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Table of Content: 11 July, 2012; 6(27)

July 2012

A study of new industrialization and foreign direct investment (FDI) based on China’s East, Middle and West regions

In recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in bringing in foreign investments. Not only foreign direct investment (FDI) made up for the insufficient construction funds in China, it also effectively promoted China’s process of new industrialization. This paper presents the situation of FDI and process of new industrialization in China’s east, middle and west regions from 1981 to 2009 and study...

Author(s): Huang Daiyue,  Liu Chao and Gilles Puel

July 2012

Human resource planning: A key to internal and external fit

Muhammad Ali, Zulfqar Ahmad and Javed Iqbal*

Author(s): Muhammad Ali, Zulfqar Ahmad and Javed Iqbal

July 2012

Entry mode choices of multinational companies (MNCs) and host countries’ corruption: A review

Despite voluminous literature on corruption and the entry mode choices of multinational companies (MNCs) in isolation, a comprehensive account which details the mechanisms through which host country corruption impacts on MNCs’ entry modes is lacking. To overcome such a gap, we systematically review and provide an up-to-date overview of the empirical literature on corruption and the entry mode choices of MNCs. The...

Author(s): Aurora A. C. Teixeira and Marlene Grande

July 2012

Federalism and the quest for true revenue mobilization, allocation and fiscal commission in Nigeria: A comparative analysis

In any federal system, the nature and conditions of the financial relations are crucial to the survival of the country. In fact, in most federal countries, the federating states always have some issues such as discourse, dispute and wrangling with the centre. The issue is centred on the problem of securing adequate financial resources to discharge essential political and constitutional responsibilities. Nigeria is not...

Author(s): Samuel C. Ugoh, Wilfred I. Ukpere and Ashiwhobel B.U.

July 2012

Good agricultural practices (GAP) of tomatoes in Malaysia: Evidences from Cameron Highlands

The demand for healthy and safety tomatoes have been increased in both at the export as well as domestic markets in Malaysia. The aim of this paper is to investigate the effectiveness of the good agricultural practices (GAP) in the production and marketing of tomatoes in the Cameron Highlands; which is an important vegetable growing area in Malaysia. The study adopted the case study method to obtain the necessary data...

Author(s): Gazi Md Nurul Islam, Fatimah Mohamed Arshad, Alias Radam and Emmy Farha Alias

July 2012

Effect of transformational leadership on intellectual capital

This research has tried to study the effects of the developmental leadership on the intellectual capitals in the customs of Islamic Republic of Iran (I.R.I). The methodology of this descriptive and analytic research is based on structural equations model (SEM). In this case, researchers made sure of the efficacy of the computational models by using an analysis of a confirming factor. The results showed that...

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Sarlak, Mahdi Moradgholi and Ali Ghorbani

July 2012

Bandwagon and new technology adoption in hospital industry: The moderating roles of positive performance experience and technology investment similarity

Many studies report organizations “follow the bandwagon” when adopting new technology, but few studies have explored whether different organizations have different responses to the bandwagon. This study asserts that positive performance experience and technology investment similarity influences an organization’s interpretation of the bandwagon, leading to different responses. This study uses the...

Author(s): Hsuan Lo and Rhay-Hung Weng

July 2012

Reactive scheduling to minimize makespan of parallel-machine problem with job arrival in uncertainty

Unpredictable events such as uncertain job arrivals might change the system status or affect the system negatively. Proper actions, such as rescheduling, should be triggered to keep the performance of the system at a specific level. The adoption of the event-driven rescheduling policy counters the impacts of dynamic arrival of jobs, and the parallel insertion algorithm with adjusting procedure is designed to minimize...

Author(s): Shu-Hsing Chung, Ming-Hsien Yang, and Ching-Kuei Kao

July 2012

Business cycle modelling - The case of mergers and acquisitions

Business cycle models involve exploiting movements of the economy to gain competitive advantage over rivals. Business cycles are applicable to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) which occur in waves. Econometricians have attempted to model these waves. The paper demonstrates that, with respect to each of several major stylized facts about business cycles, the seasonal cycle displays the same characteristics as the...

Author(s): Yıldız Guzey and Ozlem Tasseven

July 2012

Pricing dynamics in the airline market

The price policy represents one of the most important segments of overall business policy of every airline. One of the areas where subtle approach as well as, creativity and intuition of airline management come to their full force is price discrimination. Developed airlines are successful in the application of price discrimination. They offer a wide range of air tickets depending on how much time in advance tickets are...

Author(s): Jelena Petrovic, Nikola Petrovic and Nenad Burazor

July 2012

A framework for internet-based production-distribution planning problem to competition and collaboration in supply chain management: A multi-agent approach

Global competition and rapidly changing technologies are forcing major changes in the production styles and new manufacturing systems. Traditional centralized environments are not able to meet these requirements. In recent years, the internet has become the worldwide information platform for data and information sharing. Information processing is an important challenge in an internet-based environment. One of the new...

Author(s): M. H. Fazel Zarandi and A. Kazemi

July 2012

Participating in managerial practices: The Brazilian cultural experience

In this paper, Brazilian literary culture stands out as the mediator between art, society and economic production, either for the broadness of its social-linguistic support, or for its commitment with the wishes and needs of the Brazilian people. Here, its aesthetic construction reveals the dialogue among works, authors and the public, and therefore becomes the structuring conscience of the nation. In the midst of the...

Author(s): Alves, Luiz Roberto

July 2012

Methodology for software development as organizational creativity factor

Today, creativity is renamed as a special tool for entrepreneurship, and economical growth is converted to determinant factors in organizations’ growth and survival. Successful organizations view the use of creativity as a key element for their production process. This article aims to discuss the relation between production methods in software industry as one of the rich industries and methodology for production...

Author(s): Mir Ali Seyed Naghavi, Alireza Hashemi Nekoo and Aliasghar Molladavoodi

July 2012

Assessment of organizational agility in cement industry

Uncertainty/Change in the business environment has been a major topic in conducting research for a long time. This critical situation has led to a major revision in the business priorities, strategic vision, and viability of conventional and even relatively contemporary models and methods developed so far. Hence, one way of responding to organizational change is agility. Agility, indeed, is a new paradigm of competition...

Author(s): Seyyed Ali Banihashemi and Abdol hamid Sarani

July 2012

Modelling volatility and financial market risk of shares on the Johannesburg stock exchange

In this paper, we develop ARMA-GARCH type models for modelling volatility and financial market risk of shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the assumption of a skewed Student-t distribution. Daily data is used for the period 2002 to 2010. Several GARCH type models are used including threshold GARCH, GARCH-in mean and exponential GARCH. The results suggest that daily returns can be characterized by an...

Author(s): M. R. Makhwiting, M. Lesaoana and C. Sigauke

July 2012

Real-time decision support for airline schedule disruption management

This study applied a method of inequality-based multiobjective genetic algorithm (MMGA) for real-time airline schedule disruption management in response to the schedule disruption of short-haul, quick turnaround flights with an environmental consideration. Empirical study based on a real-world airline flight schedule demonstrated that the proposed model can recover a disrupted schedule within about 3 CPU min which is...

Author(s): Chi-Ruey Jeng

July 2012

Impact of shareholding structure on the relationship of social-financial performance: Evidence from Taiwan

This study introduces many ideas of scholars, joins the gains of study, and puts forward the sustainable concept of enterprise's practice. It describes the interaction of social and financial performances, and the degree of influence that enterprise's performance has got from the behavior of managerial and institutional shareholding. Under controlling relevant operation parameters, with the multiple financial...

Author(s): Kuo-Chung Huang and Chang-Wen Chen,

July 2012

Multi-standard project selection and scheduling model under constrained periodical budget and stochastic value-based time limit

This paper proposes a mathematical programming model to select projects and their quality-standards corresponding to successively providing new products in the market. The proposed model involves the situation in which each new product development (NPD) program can be differentiated as multiple categories. Each project has multiple choices of quality/technology standards. This work proposes an approach to treat the...

Author(s): Ying-Chin Ho, Wen-Chieh Hsu and Cheng-Chang Chang

July 2012

A model for brand positioning of hygienic products using the most effective factors on competitive position and perceptual map technique

Nowadays, product positioning has an outstanding importance as a sensitive and critical component of competitive marketing. In this respect, understanding and recognition of product positioning as well as its concepts are known as significant principles for producer survival. The present research has focused on Iran country’s detergents and hygienic products industry. The industry has initiated its growth during...

Author(s): Nadereh Sadat Najafizadeh, Mohammad Elahi, Abdolreza Moemeni and Zahra Lotfi

July 2012

Critical success practices (CSP) toward implementing lean production among international companies in Malaysia

With emerging globalization and adverting huge competition among the companies, all participants are looking towards improving their core competency, and follow a way to make a better profit margin for them, through the elimination of waste and increase in their productivity which can be achieve through a concept of lean production and especially just-in-time (JIT) practices. In Malaysia, it is still a new concept and...

Author(s): Meysam Salimi, Hamid Reza Hadjali and Shahryar Sorooshian,

July 2012

Self-directed learning, job demands and job resources as predictors of job satisfaction among South African women

Research shows that women face various demands and barriers that have a negative impact on their job experiences and job satisfaction. At the same time increasing numbers of women are entering the labor force. Studies regarding the factors that influence the job satisfaction of women in South Africa are scarce and the role of self-directed learning in predicting job satisfaction has received limited attention. The aim...

Author(s): Karina de Bruin and Christine Yiannakis

July 2012

Structural equation modeling of relationship and interpersonal communication on organizational effectiveness between sport managers

This research was aimed at studying the effects of relationship skills and interpersonal communication; as well as the roles they play on the organizational effectiveness of Iranian sport managers. The research was a descriptive study that was conducted through a survey. The study population consisted of 670 sport managers. Sample survey was selected by stratified random sampling. Questionnaires used include Barton J...

Author(s): Rasool Nazari, Mohammad Ehsani, Faredeh Ashraf Gangoei and Hamid Ghasemi

July 2012

Study of effect of intellectual capital's dimensions on the organizational productivity: Case study of organization of education of Mazandaran province, Iran

The purpose for this research was to assess the significance of the relationship between the triple dimensions of the intellectual capital; that is, human capital, structural capital and relational capital with the productivity of the organization of the ministry of Education, in Mazandaran province. Undoubtedly, competition and competitiveness are the inseparable parts of institutes and organizations in the economy....

Author(s): Mehrdad Goudarzvand Chegini and Danial Ramzanpour

July 2012

Multivariate generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (GARCH) modeling of sector volatility transmission: A dynamic conditional correlation (DCC) model approach

This paper employs a multivariate generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity dynamic conditional correlation (GARCH-DCC) model to simultaneously estimate the mean and conditional variance of Brazilian financial and consumer sectors using daily returns from January 2, 2008 to September 30, 2010 of the indexes that represent these sectors.  Since different financial assets are traded based on these...

Author(s): Marcelo Brutti Righia and Paulo Sergio Ceretta

July 2012

An integrated e-learning solution for healthcare professionals

The ISO 9000 quality management system (QMS) has been increasingly adopted by healthcare organizations, and more applications require continuing QMS training for healthcare professionals. Lifelong learning for healthcare professionals has just required greater flexibility regarding when courses can be started, where they can be taken and how long they last — a major limitation of existing training methods....

Author(s): August Tsai

July 2012

Income tax on individuals in the Republic of Kazakhstan: “Fairness and efficiency” compromise

Individual income tax can be effective for redistribution of income within a country and, therefore, may help to fight inequality. The paper is aimed at the analysis of the changes in Kazakhstan tax system to determine the type of taxation rate that would be the most appropriate in terms of efficiency and maintenance of equity.   Key words: Individual income tax, inequality income, progressive tax...

Author(s): Kanseitova Akmaral Kanseitkizi, Kudasheva Tatyana Viktorovna, Mukhamediyev Bulat Mintaevich and Zhatkanbaev Erzhan Baigozhaevich

July 2012

Forward-looking monetary policy rule and economic stability

A forward looking monetary policy rule has been estimated for the time period from 1991 to 2010 for Pakistan, an emerging economy. The estimated model explains a very clear shift in monetary policy objective across the sample period. State Bank of Pakistan, from 2000 onwards, seems to take insufficient measures for curtaining inflationary pressure. We also simulate a new Keynesian model to investigate the impact of such...

Author(s): Syed Kashif Saeed and Khalid Riaz

July 2012

A reference model perspective for conventional business narrative analysis: An essay on an entrepreneurial narrative

When analysing a case study, using personal descriptions, involving interviewers, data analysis, and so many other possible elements, a simple qualitative method of application was revealed to be insufficient since it did not permit further analysis of the analyst’s point of view, his ability to reproduce the heard reports and his personal or particular perspective on the facts. Even using narrative analysis, in...

Author(s): Elga Costa, and João José Pinto Ferreira

July 2012

The analysis of effective factors on product brand image after extension (PBI) in home appliance industry in Iran

Nowadays, brand is vital in business. An important parts of each brand’s life is brand extension which firms often use for introducing their new products. This paper’s purpose is analyzing the effects of brand associations and fit perception on product brand image after the extension. In this research we have used a questionnaire with 21 questions to study a 198 sample of home appliance consumer in Isfahan...

Author(s): Hassan Ghorbani and Fatemehsadat Madani

July 2012

Analysis of volatility spillover in Indonesia, USA and Japan capital market

Globalization and development in information technology makes it easier for investor in obtaining global information. In this condition, volatility in domestic capital market could be affected by volatility from global stock markets. That concern will be answered in this research: volatility spillover in Indonesia, USA, and Japan capital market. This...

Author(s): Martin Surya Mulyadi and Yunita Anwar