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Influence of library staff reference competence on library patronage by academic staff in south-west universities in Nigeria

Article in Press

Library is a custodian of knowledge in any tertiary institution, a place to visit regularly to update gap in knowledge, however the issues of lack of staff reference competent have been a serious impediment to library patronage among academics in South-West, Nigeria. On this basis, this study investigated the influence of library staff reference competence on library patronage by academic staff in South-West Universities...

Author(s):Florence Tope DAHUNSI and Peter Olufemi OWOEYE

Perceived Usefulness of Electronic Health Records System by Medical Doctors in Private University Teaching Hospitals in South-West, Nigeria

Article in Press

Electronic health records (EHR) system is a digitalised system that accept, collect, store and display the health related matters of patients. Despite the importance of the EHR system, the anecdotal report indicated that medical doctors in healthcare institutions have not accepted the system owing to the technical and environmental factors without recourse to the role of perceived usefulness of such systems. This study...

Author(s):Blessing Damilola ABATA-EBIRE and Saheed Abiola HAMZAT

The voice of the marginalised: the demand for school libraries in basic schools in Ghana

Article in Press

This study examines the role of school libraries in supporting the new basic school curriculum to enhance the teaching and learning process and academic achievement. It explores a crucial facet of how school libraries and information services create literate environments that support basic education for all. A case study was adopted and structured interviews were conducted with six school head teachers. The purposive...

Author(s):Augustine Alu Aduko and Ernest Afachao


Article in Press

Incentives for knowledge creation and sharing demonstrates an institution’s commitment to knowledge creation and sharing. It shows that the institution’s top management is ready to devote resources to enhance knowledge creation and sharing skills of its staff. This research investigated the incentives put in place for academic staff to create and share knowledge. The study was guided by the one objective: how knowledge is...

Author(s):Jackson Omondi Owiti, Lilian Oyieke and Ashah Owano

An investigation of the status of disaster management at the University of Namibia Library and Archives Unit

Article in Press

This study was conducted to determine the status of disaster management at the University of Namibia (UNAM) Library and the Archives Unit following a disaster that took place in April 2016. The study used a mixed research design on 26 library and archives staff selected purposively to represent management, archivists, special collections library staff, reference desk librarians, and subject librarians. Questionnaires,...

Author(s):Ruth, M. Abankwah and Roswitha Kavari

Knowledge attitudes and practices of user services on web 2.0 applications among library professionals

Article in Press

Web applications became a part of trendy society. The library profession is additionally not untouched by web applications. The current study has investigated the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of user services on web 2.0 applications among library professionals of Haryana state. A descriptive survey methodology was designed to conduct this study. Whereas, a sample size of one hundred library professionals was chosen...

Author(s):GurDev Singh


Article in Press

Students with disabilities face many difficulties in getting information for their academic and other purposes. Besides, they have additional needs that are peculiar to them as persons with disabilities. Past studies on students with disabilities had tended to focus on their academic achievement and adjustment issues to the neglect of their information needs and use, thereby revealing a yawning gap in information studies...


Influence of Demographic Factors on Research Productivity of Librarians in Federal Universities in South-Western Nigeria

Article in Press

Background: This study investigated influence of demographic factors on research productivity of librarians’ working in public universities owned by federal government of Nigeria in South Western part of the country. Method: A total number of one hundred and fifty (150) copies of questionnaire were distributed for descriptive survey and one hundred and twenty four (124) copies were returned. One null hypothesis was...

Author(s):Ikeola Modupeola Adepeju and Popoola Akanni Awogbami


Article in Press

The study seeks to investigate the emerging trends in library services and how libraries are coping with the challenges of service delivery during COVID 19 pandemic that ravaged the entire world. The study looks at the various challenges being faced by both the librarians and library patrons in coping with the challenges and the ways out through exploration of new initiatives and practices through online teaching and...

Author(s):Modupe O. Oluwabiyi and ADETUNJI O. Albert Esq.

Critical Issues in Cataloguing and Classifying Arabic Books: A Case Study

Article in Press

Cataloguing of Arabic materials in the library has posed great challenges for librarians especially the cataloguers who defines the access factors to facilitate easy retrieval. The main hassle in cataloging Arabic books is identifying the part of a set of nouns and adjectives for the main entry selection. Usually, in an Arabic name, the name of his father or ancestors may be included with some adjective or one which...

Author(s):Abdrahman Atanda MOUSTAPHA and Raihanat AHMAD

Reading Habits among the Women Teachers in the Women Colleges in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh

Article in Press

This paper focuses on the Influence of Library Information Resources among the women teachers in Nellore District. The survey adapted a survey design and data was collected from the respondents using a questionnaire. The investigator adapted purpose sampling method for collecting data from the respondents. Available teachers at the time of distribution were taken as sample for this study. The population for this study is...

Author(s):P. Suneetha and C. Chinnabalu


Article in Press

Libraries promote reading and research which are processes that could lead to transformation of the society. The place where these knowledge enterprises takes place must therefore be a dynamic environment that can accommodate new ideas and inventions, foster adaptation of technologies and encourage cross fertilization of ideas. The study examined the issue of creativity and innovation in Nigerian libraries (School and...

Author(s):AKANDE Samson Oyeniyi, OBADARE Sunday Olurotimi & OYEDAPO Racheal Oyeranti


Article in Press

The study investigated effects of theft and mutilation of information resources in academic libraries in universities of Benue state, Nigeria as it has become a serious misconduct threatening academic libraries globally. The study covered the three universities in Benue state. The study was guided by four (4) objectives and four (4) research questions. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study and a...

Author(s):OZOWA Victor and AGADA Eric Ojobo

ICT Proficiency and Mentoring as Panacea to Low Research Productivity among LIS Educators in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Article in Press

This study is aimed at assessing the effect of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) proficiency and mentoring on research productivity of Library and Information Science (LIS) Educators in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was used for the study. The study was located to Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Four (4) research questions were asked and answered. The total population for the study was...

Author(s):G. A. Babalola, Isaiah Michael Omame (CLN) and Ugochukwu Darlington Imeremba

Factors affecting COVID 19 information needs of teachers in Oguta, LGA Imo State, Nigeria

Article in Press

The general purpose of this study is to investigate the factors affecting Covid 19 information needs of teachers in Oguta, LGA Imo State, Nigeria. A survey research design was used for this study using a questionnaire as an instrument for data collection. This study covered the entire population of [178]. Out of these, 155 copies of the questionnaire representing 87.1% were duly completed and returned for analysis. The...

Author(s):Lovet Ovigue Esievo, Jonathan Chima Ogugua, Nkechi Amaechi and Magnus C. Unegbu

Digital information needs and information seeking behaviour of legal practitioners of Lahore high court, Lahore

Article in Press

With the revolution of information and communication technologies, flow of information is rapidly growing in the society. People can fulfill their information needs with a single click by using electronic gadgets. Wide accessibility of electronic information is an additional dilemma as it creates uncertainty in taking final decision. Therefore, Information seeking is extremely tricky in this digital environment. The legal...

Author(s):Samreen Junaid and Muhammad Ijaz Mairaj

Assessing the level of awareness of library and information science profession among secondary school students in Kebbi State, North-Western Nigeria

Article in Press

The paper assessed the level of awareness of Library and Information Science profession among secondary school students in Kebbi State, North-Western Nigeria. Survey research method was used. Questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. Out of the five hundred copies of questionnaire administered to the group under study, 447 (89.4%) were completed and returned. The results obtained revealed that majority of...

Author(s):S. A. Aliero


Article in Press

In the 21st Century, every nation of the world including Nigeria has realized that sharing information/knowledge reduces costly ignorance because information is an essential commodity whose pivotal value cannot be completely realized until it is taken to its place of need. That is to say that the essence of information cannot come to the fore until there is proper connection between its place of generation, creation or...

Author(s):Ibrahim Mohammed Aliy, Okoche Chukwu and

Staff Use of Institutional Repositories for Academic Purposes in Nigerian University Libraries: the Librarians’ Perspective

Article in Press

This empirical work studied the use of institutional repositories in Nigerian university libraries. Three specific objectives and research questions were formulated to guide the study which were the extent of use of institutional repositories by staff in the two university libraries; the problems affecting the use of institutional repositories in the university libraries; and the strategies for improving on the challenges...

Author(s):Nwachi, Chiegonu B and Anozie Chinedu


Article in Press

This paper examine the Newsmagazines publishing in the 21st century, the challenges faced by the publishers of newsmagazines in Nigeria and the wayford. This is an opinionated work as it reviewed related literature in issues concerned Newsmagazines. it was revealed that NewsMagazines faces a serious shakeout since the emergence of digital media, internet and Web, podcasts, Vlog and blog was discovered that despite...


SWOT analysis of the library of Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo, Nigeria

Article in Press

SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) as a management strategy is a method of assessing a business, its resources, and its environment. The essence of the SWOT analysis is to discover what you do well; how you could improve; whether you are making the most of the opportunities around you; and whether there are any changes in your market. So this evaluation took this dimension to critically...


Information a tool for social advocacy protection services for children in Gwagwalada Area Council, Abuja.

Article in Press

The challenge of social vices effects among children in Gwagwalada town is worrisome as their life destiny is been truncated. These children or teenagers no longer have interest in education or acquiring any vocational skill that will shape their lives for a better future. So this study is set out to determine available types of social protection services in Gwagwalada, how the services reach the children and the...

Author(s):Helen Emmanuel

Towards the improvement of acquisition policy of academic libraries in Nigeria: A case study of Ekiti state academic libraries

Article in Press

Acquisition in academic libraries is a road map towards professional competence in acquiring right information resource for the right reader at the right place and at the right time. Acquisition policy is a set of guidelines and procedures to be followed in acquiring information resources into academic libraries to satisfy the information needs of the researchers, students and the academic community. The process of...

Author(s):Familusi, E. B.

A Knowledge Resource Management System (KRMS) for the Academic Community at Maasai Mara University in Narok, Kenya.

Article in Press

Background Knowledge management has emerged as a strategic priority for the academic community at Maasai Mara University. The ubiquitous utilization of powerful computing technologies and collaborations across academic fields means the academic community can generate, use and share voluminous as well as different forms of knowledge resources in real time; a phenomenon commonly being referred to as the fourth paradigm or...

Author(s):Johnson Mulongo Masinde

Availability and use of information and communication technologies (ICTS) in two University Libraries in Nigeria

Article in Press

Research on the availability and the use of ICTs was carried out to ascertain the state of ICTs in the two university libraries of Delta State University and the University of Benin. The design of the study was a survey using random sampling technique. The instrument used for the study was a questionnaire. The statistical method of analysis employed was the simple percentage and students’- test. The results revealed that...

Author(s):Daniel O. Akparobore

Assessing the effectiveness of user education in meeting undergraduate students’ information needs in university libraries in Benue State, Nigeria

Article in Press

The study assessed the effectiveness of user education in meeting undergraduate students’ information needs in university libraries in Benue State, Nigeria. The study adopted a survey research design. The population for the study comprised of 4058 library registered third year students in the three universities in Benue State for the 2017/2018 session. The sample size for the study was 364 students who were selected...

Author(s):Dzenda Lushima, Audu Patricia Oomo, Nanakaan Ernest Terungwa, Nwafornso Theresa and Ugela Terhemba

A study of the problems associated with information and communication technology utilization on the provision of library and information services in university libraries in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Article in Press

The aim of this study was to determine the problems associated with ICT utilization in the provision of library and information services in university libraries in Cross River State, Nigeria. It was also intended to determine if there was any significant change in the problems associated with ICT utilization on the provision of library and information services in the university libraries. The use of universities in the...

Author(s):Ogar, Frederick Oman

User satisfaction of resources and services of libraries: A case study of the Narh-Bita library, Tema, Ghana

Article in Press

Information and communication technologies have revolutionized how information is delivered to information consumers in the 21st century. Information can now be obtained just with a click of a button. For this reason, libraries are faced with the challenge of maintaining their clientel base. Therefore, user satisfaction of libraries' resources and services has become the major focus for most libraries. User satisfaction...

Author(s):Zakaria Abukari

Information seeking behaviour of faculty and use of the internet at Gulu university library

Article in Press

The Study investigated the Information Seeking Behaviour of faculty and use of the Internet at Gulu University Library. A Total of 218 Faculty from five existing faculties and one Institute participated. The data collection instrument consisted of questionnaires. The findings revealed that the majority of faculty make considerable use of e-resources for teaching and research. Self-rating of information seeking skills is...


Use of libraries for accessing e-resources by the faculty members of private universities in Karnataka

Article in Press

The present paper deals with the use of e- resources by faculty members working in private universities in Karnataka. The main purpose of the study is to determine the usage of e-resources, the skills, and the various purposes of their use by the faculty. Further, the paper aims to address the problems faced by the faculty members while accessing e- resources, their perception on features of e-resources and their views on...

Author(s):Vitthal T Bagalkoti and Raghavendra R

Users' attitude towards library resources and services; A Survey of first grade Colleges in Davanagere District

Article in Press

This paper discusses the use and awareness of electronic resource by college library users. There are 300 questionnaires were distributed and 295 filled questionnaires was received from the users of three colleges, namely GFGC, Honnali, GFGC Channagiri, GFGC Davanagere. In the other hand this paper spread light on the use and availability of electronic resource. The E-resource offers tremendous opportunities to provide...

Author(s):Sri. Nagaraja Naik M and Manjunath Lohar

Awareness and utilization of electronic information resources by academic staff in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Library (ATBU) Bauchi, Nigeria

Article in Press

This research examined the awareness and utilization of Electronic Information Resources among the Academic Staff in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Library (ATBU) Bauchi. The research design adopted in this study is a descriptive survey. Questionnaire were used as instruments for collecting primary data where a total of 100 copies of questionnaire were distributed to the Academic Staff that were selected using simple...

Author(s):Bala Ahmed CLN, Altine B. Yusuf and Dahiru Aminu CLN

Assessing electronic resource utilization among postgraduate students of Egerton University, Kenya

Article in Press

The study aimed at assessing electronic resource utilization among postgraduate students of Egerton University, Kenya. Objectives included: to determine the point of access of e-resources by postgraduate students of Egerton University; to establish the frequency of e-resources use by postgraduate students of Egerton University. The target of the study was registered postgraduate students (92) of Egerton University. Data...

Author(s):Monicah Jemeli Chemulwo and Ali Muhammed Fakandu (CLN)

The library as facilitator of public access to information: 21st Century approach

Article in Press

This article describes the nature of 21st century, the new roles libraries and librarians must play to continue to facilitate public access to information in the face of 21st century where the information and communication technology products such as the web, internet, android mobile devices and social media network have changed the way we live, think, communicate, obtain and disseminate information (world 2.0).It...

Author(s):Ozonuwe Opene Sunday

Information professional as intermediaries between information sources, system and users impact on job schedules of librarians, archivists and manuscript curators

Article in Press

This study examines the intermediary role of information professionals among information sources, information systems and user, and how it affects the job schedules of librarians, Archivists and Manuscript Curators. The environment in which librarian work is changing. The population of study comprises of professionals and students in Ekiti State University Ado Ekiti. Total enumeration sampling technique was used for the...

Author(s):Fagbemiro Ayodele Olabode and Osunrinde Ayodele Abiodun

Paradigm Shift in Libraries from Traditional to Digital Mode: Its Management Issues and Impact on User Satisfaction

Article in Press

This study focused on “paradigm shift in libraries from traditional to digital mode: its management issues and impact on user satisfaction. With the passage of time concept in terms of services and usage of libraries also changed. Now each library is in a process of paradigm shift from traditional to digital mode. As a matter of fact, management in traditional libraries is now a very difficult job due to less resources...

Author(s):Mushtaq Hussain

Determinants of library use amongst university students in South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria

Article in Press

This study is an attempt to find out the factors that affects library usage by university students in south east geopolitical zone of Nigeria, the main objective however, is to ascertain if factors like conducive environment, relevant textbook, awareness etc., have any significant relationship with the level of library usage. Primary data was employed in the study, with a reliability coefficient of 0.78, the data was...

Author(s):Iroeze, Pauline Chinasa

Information needs of medical practitioners of federal medical specialist hospital Owerri, Imo State – Nigeria.

Article in Press

The study examined the information needs of medical practitioners’ in Federal Medical Specialist Hospital, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. It sought to determine the methods medical practitioners’ in the Federal Specialist Hospital use in obtaining their information needs and to proffer strategies for effective information delivery to the medical practitioners. A descriptive survey research design method was used for the...

Author(s):Cajethan Uchechukwu Anumkua

Impacts of environmental pollutants on school library resources in Ohaji/ Egbema Local Government Area Of Imo State, Nigeria.

Article in Press

The study was carried out to investigate the impacts of environmental pollutants on school library resources in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Four research questions/two hypotheses were posed to guide the study. Survey research design method was used to conduct the study. Data were obtained through the administration of the questionnaire. The main instrument used for data collection is the...

Author(s):Dr Anumkua Cajethan Uchechukwu

Bank libraries in Nigeria: Its roles and challenges

Article in Press

Information is a critical resource in organizational management and organizations use huge amount of information to enable solve their daily problems. The problems organizations are faced with maybe managerial, administrative or technical but no matter the nature of the problems, they can be managed properly if relevant information is provided to them at the right time and in the right form. Information is not just...


“Use of smartphones for academic achievements: a study of students enrolled in LIS programme”

Article in Press

This study presents the usage of smartphone technology by Information Science and Library Management (ISLM) students of Dhaka University (DU) in Bangladesh. The major objective of this research is to explore the academic contexts in which ISLM students find smartphones helpful. The other objectives of this paper are to examine which educational applications they use the most, to determine which search engine they use in...


Recency and Mutilation as factors affecting use of library by the undergraduate students of Two Federal universities in North-Central, Nigeria.

Article in Press

This study focused on recency and mutilation as factors affecting use of library by the undergraduate students of two Universities in North-Central Nigeria. It adopted a descriptive survey design and had a population of 11,732 undergraduate students from two selected federal universities in north-Central Nigeria. The study used proportionate stratified random sampling technique to sample 500 undergraduate students. Five...

Author(s):Abu Ahmed Adamu

Making E-resources Accessible to Users with Visual Impairment: Lesson from Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, University of Dar es Salaam

Article in Press

Purpose: The purpose of this paper was to examine efforts undertaken by academic libraries in Tanzania in making sure that visually impaired readers access electronic resources at Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library University of Dar es Salaam. Design/Methodology/Approach: A survey was conducted on visual impaired library users at Dr. Wilbert Chagula library. A total of forty (40) respondents including thirty (30) visually...


Comparing the architecture and functionality of open source integrated library systems - KOHA and ABCD

Article in Press

There are various open source library management systems for libraries today. Comparing them with an aim of choosing one is not an easy task for many librarians. This is because since most of them share common functionalities at face value. The situation is more difficult in developing countries where most libraries and librarians might not have the necessary technical competence to critically evaluate the systems. The...


The changing roles of libraries and information centres in an age of technology: an empirical study of the major libraries in the capital city of Osun State, Nigeria.

Article in Press

The article examines the traditional and digital connecting information from the various links that bring about roles of the Libraries and Information Centres which have played a major role during the digital age. This highlights the various ways through which information is brought to the users or the clienteles. Various roles of libraries and information centres are duly examined; putting the libraries in a strategic...


Influence of training and education on job productivity of librarians in tertiary institution libraries in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria

Article in Press

The study was carried out to examine the influence of training and education on job productivity of librarians in tertiary institution libraries in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria. Two research questions and two hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Forty Seven (47) practicing librarians were purposively sampled from the tertiary institutions under study. The study adopted ex-post-facto design and...

Author(s):Egwuasi Princewill Ikechukwu

The degree of clients’ satisfaction and services of the university library

Article in Press

This descriptive study was purposely conducted to find out the degree of clients satisfaction and services of the University Library of the Aklan State University Main Campus for the academic year 2016-2017. The data revealed that the majority of the respondents visited and used the library weekly and more than three-fourths of the client-respondents visited the Aklan State University main library to look for library...

Author(s):Wilfredo J. Nicolas and Ederlina I. Mateo

Multimedia digital library for the enhancement of teaching and learning process in Ethiopian higher education institutions

Article in Press

Rapid development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), multimedia content and multimedia technologies have changed the way educators teach and students learn. The main objective of this study was to assess the role of multimedia digital library in higher institution library to enhance teaching and learning process in Ethiopian higher education. The study was conducted on four public universities in Ethiopia,...

Author(s):Regasa Alemu and Worku Jimma

Intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge: A theoretical discourse form tribal perspectives

Article in Press

The rich and diverse Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs) of various tribal communities in northeastern states of India are undocumented, unprotected and unregistered for Intellectual Rights Protection (IPRs). Pressing issues like illiteracy, ignorance and poverty have handicapped them from developing appropriate IPRs to combat cultural appropriation and intellectual theft. Thus, the...

Author(s):Traditional Knowledge, intellectual property rights, traditional knowledge management.


Article in Press

Human resource planning plays a very significant role in sustaining competent employees in academic libraries in order to provide service quality to users. Academic libraries as the name imply operates in higher institutions of learning to meet the teeming information need of students, staff and the institution community member at large. The library function to provide information need of users at a minimum time. Human...

Author(s):Ruth Onajite Owolabi and Martha Azonwu

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