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Full Length Research Paper

Micropropagation of Peach, Prunus persica (L.) BATSCH. cv. Garnem

Wegayehu Felek*
  • Wegayehu Felek*
  • Department of Plant Science, College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Science, Debre Berhan University, Ethiopia.
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Firew Mekibib
  • Firew Mekibib
  • Department of Plant Science, College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, Haramaya University, Ethiopia.
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Belayneh Admassu
  • Belayneh Admassu
  • Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, National Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory, Holeta Agricultural Research Center, Ethiopia.
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  •  Received: 06 January 2016
  •  Accepted: 09 June 2016
  •  Published: 08 March 2017


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