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Table of Content: 18 August 2010; 5(16)

August 2010

Participatory on-farm evaluation of improved legume-cereals cropping systems for crop-livestock farmers: Maize-double cowpea in Northern Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria

Farmer’s participatory evaluation of improved cowpea-maize cropping systems in the Northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria involving over 1000 farmers was conducted from 2003 to 2005. The system involved growing improved cowpea varieties with maize in a 2 cereal: 4 cowpea row to row (arrangement), with application of inorganic and organic fertilizer to the crops and 2 to 3 insecticide sprays to cowpea. The result...

Author(s): H. A. Ajeigbe, B. B. Singh, J. O. Adeosun and I. E. Ezeaku  

August 2010

Evaluation of yields of seven upland rice (Oryzae sativa) cultivars sown by three methods in Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria

Yield is the characteristic by which a cultivar is commonly judge. A cultivar may be considered satisfactory only if it is able to produce a good yield in comparison to others at various times and in various situations. Trials were conducted in the rainy seasons of 2007 and 2008 at the Kogi State University Teaching and Research Farm (Longitude 07°061 N; 43°E), Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria to investigate...

Author(s): C. I. Oyewole, O. Ajayi and R. O. Ojuekaiye      

August 2010

Comparative impact of a single application of selected broad spectrum herbicides on ecological components of oil palm plantation

Proper choice and use of herbicides are important for the effective control of weed and environmental safety.  Herbicides which possess both characteristics are preferred for use in weed control operation. A study was, therefore, conducted to compare the performance of common broad-spectrum herbicides of paraquat, glyphosate and glufosinate-ammonium to control weeds and their impact to the surrounding ecological...

Author(s): Wahyu Wibawa, Rosli B. Mohamad, Dzolkhifli Omar, Nurmasirah Mohd. Zain, Adam B. Puteh and Yahya Awang  

August 2010

Genetic divergence among sugarcane genotypes (Saccharum spp.) for cane yield attributes and quality determinants

The investigation was carried out at the Sugarcane Research Centre – Guneid (14, 48 -15.00° N) during the seasons 2003 - 04 and 2004 - 05. Twelve exotic sugarcane genotypes from Barbados, Guyana, Argentina and South India were tested in a randomized complete block design with four replicates. The objective was to quantify the genetic diversity among these genotypes regarding eleven cane yield and quality...

Author(s): Abdelmahmoud O. Ahmed and Ahmed Obeid

August 2010

Combining ability analysis and heterosis in a diallel cross of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench)

The genetic basis of yield and its components were studied using a 9 × 9 diallel cross techniques according to Griffing’s Method 2, Model 1 in 2007.  The 36 F1’s and the 9 parents were evaluated in 2 locations; Mubi and Yola in Adamawa State, Nigeria, in 2008 wet season in a randomized complete block design (RCBD)  replicated 3 times. The result showed significant entries, parents and crosses...

Author(s): D. T.  Wammanda, A. M. Kadams and P. M. Jonah

August 2010

Evaluation of some empirical methods of estimating potential evapo-transpiration for determination of length of growing season in a tropical wet and dry climate

A comparison of 4 empirical methods of calculating potential evapo-transpiration (PE) using climatic data for the estimation of length of growing season from rainfall – potential evapo-transpiration model was carried out using 15 years of estimates recorded in Shaki, Southwestern Nigeria. The length of the growing season estimated from the 4 empirical methods of PE were related to the moisture requirements of some...

Author(s): N. J. Bello, A. O. Eruola, G. C. Ufoegbune and J. A. Awomeso  

August 2010

Radio sensitivity studies of morpho-physiological characteristics in some Iranian rice varieties (Oryza sativa L.) in M1 generation

Gamma (γ) ionizing ray is a physical mutagen, producing variation in crop improvement and employing such as a complementary tool in breeding process. The γ-ray dosages are a critical issue, so it should be optimized. In this research, various doses of gamma radiation including 150, 250, 350 and 450 Gy applied on three rice varieties (Tarom-hashemi, Sange-tarom and Nemat), and their effects were evaluated on...

Author(s): Alireza Babaei, Ghorban Ali Nematzadeh, Viacheslav Avagyan and Seyyed Hamidreza Hashemi-Petrodi  

August 2010

Utilization of steam-processed oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) frond by ruminants in Malaysia: Investigations for nitrogen supplementation

Two experiments were undertaken using lambs and cows fed steam-treated oil palm frond (SOPF). In the first experiment, 8 lambs received SOPF supplemented with 4 levels of urea: 0 (U0), 8 (U8), 16 (U16) and 24 g urea/kg SOPF (U24) in a replicated 4 x 4 Latin square design. When the lambs were given the above diets, all the measurements for intake and digestibility (dry matter, organic matter and nitrogen) increased in a...

Author(s): K. Bengaly, J. B. Liang, Z. A. Jelan, Y. W. Ho and H. K. Ong

August 2010

Reevaluation of lysine requirement based on performance responses in broiler breeder hens

This experiment was conducted to study lysine requirement in broiler breeder hens. The treatments consist of 6 levels of lysine (0.50, 0.57, 0.64, 0.71, 0.78 and 0.85%) in a completely randomized design with 4 replicates and 8 hens in each pen, from 52 to 62 weeks of rearing period. The strain of hens was Arian. The first 3 weeks were considered as a period of depletion. The hens selected were of nearly the same body...

Author(s): J. Fakhraei, H. Loutfollahian, M. Shivazad, M. Chamani and S. A. Hoseini  

August 2010

Participatory technology development for improving animal-technical service system in Gongshan County, Northwest Yunnan Province, China

The purpose of this article is to examine and analyze the animal-technical service system and participatory technology development (PTD) approach adoption in Gongshan County, northwest Yunnan Province, China. The results have shown that there is a completed organization pattern and service function in Gongshan County’s animal husbandry system. Administrative interventions, system fragmentation and financial...

Author(s): Shicai Shen, Rajendra Prasad Shrestha and Jie Qian

August 2010

Lycium barbarum polysaccharides ameliorates physical fatigue

This study was designed to determine the effect of Lycium barbarumpolysaccharides (LBP) on physical fatigue in mice. 96 male Balb/c mice were divided randomly into four groups based on body weight. One of the group was the control group, the others were LBP treated groups (100, 200, 400 mg/kg body weight). Forced swimming test of mice were carried out after 28 days of LBP administration, and the blood lactate...

Author(s): Li-qin Yao and Feng-lin Li

August 2010

Effects of iron and potassium fertility on micro element uptake of maize

The current research was conducted to determine the effects of different potassium (K) and iron (Fe) rates on the growth and some micro nutrient uptake of maize. For this purpose, five K (1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 mM) and four Fe (30, 60, 90 and 120 µM) doses were applied to maize (Zea mays L. cv. BSC 6661) plants in a re-circulated hydroponic system. Increasing K and Fe levels had positive effects on dry weight of...

Author(s): Hakan Çelik, Barış Bülent AÅŸik, Serhat Gürel and Ali Vahap Katkat

August 2010

Evaluation of methods for measuring soil organic carbon in West African soils

Increased interest in implementing projects in the Sahel region of Africa for sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide in soil organic matter has intensified the need for methods that accurately measure soil C but which are also suitable for use by most resource limited soil analysis laboratories in the region. The challenge is amplified by the low carbon content of the degraded soils found on agricultural lands in...

Author(s): Gregory W. McCarty, James B. Reeves III, Russell Yost, Paul C. Doraiswamy and Mamadou Doumbia  

August 2010

Mulching and synergistic use of organic and chemical fertilizers enhances the yield, nutrient uptake and water use efficiency of sorghum

Crop yields in arid lands are generally low and highly variable because of sparse and erratic precipitation leading to water stress. A greenhouse study was conducted to determine the effect of integrated nutrient management and mulching on the yield, nutrient uptake and water use efficiency (WUE) of sorghum. The treatments compared were: control, full N + P fertilizer, compost, manure, ½ N + P fertilizer +...

Author(s): Aqila Shaheen, Shamsher Ali , Bob A. Stewart, Muhammad Azhar Naeem and Ghulam Jilani

August 2010

Importance of annual and seasonal precipitation variations for the sustainable use of rangelands in semi arid regions with high altitude

Precipitation is one of the most important factors which can determine the type and productivity of rangeland vegetation in arid and semi arid regions. In the present study, a widely used drought analysis index, Standard Precipitation Index (SPI), was used considering an eighty–year precipitation data set belonging to Erzurum province. Data was analysed in order to estimate the length, magnitude and severity of...

Author(s): Mahmut DaÅŸci, Ali Koç, Binali Çomakli, M. Kerim Güllap, M. Murat Cengiz and H. Ibrahim Erkovan

August 2010

Pre-plant weed control, optimum N rate and plant densities increase butternut (Cucurbita moschata) yield under smallholder irrigated conditions in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Weed management is the most important limiting factor in butternut production by smallholder irrigation farmers in South Africa. Post-emergence chemical weed control options for butternut farms are very limited and often ineffective since most of the registered selective herbicides control annual grasses but not the broadleaf weeds. An on-farm experiment was therefore conducted to investigate the effects of pre-plant...

Author(s): M. Fanadzo, C. Chiduza and P. N. S. Mnkeni

August 2010

Predicting soil erosion in oriental spruce (Picea orientalis (L.) Link.) stands in Eastern black sea region of Turkey

Human induced pressures on the natural resources are still in progress and the conservation efforts, too. The need for sufficient knowledge and data for the decision makers is obvious. This study is aimed to contribute this absence. The study area Çamlıhemsin district Kito mountain is situated in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey and characterized by a humid climate covered with natural growth oriental...

Author(s): Sezgin Hacısalihoglu, Ercan Oktan and Zafer Yucesan

August 2010

Residual effect of bacterium (Rhizobium spp.) inoculated chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes on nitrogen (N) use efficiency of some wheat plants

Chickpea is an important legume in crop rotation due to its nitrogen (N) fixing ability. It takes advantage of soil profile thereby providing nitrogen to other crops. Determination of amounts of deposited N and the efficient use of different chickpea genotypes on the study crops will be beneficial for plant breeding, in the use of fertilizer and sustainable agriculture. For the present investigation, 20 different...

Author(s): Sezer Åžahın,  M. RüÅŸtü Karaman and Oral Düzdemır

August 2010

Allelopathic effect of aquatic hull extract of rice (Oryza sativa L.) on growth of Silybum marianum and Echinochloa crus-galli

In this research, the allelopathy effect of rice hull extracts (Oryza sativa L.) onSilybum marianum and Echinochloa crus-galli was investigated. The water extracts were gotten from 13 cultivated rice cultivars (Oryza sativa L.) and then used to show their phytotoxicity potential on germination and seedling growth of Silybum marianum and Echinochloa crus-galli. The water hull...

Author(s): Seyyed Mansour Seyyednejad, Haniyeh Koochak, Fatemeh Pourabdolla Najafabade and Maryam Kolahi

August 2010

Effects of tomato fruit under Na+-salt and Cl- -salt stresses on sucrose metabolism

Changes in sucrose metabolism in response to Na+-salt and Cl- -salt stresses were measured in tomato cultivar liaoyuanduoli (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) and its objective was to provide a new evidence for the ion-specific stress effects of Na+and Cl- on sucrose metabolism of tomato fruits. The carbohydrate contents, as well as sucrose metabolizing enzymes activities were determined. The results...

Author(s): Lu Shao-wei, Li Tian-lai and Jiang Jing

August 2010

Economic recovery of backyard rabbitory for self sufficiency in Oyo State, Nigeria

Nigerians are finding it difficult to adequately feed and provide basic necessities of life to their families. This is in spite of the country’s numerous and diverse natural resources. For rural Nigerians to be provided with much needed animal protein, efforts have to be doubled towards producing meat at a reasonably affordable price and at the shortest possible time. The study investigated how backyard rabbitory...

Author(s): F. I. Olagunju and W. A. Sanusi

August 2010

Survey of effective factors on adoption of crop insurance among farmers: A case study of Behbahan County

Agriculture sector is characterized by a strong exposure to risk. Incidence of risk in agriculture is important to policy makers at both national and international levels. Fluctuations in producer’s income and the threat of catastrophic losses in particular can present difficult welfare problems for producers, national governments and the international community. The purpose of this study was identifying effective...

Author(s): Seyed Abolhasan Sadati , Farahnaz Rostami Ghobadi, Seyed Abolghasem Sadati, Yaser Mohamadi, Omid Sharifi and Abass Asakereh

August 2010

Credit constraints and household welfare in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Rural households in developing countries may remain trapped in poverty by a lack of finance needed to undertake profitable investments. Improved access to credit could generate pro-poor economic growth if the credit constraints that poor households faced are relaxed. This study examines the effect of credit constraints on household welfare among the clients of the Eastern Cape Rural Finance Corporation (ECRFC), in the...

Author(s): L. J. S. Baiyegunhi, G. C. G. Fraser and M. A. G. Darroch

August 2010

A research on cost analysis and determination of management data in paddy drilling with steel wheel tractor

In this research, management data were determined for paddy seed broadcaster being used with steel wheel tractor (John Deere 5625) in rice farms. Simple cost comparison between seed broadcaster and hand broadcasting was performed. Paddy drilling with broadcaster were refured separately for 540 and 540E power take off (PTO) options. Cost analysis was done for the two method. In conclusion average speed, effective field...

Author(s): G. Cicek and S. K. Sumer

August 2010

Barriers to conversion to organic farming: A case study in Babol County in Iran

Organic farming offers a more sustainable alternative to conventional agricultural production and its adoption is not an easy option for farmers, since it carries several barriers with it. The main purpose of this study was to identify these barriers in Babol County in Iran. A sample size of 150 farmers was selected for this research by using simple random sampling method. The result of factor analysis showed that major...

Author(s): Omid Sharifi , Seyed Abolhasan Sadati, Farahnaz Rostami Ghobadi, Seyed Abolghasem Sadati, Yaser Mohamadi and Parastoo Taher Tolou Del