sector reforms has contributed or inhibited service delivery. The question was considered imperative to conduct a systematic inquiry in this area. The paper was guided by three objectives and instrumental questions towards the achievement of its findings. The...

Author(s): Hussein Lufunyo

Role of Kudmul Ranga Rao in empowerment Of Dalits in the undivided Dakshina Kannada District

May 2013

  Kudmul Ranga Rao (1859 to 1928) was a social reformer from former South Kanara district, who was one of the pioneers of depressed classes movements in Southern India for providing education, better housing, employment and empowering the depressed classes socially by guarding them against exploitation by upper classes in later half of the 19th century. This paper briefly discusses...

Author(s): Denita Ushaprabha

Reforms of the public sector in the light of the new public management: A cases of Sub-Saharan Africa

January 2013

  The aim of this paper is to talk about reforms of the public sector in the light of the new public management (NPM) with special emphasis of some selected Sub-Saharan African countries. The origin, rationale and chief characteristic of the ‘new public management’ was explained. Thereafter, a discussion was made on the trends, rationales and principal characteristics of the public sector reform...

Author(s): Tadesse Getacher Engida and John Bardill

Governance and management of urban infrastructure services in Lagos Nigeria

January 2013

  Good governance is now recognised in a manner like never before, as a necessary condition for economic growth and poverty reduction. The focus of this paper therefore is to evaluate the effect of urban governance on the condition and provision of infrastructural services including citizens’ perception of service delivery in metropolitan Lagos. The study is a survey research designed to obtain...

Author(s): Austin C. Otegbulu

Political interference and corporate performance of public universities in Uganda

December 2012

  This study examined the relationship between political interference, corporate governance and corporate performance in four public universities in Uganda. The study was prompted by institutional turbulences as a result of political interference in public universities. A cross-sectional and correlational study was conducted in four public universities in Uganda namely; Makerere, Kyambogo, Gulu and Mbarara....

Author(s):   Musa Moya and Robinah Akodo  

Malta’s Europeanization experience: How smallness enables a state to minimise the monitoring of its implementation of EU policy by third parties

December 2012

  This paper discusses the issue of how size impacts a country’s experience of EU membership, in particular its ability to control the implementation of EU policy. Small countries share several characteristics at an EU level, in that they avoid isolation in the Council and depend on partnership with larger member states. In terms of Malta, this was shown to be the case but other factors appear to have...

Author(s): Mark Harwood

Problems encountered in the management of nursery and primary schools in Delta State, Nigeria

December 2012

  The study examined the problems encountered in the administration of nursery and primary schools in Delta State. The research findings were collected through the use of questionnaire which was distributed to the proprietors and proprietresses of the five selected schools. These nursery and primary schools are owned by the government and private individuals. Findings show that these schools are confronted with...

Author(s): E. D. Nakpodia and M. D. Achugbue

The ‘guided ownership’ revisited: An agenda for independent policy making in Bangladesh

November 2012

  With the failures of the SAP regimes, the WB and IMF were forced to learn that country ownership of development policy was critical and based on the new insight they advocated for a new approach which was popularly known as poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP). The major shift in PRSP was that the loan recipient countries were required to ensure ‘country ownership’ in their respective PRSP...

Author(s): Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

Dynamics of government decision-making process on the policy level towards Thai State owned enterprises (SOEs)

November 2012

  This research study on the government decision-making process on the policy level towards Thai State owned enterprises (SOE) offers some ideas that may provide a useful interpretation of the government decision-making process on the policy level of public administration. The researcher aims to propose a better understanding of government policy formulation and implementation towards Thai SOE through two case...

Author(s):   Sutada Mekrungruengkul

Investigation of demands of various stakeholders and participatory management in Zagros forests, Iran

November 2012

  Zagros forests, located in the western part of Iran. Up to now, enough attention has not been paid to the demands of stakeholders and participatory management in Zagros forests.  The main objective of this research is studying the demands of various stakeholders in Zagros forests to determine the communication gaps and problems of participatory management. This research was carried out in Dashte-Barm...

Author(s):   Mehdi Zandebasiri and Fateme Azhdari

Board role performance in Uganda’s services sector firms

November 2012

    The present paper sought to confirm factors that are relevant to board role performance in Uganda and      as a corollary empirically tested the relationship between individual dimensions of the model of board    role performance. The study was cross-sectional and correlational and the analysis was conducted  using Structural Equation Modelling...

Author(s): Stephen K. Nkundabanyanga and Augustine Ahiauzu

Health related policy reform in Nigeria: Empirical analysis of health policies developed and implemented between 2001 to 2010 for improved sustainable health and development

April 2012

  This study was an empirical analysis of health sector reform on policy developed and implemented between 2001 to 2010. Multiple data collection was used to generate the findings. Not more than 21 States in Nigeria had either started or are implementing various types of health reforms. National, State and Local Government Areas (LGAs) levels elite had dominated policy through the control of resources. The...

Author(s): Saka M. J., Isiaka S. B., Akande T. M., Saka A. O., Agbana B. E. and Bako I. A.

Relationship of multi-dimensional leadership with lecturers work commitment: A study on Malaysian heads of polytechnic’s academic departments

April 2012

  The purpose of this study was to determine if Malaysian polytechnic’s heads of department multi-dimensional leadership orientation affects the lecturer commitment and mediating effects in leadership effectiveness as perceived by the lecturers. The department heads leadership orientations was determined by the structural, human resource, political, cultural, and educational frame used based on Bolman and...

Author(s):   Mohammed Sani Ibrahim, Siti Junaidah Mohd Mujir, Muhd Faizal .A. Ghani Mohd Helmee Firdaus Salehudin, Husaina Banu Kenayathulla and Rosnah Ishak

Ethics in Public Administration

March 2012

  The modern world has seen an increase in interest in the areas related to the ethics of the sovereign good. A number of studies have focused on this subject matter and several academicians have exposed a number of ethical and philosophical dilemmas related to the concept of ethics in public administration.Despite the increasing number of studies that have focused on the importance of administrative ethics,...

Author(s): D. Radhika

Unitarism and presidentialism: Political institutions and corruption in public management in Ghana

March 2012

  This paper examines the compatibility of democratization and corruption in Ghana. It uses institutional explanations of unitarism and presidentialism as independent variables to explicate why the adoption of democratic government has not addressed the problem of corruption and the consequent inefficiencies in public sector management. While unitarism draws attention to how the supremacy of national...

Author(s): Bossman E. Asare

The prospects of new local government system: An empirical study of the local government in District Dera Ismail Khan (DIK)

March 2012

  The objective of this paper is to study the ground-realities of the system by gathering empirical facts and figures from the real actors of the local government work. Empirical results show that there is a lack of understanding of the system itself by all the users, which is making the system-performance-evaluation more ambiguous, complicated and thus, subject to a variety of interpretations. The regression...

Author(s):   Najeebullah Khan, Ghulam Muhammad Kundi, Bahadar Shah, Amanullah Khan and Sher Kamal

Promoting popular participation for entrepreneurship and sustainable basic educational development in Nigeria

February 2012

  This paper acknowledges the fact that education is a must and fundamental to national development; and as such it should be made accessible to all irrespective of sex, age, socio-economic status among others. Resulting from this therefore, there is the urgent need to promote people’s (Nigerians’) participation in sustainable entrepreneurship through basic educational development required to...

Author(s): E. D. Nakpodia and Obielumani Ifakachukwu

Legal policy and aviation industry in Nigeria: Constraints to optimal safety of air transportation

February 2012

  The study examined aviation law and industry in Africa, using Nigerian experience. This became necessary in view of the recent and frequent happenings in aviation sector that involved heavy losses of lives and property in plane crashes. The study relied on both primary and secondary sources of legal materials to gather information on aviation laws and industry. The findings of the study revealed that aviation...

Author(s): Omoleke I. I.

Working poor and economic growth in some selected ECOWAS countries

December 2011

  This paper discusses the interaction between working poor and income growth in some selected ECOWAS states. Unlike similar studies that focus on pro-poor growth in an economy, this study highlighted the basic issue in wealth creation by drawing on the issue that poverty can impact on growth of the economy. Relying on some principle developed by Kimenyi (2006) the study concluded that policies should be...

Author(s): Enoma Anthony

Management of electricity generation and supply in Africa: The Nigerian experience

December 2011

  Incessant power failures have caused irregular production and low utilization of resources in industries and educational institutions while the Nigerian government has also been embarrassed on several occasions when Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) switched off power during government official functions. The PHCN has thus become an object of ridicule and opprobrium for over two decades. The paper...

Author(s): Omoleke, I. I.

Inducement of development communication on the administration of secondary schools in Delta State, Nigeria

December 2011

  This study investigated the extent to which development communication induces the administration of secondary schools in Delta State. It is a survey study based on ex-post facto design. The researcher raised some questions and formulated three hypotheses were tested using z-test to guide the study. The target of the population of the study was 320 public secondary school principals and 9608 teachers in the...

Author(s): Nakpodia E. D.

Teacher factors in the implementation of universal basic education programme in junior secondary schools in the south senatorial district of Delta State, Nigeria

December 2011

  The study is an empirical research on teachers’ factors in the implementation of universal basic education (UBE) Programme. There were three research questions and three hypotheses to guide the study. As a descriptive survey, 205 teachers were sampled from a target population of 2,040 teachers in 120 junior secondary schools. Questionnaire was used to generate data. Data were analyzed using the mean and...

Author(s): Nakpodia E. D.

National development in Nigeria: Issues, challenges and prospects

November 2011

Development is critical and essential to the sustenance and growth of any nation. A country is classified as developed when is able to provide qualitative life for her citizenry. Nigeria in the last fifty years has been battling with the problems of development in spite of huge human, material and natural resources in her possession. The paper discussed the problems affecting national development as well as strategies...

Author(s): Tolu Lawal and Abe Oluwatoyin

Devolution and political accountability: Some insights from Pakistan

November 2011

  This paper studies the relationship between devolution and political accountability in District Dera Ismail Khan, KPK, Pakistan. It examines the extent of political accountability through the gates of popular participation in elections, level of transparency in decision making process and accessibility of general public to public information at grass roots level. The main findings of this paper are two fold....

Author(s): Najeebullah Khan and Ghulam Muhammad Kundi

Corporate governance: Ownership structure, board structure and performance of public sector entities

November 2011

  This study seek to examine ownership structure, board structure and their relationship with public sector entities’ performance in Uganda. A cross-sectional and correlational research design with a sample of 85 public sector entities in Uganda was used. The findings portrayed that, CEO duality is not yet an issue as far as the performance of public sector entities in Uganda is concerned. Findings...

Author(s): Immaculate Tusiime, Stephen K. Nkundabanyanga and Isaac N. Nkote

Water and politics in Africa: The need for regional cooperation

October 2011

  This paper examines the need for regional cooperation in water resources management in Africa. The earth is a water planet made up of 70% water, but the crucial fact is that freshwater constitutes only 3%, 99% of which is locked in polar icecaps, glaciers and far too deep underground, leaving humanity with only 0.3% with which to quench its ever increasing thirsts. At the country level, extreme variability...

Author(s): H.A. Saliu, E.O. Oriola and I .P. Ifabiyi

An empirical investigation of selected strategy variables on firms performance: A study of supply chain management in large private manufacturing firms in Kenya

October 2011

  This paper focuses on the joint effect of selected strategy variables on performance of large private manufacturing firms of the supply chains in Kenya. To guide the study, two specific objectives have been used namely: 1) to determine the independent effects of core competencies, strategy, strategy implementation and core capabilities on firms performance, 2) to determine the joint effect of core...

Author(s): Awino Zachary Bolo

Notes on the economics of the 2004 Nigerian pension scheme

September 2011

  Poor social security arrangement imposes large costs on government and it becomes an attendant economic cost. As a result, large fiscal deficits result along with a high poverty rate. Though, much has been done by the government to address old age poverty and bring dignity to labour for Nigerian workers who (should) deserve to enjoy their retirement, the defined benefit scheme which has been practised over...

Author(s): Olayinka Kehinde Binuomoyo and Johnson Bright Ogbewo

Appraisal of the use of law courts in the administration of justice: A case study of Delta State Secondary Schools, Nigeria

September 2011

  The study examined the use of law courts in the administration of secondary schools in Delta State, Nigeria.. An instrument was constructed to collect data in the study. The subjects of the study were 250 teachers randomly selected from schools, comprising 125 males and 125 females. The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to analyse the data collected, and in testing the two null hypotheses at the...

Author(s): E. D. Nakpodia

A review of private sector tax revenue generation at local government level: Evidence from Nigeria

June 2011

  This paper reviews the work of Ndulue (2005) to ascertain the significance of private sector revenue generation at the local government level using data from FCT, Abuja. Mobilization of tax income from self-employed people has always posed a serious challenge to Local Government authorities in Nigeria. Millions of naira have been lost due to prevalence of tax evasion and avoidance among the self-employed...

Author(s): S. O. Uremadu and J. C. Ndulue

The role of e-governance in facilitating information needs in higher learning institutions: The case of Mzumbe University in Morogoro, Tanzania

June 2011

  E-governance is defined as the use of Information and communications technology (ICT) by different actors of the society with the aim to improve their access to information. There have been different initiatives by the government, such as laying down foundation for network management centres, to facilitate the use of ICT and the focus has been to use them more efficiently and effectively. ICT is a major...

Author(s): Wilfred Uronu Lameck

Global recession: Does New Public Management (NPM) work in Macedonia?

June 2011

  The paper examines the argument that NPM is inappropriate to Macedonia on account of problems such as corruption, low administrative capacity and political decentralization. In making the points, the critical literature review of the developing countries experience with new public management (NPM) was used, as well as the comparative approach with the main characteristics and results of NPM in Macedonia...

Author(s): Branko Dimeski

Corporate governance and maximization of shareholder value: Theoretical analysis from Francophone countries in Africa

June 2011

  This research looks at the theoretical impact of corporate governance on shareholder value maximization in some Francophone countries in the CFA Zone in Africa. Data from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Gabon covering the period 2005 to 2009 were used and theoretical analysis done. Theoretical results show that, though highly dispersed, both within and between enterprises, corporate...


Governance and government in public administration

May 2011

  More and more public administration and management scholars have referred to the “new governance” and argue that the focus of the study of public administration today should be on governance, rather than government. The research discusses what is governance and how governance terminology changes the research focus of public administration. It highlights what is encompassed on the study of...

Author(s): Wasim Al-Habil

Air pollution kills 15,000 Bangladeshis each year: The role of public administration and government's integrity

May 2011

  The paper explores the susceptibility of the urban population of Bangladesh to air pollution, recommend measures to be adopted for prevention of air pollution. The large number of children, street children, local streetwalkers, and rickshaw pullers in Dhaka City are at particular risk from this air pollution. Young children are mostly exposed to cadmium (Cd) through inhalation of smokes and contaminated soils...

Author(s): Shakeel Ahmed Ibne Mahmood

Strengthening intra municipal decentralisation through physical accessibility of services and openness in service delivery: The case of Morogoro Municipal Council

May 2011

  Decentralization is a term which has gained popularity in development literature and has been a fundamental mode of administration which empowers grass root community to bring about development by themselves. In Tanzania, intra municipal decentralization is a new concept. It emerged in Western Europe in six Scandinavian countries as a result of amalgamation reforms. The study focused on localization with two...

Author(s): Wilfred Uronu Lameck

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