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  • DOI: 10.5897/JGRP
  • Start Year: 2008

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Article in Press

Contemporary Land Suitability Analysis for Urban Expansion in Welkite Town, Gurage Zone, Ethiopia.

Urban expansion through identifying most suitable sites for urban sprawl plays vital role by alleviating various socio-economic problems. The objective of this study is to identify potentially suitable sites of Welkite town, Ethiopia. Geographical Information System (GIS) was integrated with remote sensing data to conduct multi criteria overlay analysis by determining principal parameters. DEM data was used to produce...

Author(s):Habtamu Kerebeh

Article in Press

Serviceability Assessment of Water Supply & Water Resource Management Infrastructure and Associated Challenges for providing Safe Drinking Water-Gimbi Town Ethiopia

The development of infrastructure is a fundamental precursor to economic growth and development of any country. The objective of this study is to assess the state of Infrastructural Development and Challenges associated to its Provision in Ethiopia, with Reference to Water Supply, the case of Gimbi Town. The research design was descriptive type and the related data was gathered from both primary and secondary sources....

Author(s):Desalegn Fekadu Etefa

Article in Press

Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection; Using Aerial Photography Image

Aerial photography image and GIS tools are one of the best, systematic, cost-effective and less time-consuming methods to analyze or detect the land cover/land use change. This study illustrates the land use land cover change detection of Addis Ababa sub-city, from 2011 to 2017; which was conducted using high-resolution aerial photography image and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies. According to the study,...

Author(s):Agemasie Gebeyehu

Article in Press

Environmental Quality in Health, Hygiene and Safety dimensions of Train Stations on Iddo -Agbado Corridor (Lagos-Ogun) Nigeria

This study investigates the factors responsible for the state of environmental quality in terms of health, hygiene and occupational safety of train stations on Iddo -Agbado Corridor, Lagos-Ogun, Nigeria. A survey research design was adopted as the research design type. The sample frame of 4,122 commuters was estimated while the sample size of 196 commuters was obtained using the Pagoso et al formula. The sampling technique...


Article in Press


Woodlands of Ethiopia are estimated to be around 70%. Unfortunately, this woodland is seriously under threats, mostly linked to human interference, livestock and climate change. To overcome these problems, protected woodlands were implemented in different parts of the country including in Dugda Woreda Giraba KorkeAdii Kebele. However, the Perception of local community towards protected woodlands was not studied. As a...

Author(s):Tsegu Ereso Denbel

Article in Press

Indigenous Knowledge and Meteorological-based Rainfall Forecasting Practices: Insights from Rural Farming Communities of Adama District, Ethiopia

Natural rainfall is one of the main requirements of agricultural activities for almost all rural farming communities of Ethiopia. In this scenario, a little deviation of rainfall from normal conditions highly affects the livelihoods farming communities. The farmers can only adjust their agricultural performances if they have access to locally relevant rainfall information of upcoming seasons. Therefore, this study...

Author(s):Hurgesa Hundera and Temesgen Chibsa

Article in Press

Public-Private Partnership in Residential Solid Waste Management in Ibadan: Challenges and Opportunities

Waste management authorities have adopted different strategies at different times in managing waste in Nigeria. In spite of the various efforts put in place, municipal solid waste remains one of the most conspicuous and repugnant environmental problems that threaten the Nigerian city. This paper examines the challenges and opportunities of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in residential solid waste management in Ibadan,...

Author(s):Moruf Alabi; Oluwasinaayomi Faith Kasim; Mubarak Lasisi

Article in Press

The conservation corridors of the Benue National Park: disconnected connection devices?

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the viability of wildlife corridors between the Benue National Park and the Faro National Park through the hunting areas, by identifying the main threats to their integrity, mapping of land use, the characterization of their flora and the wildlife inventory that frequents these corridors in order to propose measures for their sustainable management. Field observations, land use...

Author(s):AOUDOU DOUA Sylvain, NARKE Jean Cyrille, Mbamba Mbamba Jean Paul Kévin, TCHOBSALA, ZOUA AMADOU

Article in Press

Land-use changes and its implications on University of Dar es Salaam natural ecosystem

Ecosystem alteration and biodiversity loss have been a common phenomenon resulting from the increasing land use/cover changes worldwide. Various factors have been reported to influence these changes largely caused being driven by humans. Analysis was done on land use and cover changes, trends, major drivers of changes and potential threat and opportunities for the remaining ecosystem at the University of Dar es Salaam....

Author(s):Jonathan Simon Kivuyo and Catherine Aloyce Masao

Article in Press

Exploring challenges of engaging in socio-economic activities due to traffic congestion in Takoradi.

Undoubtedly traffic congestion continues to be a challenge that negatively impacts socio-economic activities in most cities in the world. It does not only hinder the smooth movement of people but also freight and services. Admittedly, there have been a number of studies that have examined the causes and effects of traffic congestion in Ghanaian cities; nonetheless these studies have largely concentrated on the larger...


Article in Press

Experts’ Assessment of Landscaping Practices in Jos City, Nigeria.

The Jos City is experiencing rapid infrastructural development by the state and uncontrolled development by the people. As a result of this, the natural vegetal cover has diminished rapidly over the years with minimal replacements. This study is an expert assessment of urban landscaping practices by examining the landscape practices and landscape quality in the City of Jos. The Expert model was used to assess a total of 43...

Author(s):Abdulwaheed Bayonle Salaudeen, John Yohanna Dung-gwom and David Bayo

Article in Press

Assessment of quality and condition of student’s hostel in Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil, Kano State, Nigeria

The study assessed the quality and condition of student’s hostel in Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil. Stratified random sampling was used to select study sites (hostels) and systematic random sampling was used to identify the respondents (on campus students). The target population of students in the university were 9672 and a sample of 372 students (both males and females) was selected. Descriptive and...

Author(s):Mukhtar, Ado BICHI , Ado, ABDU and Auwal Adam, IBRAHIM

Article in Press


The future prospect of any natural resource depends on the present pattern of exploitation. The case of fish resource exploitation is no exception, as its sustainability can only be guaranteed under the right mix of utilization and management. This paper examines the future prospects of fish resources under the existing pattern of exploitation in the Yobe basin around Gashua. The study covers four major fishing communities...

Author(s):Fishermen, Fingerlings, Fish, Exploitation and Resource

Article in Press

Evaluating Locational Spatial and Skeletal Structure of Villages according to Sustainable Village Tourism Development Using the Numerical Taxonomy Model ( Case Study: Bandar-e-Anzali

Bandar-e-Anzali town is one of the spectacular towns in Guilan province with an area of 308.1 square kilometers and a population of about 138004 people. It has got two vills and twenty-eight villages. The present study is an investigation on the locational, spatial and skeletal structure of villages according to tourism constant development using the numerical Taxonomy model. The statistical community of this study...


Article in Press

Inter-regional differential in access to, and satisfaction from basic infrastructure between oil-producing and non-oil producing areas of Ondo State, Nigeria

This paper deals with dichotomy in access of people in the oil producing and non-oil producing areas of Ondo State, Nigeria, to the basic infrastructural facilities. The study aims to measure and appraise the differential access of people in the oil producing and non-oil producing sub-regions to living facilities. Housing, transportation, healthcare, power and potable water are the five major basic infrastructural...

Author(s):ASANI Morufu Afolabi, N. B. Tanimowo and YISAU Tunde

Article in Press


Old Oyo National Park (OONP) is endowed with forest resources that witnessed a substantial degree of human exploitation; resulted in significant ecosystem alteration and this has become an issue of concern in recent times. This study therefore, analyzed spatio-temporal changing pattern of forest resources at OONP between 1984 and 2014; examined anthropogenic factors responsible for the changes; assessed the effects of OONP...

Author(s):Nathaniel O. Adeoye

Article in Press


urbanization as a process is one of the critical dimensions of economic, social and physical development in third world countries and its rate has progressed at a level that posed a daunting challenge to development planners and policy makers in countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The aim of this research work is to examine the socio-economic effects of Urbanization, urban planning and physical development in the study area;...

Author(s):Medayese S.O.

Article in Press


The processes involved in the impact of climate change on soil erosion by water were examined. Climatic data were collected from Gombe State University and Meteorological stations Gombe. Climatic elements collected were daily, monthly and annual rainfall, minimum and maximum temperature; evaporation, soil and grass temperature. Data spanning over 4 decades, from 1970 – 2013 were obtained from the two stations. Data...


Article in Press

Origin and Destruction of Wetland and Its impact, Malda District, West Bengal

Wetland in and around Malda district is the most important natural resource and it has been giving multiple service from over the time. Water is not oil but it is most valuable than it. Wetland is the source of drinking water and its economic valuation is high in all sorts. That is for why, both Malda and Murshidabad was the capital of Bengal for long time. The first aim of this article is to assess the history of origin...

Author(s):Chakrabartty Samar kanti

Article in Press

Informal land use and environmental pollution in Ogbomoso

Against the background of the contribution of the informal sector and/or land use to the urbanization process of the developing economies, especially in Africa, this paper examines the spatial distribution and environmental pollution implications of automobile workshops, as an important informal land use in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. Inventory of the locations of the workshops was done, and air, water and soil samples were taken...

Author(s):Jelili, M. O

Article in Press

The nexus between traffic congestion and an inefficient transport system in Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria

This study examines traffic congestion resulting from an inefficient transportation system in the study area. It also evaluates the opinion of the stakeholders in the transport sector such as the commuters, transport operators, residents, trailer/tanker drivers, traffic wardens, industrial workers and car owners on the traffic situations and management problems in the study area. The study depended upon the survey research...


Article in Press


The concentration of people in urban areas especially in developing countries, calls for the need for monitoring systems like Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS). This research presents formal approaches to the application of Remote Sensing and GIS in the estimation and projection of Settlement Pattern Change in Chikun Local Government Area (LGA) between 1990 and 2014, extracting the information on the...


Article in Press

Challenges Faced by Developing countries in Implementing Integrated Water Resource Management Tool: A case study of Kuywa Watershed, Kenya

This paper aims at establishing the challenges faced by developing countries in implementing Integrated Water Resources Management Tool, by taking a study in Kuywa River basin. The study population consisted of 173 registered Kuywa Water Resources Users Association members, 8 chiefs, 15 Assistant Chiefs and 4 representatives of other government departments. This paper reveals that the challenges hindering implementation of...


Article in Press

Analyzing Land Use/Land Cover Change using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques in Pohru Watershed of Kashmir Valley.

Land use and Land cover changes have been among the most important perceptible changes taking place around us and this change is the outcome of natural and socio-economic factors. Increased demand, or pressure on land resources, shows up a declining crop production, degradation of land quality and quantity, and competition for land. This study analyses changes in landuse/ cover in the Pohru watershed of Kashmir Valley. It...


Article in Press

Geoarchaeological investigation in the South west Sundarban, West Bengal, India

The Sundarban deltaic part has been modified through the geological history and related changes of the past and modern environment. Ancient people have occupied the landscape of physical diversity with ample natural resources around the river banks, coastal plains and delta plains of the Bengal Basin. The geographical environment of such topographic characters was modified with morphogenetic processes, and deltaic...

Author(s):Suman Saren

Article in Press

Relationship between children’s attitudes and decisions of agricultural households, Case Study: Sistan area.

This study is examined the relationship between children's attitudes and agricultural decisions related to heads of households. Sistan region has been selected as case study of this research. Statistical community of study include all children and heads of households formed village of Sistan area that are consist of all households in 842 villages (47,600 households) and selection of population carried out (sampling method)...

Author(s):aleme keikha

Article in Press

A Study of Rural Settlement in Haryana (India): A Geographical Analysis

The main drive of this study is to examine the types and factor affecting the rural settlements in Haryana. Rural settlements are small and large agglomeration of people at favorable sites and are influenced by physical and socio-economic factors. This study has attempted to analyze the dispersion of rural settlements. Dispersion index has been calculated using average population size and average spacing of settlement to...


Article in Press

Delineation and Characterization of Inland Wetland Using Remote Sensing Technique- A Case Study on East Kolkata Wetland

Sustainable management of wetland ecosystem is necessary as it serves the important functions such as food storage, water quality maintenance and providing habitat for different species of wildlife. Hence an inventory of wetlands in any given area is a pre-requisite for their conservation and management. Here a study has been carried out to delineate the characteristics of inland-wetland of Nadia district of West Bengal...

Author(s):Mandal Sakti

Article in Press

Post-earthquake disaster extent and damage assessment of residential buildings in South-western Uganda

Post-disaster assessments are of enormous value in multi-level and sectoral development planning, decision making and response. This study investigated the extent, magnitude, intensity and level of shaking of post-earthquake disaster risk and assessed the household residential building damages and injury ratios experienced in both Isingiro and Rakai Districts. Socio-economic and structural datasets were collected through...

Author(s):Barasa Bernard

Article in Press

A conceptual frame to measure a port-valley system geo-economic performance

This paper provides an ontological perspective that aims to boost the quality management and the contribution of the various economic spheres comprising a port-valley system. The proposed conceptual approaches will help clarify the complex interactions between macroeconomic circumstances and microeconomic strategies characterizing a geo-economic system. To this end and based on the observation of a lack of "reference and...

Author(s):Gbaguidi David

Article in Press

Rural-Urban migration and household livelihood in the Agona West Municipality, Ghana

Rural-urban migration, a multidimensional phenomenon, is becoming part of the daily reality in Ghana and many other developing countries. For instance, the impact of migration on households whose member(s) migrated is relatively not very clear. A study was therefore undertaken to examine and explain the impact of rural-urban migration on rural migrant’s households’ livelihood in three communities in Agona West...

Author(s):Ogunleye-Adetona C. I

Article in Press

Determinants of urban land use dynamics in Nigeria: A comparative analysis of organic and inorganic cities

The increasing rate of urbanization and human activities in Nigerian cities is rapidly creating undesired effects of land use change. This paper examined the determinants of urban land use dynamics in Nigeria, and how they vary between inorganic and organic cities. The study was based on questionnaire survey and secondary data that spanned a period of 31 years (1980 to 2011). Enugu and Benin City were studied to represent...

Author(s):Andrew Eraga Okosun

Article in Press

Identification of stressors and their impact on riparian zones

Riparian zones are sensitive ecosystems which perform numerous ecosystem services. Urbanisation leads to degrading of the riparian ecosystems and consequently urban hazards like floods, droughts, polluted water bodies, etc. The riparia have been giving life and occupation to people since they started settling in societies for millennia. The objective of this study was to identify through case studies and literature...

Author(s):Sonal Tiwari

Article in Press


In recent years, most of the urban centers in Nigeria are fast experiencing housing problems such as unaffordable housing and environmental challenges, all of which determine the nature of housing quality. This research centers on Iba Low Cost Housing Estate, Ojo and the Unity Low Cost Housing Estate Alimosho to carry out a comparative analysis of the residential quality. The research reveals the dilapidated state of the...

Author(s):Akinde, Jubril Olatunbosun

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